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Advent Giveaway Nr 4

Update! This giveaway is closed.
Congratulations to the winner of Giveaway Nr 4; Elisabetta Viganò, and the winner of giveaway Nr 3; Aina Lord! Please email your addresses to me so I can have all the goodies sent to you.
Ok guys, hold on to your hats, because here comes the biggest prize I have ever arranged a giveaway for... I proudly present, Advent Giveaway nr 4! I secretely wish I could have kept it all to myself, but I am sure that it will make the winner very happy, and that makes me happy too. Because you know, the reason I'm doing this advent calendar is to give something back to you, to thank you for your loyal support, and for making it possible for me to keep blogging. I have had so many great experiences because of this blog, somethings I could never have imagined when I started it 7 years ago. Thank you so much for that, and let's hope the next 7 years will be just as great!

What is in this treasure chest then, that will make someone so happy? Let me tell you: 2 Mingus P1 Nearly Black pendants from Lightyears. Never Look Back art print from Wonderwall. Fish cushion from Asplund. Stockholm scented candle by Astier de Villatte, Maison Martin Margiela Stylo Plume Autruche feather pen, David Ehrenstråhle's print 2013 Guide to Manhattan, Aesop: Geranium Leaf Body CleanserResurrection Aromatique Hand BalmParsley Seed Facial CleanserMandarin Facial Hydrating CreamParsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum, all this from Artilleriet. Ferm Living Triangle shower curtain and 2 rolls of Vertigo striped wallpaper, all from Kaiku. And last but not least, a small black Hoof table from &tradition.
The total value of this prize is € 1631.
To win, just tell me why you should be the lucky one. Write a short motivation, a poem, a song or make a drawing, however you like to express yourself, just make sure I see it in the comments below or at the Facebook page.
I will draw the winner on January 1. Good luck everyone, and Happy Holidays! I will be taking some time offline and recharge my batteries, but I'll see you here in the new year.

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All I want for Christmas...

My family has stopped giving xmas presents between adults since a few years, so if I want anything for Christmas I have to buy it myself. The only exception is my lovely mother-in-law who insists on spoiling us rotten by throwing money at us and forcing us to get something nice for ourselves. I usually choose things I've been dreaming of throughout the year, but that aren't actually very necessary... Things like perfume, coffee table books, a piece of jewelry, some cool gadget or a nice coat that is a little too expensive to indulge in on an ordinary week, but that feels great to pamper yourself with as a special holiday treat. So this post isn't so much a wish list (because that would be pretty pointless, who would I give it to?), as it is a list of stuff I will actually get for Christmas. Perhaps it can inspire someone else to get their own dream presents!
I actually got myself an early present already. I went to a newly opened tattoo studio here in Stockholm, and sat down on a vintage sofa in a room that feels more like the livingroom of an old lady than a place where rockers go to get a skull on their shoulder. I had tea and chatted with Markus, the very friendly tattooist who owns La Robe Noire, about parenting, scented candles, creativity and life in general. A completely different experience than when I got my first tattoo, at Stockholm's most well known studio, where everything felt quite rough and dirty and very unwelcoming. This time everything was so nice, and the tattoo turned out great! If you want to see it you can have a look here.
From top left: Society6 iPhone coverPitcher and tumblers by Carina Seth Andersson for Hope. Pia Wallén Cross blanket. Leather clutch made of pieces from an old Barcelona chair. White christmas, not for sale but it seems I'm getting it anyway this year, shot by Akos Major. Simple white honeycombs, just my style of xmas decor, shot and styled by Annie at Rum för två. Encens Chembur eau de parfum from Byredo. Hope 1.0 book.

The Asplund family lives here!

This is the Stockholm home of the Asplund family, owners of the Asplund store, well known for it's great selection of Scandinavian design. Their house is furnished in the same style as the store, and if you have ever shopped there, you will recognize many pieces. Classic but modern, and kept fresh through the use of little splashes of color, and some items from younger designers.
Photography: Martin Löf
Coordination: Gill Renlund


Advent Giveaway Nr 3 *CLOSED*

Sorry for being a day late, I had some problems with this post, but I hope you will find that it was worth waiting for. Today's theme of the advent calendar is Kitchen, so if you need a fresh update on your kitchen gear, don't miss this chance to win some of my favorite things!
One lucky winner will get: 1 tea pot, 4 tea cups and 4 plates from Marimekko's In Good Company series, from Finnish Design Shop. 1 big wooden tray, 2 Gradient tea towels and 2 Cold Forest tea towels from Hay, from La Maison D'Anna G. 1 white Sodastream Source to make your own sparkling water. 1 Geo Vacuum Flask, 1 Shoehorn, 1 Peeler and 2 Tea Eggs from Normann Copenhagen. The total value is € 679.
Now just tell my why you should be the lucky one! You can write in the comments below, or on the blog's Facebook page. (English, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian is fine, but I won't be able to understand you if you write in any other languages, so please try to stick to any of these.) The competition will be open until Sunday 23/12. Good luck!
Ps. The winner of last week's giveaway is Ansgar Taschinski, who wrote me a beautiful fairytale. You can all read it in the comments here. Congrats Ansgar!
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Behind the scenes in Copenhagen

I'm home from three wonderful days of styling work in Copenhagen, styling catalogue pictures for Brdr. Krüger, and would like to show you these pics I snapped with my Eos M in the photo studio. The real pictures will come later, and I am really excited about them, so I hope you will like them too! They include snowballs, a whole raw fish, and the insides of a dishwasher...

