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Saturday Sweets

Today's Saturday Sweets might look like a weird mix at first glance, but in my head it actually makes complete sense. You see, I'm planning to steal some space in one of the kids' rooms to make a home office for myself. I haven't decided yet who's room I'm going to invade, there are three to choose from.

Lo's room is very small, so I think she will  get to keep her tiny space to herself. Nemo has the biggest room, but it's in the basement, so it has very little natural light. Sebastian's room has lots of light, even a small balcony, and we have just started renovating it so it's going to be very nice and bright when we are finished. I wonder what he would say about me moving into his freshly decorated room? I doubt it would be very popular. I feel a bribe coming up... Any suggestions on how to convince a 10 year old boy to share his room with his mom?



  • Sara - Little Miss Fix It says:

    Vilken fantastiskt fin barnsäng på sista bilden!

    2011-03-19 | 07:47:35
    URL: http://littlemissfixit.blogg.se/
  • tinajo says:

    Great pics - love that old sewing machine table! Your title of this post made me giggle, I posted about Saturday sweets - the sugery kind though - today too. :-D

    2011-03-19 | 08:55:28
    URL: http://www.tinajoathome.blogspot.com/
  • Ingeborg says:

    Perhaps you and Sebastian could swap rooms? That way you both keep your own space (and peace).

    Sounds fun to me.

    2011-03-19 | 09:12:59
  • emmakisstina says:

    poor child, everyone needs their own space. :)

    2011-03-19 | 09:17:52
    URL: http://www.emmakisstina.blogspot.com
  • Jessie says:

    the sheep skin rug is amazing! i love it. so lush.


    2011-03-19 | 10:24:05
    URL: http://wordbyjessie.com
  • Jenny says:

    Inget tips är jag rädd för - kan nog bli tufft och argumentera för det! ;) väldigt fina foton du publicerar idag - som alltid!

    Ha en fin lördag!


    2011-03-19 | 10:31:48
    URL: http://hemtrender.blogg.se/
  • Katariina says:

    Skrivbordet och stolen i sista bilden är alldeles fantastiska!

    2011-03-19 | 11:32:38
    URL: http://adreamforsale.blogspot.com
  • Therese says:

    Kanskje om han få noe ljuvligt tilbake?

    Lov til å bruke en knallbra datamaskin, bra musikkanlegg eller en kul ferietur med venner?


    2011-03-19 | 13:43:41
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Emmakisstina, it's not as bad as it sounds. :) He's only here on the weekends, and I don't work on the weekends, so I wouldn't be in there with him, it's just that he would have to look at my stuff, like a wall full of pictures and a few jars and boxes with props and things like that. I'm not sure it would fit in with his vision of what the room should look like.

    Ingeborg, I thought of that, but I don't want an office in my bedroom. I don't think I could sleep if I had to look at all the stuff I need to do...

    Therese, yes, perhaps some nice loudspeakers for his mp3 player would be a good bribe. :)

    2011-03-19 | 16:11:22
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Lynne says:

    Well... you don't want to stare at you office things in your bedroom, so probably, he won't want to stare at your office things either! My daughter is away at college, and only home holidays, once in a rare while on weekend, and summers and I am so tempted to take over her room, but it's very important for her to know she has this one tiny space in the world that's all hers! Is there any other corner of the home you could carve out for yourself? I have mine in my bedroom. I tried it elsewhere and I missed it! So I moved it back. Good luck--don't we moms sacrifice so much for out kids! lol

    2011-03-19 | 16:37:25
  • Anna @ D16 says:

    That black crib is amazing!!

    Without knowing how Sebastian's room is laid out, I wonder if there's some way you could have a curtain or screen that you could draw closed when you're not working. Maybe you could make a folding screen out of homasote (the stuff bulletin board are made out of...not cork, but fiberboard) joined with hinges? Then he could even hang his own stuff on the side that faces out into the room.

    With six kids in my family (thankfully in a large range of ages) and both parents with art studios at home, my mother got very creative with dividing space...and we all shared bedrooms on a rotating basis. I think you just get used to it if you grow up that way. If nothing else, it'll make it easier for Sebastian to know how to share space with others when he's older. I don't think it's a bad thing!

    (And of course now I'm thinking of my mother and aunt growing up in Stockholm in the '40s in a tiny apartment with their parents. The slept on benches in the kitchen at night, and didn't have their own rooms at all!)

    2011-03-19 | 17:14:12
    URL: http://doorsixteen.com
  • Fab says:

    ★★I often read your blog, i realy like it. I award you a Stylish Blogger Award, you can see it on my blog: FabLilie... my english is not perfect but i hop your understand me ;-) ★★

    2011-03-19 | 19:24:19
    URL: http://fablilie.blogspot.com/
  • Dee says:

    Maybe take him with you when you choose your desk? Or maybe that would feel like further punishment to a 10 yr old! You should probably just go with a good old fashioned bribe! (BTW, I bought an old singer table and a piece of marble to use as a desk. It's lovely in the summer because the marble cools your wrists but its FREEZING in the winter!) Have a lovely weekend, Dx

    2011-03-19 | 20:18:19
    URL: http://shirleyjoy.blogspot.com/
  • Cynthia at Coffee On The Patio says:

    How about "You can use my computer." Is that a good enough bribe?




    2011-03-19 | 21:30:59
    URL: http://coffeeonthepatio.com
  • MidCenturyHome says:

    Why don't you offer Sebastian to share the Nemo's room? You could point out that he could possibly be 'more free' being in the basement ;) Even if he will be anyway...

