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Autumnal spring trends?

Tina Hellberg's latest work for Elle Interiör looks great! However, it reminds me more of autumn than spring, despite the budding branches. Perhaps it's the color range, with the brown, linen and brass? It is right on trend for this spring season, but it doesn't feel like spring to me...
Update! I just had a chat with Tina, and she explained that the feeling she was going for was more of a pre-spring, before the trees get leaves and new grass covers the ground. That time in March and April when everything is still grey and brown, and things are mostly happening below the surface. With that perspective, I see these pictures in a whole new light!

Photo: Idha Lindhag


  • stephanie says:

    Love the first two photos!!! So lovely !!!




    2012-04-01 | 16:54:03
  • Mathilde says:

    fina bilder =D

    2012-04-01 | 17:00:33
    URL: http://happyfluffy.blogg.se/
  • Elin - Ett Hem says:

    Nej inte direkt vår för mig heller men snyggt ändå.

    2012-04-01 | 17:07:35
    URL: http://www.etthem.blogspot.com
  • Bonnie says:

    Jeg bor i UK og har netop fået Living etc May issue. Ved ikke om du har set det allerede, men din blog er nævnt som en af Living etc's "favourite Nordic bloggers". Tillykke. (Tænkte at du gerne vil vide om det.)

    2012-04-01 | 22:06:50
    URL: http://thewheelbarrows.wordpress.com
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Bonnie: Nej, det visste jag inte! Gud så kul! Tack för att du berättade det, då måste jag genast springa och köpa den!

    2012-04-01 | 22:53:37
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • anordinarywoman says:

    I kind of like these colours - don't mind material & texture. It's simply beautiful in a simple way. Thanks for sharing:)

    2012-04-02 | 04:02:03
    URL: http://anordinarywoman.net
  • ethanollie says:

    i think it's the background. it would definitely read more as 'spring ' with a white or light backing. not only is it distracting with all the clean lines of the furniture, it is too dark a look for spring

    2012-04-02 | 08:21:07
    URL: http://www.ethanollie.etsy.com
  • Louise says:

    Jätte fina bilder, Tack för en inspirerande blogg!


    2012-04-02 | 09:11:58
    URL: http://down2thewire.me
  • Daniel - Snap it by Daniel says:

    Hej Emma, Hoppas helgen har varit bra!! Vilka underbara bilder! Ha en bra måndag!

    2012-04-02 | 12:37:05
    URL: http://www.snapitbydaniel.com/
  • Elin♥ says:

    Jätte fin blogg ! ♥

    Kram ♥

    2012-04-02 | 15:37:36
    URL: http://fyrfotarvannen.blogg.se/
  • Elle says:

    I totally agree with u, this is definitely autumn!! she should have added some flowers to make it spring =)

    2012-04-02 | 16:27:05
    URL: http://elle3190.blogspot.it/
  • Tina Hellberg says:


    Yes, of course it hurts when buds are breaking.

    Why else would the springtime falter?

    Why would all our ardent longing

    bind itself in frozen, bitter pallor?

    After all, the bud was covered all the winter.

    What new thing is it that bursts and wears?

    Yes, of course it hurts when buds are breaking,

    hurts for that which grows

    and that which bars.

    Yes, it is hard when drops are falling.

    Trembling with fear, and heavy hanging,

    cleaving to the twig, and swelling, sliding -

    weight draws them down, though they go on clinging.

    Hard to be uncertain, afraid and divided,

    hard to feel the depths attract and call,

    yet sit fast and merely tremble -

    hard to want to stay

    and want to fall.

    Then, when things are worst and nothing helps

    the tree's buds break as in rejoicing,

    then, when no fear holds back any longer,

    down in glitter go the twig's drops plunging,

    forget that they were frightened by the new,

    forget their fear before the flight unfurled -

    feel for a second their greatest safety,

    rest in that trust

    that creates the world.

    Translated into English by David McDuff in "Karin Boye: Complete poems".

    2012-04-02 | 16:51:03
    URL: http://www.tinahellberg.se
  • DAVID says:


    2012-04-02 | 17:00:26
    URL: http://projectfairtrade.blogg.se/
  • Anna Caroline {Design Studio 210} says:

    Håller med dig. Färgskalan och material valen ger en dov och mjuk känsla.

    2012-04-03 | 08:37:17
    URL: http://www.designstudio210.com
  • Dagný Björg says:

    Love them all! But i agree with you, it feels a little bit more like autumn in these photographs

    2012-04-03 | 11:47:50
    URL: http://dagnybjorg.blogspot.com
  • annie markantonatou says:

    love it!


    2012-04-03 | 20:49:04
    URL: http://anmarkdesign.blogspot.com/
  • Ine says:


    2012-04-03 | 21:02:10
    URL: http://www.inehen.blogg.no

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