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Advent Giveaway Nr 2 *CLOSED*

Proudly presenting part two of my Advent Calendar! Just like last week, I have collected products from some of my favorite companies, and every Advent Sunday will have a different theme. Today is "Natural & Classic", a collection of beautiful high quality items in a classic contemporary style. 
This is what is up for grabs for ONE very lucky winner:  Black Bestlite Table lamp from Gubi, Monsieur DressUp hanger from Le Kiosk, big handmade Andrea Brugi choppingboard from Bolina, Candleholder String from Ferm Living and a solid maple L'Oiseau bird from Vitra.
All in all, the prize is worth € 1024!
To enter the competition all you have to do is tell me why you want to win this! You can enter your answer in the comment section below or on the blog's facebook page.
The winner will be drawn next Sunday. Good luck!

I also want to congratulate the winner of last week's competition. Congrats Karolina Wijkander, I really appreciate you taking the time to write your little poem! You have some pretty nice Christmas presents waiting to be sent...

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  • Nicolet Groen says:

    I just love those things! The Vitra bird and the Ferm candleholder are already high on my wish list, I'm desperately in need for a desk lamp. The chopping board always comes in handy (love to cook) and the clothes hanger well, just leaves me speechless... How many reasons do you need Emma?

    2012-12-09 | 01:30:53
    URL: http://www.grasvormgeving.nl
  • Ida N says:

    I love those! We've just moved to our own apartment and many things still needed.

    2012-12-09 | 02:59:23
  • Steph says:

    I love the Ferm candleholder, it would make such a lovely advent wreath, and my toddler would love the bird. We could get rid of our old plastic chopping board with this beautiful one, and finally get some light into a corner of our home with the Bestlite. The Monsieur hangers are wonderful!

    2012-12-09 | 03:04:44
  • Kristin says:

    Oh my - it's all so lovely. We are redoing our living room and I have just the corner for everything - especially that light and those hangers. Gorgeous.

    Thanks so much for offering this - how fun!

    2012-12-09 | 05:49:54
    URL: http://www.thirdstory-ies.blogspot.com
  • Eva Jensen says:

    In a few months i'm gonna move in my own appartment and those things would just be perfect for my new place.
    I very much like! :)

    2012-12-09 | 06:18:09
  • Tiina T says:

    Life is beautiful so are those wonderful wooden things that you have chosen to this competition. They are all so lovely!

    2012-12-09 | 07:40:26
  • Ida says:

    In January we are moving from out apartement to a house. I'm looking forward to decorating our house with cool stuff and I love designer lamps and ferm!

    2012-12-09 | 07:41:24
  • Malene Vollstedt says:

    I believe in Santa....

    2012-12-09 | 07:43:52
  • Emy says:

    I would love to win this advent treat since all the things are so beautiful and would make my home look really good. Thank you for an inspiring blog!

    2012-12-09 | 08:08:31
  • Anne says:

    Totally my style! Ferm Living's candleholder has been in my whislist for a long time.

    2012-12-09 | 08:16:11
    URL: http://kotikolmelle.blogspot.fi/
  • Petter says:

    I'd really like to win this wonderful prize pool because I'm about to move in to my new apartment where think the pieces will fit splendidly.


    2012-12-09 | 08:21:58
    URL: http://modernobservations.tumblr.com/
  • laura Zannoni says:

    is about a year in search of a coat hanger original, and that of Le Kiosk is truly extraordinary and elegant!

    2012-12-09 | 08:51:31
  • Kristina says:

    So Nice giveaway i just love your taste. It Will all fit perfectly in our home. I Would like to give the lamp to my mand WHO has been so sweet he Would love it in hus office. The bird i have been Wishing for in a long time. The otter things is just so damn perfect :)

    2012-12-09 | 09:05:13
    URL: http://www.myhouseins.blogspot.com
  • Traveling Mama says:

    I know just where I would put each thing!! Love it all!

    2012-12-09 | 09:12:33
    URL: http://www.travelingmama.net
  • Cecilie says:

    OMG! Gorgeous things. I have been dreaming about the Best Lite lamp since forever - please be mine little lamp....;-)

    2012-12-09 | 09:17:12
  • Michelle says:

    Want want want :-) happy 2nd advent ;-)

    2012-12-09 | 09:44:53
  • Jane Moss says:

    Such beautiful gifts who wouldn't want the pleasure of owning these?

    2012-12-09 | 10:06:18
  • Outi Ojala says:

    They are just gorgeous!

    2012-12-09 | 10:10:31
    URL: http://liikahdus.blogspot.com
  • Casper says:

    Have a bit of a love affair with that lamp and would like it to move in with me, don't quite know how to ask though... Can you help me with that Emma? Maybe it would ease the transition if you sent some of it's wooden friends with her. Awaiting answer with anticipation...

    2012-12-09 | 10:10:56
  • Casper says:

    Have a bit of a love affair with that lamp and would like it to move in with me, don't quite know how to ask though... Can you help me with that Emma? Maybe it would ease the transition if you sent some of it's wooden friends with her. Awaiting answer with anticipation...

    2012-12-09 | 10:11:35
  • Jorunn Eidal says:

    ÅÅÅÅh, I just love the L'Oiseau bird from Vitra!

    The fine lines of a bird in wood is just perfect..
    I wish!

    2012-12-09 | 10:32:33
  • Sigrid Nielsen says:

    I love interior. I change my room every day, so it can get a new look. I find interior on flea markets. Im only 15, so I dont have money for the expensive brands, but I find something similar. So I would love to win the advent treat. It is so simple and beautiful.

