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Hues by Tina Hellberg

Interior stylist Tina Hellberg created these wonderful pictures together with photographer Magnus Anesund. You can find most of the photos in the latest copy of Elle Interiör, but one of them didn't make the cut, so that one (the shot of the desk from above) is exclusively shown here.
The theme is hues, or colours, and I love the unexpected colour combinations. Who thought that yellow and pink would look so good together?


  • Lau de Casalil says:

    Nice to feel them, "playing" with colors... thanks for sharing Emma

    2011-11-09 | 07:37:41
    URL: http://casalil.blogs.marieclairemaison.com
  • Claire says:

    Love it when people aren't afraid of mixing colours. These are beautiful. The yellow/pink combination reminds me of a recent spread in Inside Out magazine down here in Australia. You can see a few shots here: http://blogs.homelife.com.au/insideout/article/our-november-december-2011-issue-on-sale-now/

    2011-11-09 | 09:50:00
    URL: http://claireplush.blogspot.com
  • Louise says:

    Någon som vet var den fina skrivbordslampan kommer ifrån?

    2011-11-09 | 10:34:05
  • Malin says:

    Underbara bilder. Gillar särskilt färgsättningen på de nedre.

    2011-11-09 | 12:01:29
    URL: http://inneoute.blogg.se/
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Japp, skrivbordslampan är Chipperfield w102 från Wästberg.

    2011-11-09 | 12:08:25
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Claire, I just looked at the Inside Out spread, and yes, they are quite similar! Funny that two stylists from opposite sides of the world can come up with so similar ideas at the same time. :)

    2011-11-09 | 12:11:30
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Alexandra K says:

    amazing ideas with cute details! Im enjoying examining these pics)

    2011-11-09 | 12:30:11
    URL: http://www.little-anchor.blogspot.com
  • Anonym says:

    hejsan, det är så att jag undrar om du har pluggat som interiördesign på högskola eller något sådant för jag har letat runt på nätet efter högskolor som har den linjen men ja hittar ingenting! skulle vara till STOR hjälp om du själv vet eller har pluggat på någon högskola som har interiördesign :)!

    2011-11-09 | 14:44:49
  • Eli Terese says:

    farger gjør meg glad! fargedekoren på siste bildet var kjempefint

    2011-11-09 | 15:48:02
    URL: http://eliterese.wordpress.com
  • Laura says:

    They say yellow is the new white... And white goes with everything ;)

    2011-11-09 | 20:44:15
    URL: http://mar-adam.com
  • Annelien says:

    Love the minimalistic style full of colours!

    2011-11-09 | 21:47:23
    URL: http://myblogannel.blogspot.com
  • Johanna E says:

    Åhh, vad jag gillar de här bilderna. Superfina.

    2011-11-09 | 22:53:29
    URL: http://johannasinspiration.blogg.se/
  • Arthur Taper says:

    The combination of colors worked well together to come up with minimalist designs for the rooms. Even the pieces of furniture blended well with the wall colors.

    2011-11-10 | 06:28:15
    URL: http://www.behance.net/arthurtaper
  • Karin says:

    Jätte snyggt, önskar jag kunde ha det så hemma :)

    2011-11-10 | 13:24:11
    URL: http://www.ljuvligt.nu/
  • linnea says:

    It's hard to believe that table shot didn't make it in the magazine. The composition, choice of objects and color are beautiful. I think its one of the best shots! Glad you chose it for your blog.

    2011-11-10 | 18:46:37
    URL: http://uusi.us
  • Tina Hellberg says:

    Linnea, it wasn't like it didn't make it:-), they simply had no place for it in the magazine and it was also an extra picture that I just had to do. It is more or less a close up of the desk in the dark image.Glad you like it! /Tina

    2011-11-10 | 20:37:33
  • Nissan says:

    I really enjoyed these pages in Elle Interiör magazine. Especially like the light pink-yellow-grey colour combo.

    Also love the grey retro lamps taken back in production by Ikea. Think I'll have to buy the floor model...

    2011-11-11 | 10:33:41
  • Sara says:

    Beautiful pictures - really great styling and wonderful colors! Hope it´s okay that I share some of these on my blog!

    2011-11-12 | 12:56:17
    URL: http://http://sarapolmar.wordpress.com
  • Tine says:

    Hi there!

    Do you know where the Artwork with the movie directors is from? It wpuld be the perfect gift for my boyfriend...

    Thanks a lot!

    2011-11-12 | 17:07:43
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Hi Tine, the poster with the directors is called And Cut, and it's available from Talent Gallery. http://www.talentgallery.se/

    2011-11-12 | 19:47:48
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • karian says:

    Looks great! Do you know where the mirror in the first pic is from? thanks in advance!

    2011-11-13 | 23:51:01
  • Lasse says:

    Do you know where is the grey sofa from third foto from? thx

    2011-11-14 | 08:16:23
  • Tina Hellberg says:

    Hey guys, if you buy elle interiör you'll get all information about the products! Have a nice day:-).Tina

    2011-11-14 | 11:42:46
  • Vivian Hoebe says:

    love this. amazing!

    2011-11-14 | 22:11:11
    URL: http://lepetitbirdtoldme.blogspot.com/
  • sohbet says:

    wery nice modern design thanks

    2011-11-14 | 22:40:47
    URL: http://www.bizbize.org
  • RED says:

    @ TINE,

    The Director's poster (And Cut) is from 'This is Playtime': http://www.thisisplaytime.com/

    and is available (as mentioned) at the Talent Gallery, Kocksgatan 23.

    Thanks for the review :)

    2011-11-20 | 12:27:27
    URL: http://thisisplaytime.com/
  • Eileen says:

    @ LASSE the sofa is from scandinavian firm called BOLIA and the sofa name is "Vita"

    2012-01-09 | 21:14:38

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