Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Stylist Denis Bjerregaard


  • Juliane says:

    This slightly cloudy blotting paper look of the grey wall is truly enchanting.

    2011-05-04 | 13:35:05
    URL: http://milkinateapot.blogspot.com
  • Alyssa says:

    I love the walls. I wonder how it was done? I would like to paint my walls like this, perhaps it's called colorwashing? I must know!

    2011-05-04 | 16:24:53
  • kakan says:

    Enkelt och snyggt!

    2011-05-04 | 22:20:58
    URL: http://kakform.se
  • Cynthia Sues says:

    I adore that window seat. I want to spend the whole day there with a cup of tea and my laptop ; )

    2011-05-10 | 04:17:58
    URL: http://Prettyluckygirl.blogspot.com

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