    Sorry for my english gramma

    2012-12-09 | 10:40:33
  • Fjellby says:

    I love love love light wood!!


    2012-12-09 | 10:51:02
    URL: http://fjellby.no
  • Cristina says:

    Here we go again... I love them all, overall the lamp I have it on my wish list... why me? why not me? thanks for the blog

    2012-12-09 | 10:55:04
  • Jenny - Hemtrender says:

    All I want for Christmas issss thissss! Varför jag skulle vilja vinna? För att du har samlat några riktiga inredningsgodingar som mer än gärna skulle få förgylla mitt hem och ligga till mig under granen i jul!

    Trevlig söndag!:)

    2012-12-09 | 11:16:38
    URL: http://hemtrender.com
  • Marie Joost says:

    Ohhh my god, i love it all! But i realy Would like to give the lamp to my brother! That Would be perfect

    2012-12-09 | 11:17:54
  • Mie Andersen says:

    Way, such nice things!

    I love, love the lamp, it would go perfectly with my new desk :)
    If I win, I'll give the candleholder to my mom - she loves that one

    2012-12-09 | 11:30:11
  • Kicki says:

    Fantastiska produkter som vem som helst blir stolt av att ha i sin ägo. Finns liksom inget mera att tillägga än det.

    2012-12-09 | 11:30:37
    URL: http://www.iverashus.se
  • Lisbeth says:

    ONE winner? Jisses, snacka om bingo! ALLT är grejer jag skulle älska. Klädhängarna är fantastiska. Ursnygg design. Och funktionell (det gillar jag).

    OK - Jag vet att det är liiiiite korkat att dra samma snyftvals flera ggr, men jag behöver faktiskt ersätta lite av allt det det som dom dumma tjuvarna snodde förra veckan. Visst är det synd om mig? Visst bör jag uppmuntras?

    2012-12-09 | 11:34:25
    URL: http://wabisabi-style.blogspot.se/
  • Meghan Jensen says:

    Absolutely love all of these, each form is so unique and beautiful ... I'm not sure my house would do them justice but would love to be given the chance to try!

    2012-12-09 | 11:44:04
  • marthe says:

    Hvilken julegave!!

    2012-12-09 | 11:44:21
  • Kirstine Hansen says:

    Very soon I will be leaving my childhood home, and live on my own, in a small but cosy aparment in Copenhagen. Så indoor decoration is filling my every day search on the computer rght now. I agree, these products are some of my faves as well . especially the lamp from gubi :-))

    2012-12-09 | 11:50:20
  • Mias says:

    I love the products! They fit my style perfectly:D It would be the best christmas gift ever!!

    2012-12-09 | 11:55:56
  • SamRevel says:

    beauty in design
    a simple pleasure in life.
    perhaps I'm lucky

    2012-12-09 | 11:56:14
  • Elisabetta Viganò says:

    .... Please Santa, take me a little piece of Nordic Design to Italy!
    Buon Natale a tutti!

    2012-12-09 | 11:57:48
    URL: http://stylist-a-porter.blogspot.it/
  • Jodie says:

    My boyfriend and i have brought our first flat together and will hopefully be moving in on the 21st December...so excited...although we don't have anything to put in our cosy little flat yet to make it look pretty! These things would look beautiful in our flat and will be the first pieces of decoration we have ever owned together :)

    2012-12-09 | 12:00:50
  • Amanda Grøntved-Grube says:

    this winter I'm going to take over my brothers room, and I would love to have some new things in my room!

    2012-12-09 | 12:03:43
  • Anonym says:

    ONE winner? Jisses, snacka om bingo! ALLT är grejer jag skulle älska. Klädhängarna är fantastiska. Ursnygg design. Och funktionell (det gillar jag).

    OK - Jag vet att det är liiiiite korkat att dra samma snyftvals flera ggr, men jag behöver faktiskt ersätta lite av allt det det som dom dumma tjuvarna snodde förra veckan. Visst är det synd om mig? Visst bör jag uppmuntras?

    2012-12-09 | 12:22:27
  • seventeendoors says:

    Simply because I LOVE every single item, and that Bestlite lamp has been on my wish list, for years!!
    And the all the other things would just fit perfectly in our new cabin..
    Good luck to me! Please Santa.. ;-)

    2012-12-09 | 12:36:05
    URL: http://seventeendoors.blogspot.se/
  • Tine says:

    My boyfriend and I is just about to move into something bigger, and we finally get room for an office :) I would love to have this lamp in our office and to look at when I am soon going to write my final thesis and thus going to be in the office most of my awake time :)

    2012-12-09 | 12:38:29
  • seventeendoors says:

    Simply because I love every single item, and that Bestlite lamp has been on my wish list forever.
    And all the other things would fit just perfectly in our new cabin by the sea.
    Good luck to me! Please Santa ;-)

    2012-12-09 | 12:40:13
    URL: http://seventeendoors.blogspot.se/
  • Hanna says:

    It's pretty simple: I'm in LOVE!

    2012-12-09 | 13:38:59
  • Anita says:

    Hi - I love following your blog, it gives me inspiration for my home, which has become an ever changing playground for experimenting and learning. I have the bestlite lamp already on my wishlist for long, and the chopboard will be perfect in my new kitchen!

    2012-12-09 | 13:48:56
  • Robin says:

    I love all of these wonderful items! They would freshen up my tired old decor. My fingers are crossed.

