Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Styling inspiration from Louise Roe

Danish brand Louise Roe always have great product photos, so simple and stylish. There is lots of styling inspiration to be found here!

Simplicity by Carline van Oel

Graduation project, inspiration

This week I've been preparing the presentation of my idea for the graduation shoot at Beckmans, and these photos were my inspiration. As you can see, I'm heading in a completely different direction than the first still life I made, which became much too soft and romantic in my opinion... We are shooting in an amazing location called Färgfabriken (=The Paint Factory) in Stockholm, see pics here.

Surveillance Chandelier by Humans Since 1982, photo by Tim Meier


Architecture: Be-Fun Design


Styling: Gitte Kjær, Photo: Mikkel Mortensen


Photo: The Selby


Saturday Sweets

Design Perfectionist

White, black and grey. This is the colour range in creative director and brand consultant Todd Waterbury's home. He is an extreme design perfectionist, arranging all his belongings in neat stacks, even his dining chairs. Nothing comes in to his home that doesn't fit perfectly into his chosen theme, not even a book or a shirt. And I love it! It's so perfect, from every angle, and just absolutely beautiful.

Photography by Trevor Tondro for The New York Times, where you can find the whole article and read more about other design perfectionists.

Photographer Anders Gramer

As I was chatting with interior stylist Tina Hellberg today, she mentioned a new to me photographer named Anders Gramer. I had to check him out of course, and found some very inspiring shots in his portfolio that I'd like to share with you!

Today's still life shoot at Beckmans Akademi

Today we had our first still life lesson at Beckmans Akademi. I think I can speak for the whole class when I say that we were all pretty nervous this morning. But it all went just fine, and resulted in lots of great pictures, shot by Elin Strömberg.

I spent my weekend brainstorming and coming up with several ideas, just to throw them all away a few hours later. I finally ended up with something that I'm not quite happy with... It feels just "blah". I should have been braver, more edgy. And I should have worked more on the lines. But there will be more chances!

Below are some of the photos from today. Enjoy!

Styling: Ida Karbin

Styling: Emma Fexeus

Styling: Maliin Stoor

Styling: Emelie Wååg

Saturday Sweets

I'm on my way out to the garage to find some props for a still life shot we are doing in school on Monday, but I thought I would just drop in here to give you the weekly dose of eye candy... Enjoy!

From BBB

Ps. Did you notice anything odd with the top picture? It's not a photo! It's a 3D rendering. Amazing, huh?

Tanja Jänicke lives here!

This Helsinki home belongs to designer and interior architect Tanja Jänicke and her carpenter husband. They created most of the interiors together, with lots of clever storage solutions and an obvious love for wood and robust, sustainable designs.

Beckmans Akademi - Interior Stylist Master Class

This week began with something I've been dreaming about for a long time - I started Lotta Agaton's Interior Stylist class at Beckmans! This week's homework is about finding your own style, and trying to separate your dreams from a more realistic view of what you can achieve. I've been looking at several stylist's portfolios, trying to find photos that I believe are "me". The ones I keep coming back to are those of Anouk B, Tina Hellberg, Gitte Kjær and Susanna Vento. A mix of styles, ranging from very graphic and quite minimalistic to softer pics full of details.
I find it quite hard to decide what is truly MY style, especially since my own styling experience is pretty limited so far. There are so many different styles and expressions I like, but I'm trying to think about which of these styling ideas I could actually have come up with and realized myself...
Below you will find some of the sets that I think are closest to my own style. Just click on the picture to go to the source.

Stockholm Furniture Fair

I went to the Stockholm Furniture Fair together with Annaleena from the blog Annaleenas Hem, and since we have very similar tastes, and she is an excellent photographer (whereas I can't shoot a decent picture if my life depended on it, especially not with the crappy lighting inside the fair), and we had pretty much the same experience of the fair, I would like to share some of her photos here with you. Below are some of my favorites, but there is more on her blog, so do click over to see more.

Ps. If you are interested in seeing the products I liked the most from the fair, I have collected them in a photo album on the blog's Facebook page.

Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen's portfolio

I found some more amazing photographs by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen when I looked through his portfolio. I met Jonas at the Furniture Fair and he told me that the site hasn't been officially launched yet, it's still in beta mode, but it looks great, so I thought I could share it here anyway! You can really see his love for materials and all their different textures shining through in each of these photos.

&tradition's latest news styled by Pernille Vest

Danish interior stylist Pernille Vest is a regular contributor in my favorite magazine, RUM. I love everything she does, and these shots of &tradition's latest products that was launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair this week, is no exception. The new Hoof lounge table is sure to be a big hit, and I bet we will see it everywhere this Spring.

The photos below are shot by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, one half of the tremendously successful design and architecture studio NORM. I am very impressed by his multiple talents!

Stockholm Design Week

Today is the start of Stockholm Design Week, so I will be running around town on a million press shows in the next few days, starting tonight with the Elle Decoration Design Awards. And tomorrow is the opening of the Stockholm Furniture Fair. It's going to be lots of fun and I hope to have some nice things to share with you here at the end of the week, but for now, I'm logging off. I hope to be able to update the blog's facebook page via my phone, but I won't be bringing my computer, so probably no updates here until Thursday.

Saturday Sweets

It's been a while since I made a Saturday Sweets post, but I think it's time now! I didn't think of a theme before I chose the photos, but now that I see them all together, I believe contrasts might be the theme of today?

From the home of interior decorator Daniel Bergman, source Sköna Hem.

Shot by Anna Gustavsson, La Maison d'Anna G

Photo by Pia Ulin

Shot by Hanna Lemholt, Honeypie Living

Stylist Tina Hellberg

One of my favourite interior stylists, Tina Hellberg, finally has her own site with an online portfolio where you can find her latest work! This is the latest feature she made, together with photographer Magnus Anesund. It's called The Collectors.

Stylist Paulina Arcklin

Interior Stylist Paulina Arcklin just launched her new website and blog, with lots of wonderful photos, and some interesting behind-the-scene shots as well! There is also an e-mag with samples from Paulina's latest magazine features. Below are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

All photos by Tim Collins.