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My visit to Annedal 2012

Today I spent the afternoon at Annedal 2012, the housing exhibition just outside Stockholm. I found lots of great interiors, and some not so great... But let's focus on the good ones now! Below you'll see a few photos from my Instagram feed (emfex is my username), shot in some very nice apartments styled by e.g. Lotta Agaton, TAF, Jens Fager and Pella Hedeby. I got a lot of new ideas for my own home, and the exhibition will be open until Sunday 26/8, so if you have a chance, go there and be inspired! 

Ps. I have a competition (for my readers in Sweden only) on the blog's fb page, where you can win two lights by TAF. Check it out!


  • Lisanne says:

    Beautiful photos! I like the picture with the beautiful wooden candle on the table a lot. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a wonderful evening!

    2012-08-24 | 19:36:07
    URL: http://lisannevandeklift.blogspot.com
  • Maria Westerlund says:

    Första bilden -wow! Vet du något om mattan? häls. miaw åland

    Svar: Fråga Pella på http://stilinspiration.blogspot.com/. Det är hon som stylat. :)
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2012-08-24 | 20:20:30
    URL: http://miawinredning.blogspot.com
  • Ewa says:

    So nice!

    2012-08-24 | 20:45:36
    URL: http://axelsonewa.devote.se
  • Pella says:

    Men ååå vad kul att du gillade! :)

    Svar: Det var suuuperfint! Bra jobbat!
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2012-08-24 | 21:17:57
    URL: http://stilinspiration.blogspot.com
  • ally says:

    i love the mixing of ceramic and leather lately. i'm going to have to find some old leather belts and recreate this my own way.

    2012-08-24 | 22:46:57
    URL: http://ohosanna.blogspot.com
  • Latrina says:

    Such a lovely space with great style. I really adore the bookshelves. <3

    2012-08-25 | 05:09:03
    URL: http://www.blistersinmay.org
  • Share Design says:

    We will follow you on Instagram Emma.

    2012-08-25 | 11:11:32
    URL: http://www.sharedesign.com
  • Terese says:

    Vilka underbara bilder du har tagit Emma! Jisses.. jag borde nog vara med och täcla om de där lamporna.. jag menar, man kan ju bli rätt lycklig med dom=)

    2012-08-25 | 13:54:11
    URL: http://www.moodboardwithflowers.blogspot.se
  • Therese says:

    ojojojoj vilket fiin blogg!!
    / Therese

    2012-08-25 | 17:06:55
    URL: http://alittlebitofrosa.blogspot.com
  • aga_mendes says:

    I am impressed by your blog! I read it from several months and it's a great pleasure for me. Beautiful pics, a lot of inpiration, good taste.... I love Stokholm and scandinavian design and I am grateful for all links to photographers and stylists.
    With love

    2012-08-26 | 08:20:59
    URL: http://agamendes.blogspot.com
  • Pella says:

    @ Mia. Mattan heter Temper, köpt på BoConcept

    2012-08-26 | 09:25:02
    URL: http://stilinspirartion.blogspot.com
  • Linnéa - mina finheter says:

    Himla synd jag missade utsällningen. Tur det snurrar runt bilder så jag kan njuta av allt fint ändå :)

    2012-08-26 | 23:14:32
    URL: http://minafinheter.se
  • Laurence Labbé says:

    Very nice blog!

    2012-08-27 | 11:40:50
    URL: http://www.atelierceramique-l.blogspot.fr/
  • Lucas says:

    Love your homestyle!

    2012-08-27 | 21:17:23
    URL: http://Www.Lucasblogg.blogg.se
  • Snullemor says:

    Ved du hvem som har lavet sofaen på det første billede?
    : )

    2012-08-27 | 23:55:39
    URL: http://snullemor.blogspot.com
  • frankie carl says:

    Who makes the leather couch/sofa in the first photo? Thank you for your help :)

    2012-10-24 | 21:37:05

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