    2012-12-09 | 14:28:19
  • Rikke B. says:

    It´s so beautiful - would if it was in my home :-)

    2012-12-09 | 15:07:51
  • julianne says:

    I just love wood. It can be used so many ways and it always looks so natural.
    I have just been heard that I have got a new job. In this kind of life that we live now, only people get fired. It is so nice to see that somebody still hire you.
    It is going to be happy Christmas. :)

    2012-12-09 | 15:33:14
  • Sabina says:

    I just broke it off with my guy through 5 years, so I'm starting a new life in a new appartment, which is terrifying and confusing.. I would love to have some nice things for my new home, so that not everything seems to be lost :) Merry christmas to you :)

    2012-12-09 | 15:55:39
  • Anne Jacob says:

    WOW - this hangers are just crazy beautiful! this is such a good idea! I think I am in love now! :-)

    2012-12-09 | 16:06:05
  • Hannah says:

    Oh, how lovely! I'm trying to inject some Scandinavian light and beauty into my little corner of South East England and your blog is so inspiring, thank you. These objects make me smile with their beautiful simplicity ❤

    2012-12-09 | 16:14:33
  • Renata says:

    Maybe Santa will come early this year! :)

    2012-12-09 | 16:30:55
  • Spark says:

    Can I be greedy and say I would like it all those beautiful presents just for me?! With a husband having gone back to school, a toddler and me working nights, my little home is my sanctuary. I would love some beautiful bits and pieces to perk up my much loved (but a little worn) home.

    2012-12-09 | 16:32:41
    URL: http://hatchling-yummystuff.blogspot.com/
  • Fredrik says:

    Oh Lord, what a kit!

    The biggest reason why I want to win?

    We are are moving from the small little Island Lilla Essigen, to a new flat by the 'Tezin-parken' in Stockholm. Me and my girlfriend are focusing the money 2 things; new sofa and a new kitchen table.

    This kit would give that touch of stylish homey-ness. And I would love to prepare and serve some meat and ham on the Brugi chopping board!

    Happy 2nd Advent!

    2012-12-09 | 16:42:46
  • Ellen says:

    Fabulous designer gifts! Love them all :) Absolutely love them! And I have been dreaming about the Best Lite lamp for years. So please Santa, Saint Nicholas, Julemanden, Father Christmas or whoever you are - please pick me this time and I will always believe in you ;-)

    2012-12-09 | 16:44:02
  • Lina says:

    Vilka vackra föremål som du valt! När vardagen rusar förbi känns det skönt att omge sig med naturliga material och design som håller för lång tid framöver.

    2012-12-09 | 16:49:34
  • Jeanne says:

    Emma, det er jo nogle helt fantastiske ting! Er vild med dem alle, men bordlampen ville jeg meget gerne have, da jeg lige har fået lavet mit eget lille bibliotek (10m2), men det er mit og jeg er så glad for det, og lampen ville passe perfekt. Håber jeg kan blive den heldige vinder, for det ville da være den bedste julegave.

    2012-12-09 | 17:06:25
  • Anna-Lena Wannerheim says:

    Som undersköterska behöver jag komma hem till ett vackert och ombonat hem då jag jobbar i så stel och steril miljö. Dessa fantastiska inredningsdetaljer skulle verkligen bli en humörhöjare här hemma.

    2012-12-09 | 17:10:28
  • Zindy raida says:

    Never before have I seen such a perfect giveaway - and never before hoped to win this much !!!

    2012-12-09 | 17:23:25
  • Zindy raida says:

    Never before have I seen such a perfect giveaway and never before have I hoped to win this much !!!

    2012-12-09 | 17:24:51
  • Hanna says:

    Because I love Scandinavian design!

    2012-12-09 | 17:55:06
    URL: http://pinterest.com/haaja/
  • Line BN says:

    I love all items in this competition!!
    Me and my boyfriend is about to move out of our apartment in the beginning of next year and I seriously need these items, to finish my perfect interior design.
    I cross my fingers for being the æucky winner of this competition, for a mew start in a new, lovely apartment! :-)

    2012-12-09 | 18:27:27
  • Margrét Anna Atladóttir says:

    Because they are all beautiful!! Natural and classic sounds just right to me.

    2012-12-09 | 18:28:17
  • magda says:

    what a killer! each one is perfect! i would love to win to have all the sugar sweets cheering for the year 2013!.

    2012-12-09 | 18:48:04
  • Astride says:

    I love your style and the blog. The things in this give-away would be perfekt for the small but expensive house that we are moving into march 1!

    2012-12-09 | 18:55:28
  • Sidsel Petersen says:

    Fordi jeg flyttede hjemmefra for nogle måneder siden og mangler både lys og knager!

    2012-12-09 | 18:56:29
  • Daniel Hultberg says:

    Det enda min morgonrock önskar sig i år är faktiskt en snygg krok,
    och en Bestlite lampa skulle lysa upp hela livet för både en och annan bok.
    En fin skärbräda unnar jag knivarna i köket, så att de förblir mina vänner,
    och så var det två saker kvar - till glädje för alla andra som jag känner:
    I min hall ett välkomnande fjäderfä
    och på mitt bord tända ljus i en stake av trä.

    2012-12-09 | 19:12:48
  • Ladaea says:

    Those hooks are a prize in themselves...I would like to win because those little bumps you get in your clothes caused by the shape of usual hooks are so not in fashion. I didn't know that alternatives existed - fantastic!