The Bottoli family lives here!

I am off to Copenhagen again, for the fifth time this year. Although it is a lovely city, I sometimes wish my work would take me to some more exotic places, like LA and Tokyo or perhaps a bit more realistic, Berlin, Amsterdam or Paris. Right now I'm dreaming of Italy. More precizely this house in Mantua featured in Milk Magazine, that belongs to the Bottoli family. Minimalist, but still warm.

Advent Giveaway Nr 2 *CLOSED*

Proudly presenting part two of my Advent Calendar! Just like last week, I have collected products from some of my favorite companies, and every Advent Sunday will have a different theme. Today is "Natural & Classic", a collection of beautiful high quality items in a classic contemporary style. 
This is what is up for grabs for ONE very lucky winner:  Black Bestlite Table lamp from Gubi, Monsieur DressUp hanger from Le Kiosk, big handmade Andrea Brugi choppingboard from Bolina, Candleholder String from Ferm Living and a solid maple L'Oiseau bird from Vitra.
All in all, the prize is worth € 1024!
To enter the competition all you have to do is tell me why you want to win this! You can enter your answer in the comment section below or on the blog's facebook page.
The winner will be drawn next Sunday. Good luck!

I also want to congratulate the winner of last week's competition. Congrats Karolina Wijkander, I really appreciate you taking the time to write your little poem! You have some pretty nice Christmas presents waiting to be sent...

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A study in composition, by Kråkvik & D'Orazio

While we are on the subject of Kråkvik & D'Orazio, I want to show you these photos from their portfolio, featuring a new chair and sofa from Tønning. The photos are shot by Siren Lauvdal, as always. I think they make a great creative trio, and the compositions in these photos are awesome! Have a close look at how the lines in the pictures correspond to each other, and how well planned every little angle is, and you will understand what I'm talking about.


Jotun Spring 2013

Pictures from the Spring 2013 collections are starting to fill my inbox, and I think it's a nice and refreshing change from all the Christmas pictures that are overflowing the web at the moment. These are from paint company Jotun, styled by the always inspiring duo Kråkvik & D'Orazio, and shot by Siren Lauvdal. Jotun's focus for the collection is on contrasts, in both colors, where the base in black and white is matched with new coral hues, and shiny vs matte surfaces. They are also predicting that blue and turquoise hues will be a big hit next summer!


Renovated Stockholm Loft

Last week I was approached by a guy at a party when I was taking a photo of a nice display on a bookshelf. It turned out it was his bookshelf, and that the part of the office I was standing in belonged to his company Hementreprenaden. They are a company that helps you with your home renovations by hiring and coordinating all the handymen, figuring out the technical aspects and can also help you with decisions on materials and design solutions. Seems like a great service, and if you have ever lived through a home renovation, you probably know how valuable this help could be.
I had a look at their portfolio and fell for this bright loft apartment. You can see more of their work here.


Advent Giveaway Nr 1

This giveaway is closed and a winner has been drawn.
It's finally time for the first giveaway in my Advent 2012 calendar, and I'm so excited to share today's competition! I have collected products from some of my favorite companies, and every Advent Sunday will have a different theme. Today is "Hall/Entrance", and I believe that the things you see below would be great additions to help organize, brighten and beautify your entrance area, but would certainly work just as well in any other room.
This is what is up for grabs for one lucky winner: A white Treetop Pendel light from Bolia. "Bisou" giclee print by Lina Ekstrand for Arte Limited. Strap Mirror and 2 grey Restore Storage felt bins from HipVilla. 6 Felt Wall Panels by Norm for Menu. All in all, the prize is worth € 1100!
To enter the competition all you have to do is tell me (in the comments below) why you should win this!
The winner will be drawn next Sunday. Good luck!
If you are having trouble commenting, you can leave your comment here on facebook instead.

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Covered in white

So, the snow finally arrived, just in time for Advent. I'm taking my kids to a nearby hill for some white and cold fun, but before that I have to go searching for some white honeycomb pompoms. Still haven't started decorating our home for the holidays, and tomorrow is the day when all star lights and advent candles have to be up! I know that they are in a box in the basement, somewhere...
Sources, clockwise from top left: Ferm Living, Nick OberthalerAkos Major, unknown, Armene, Annaleena, unknown, Jon Horvath