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And the winner is...

The winner of the Animal candlestick from Höganäsgruppen is Maarja who is about to decorate her dad's new apartment in Tallinn, Estonia! Congratulations Maarja (and Maarja's dad)! I will forward your email address to Höganäsgruppen so they can contact you. I hope your dad likes the candlestick! It would be great to see it in the finished environment, I'm so curious to see how it will look! Perhaps you can post a picture on my blog's facebook page when you are done?


By the way, how do you all feel about these giveaways? Do you like them and wish I had them more often, or do you think it's just an unnecessary interruption from the regular posts?


  • Anonym says:

    congrats to maarja!

    these give-aways are fun - keep 'em up please! they do not interrupt the regular flow of the blog in any away. quite to the contrary they add a little intrigue. i like it that you give small entrance tasks instead of just having people sign up in droves. looking forward for more regular and "game" posts.


    2011-05-31 | 23:06:14
    URL: http://hoopoeinanoak.wordpress.com/
  • emma says:

    no, i love them! It's often such unique stuff that I can't seem to find here in Australia, so it's introducing me to some seriously cool stuff.... even if I don't win anything! Keep it up. Awesome blog by the way :)

    2011-06-01 | 02:51:12
  • Kerli Radvilavicius says:

    Ohh yes - love them!

    2011-06-01 | 15:23:47
  • Kakan says:

    Mera giveaways, love it!

    2011-06-01 | 20:43:34
    URL: http://kakform.se
  • desiree says:

    Congratulations! YOu post that often that a give away now and then would not harm ;)

    2011-06-02 | 01:00:35
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • Maarja says:

    OHH wow!!! Thank you so much Emma! I think my whole family is going to love the Höganäsgruppen candlestick. I can't believe my luck, somebody has to pinch me :D

    I would gladly post some pictures on your facebook page, when the apartment is more or less 'done' - but I think it will always be an ongoing project for me, always something to add and always something to do :)

    And I really like the give-aways also - it's a great way to communicate with your readers and get feedback too and ofcourse for the readers it is a great way to communicate with you...

    I really like your blog anyway, so I hope you just carry on what you're doing, you're doing great! :)

    2011-06-02 | 14:15:32
    URL: http://luka.ee/maarja/blog
  • På vår Udde says:

    Vad fin den var! Grattis till lycklig vinnare!


    2011-06-02 | 15:29:24
    URL: http://trivsamthem.blogspot.com
  • Johanna says:

    Så snygg

    2011-06-04 | 09:40:49
    URL: http://madebyje.blogg.se/
  • La Boheme says:

    In general I like giveaways that are somewhat theme related to the blog that I'm following like this candlestick was such a great fit for yours! And it does introduce us to new products too....hope you are having a great weekend! xoxo

    2011-06-05 | 18:25:00
    URL: http://www.labohemblog.com
  • tinajo says:

    The funny thing is that I love Giveaways (have them sometimes myself) but never enter myself since I always figure I won´t win! Now; how does that make sense?! :-D

    Congrats to the winner - really nice candlestick! :-)

    2011-06-06 | 09:51:28
    URL: http://tinajoathome.blogspot.com/
  • claggie says:

    That is such a cool candelstick holder! So unique!

    2011-06-07 | 02:39:42
    URL: http://kristineclaghorn.blogspot.com

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