    2012-12-09 | 19:25:12
  • Margaux says:

    FANTASTISK konkurrence :) Grunden til at jeg ville elske at vinde disse ting, er fordi de simpelthen bare ville se så lækre ud i min lejlighed, og min lejlighed totalt stilfuld :) Krydser fingre :D :D Tak for en virkelig fin bolig-inspirations blog :)

    2012-12-09 | 19:40:46
  • Julia says:

    Happy second advent, Emma! What amazing prizes again, they would make me so happy. I would like to win this because I've just recently learnt to love wood in decoration, and all these items are just beautiful. Especially that hanger made my heart beat a couple beats extra. I would cancel all my christmas wishes if I won this...

    2012-12-09 | 19:44:11
  • Kristina says:

    Hey Santa I hope you read this before Christmas.
    The gorgeous Bestlite table lamp will make me so happy, I will finally stop waking up my hubby with the ceiling lamp while I'm working late. I would probably feel difficult to use the Monsieur DressUp hanger because it is so beautiful that I don't want to hide it behind clothes. My kitchen will see me much often with the Andrea Brugi chopping board in it and everybody at home will be happy and far from hungry. The candle holder will threat me romantically on those cold winter nights when it's just me, my book and a glass of wine. And Santa please don't forget, I wish this Christmas a wooden birdie builds it's nest in my home.

    2012-12-09 | 19:48:37
  • Ebba Molin says:

    Åh så fina saker!

    2012-12-09 | 19:51:13
    URL: http://ebbamolin.webblogg.se/
  • Malinka says:

    Därför att jag behöver lite skönhet i mitt liv - precise som alla andra.

    Allt gott!

    2012-12-09 | 19:57:53
  • Solveig Aase Larsen says:

    I just love it ... want, want, want cross my fingers and toes ...

    2012-12-09 | 20:03:39
    URL: http://strikk.blogspot.no/
  • nea says:

    Great collection. I adore every single one of them but the table lamp is my favorite. I love it and my work by the computer would turn into frolic if I would have a such a joy on it.

    2012-12-09 | 20:04:02
  • Vibeke Remseth says:

    Wow - What a fantastic giveaway.
    A little piece of natural & classic heaven....
    Please pick me!

    2012-12-09 | 20:07:52
  • Susanne says:

    Beautiful. I wish you a nice and peaceful advent.

    2012-12-09 | 20:07:59
  • Cathrine L says:

    I just moved from my parents, and well, it's all very empty and without "a soul" as for now. Very boring! I would love something to give my apartment some light and life! Those things are perfect:)

    2012-12-09 | 20:13:50
  • sandra sandvik soltvedt says:

    Love it, love it! :)

    Så flotte ting! Krysser fingrene :) God 2. søndag i advent!

    Mvh. Sandra :)

    2012-12-09 | 20:15:18
  • ingerlise says:

    Aldeles fiffig!
    På min papirnedskrevne ønskeliste står det sort på hvitt Ferm lysestake, A. Brugi skjærefjel og monsieur henger. smil.
    Jeg ønske gjerne å delta i denne herlige advent-konkurransen!

    Ha en alle tiders førjulstid!

    2012-12-09 | 20:19:49
  • nea says:

    I love the collection. The table lamp is my favorite. It would make working by my desk a frolic. It would be such a joy.

    2012-12-09 | 20:26:49
  • Åsa says:

    OJ! Otroligt fina saker, allihop! Flera av dom har stått på min önskelista ett tag... med med vårt första barn på väg samtidigt som vi bygger sommarhus och renoverar badrum i lägenheten så finns det inga pengar kvar till så mycket mer.
    Håller tummarna!

    2012-12-09 | 20:33:27
  • Heidi says:

    Jeg elsker lampen, stilren og vakker!!
    Jeg elsker skjærefjølen, naturlig og vakker!!
    Jeg elsker kleshengerne, unike og vakre!!

    Fantastisk gaveliste.

    Ha en nydelig dag videre :)

    2012-12-09 | 20:35:52
  • Betina Drews says:

    I Will admire this lamp from Gubi every day, and im sure it will feel very much at home at my new workstation, where I really need a new beautiful desk lamp.

    2012-12-09 | 20:35:54
  • Michaela Karova says:

    well I love this, if I can not win I will need to wisit the shops personaly, I must=)big challenge for my in this Chtistmas time=)


    2012-12-09 | 20:37:54
    URL: http://mihulli.blogspot.it/
  • FargeBarn says:

    Love it all
    Would fit perfectly in my home,
    so i wish and hope to win even though i won the Milk lamp not long ago :)

    2012-12-09 | 21:00:21
    URL: http://www.fargebarn.blogspot.com
  • Majken says:

    Åhhhhh gud, jeg tror jeg er blevet forelsket. Er helt bestemt blevet forelsket i disse knager :) Det er da de fineste knager jeg længe har set, og samtidig lidt sjove. Jeg går selv meget op i boligindretning, faktisk ved jeg ikke noget bedre end at læse i mine RUM blade igen og igen og igen! Ville da være dejligt at vinde en af disse flotte gaver, hvem ved måske er jeg heldig, ellers er der i hvert fald nogle andre der er! :)

    2012-12-09 | 21:13:46
  • Vinglefrøken says:

    I disse førjulstider er det jo lov å ønske seg noe for mor også. Dette vil være en skikkelig godgave..! :-)

    2012-12-09 | 21:14:27
  • Stine Bjerre says:

    I am speachless over the quality of your advent gifts. I absolutly adore bestlite and will from now and til next sunday cross all my fingers:-)
    Kærligst Stine BB

    2012-12-09 | 21:29:45
  • Stine Bjerre says:

    I am speachless over the quality of your advent gifts. I absolutly adore bestlite and will from now and til next sunday cross all my fingers:-)
    Kærligst Stine BB

    2012-12-09 | 21:34:09
  • Line says:

    OMG I just looove this things:)
    I need som really good design in my house... so this would be a fantastic christmaspresent:))

    I cross my fingers HARD:)

    Have a nice sunday!

