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Arresting summer photos

Danish photographer Diana Lovring teamed up with interior stylist Sanne Korsholm to shoot these wonderful, summery photos in an old police lockup. I love the light and the colours and the unexpected addition of the snails, an uninvited summer guest in our gardens, but in this case quite beautiful.
You can see more photos from this shoot on the creators' sites, here and here.


  • Tina Zeng says:

    love the rustic feel of these pictures!
    ~ www.Tinacious.Me ~

    2012-07-05 | 13:56:48
    URL: http://tinacious.me
  • Georgina says:

    Wow - what beautiful pictures - I love the gentle decay

    2012-07-05 | 14:23:23
    URL: http://loverichcashpoor.wordpress.com
  • CollectingDesignIN says:


    2012-07-05 | 16:30:25
    URL: http://collectingdesignin.blogspot.no/
  • Lisbeth says:

    Hmmm, I guess I'm already past the "decay phase". Overload perhaps? Will see if it lasts. ;-)

    2012-07-05 | 17:30:23
    URL: http://inredningsdesigner.blogspot.se
  • Yna says:

    Oh great locations. I like the photos. Even with the snails. ;-(

    2012-07-05 | 18:38:51
    URL: http://ynas-design.blogspot.com
  • dervla @ The Curator says:

    wow, the snails!

    2012-07-05 | 18:39:27
    URL: http://www.blogcurator.blogspot.com
  • Anne Mette Schroll says:

    I love it!

    2012-07-05 | 21:31:49
    URL: http://www.coolnordic.dk
  • Holland and Green says:

    Great pictures but to be honest I wouldn't want to drink that milk

    2012-07-06 | 10:54:57
    URL: http://www.hollandgreen.co.uk/
  • Jenny Unnegård says:

    I love the location!

    2012-07-06 | 14:40:01
    URL: http://www.jennyunnegard.se
  • vivian hoebe says:

    love this! the colors are the best!

    2012-07-11 | 08:42:38
    URL: http://lepetitbirdtoldme.blogspot.com/
  • Molly says:

    I really like the mood, but maybe a little bit too much of arrangement?

    As far as I can see the snails are grapevine snails. I'm wondering where they've got them from and what they've done to them after the shoot.

    Did you know that these snails can become up to nine years old and that they are very social animals? I admit, I may be one of the very few people who feel for slugs and snails, ha ha...

    Svar: My guess is that they released the snails back in nature again after the shot. Killing snails would be a messy and gross job, and just throwing them in the bin alive is quite stupid, so the easiest thing to do would be to release them. :)
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2012-07-29 | 13:50:29
    URL: http://www.katzentisch.com

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