Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

Photographer Nina Broberg

Nina Broberg is one of the photographers behind the great pictures over at Ikea's Livet Hemma blog. I got curious and checked out her portfolio! Unfortunately the pics were a bit on the small side, but you can see that she has taken lots of great shots and definitely knows how to handle the scandinavian light.


  • European Chic says:

    Great photos! I love the mirror in the first picture.

    2011-03-07 | 15:07:39
    URL: http://europeanchicdesign.blogspot.com/
  • Sandra says:

    Fin blogg och foton, kolla gärna in min. :)

    2011-03-07 | 20:03:33
    URL: http://kreera.blogg.se/
  • STYLE CRUSH says:

    åh vilken underbar blogg!

    2011-03-07 | 21:32:01
    URL: http://malinronnquist.se
  • Mari says:

    Vilken fin blogg =)

    2011-03-07 | 22:03:53
    URL: http://marriie.blogg.se/
  • vanessa says:

    har du tagit alla bilder som är på din blogg ? :)

    fin blogg förresten ;D

    2011-03-07 | 22:12:07
    URL: http://vvanessass.blogg.se/


    2011-03-07 | 23:59:00
    URL: http://lorissalovebomb.se
  • Sarah says:

    There's truly nothing more charming than the simplicity of a collection of balls or wool! A lovely collection of photographs with a lovely earnest nature

    2011-03-08 | 01:33:45
    URL: http://shoeboxapartmentliving.blogspot.com/
  • Designbird says:

    Önskar de kunde överföra lite av den här känslan i sina varuhus...

    2011-03-08 | 07:11:53
    URL: http://www.itemsbydesignbird.blogspot.com
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Vanessa, jag har inte tagit några av bilderna. Om du läser inläggen, eller rubriken, så ser du att de handlar om olika stylister, fotografer, tidningar osv.

    2011-03-08 | 09:15:26
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • vosgesparis says:

    those last two pictures are so messy and interesting to look at

    2011-03-08 | 17:14:20
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • cez says:

    Love the huge wool balls!!!!! Happy woman day!!!!

    2011-03-08 | 23:28:00
    URL: http://mechantdesign.blogspot.com
  • julie says:

    I wish I could have some of that spectacular Scandinavian light here on the West coast of the United States (Left coast!!!)

    2011-03-09 | 01:21:37
    URL: http://globalatelier.blogspot.com
  • Christine says:

    Beautiful! The plants are my favorite ones.

    2011-03-09 | 15:32:46
    URL: http://www.thefivesenses.org
  • Jessie says:

    Hi Emma, great blog with lots of eye candy! I am your new reader of yours and I hope you don't mind if I link your blog to mine? Thanks. Have a wonderful day!

    2011-03-09 | 19:45:03
    URL: http://www.mixandchic.com
  • kristina - no penny for them says:

    these are rather wonderful.

    also love that white metal chair, it transports me right into a french park like the jardin du luxembourg. pretty.

    2011-03-10 | 09:49:15
    URL: http://nopennyforthem.blogspot.com/

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