    2012-12-09 | 21:38:45
    URL: http://harendrom.blogspot.no/
  • jannicke kråkvik says:

    I see so many beautiful things at work every day but this lot made my day, the combination of different woodtypes: a BIG favorite!
    I love all of them, maybe most of all the hanger...(which we don´t have in Norway.. Best calendar ever! :) J

    2012-12-09 | 21:48:12
  • jannicke kråkvik says:

    OHH Emma, this made my day! Love the combination of different wood and must say this must be the best calendar ever!

    Dear santa: let me fill my home with joy and happiness! And maybe a few wooden things...:))) and maybe also a lamp??!
    Best wishes for christmas to you!

    2012-12-09 | 21:55:41
  • Marianne says:

    What a gift!!! Living with the most un-romantic man on earth, who never buy me anything, I can only dream of getting a present like this! Therefore I really, really hope I´m the lucky one who win all this :-) I´ll keep my fingers crossed until next sunday!!!!

    2012-12-09 | 21:57:02
  • whatdecoratesmyday says:

    En lampa, en fågel, en skärbräda, en hängare, en ljusstake- och allt utvalt av dig, tja, vad mer kan en inredningstok önska sig till jul?!

    2012-12-09 | 22:02:40
    URL: http://whatdecoratesmyday.blogg.se/
  • Sigfrid says:

    Hei, jeg trenger mer lys i leiligheten, og har lenge hatt lyst på en klassisk lampe. Men enn så langt har jeg ikke hatt råd... Så kanskje jeg kan vinne en!

    2012-12-09 | 22:25:19
  • Martina Classon says:

    Som student är det inte alltid helt enkelt att kunna unna sig guldkorn som dessa. (Alldeles för) stor del av min tid går åt att spana in fina inredningsprylar men plånboken är allt för ofta för liten. Kanske är detta min chans...

    2012-12-09 | 23:21:17
  • Nikoline Minkasdatter Henningsen says:

    The things are just perfekt - very scandinavian and i would love to find places for it all in my little appartment.
    Best gift ive seen in a long time! :)

    2012-12-10 | 01:31:47
  • Charlotte says:

    what beautiful items. I would love to win them just because .....

    2012-12-10 | 04:27:22
  • Amie Chen says:

    I would love to enter the giveaway! The design looks elegant and fantastic! Love it.

    2012-12-10 | 05:46:41
  • tasa says:

    With the days getting shorter and colder, I find myself looking for warmer textures and light--more lamps and candles and cozy wool and good company for the long evenings. Essentially, hygge :) All of the items you selected are just that--soft, tactile and would liven up my home during this time.

    2012-12-10 | 08:30:36
  • anita says:

    De är så fina! Kanske gillar tomten mig för en gång skull...

    2012-12-10 | 08:37:01
  • DeliaSJ says:

    I love the warmth that the objects made out of wood bring to any space. And when this comes together with smart design, then how not to want them in your home, to enjoy using them every day? I surely would!

    2012-12-10 | 09:00:25
  • Cathrine says:

    All I want for X-mas...
    a Bestlite for my son💗

    2012-12-10 | 09:50:16
  • Ingvild Hulløen says:

    Alle tingene er fantastisk fine! Jeg har altfor ltie tid til å kjøpe julegaver i år, så det ville vært perfekt å vinne denne pakken - da kan alle jeg kjenner få flotte gaver, og jeg slipper å stresse for mye.

    2012-12-10 | 10:18:56
  • Hilde says:

    Dear Santa: I can only wish to be so lucky to win these perfeckt and natural items! So Scandinavian looking, I love them!

    2012-12-10 | 10:47:18
  • Vibeke Remseth says:

    wow - what a fabulous giveaway.... I think I´m in natural & classic heaven. PLease pick me!

    2012-12-10 | 10:53:23
  • eva says:

    I can just imaging walking in my front door, switching on that beautiful lamp, hanging my coat on that lovely dress up hanger , fixing some dinner with a new gorgeous chopping board, sitting down to eat all aglow from the candleholder string, and remembering my home country (Canada) when admiring that cute little maple bird! xxx

    2012-12-10 | 11:32:36
    URL: http://www.otisandfrank.blogspot.com
  • mateusz says:

    i just love beautiful things! i must win!

    2012-12-10 | 11:53:50
  • Irene says:

    Hadde vært fantastisk å vinne. Har hatt Bestlite som favoritt i mange år, men ikke prioritert å kjøpe... ha en fin advent!

