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OGENBLIK, a graduation project by Lisan Timp

Photographer and stylist Lisan Timp just graduated from the Art Academy WDKA in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As her graduation project she decided to publish her own book, with photos she shot and styled herself. I spoke to Lisan, and this is what she told me about her book:
"This is my world, my first book. My passion is to go looking for beauty in everything I see. I embrace the world around me and record. 

My book is called OGENBLIK.
OGENBLIK in Dutch means a moment, but in this word are two separate words, OGEN means eyes, and BLIK means look. This embraces my vision of the world. I'm still in everything I see.
I fill my time watching. I record what I see, the moments as they are."
You can preview and order OGENBLIK here on Blurb.



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