    Maybe in this way he would be happier to leave his brand new room; don't you think so?

    I love the desk made using the ex sewing machine legs! Cool idea! :)


    2011-03-19 | 23:26:59
    URL: http://www.mid-century-home.com
  • Anne says:

    What brand are the cognac colored leather office chairs? So lovely!

    2011-03-19 | 23:58:05
  • Christina says:

    I absolutely love the second image. Definitely saving that with my kids room inspiration.

    2011-03-20 | 02:01:25
    URL: http://www.design-vox.com
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Thanks for all your tips and concerns!

    Actually there is another space I could use, next to the stairs in the basement. But it has no daylight at all, and it needs a lot of work because it's full of pipes, the flooring needs work and it's just not a nice space at all. So I'd rather not use that as my studio. But I guess I will have to if Sebastian puts in a big protest.

    Lynne, I don't think he will get stressed by looking at my work stuff, he will just think it's lame. :)

    Anne, at first I thought the chairs were Pollock chairs from Knoll, but no, it wasn't. So now I have no idea, sorry.

    Anna, yes, perhaps a screen could work, I'll have to think some more about that idea.

    Cynthia, he is already using my computer! :D So unfortunately that won't work.

    Dee, he would probably see that more as a punishment than a bribe. ;) I'm sure your desk looks wonderful!

    Midcenturyhome, Nemo just moved out of Sebastian's room. They used to share it before, but it didn't work. So now I don't want to put them back together.

    2011-03-20 | 07:46:19
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Designbird says:

    Hej Emma! Skulle ni kunna bygga någon typ av 'garderobsvägg' där två dubbeldörrar öppnar upp ditt inbyggda kontor? Eller skjutdörrar med kontoret bakom? Om det skulle vara intressant så tror jag att jag har lite bilder på liknande. Ha en skön söndag!

    2011-03-20 | 11:33:57
    URL: http://www.itemsbydesignbird.blogspot.com
  • Paula says:

    Emma is a few time that I use to visit your blog! I discover it at HOME, the magazine... I also have a design blog, I hope you like it!!!

    2011-03-20 | 14:36:20
    URL: http://www.losapuntesdepaula.bolgspot.com
  • Anna Home Loving says:

    Tvivlar inte en sekund på att du kommer hitta någon bra lösning =)

    Trevlig söndag!

    2011-03-20 | 17:51:18
    URL: http://home-loving.blogspot.com/
  • idajosefina says:

    Oh, I just love the pictures! Is it your home...?

    2011-03-20 | 18:31:55
    URL: http://idajosefina.spotlife.se/
  • vosgesparis says:

    stealing kids space is not to bad.... in here we changed rooms several times.. the bigger the kid the smaller the space .... Can't you add two beds in one room and make the other room your arty farty room.. as in your studio a space where every one can design or paint things like that... as in a second living room... Curious what is gonna happen and pictures ;)

    2011-03-20 | 18:58:38
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • studio karin says:

    Vilka fina bilder! Som vanligt :) Ett sånt där sybord har jag i mitt sovrum, men det väntar på ny skiva. Ser på bilden du visar att det är well worth waiting for :)))

    2011-03-20 | 20:00:42
    URL: http://studiokarin.blogspot.com
  • Lotta says:

    Fantastiska bilder!

    2011-03-20 | 20:39:05
    URL: http://lottaochdom.blogspot.com
  • Maräng Form says:

    Underbara bilder!

    2011-03-20 | 20:50:39
    URL: http://marangform.blogspot.com/
  • Sara Baldwin says:

    Anne and Emma, I think the chairs are vintage Eames for Herman Miller--they're called "soft pad" chairs. on ebay the cheapest one was about a grand. There are knock-offs, but...boooooo. I happened to be looking for an office chair, and these are just fabulous looking, aren't they? I LOVE them, but they are more than I was looking to spend...thanks for the great blog Emma!

    2011-03-21 | 03:55:08
    URL: http://www.sarabaldwindesign.blogspot.com
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Sara: Thank you so much for telling us about the chairs!

    2011-03-22 | 21:13:34
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Lisa says:

    I think 10 is too old to share a bedroom with a work space (other than desk for child). I like the idea someone had above. Maybe you two could switch that way he still has his own space or put the workspace in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen? Feng Shui would say too much chaotic energy to have work space in a sleep area. Especially for a child when you have toys to deal with too. Just some thoughts. Love your blog!

    2011-03-24 | 05:19:22
  • Magnus says:


    Kontorsstolarna på första bilden tycker jag är jättefina. Vet du var man kan köpa dom?

    2011-04-09 | 15:01:06
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Magnus, som Sara skrev i kommentarerna några steg ovanför din:

    I think the chairs are vintage Eames for Herman Miller--they're called "soft pad" chairs. on ebay the cheapest one was about a grand.

    2011-04-09 | 19:12:24
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Lisa, I see what you mean, but Sebastian doesn't have any toys. He has lots of books and magazines, but the board games and craft stuff is in our living room. So his room isn't at all as chaotic as one imagines the average kid's room. It's actually quite empty.

    My work stuff isn't very chaotic either, it's just a moodboard, some ring binders and a pencil case. :)

    2011-04-09 | 19:17:26
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Mary says:

    The lights are really cool in the room. Where did you get them at?

    2012-01-04 | 15:06:37
    URL: http://www.landscapelightingworld.com/

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