    2012-12-10 | 12:11:52
  • kat says:

    Would love love love to win - the Gubi lamp is my alltime favorit piece of design!! So please - pick me:-)

    2012-12-10 | 12:41:54
  • Françoise says:

    I just fell in love with monsieur Dressup - don't separate us :-)

    2012-12-10 | 14:24:16
  • Miriam says:

    Plötsligt kändes det inte så jobbigt att jag inte vann första "luckan" för den här passar mig ännu ännu bättre. Om jag vinner så sprider jag vinstglädjen vidare så här:
    Lampan: får min bokmal till mamma så hon kan ligga å läsa sina deckare långt in på natten.
    Dress up hänger: Får skjorttokiga svärfar.
    Skärbrädan: blir till min surdegsbakande Man.
    Ljusstaken ( som jag älskar, tror att det är för att de påminner om min mormor gamla halsband): skulle min lillasyster få för hon är värdens bästa sjuksköterska och för att hon var den som stod min mormor närmast!
    Den söta fågeln: skulle jag behålla själv som minne för att jag vann!
    ( oj det blev lite långt, men håller tummarna att det kan funka ändå) Glad andra advent!

    2012-12-10 | 14:57:03
  • Magdalena J. says:

    Same as last time: I should win this because I move out to a bigger place in February. So I need a lot of stuff to decorate it.

    2012-12-10 | 15:19:24
  • Magdalena J. says:

    Same as last time: I should win this because I move out to a bigger place in February. So I need a lot of stuff to decorate it.

    2012-12-10 | 15:20:08
  • Karoline says:

    Fordi det er 22års bursdagen min i dag:)

    2012-12-10 | 17:04:06
    URL: http://uglehytta.blogspot.com
  • Marta says:

    All this wonderful gifts would fit perfectly in my nearly home to be! :)

    2012-12-10 | 18:07:24
  • Anja Vind says:

    Ohh, i have to win this as i need a good fresh interior start in the new year.

    2012-12-10 | 18:09:32
    URL: http://whitewallgallery.dk
  • MEG says:

    Will travel this year Santa Claus a little further south to bring me a special gift from the cold Scandinavian lands?

    2012-12-10 | 19:27:01
    URL: http://micasatucasasucasa.blogspot.com
  • Tonje says:

    because.. I WisH wIsH WIsH.... :)

    2012-12-10 | 20:15:31
  • m says:

    fordi jeg er en fattig hardtarbeidende student som så gjerne vil pynte litt i leiligheten min!

    2012-12-10 | 21:36:06
    URL: http://ming.blogg.no
  • Louise F says:

    It's not so much that I need the presents... It's more of a desire, a craving and a hunger for that astonishingly beautiful lamp, the quirky hanger, the rustique choppingboard, the retro-cool candleholder and the delightful wooden bird... I wish you a merry Christmas and hope you'll send Santa my way

    2012-12-10 | 21:37:57
  • Louise F says:

    It's not so much that I need the presents... It's more of a desire, a craving and a hunger for that astonishingly beautiful lamp, the quirky hanger, the rustique choppingboard, the retro-cool candleholder and the delightful wooden bird... I wish you a merry Christmas and hope you'll send Santa my way

    2012-12-10 | 21:38:27
  • Rebecca Parker says:

    Love, love, love it all. So many beautiful things. I don't need any of it but it would add such joy at the same time. You have such power! Happy Christmas.

    2012-12-11 | 00:02:15
    URL: http://rprkr.com
  • Lisbeth says:

    Because snow is falling outside
    The baby due on dec 24 is kicking
    Just discovered your blog
    Lighting a simple best of lites
    To make a perfect Christmas

    2012-12-11 | 00:04:18
  • Valentina says:

    Hello, I'm Pigna the cat... meow. I'm the boss of this lair my human call home. Meow meow, and I live with Flan. My human rescued her from the shelter, and she's now my cat. (don't ask. this is just the way it is. Why a cat can't his own pet? Who says that? Meow!).
    You know what? I fancy that little Vitra's little bird I've seen above, but my human cant' afford one. Stupid human. Meow.
    Why should I wint your advent giveaway? Because I'd love to chew that bird on Christmas day! Meow!

    Merry Catmas!!! Meeoowwww!!!!

    2012-12-11 | 00:33:53
  • iara says:

    Varför jag ska vinna? Därför att jag har en jävla god smack men inte pengar. Vill du vara min jultomte? Kram, Iara

    2012-12-11 | 02:04:46
  • Kristin says:

    Kjære Emma! Som så mange andre, ønsker jeg meg så veldig denne vakre samlingen! Kunne behøve et lite stildytt i riktig retning, da jeg og min lille familie nettopp har flyttet til et veldig lite sted sør i Norge, på en gammel gård fra 1800 tallet. Kjenner meg litt stilforvirra, da jeg så gjerne vil beholde husets sjel, men også holde fast ved det klassiske og stilrene. Dersom disse klassikerene vil flytte inn til meg, vil jeg bli inspirert i riktig retning :) god førjulstid til deg og dine!

    2012-12-11 | 07:39:48
  • Lisa O says:

    Att värna vår vackra planet
    är det viktigaste jag vet.
    Att satsa på naturliga klassiker är givet
    eftersom de håller hela livet.

    2012-12-11 | 08:38:51
  • Marie Enarson says:

    Klassiska snygga och höjer humör,
    det är precis vad dessa produkter gör.
    Hoppas, hoppas att tomten är riktigt snäll
    och låter mig skåda dessa varenda kväll!

    2012-12-11 | 09:55:29
  • Miguel Simões says:

    I would love to have a Bestlite lamp on my desk as much as Winston Churchill loved the one he had on his desk in Whitehall. The rest of the giveaways are elegant examples of styling, that adds warmth and intensity to any room, so that will be the chance to take my Santa´s outfit out of the closet!

