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Renovated Stockholm Loft

Last week I was approached by a guy at a party when I was taking a photo of a nice display on a bookshelf. It turned out it was his bookshelf, and that the part of the office I was standing in belonged to his company Hementreprenaden. They are a company that helps you with your home renovations by hiring and coordinating all the handymen, figuring out the technical aspects and can also help you with decisions on materials and design solutions. Seems like a great service, and if you have ever lived through a home renovation, you probably know how valuable this help could be.
I had a look at their portfolio and fell for this bright loft apartment. You can see more of their work here.



  • Nanna Kopp says:

    God, it looks good!!!


    2012-12-03 | 14:15:35
    URL: http://nckopp.blogspot.dk
  • Christinna says:

    I keep wondering where to get the New York and Paris posters? I simply love them.

    2012-12-03 | 15:03:05
    URL: http://christinnas.blogspot.com
  • Interior Design London says:

    bright and airy, white always works well in small relatively spaces. Love the white floor too.

    2012-12-03 | 15:36:47
    URL: http://www.casaforma.co.uk/
  • Emma - Från min sida sett says:

    ÅH så snyggt! Så skulle jag vilja bo:)

    2012-12-03 | 16:01:04
    URL: http://franminsidasett.blogspot.com
  • Caroline@inner-outerbeauty.com says:

    Very Stockholm!

    2012-12-03 | 17:24:22
    URL: http://www.inner-outerbeauty.com
  • Ewa says:

    Thanks for this beautifull, ascetic interior. I can't stand when sb says that black and white is boring.

    2012-12-03 | 17:49:23
    URL: http://dzikabestia.pl
  • Adriane /// The A & B Stories says:

    WOW, what a beautiful space! The beams and the windows are so incredible!

    2012-12-03 | 18:50:17
    URL: http://www.aandbstories.com
  • whatdecoratesmyday says:

    Grymt bra tips om man ska bygga om här hemma!

    2012-12-03 | 21:38:04
    URL: http://whatdecoratesmyday.blogg.se/
  • tractorgirl julie says:

    that cosy corner does it for me! The couch & chair, bookshelf & those windows - perfect for an afternoon with a good book.

    2012-12-04 | 00:36:42
    URL: http://tractorgirl.com.au
  • lialia says:


    2012-12-04 | 10:20:42
  • Dijana och Jonatan says:

    Vad är det för fel på lite färg? Måste allt verkligen vara vitt??

    Svar: Det är väl inget fel på färg, men jag gillar inte färg så jag bloggar inte om det.
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2012-12-04 | 11:18:24
    URL: http://spyinteimotvind.com
  • LARA says:

    Fantastic blog. I spent a good time visiting your world.

    2012-12-04 | 12:59:04
    URL: http://www.espejoyagua.blogspot.com
  • Sandra says:

    Love it! Black, white and wood!

    2012-12-04 | 13:57:31
    URL: http://bibliotekoffashion.blogspot.com
  • Sandra says:

    Love it! Black, white and wood!

    2012-12-04 | 13:58:03
    URL: http://bibliotekoffashion.blogspot.com
  • Hanna - We Love Film says:

    Åh, snyggt! :o

    2012-12-04 | 16:01:14
    URL: http://welovefilm.blogg.se
  • Desiree says:

    Nice renovation WHite with some natural I love it!

    2012-12-04 | 17:20:20
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • Ogge says:

    WOOOOOW jag tycker tavlan med elefanterna i bakgrunden är riktigt fin!!!

    2012-12-04 | 17:34:42
  • Ladaea says:

    Hi Emma,

    I've tried several times and on different days to comment on the Advent post - still not working for me. I wait for the page to load, etc.

    Just wanted to let you know that it still doesn't seem to be working properly!

    On another note, I love that thin white ladder leading to the loft space in these images.

    2012-12-04 | 17:56:54
  • Anonym says:

    Precis så där vill ja ha mitt hus när jag blir vuxen!

    2012-12-04 | 17:59:36
    URL: http://dearmathilda.blogg.se
  • denise says:

    gud så härlig blogg!:) gla man blir när man tittar in här!!

    2012-12-04 | 18:06:06
    URL: http://denisebjrk.devote.se
  • Elin says:

    The posters - "Guide de la ville Paris" and "Guide to Manhattan" - are made by David Ehrenstråhle

    2012-12-04 | 20:12:47

    Very nice. Check out my blog. Best/TNN

    2012-12-04 | 22:55:41
    URL: http://thenordicnest.wordpress.com
  • Emma Julmust says:

    Älskar det bruna mot det vita!

    Jag skriver en nystartad JULblogg & har just nu en adventstävling!
    En perfekt julklapp att vinna eller för att helt enkelt behålla & utnyttja det själv! ;}


    2012-12-05 | 11:23:35
    URL: http://julmust.blogg.se
  • Annster says:

    Fint :)

    2012-12-05 | 15:40:07
    URL: http://annster.se
  • Stämningsfullt says:

    Snyggt snyggt!

    2012-12-05 | 16:30:26
    URL: http://www.stamningsfullt.blogspot.com
  • DESIGN AND STUFF.se says:

    HELL! That palette is gorgeous

    2012-12-05 | 19:11:13
    URL: http://www.designandstuff.se
  • Nina says:

    Way cool!

    2012-12-05 | 20:14:24
    URL: http://www.retrobeans.com
  • naxo.blogg.se says:

    Heeej! Kikar in och önskar dig ett fint slut på kvällen. :) Hur många unika besökare har du per dag? Kram och sovgott!

    2012-12-05 | 22:12:07
    URL: http://naxo.blogg.se/
  • Julia Pockett says:

    Totally love this apartment - thanks for sharing!

    2012-12-06 | 10:47:47
    URL: http://www.sujiivana.co.uk
  • Annika says:

    Fint :)

    2012-12-06 | 13:22:59
    URL: http://blogofphoto.webblogg.se
  • diane says:

    Just discovered your blog via the Telegraph's list of Top 20 blogs and must say I am very pleased and look forward to your postings.

    2012-12-06 | 15:09:10
    URL: http://martinpierceblog.com
  • Dee says:

    Hi Emma, Thank you so much for you beautiful blog! You are a great inspiration to me!

    2012-12-06 | 20:45:04
    URL: http://www.woodandwood.nl
  • Martine says:

    Hei, vet du hvor man får kjøpt skinnstolen ? Den er utrolig tøff !!

    2012-12-07 | 12:19:55
  • The People Stories says:

    Gorgeous loft, makes one crave living alone in beautiful surroundings

    2012-12-07 | 15:46:33
    URL: http://thepeoplestories.co.uk/
  • victoria allen says:

    Love it! I am keen to find out from where the Paris and New York prints were sourced?

    2013-01-20 | 10:26:44

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