Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

I'm moving

No, not the blog, it will stay put. But I am moving from this house in the countryside to an apartment closer to town. And that is why I haven't been posting as much as usual in the last few days. Lots of packing to do until Wednesday, and then unpacking... But don't worry, I'll be back soon!

I'll let these pictures of architect studio TAF's upholstered furniture Soft Parcel illustrate my world as it looks right now...

Est mag 1st birthday

Here is a sneak peek from the next issue of Australian online magazine Est, featuring what looks like a wonderful trend report by Marjon and Anouk! The magazine will be online April 30, and it's their 1st birthday issue, so prepare for some extra nice contents...

Cover photo: Toby Scott, styling Kara Rosenlund
Other photos: photography Marjon Hoogervorst, styling Anouk B

Stylish Palma

Blog Love: Pethra Etc

I found the blog Pethra Etc yesterday while reading another lovely blog; 20 kvadrat. Pethra's blog is full of great photos from her stylish home, mixed with other pictures, have a look!

Photo: Pethra

Saturday Sweets

The winning photos from Beckmans!

I just heard that the new issue of Plaza Interiör is out, and that means I can finally post the winning photos from the Interior Styling Master Class at Beckmans. What a nice way to start the weekend!
Btw, Plaza Interiör just got a page on Facebook, like it to see what's going with this great magazine.
Our theme for the styling was "Contrasts", and as you can see we all worked with that in different ways through colours, materials and shapes.

Styling: Emma Fexeus (me)
Styling: Maliin Stoor
Styling: Monica Hökars

Design Studio INTSIGHT

Barcelona based interior design studio INTSIGHT caught my eye on Pinterest, and after receiving an email with a link to their tumblr, showing great photos of their work, I knew I had to share it with you. Clean and minimalistic, just as I like it. Enjoy! And have a nice weekend!

Dark and moody by Pia Ulin

Jakob and Mia live here!

I got a tip from a reader to check out these wonderful photos, shot by photographer and art director Jakob Nylund from the blog Formconspiracy. What a great tip, thank you James! I just love this home! Jakob and his girlfriend Mia managed to squeeze in all the right details and make a really nice mix out of it.

Emma Olbers lives here!

Emma Olbers is one of my favorite Swedish designers, so I was really happy to find this feature from her home last weekend! I have been dreaming of a sofa bench (plywood DIY) like the one in her kitchen for years now, but haven't had the space for it. Perhaps in my next home...

Photo: Nicklas Thegerström for DN, see more photos here

Retro Stockholm apartment filled with bugs

A Stockholm home filled with retro 50's furniture and bugs. How about that? Found via La maison d'Anna G, click over there for more photos and to hear more about the insects. My favorite detail is the little skull next to the flowers.

Styling: Joanna Lavén

Favorite magazine pics of the month

I blogged about this last week but had to remove the post because another magazine has bought the photos and they didn't want the pictures spread over the web... However, it seems now that publishing the spreads from Elle Interiör is totally ok, so that is what I'll do instead!

White loft kitchen

Blog love: Suvi sur le vif

Suvi sur le vif is my latest blog crush, run by a Finnish photographer/visual artist. She captures the beauty of everyday imperfection just perfectly.

Avifauna Birds

This is definitely more art than design and might not quite fit in here on the blog, but I just fell completely in love with these birds! They are made for Italian textile producer Rubelli by studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters and will be shown at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, during the 2012 Salone del Mobile in Milan. Each bird has it's own expression, but they all seem to have quite an attitude!

Commissioned by Rubelli, art direction by Edelkoort ETC

Architect studio Double G

Let's go to Paris tonight, shall we? A visit to these apartments designed by studio Double G feels like a nice way to spend the weekend. There are tons of more great photos on their site, so go check it out if you have the time!

Via Blackbird

Light posting + inspiration from Alvhem

I guess you have noticed the light posting here this week. I've been doing magazine work (writing articles, doing interviews and making product pages), and haven't had time to blog as much as I wanted. Next week might be the same, but I will really try to get in here more often!
Let's finish this work week with some living room inspiration from Alvhem estate agency!

Fresh photos from Tenka's home

I have showed you pictures from Danish artist Tenka Gammelgaard's home before, I know, but these photos are new. I just can't get tired of it! It looks so great, with the graphic interiors mixed with all the creative tools.

Photo: Idha Lindhag for Casa Vogue

OSB love

Minimal Easter by Mo+Mo Living

So I promised you food pics, and instead I showed you interiors... I hope you weren't too disapointed? I still intend to keep my promise, and would like to start this Easter weekend by showing some beautiful photos styled and shot by designer Michelle Wentworth of Mo+Mo Living. Happy Easter to all of you!


Riikka does it again! DIY wall hanger

Riikka Kantinkoski of Weekday Carnival is so creative, and has a great sense of style! I love everything she does, and I could browse her blog for hours, just drooling over her clever solutions and DIY projects. This time it's a wall mounted hanger construction, with a built in lamp. Awesome! More pipes to the people!

Laura and Kosmo lives here!

This is the home of Finnish blogger Laura Q and her son Kosmo, shot by Krista Keltanen for Deko magazine (except for the bottom pic that Laura shot). This house is actually sparkling with neon colours and inspiring ideas, wich you will see if you check out the rest of the photos here!

Scandi Bohemian apt for rent

If you are visiting Stockholm and like the idea of renting a vacation apartment instead of staying in a hotel, I think you should check out City Living Apt. It's a site full of Stockholm apartments for short term rent. The Scandinavian Boho styled home below, located in the SoFo area, is only one of many stylish apartments I found while browsing their site.

The Dutch masters at work again

One day. That is how long it took for me to get over my design overdose. These photos by Anouk and Marjon snapped me out of it. Thanks girls, for rescuing me from my miserable state with your fresh and innovative images! See more pics from this shoot here.

Design overload

In the last few months I've been reading more blogs than ever and browsing Pinterest for hours almost every day, keenly looking for fresh pictures for the blog and inspiration for my own styling. I found what I was looking for, and more. Much more. I actually think I overdosed on interior pics. As a consequence I can't find anything at all now. My brain can't take in any more pictures of Eames chairs and white walls... So today I'd like to show you this lovely food styling by StyleCookie instead!

Perhaps I will blog food pics for the rest of this week, how would you feel about that?

Autumnal spring trends?

Tina Hellberg's latest work for Elle Interiör looks great! However, it reminds me more of autumn than spring, despite the budding branches. Perhaps it's the color range, with the brown, linen and brass? It is right on trend for this spring season, but it doesn't feel like spring to me...
Update! I just had a chat with Tina, and she explained that the feeling she was going for was more of a pre-spring, before the trees get leaves and new grass covers the ground. That time in March and April when everything is still grey and brown, and things are mostly happening below the surface. With that perspective, I see these pictures in a whole new light!

Photo: Idha Lindhag