    2012-12-11 | 10:06:44
  • Maria says:

    Jag kämpar just nu med små medel för att få min och min killes lägenhet att vara fantastisk att bo i, trots extremt lite pengar och ostadig framtid. Att vinna dessa sjukt fina priser vore helt fantastiskt och skulle komma som en väldigt lycklig julklapp som gör vintern lite ljusare! :)

    2012-12-11 | 18:06:10
    URL: http://blackdogwhitepanther.blogspot.com
  • sara olsson says:

    Men hur perfekt vore det inte med de underbara klädhängarna, monsieur dress up hanger!! Stortrivs ju när det är bortplockat och städat hemma...lite svårt dock att hålla det asketiskt med tre gossar hemma och deras prylar ;)...MEN!!... vems kläder är det som ligger slängda över hela huset!?...jo, MINA!!...med såna här hängare skulle jag kanske kunna hålla mig till sovrummet med kläderna :)

    2012-12-11 | 19:20:48
  • Erik Lundkvist says:

    Du gör så mycket för att öka människors stilmedvetenhet! Jag skulle vilja göra samma sak för min generösa mamma. Dessa saker skulle verkligen passa henne. Fortsätt blogga! Mvh Erik

    2012-12-11 | 19:28:40
  • Emelie says:

    Unlycky in love, lucky in game they say..

    2012-12-12 | 01:01:44
  • Sari says:

    I so wish to win these presents because they are all so beautiful = vackra =fallegir = kauniita!

    2012-12-12 | 01:47:26
  • Tanja Kjaer says:

    Fantastiske produkter, der vil pynte i vores nye hjem i Canada....

    2012-12-12 | 01:52:33
  • jeanette says:

    Fantastiska julklappar till nära och kära, kanske en till mig själv!

    2012-12-12 | 08:38:17
  • Maria K says:

    Varför? Vet inte hur många gånger jag fått frågan varför av min dotter detta år. Man kan ju inte bara svara därför...men i den här tävlingen känner jag ändå för att säga därför.

    2012-12-12 | 09:25:36
  • Cussot says:

    Oh, they're just all so beautiful ... and I have a particular weakness for bird sculptures.

    2012-12-12 | 13:51:59
  • Micke says:

    Naturliga material och särskilt trä är jag fruktansvärt svag för. Att få dessa fina ting, särskilt hängarna till mitt nuvarande gå in-garderobs-projekt skulle göra mig så glad. Dessutom hör trä julen till, man flyttar liksom in naturen på ett mysigt sätt :)

    2012-12-12 | 18:26:02
  • Thelma says:

    As Im moving to Sweden - Gothenburg too do my exchange studyies in HDK leaving all my stuff behind this would be perfect to light up my small room/appartment.
    Kandle holder to light up my day, lamp so I can read my books, cutting board so I wont starv and the book stand ao my books stay at there plays and final but not least, coat hanger so my cloths wont lay on the floor :)

    Best regards, Thelma

    2012-12-13 | 02:13:24
    URL: http://www.thelmargret.com
  • Gudny Gudlaugsdottir says:

    *simply perfect*

    2012-12-13 | 09:47:01
  • Margrét Ragnarsdóttir says:

    Ó svo fallegt! Kveðja frá Íslandi! x

    Oh so beautiful! Greetings from Iceland! x

    2012-12-13 | 10:02:30
  • s says:

    they are all so amazing!

    2012-12-13 | 10:15:57
  • Stine Farstad says:

    Skål, for all the beatutiful things one do not need, but wish for anyway :-)

    2012-12-13 | 10:28:19
  • Vibeke Remseth says:

    Wow - for en fantastisk giveaway. En riktig naturlig og classic heaven <3 Please pick me!

    2012-12-13 | 10:33:17
  • Simon Ahm says:

    Sikke nogle lækre ting. Min kæreste ønsker sig bestlite lampen i julegave og ville elske at kunne give hende den..

    2012-12-13 | 11:26:46
  • Stine Bundgaard says:

    Happy sct. Lucia day. Just been to an exam in patology, it didnt go so well - so now im crossing my fingers that i have some luck in my life... :-)

    2012-12-13 | 11:38:47
  • Line says:

    Melody: Last Christmas by WHAM

    Last Christmas
    I gave you a lamp
    But the very next day
    You gave it away
    This year
    To save me from tears
    My biggest wish is a Bestlite (choir whispers: Bestlite)

    For my office - or maybe the living room
    To cast some light in my darkest gloom
    Now I know what a fool I've been
    To sit in the darkness, but it ends if I win.

    - Repeat chorus -
    Backing music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRYwGw0sAPo

    2012-12-13 | 14:48:46
  • lizzy says:

    i wood love to win! (;

    2012-12-13 | 16:59:59
  • amy says:

    That desk! That lamp! That chair! Perfection. I've been looking for a great desk for years.

    2012-12-14 | 02:21:43
  • Isa says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    2012-12-14 | 09:49:22
  • judith says:

    The collar wardrobe looks like a brainchild of Martin Margiela and Meret Oppenheim!

    2012-12-14 | 18:36:57
  • Frederik says:

    Because I love the aesthetics of the pieces - very much in accordance with the nordic style I so adore.

    2012-12-15 | 00:41:16
  • Maiu Rantamäki says:

    Beautiful things! Happy Advent!

    2012-12-15 | 09:16:39
  • Photo by Emelie says:

    Lampan, och det andra, SOM jag vill vinna,
    jag skulle känna mig som världens lyckligaste kvinna!
    Inredning är ett intresse som hos mig är stort,
    men pengarna försvinner alldeles för fort.
    Som student är det många gånger svårt,
    tänk att få allt detta till hemmet vårt!!

