Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

OGENBLIK, a graduation project by Lisan Timp

Photographer and stylist Lisan Timp just graduated from the Art Academy WDKA in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As her graduation project she decided to publish her own book, with photos she shot and styled herself. I spoke to Lisan, and this is what she told me about her book:
"This is my world, my first book. My passion is to go looking for beauty in everything I see. I embrace the world around me and record. 

My book is called OGENBLIK.
OGENBLIK in Dutch means a moment, but in this word are two separate words, OGEN means eyes, and BLIK means look. This embraces my vision of the world. I'm still in everything I see.
I fill my time watching. I record what I see, the moments as they are."
You can preview and order OGENBLIK here on Blurb.


New work by Joanna Laajisto

Finnish interior architect Joanna Laajisto just launched her new website, and I found some projects from her portfolio that I really liked. Below is the office of Euro RSCG advertising agency, that Joanna designed. Very graphic and with wonderful light!

Below, Gulled's showroom in Helsinki

And I just couldn't resist showing you this as well, from JWT Finland's office, but do check out Joanna's site, because there is much more to explore!


Mathilda Clahr lives here!

The link to design student Mathilda Clahr's blog on Odalisque Magazine has been going around the bloggosphere for the last few days, after Lotta Agaton wrote about Mathilda on her blog. I fell in love just like everyone else, and found a treasure trove of photos from Mathilda's home. But there is so much more to her blog than that, she has fantastic taste in furniture, art and design, so go check it out for yourselves!

Sven, Rei, Riu and Seo live here!

Published yesterday on Freunde von Freunden, a very cool family home in Berlin, belonging to Graphic Designer Sven Hausherr and his family. They have that relaxed but stylish look pinned down perfectly.

Inspiration from Jotun

Paint manufacturer Jotun always have these wonderful and very inspiring product photos. They launch new color charts every season, but this time I didn't get the press info (hello Jotun, please put me back on your mailing list!), so I found it through Norwegian blog Trettien instead. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the pics are styled by Kråkvik & D'Orazio and shot by Siren Lauvdal, as that is the team behind Jotun's previous pictures.

Photographer Arjan Benning

Today I'm loving the work of Dutch photographer Arjan Benning. I like the "over sharpened" look in some of the photos, and the light, simplicity and textures of others.


My visit to Annedal 2012

Today I spent the afternoon at Annedal 2012, the housing exhibition just outside Stockholm. I found lots of great interiors, and some not so great... But let's focus on the good ones now! Below you'll see a few photos from my Instagram feed (emfex is my username), shot in some very nice apartments styled by e.g. Lotta Agaton, TAF, Jens Fager and Pella Hedeby. I got a lot of new ideas for my own home, and the exhibition will be open until Sunday 26/8, so if you have a chance, go there and be inspired! 

Ps. I have a competition (for my readers in Sweden only) on the blog's fb page, where you can win two lights by TAF. Check it out!

Deborah lives here!

If you are on Instagram, I'm sure you have seen the lovely photos coming out of Deborah's (apieceofcake82 on instagram) bright and airy family home in Scotland. I love her pictures, and wanted to share them here too, so she sent me some pics that are not instagrammed, for you all to enjoy. I've been bugging her to get a blog, and she is working on it so it should be up soon, but in the meantime you can follow her on Instagram and Pinterest, or from her guest posts on A Merry Mishap blog.

New work by Pia Ulin + web designer wanted

I just saw an update on Lotta Agaton's blog that she had styled some new pictures for her shop, shot by Pia Ulin. And when I clicked over to Pia's site, there were more new beautiful photos there. I'm showing some of them here, but click over there yourselves to see more.
In other news, I am looking for a web designer for a new project. You would need to have a good knowledge of Wordpress, be a great graphic designer and have your base in Stockholm. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please contact me at emmasdesignblogg@gmail.com.
I don't know who styled the first photo below, but the last pic is styled by Cilla Ramnek and the rest by Lotta Agaton.


Annedal 2012

A new housing exhibition called Annedal 2012 opened yesterday in Stockholm, and although I haven't been there myself yet I wanted to share these photos from an apartment styled by Lotta Agaton for Folkhem. I can't wait to see it for real! The exhibition will be open until August 26.
Photographer: Henrik Bonnevier


Photographer Heidi Lerkenfeldt

Some greatness from the portfolio of Danish photographer Heidi Lerkenfeldt. Enjoy!

Horst Meier lives here

Style blogger Horst Meier of LYNN and HORST rents this bright and airy home in Frankfurt, which he renovated and decorated in his favorite colour; white. His minimalistic style works great with the classic features of the building, and his design tastes are just as confident in interiors as in fashion.
Photography: Mary Scherpe, Stil in Berlin
I'd love to see more photos from this beautiful home, perhaps we can convince Mary and Horst to shoot some more?


Happy Weekend!

Are you looking for a small place to call your own, on an island in central Stockholm? Or are you just yearning for some eye candy to start the weekend? Whichever the case, this is a place for you. Enjoy!


Kirsten Hermann lives here

Freunde von Freunden just posted the beautiful Berlin home belonging to stylist Kirsten Hermann. I love the lived in "real" feeling of this place, it looks very relaxed and inviting. This is actually the same style that my own home has, which may come to a surprise to some. People tend to think I have a very minimalistic home, but no, this is the style that comes naturally for my own place. Quite a lot of retro pieces, natural colors, black and white art, simple and not very styled at all...

Inspiration from Bolaget

I'm having a hard time snapping out of vacation mode, but a little inspiration from Bolaget's apartments for sale never hurt, right?


And the winner is...

Time to announce the winner of the L'Affiche Moderne print... *drumroll* And the winner is: Catarina R, who said that the picture below, Burton by Kea, makes her dream of future summers. "It's all about adventure, the unkown, the unexpected. Makes me dream about summery afternoons, beers with friends... and long nights telling stories and dreaming about the future. And that is summer, to me."
Catarina, congrats and please contact me to give me your mailing address!