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Wednesday Weirdness by Janos!

What if I took my problems to the United Nations?

By Janos


  • Daniel says:

    oj, superbra musiksmak med..

    du slutar aldrig att förvåna och förgylla!


    2011-03-02 | 21:01:59
  • Christina says:

    I loved the tune-yards! What a great sound!

    2011-03-03 | 01:11:49
    URL: http://design-vox.com
  • Janos says:

    I'm the music maestro and I've been asked to do something audiovisual here every second wednesday. Thank you for the compliments!


    2011-03-03 | 10:02:02
  • Anthony says:

    Hell. Yes.

    2011-03-04 | 07:04:48
    URL: http://www.ekoshyun.com
  • Tobias says:

    PJ Harvey, what nice place she has!

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