    2012-12-15 | 10:02:09
  • Jenny R says:

    Såg ditt inlägg i veckan och har nu gått i flera dagar och tänkt på hur jag ska motivera varför JUST JAG skulle vinna dessa fantastiska produkter.
    Det är så svårt att uttrycka så jag säger så här:

    Det börjar med Bestlite lampan. Den har alltid en förmåga att få allt annat att försvinna framför mina ögon. Jag förtrollas så fort min blick faller på denna skönhet.
    När jag lyfter blicken ser jag allt det andra vackra och inser att de svala vackra produkterna i lönn skulle förgylla vårt dominerande svart och vita hem. Hängaren Monsieur DressUp skulle som ett litet kontverk lyfta vår hall som jag hoppas hinner renoveras innan vår lille son kommer till världen i vår.

    Åh. vad jag håller mina tummar, suckar och drömmer att kunna placera sakerna här hemma.

    En riktigt God Jul önskar jag er alla/

    2012-12-15 | 10:23:57
    URL: http://idetgulahuset.blogspot.com
  • Johan says:

    Vilka fina saker, speciellt lampan och kragarna!

    2012-12-15 | 15:07:39
  • JohannaS says:

    We have just moved into a new home and haven´t quite finished the "inredning" ;) These prize items would fit our home perfectly!

    2012-12-15 | 16:06:44
  • Estelle says:

    I'd like to win because a - I love this Bestlite lamp, b - I love this hanger, c - I love this chopping board, d - Ilove this candleholder and e - I love this birdy !

    2012-12-15 | 19:23:37
  • Johanna says:

    Hej Emma!

    Om jag skulle säga vilket rum jag är mest stolt över är det vårt gästrum, just det faktum att vi har ett med sängar och allt. Inrett i trendiga smutsgrå nyanser i tidlös stil med inspiration från din och dina kollegors bloggar. Emma din blogg och urval är suveränt! Sakerna från finaste adventskalenderluckan skulle vara smycken i gästrummet.

    Tänk att få sitta och surfa i skenet av en likadan lampa som Winston Churchill, Bestlite från Gubi eller ha den äran att hänga sin skjorta på Monsieur DressUp hängaren från Le Kiosk! Lenaste enkla fågeln av duktiga bröderna Bouroullec för Vitra skulle stå i fönstret. På skärbrädan från Bolina skulle jag servera gäster frukost på sängen och på bordet skulle den smarta ljusstaken från Ferm Living lysa. Vi har själva svårt att resa med hänsyn till vår lilla son med funktionsnedsättningar men gäster är varmt välkomna hit, det är roligt och trevligt att få sällskap och få skämma bort någon!

    God Jul & Gott Nytt År

    2012-12-15 | 19:38:29
  • Andy says:

    Tack för en alltid lika inspirerande blogg!

    Vem skulle INTE vilja ha dessa saker. Inte minst den klassiska Gubilampan har jag trånat efter i åratal, en klenod som skulle få pryda bästa platsen i vardagsrummet.

    Vitrafågeln skulle få stå i fönstret mot gatan för grannarna att få avnjuta. Candleholder string hade jag ställt på Haybordet i köket och med tända ljus serverat bröd på Andrea Brugis choppingboard.

    Av hängarna av Le Kiosk hade jag skapat en vacker installation på vår än så länge tomma kritvita vägg i entrén.

    Vilken lyx det skulle få vara att placera dessa ting i vårat hem!!! Hoppas, hoppas...

    2012-12-15 | 22:16:10
  • Lucía says:

    the Black lamp is perfect!!!!

    happy christmas from Spain :)

    2012-12-15 | 23:34:22
  • Lisa S says:

    Hipp hipp hurra på tisda´ är det min födelseda´
    vad vore då bättre än att vinna dessa fantastiska paket
    i så fall skulle jag sticka iväg till posten fort som en raket
    fina ting till hemmet är alltid sådant jag önskar
    blir vinsten min skulle jag således bli alldeles alldeles själaglad!!!

    En bestlite har stått på min önskelista så länge jag kan minnas!!! Eftersom jag håller på att göra om i mitt sovrum hade "kragarna" gjort sig utmärkt där, superläckra och så behöver jag lite förvaring där! Skärbräda i riktig trä är både snyggt och användbart! Jag har sett ljusstaken på TV 4 och blev genast blixtförälskad. Jag är ett stort fan av Vitra och jag tycker mkt om att inreda med naturen i åtanke, därför skulle en fågel därifrån vara mkt uppskattad!!

    2012-12-16 | 00:54:29
  • Mia - Mitt vita hus says:

    Bestlite's fina lampa jag vill vinna
    så kanske jag hinna
    om jag skyndar mig in till emma
    för att ha chansen på en egen gubi hemma


    2012-12-16 | 12:01:29
    URL: http://mittvitahus.blogspot.com
  • Maria S. says:

    I juledagarna vi flyttar från lägenheten med rummen två,
    till hus med stora ytor som kommer bli tomt i mången vrå.
    Nya fina saker att placera ut i hemmet lagom till nyår,
    det skulle vara den bästa klapp vi får!

    2012-12-16 | 12:13:18
  • Arora Eir Traustadottir says:

    Dear Emma,
    It would make me really happy and glad to win this price.

    2012-12-16 | 15:23:28

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