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Photographer Mai Linh

I found photographer Mai Linh today and wanted to share. I realized I had posted some of her photos before, but only credited them to Marie Claire Maison, a French magazine that uses her work a lot. Now I got to browse her entire portfolio and found some new favorites! Check out the bath tub in the last pic, have you ever seen anything like it?

In other news, there won't be any more Wednesday Weirdness here because Janos doesn't have time to write the posts any more. I'm sad to see him go, but perhaps I can find a new guest blogger in the future... Anyone up for the task?

More from ArtSchoolVets

I made some posts about ArtSchoolVets a few weeks ago (find them here and here), and now that I revisited the site I found more images that I wanted to share. I love peeking into peoples homes, and the pics on this site feels quite different from what you see in glossy magazines. Enjoy!

Saturday Sweets

I got an email from a reader renovating her bathroom, asking if I could post some inspiration for her. And yes, of course. Her you go Maria, and everyone else looking for some stylish bathrooms!
(As usual, just click the photo to get to the source)

Photographer Johanna Ekmark

While looking for inspiriation for my own house, where I need both a new kitchen, some shelves for the livingroom and a small home office, I found this trio of photos shot by Swedish photographer Johanna Ekmark.

The solution with the combined entrance/hallway and kitchen in the top picture is quite unique, and makes me believe that this home is pretty small. But we have a saying in Sweden that goes something like "Scarcity is the mother of invention", which I think fits well here, showing that sometimes challenges can lead to great things. I think it would feel quite nice and welcoming to walk into this hallway, don't you? And you could have a coffee or freshly squeezed juice right when you walk in the door!

Via Ellmania


That's inspiration for Spring for you! Today is the warmest day so far this year, it's 8° C here, which isn't much really, but when you've been living in temperatures below 0° for 6 months, it feels great! So I declare this the first day of Spring!

To celebrate Spring I'm posting some photos from the latest issue of Elle Interiör. The white ones are styled by Lo Bjurulf and shot by Stellan Herner, and the ones with more of a wood and pastels theme going are styled by Tina Hellberg and shot by Per Ranung. Enjoy!


Try this at home! by Annaleena. Project: Wooden Hanger

Welcome to take part in my third "Try this at home!" project! I'm a person who likes to work with a material from nature, because I think it creates a peaceful feeling into our everyday interior settings. It is the rustic sense of the wood that I like the most.

This time I have made a wooden hanger that you can use in different ways and you will discover how easy it is to make it.

Recipe for the wooden hanger:

* 3 wooden poles heigh 180 cm each
* 10 screws
* leather thread
* screwdriver
* saw
* a couple of hooks

The first thing you do is to cut the ends of the poles in angles which are appropriate for the hanger to stand on the floor properly once it is put together. You do this with a saw.
The next thing you do is that you hold the 3 poles together 40 cm from the top and you screw them together with a screwdriver. You might need help from another person when you do this. The distances between the bottom of the poles should be around 50cm.
Once the poles are together you simply wind the leather thread over the screw marks to cover them. And the last thing you do is to screw in the hooks on the wood where desired.

I hope you enjoyed this wooden Try this at home! project as much as I did. I'm sure you will find this wooden hanger very usable and a nice detail in your home. See you next time April 18th when I will share a new springlike idea!

Creative greetings,

Saturday Sweets

Today's Saturday Sweets might look like a weird mix at first glance, but in my head it actually makes complete sense. You see, I'm planning to steal some space in one of the kids' rooms to make a home office for myself. I haven't decided yet who's room I'm going to invade, there are three to choose from.

Lo's room is very small, so I think she will  get to keep her tiny space to herself. Nemo has the biggest room, but it's in the basement, so it has very little natural light. Sebastian's room has lots of light, even a small balcony, and we have just started renovating it so it's going to be very nice and bright when we are finished. I wonder what he would say about me moving into his freshly decorated room? I doubt it would be very popular. I feel a bribe coming up... Any suggestions on how to convince a 10 year old boy to share his room with his mom?


Help Japan

Tomorrow Friday, March 18th is bloggers' day of silence for Japan, so I will not post anything here tomorrow. If you want to do something to help Japan, you can do it by purchasing any of these prints, where all of the proceeds go to the tsunami/earthquake victims. Just click on the picture to go directly to the shop.
The last pic is a link to the project For Japan With Love, where you can donate and/or get involved as a blogger.


Wednesday Weirdness by Janos!

White tiles and wood floors

I think this apartment is just wonderful! It's a 69 sqm one bedroom flat on Södermalm in Stockholm, for sale right here.
I'm loving the way they used tiles not just as a splashback in the kitchen, but on the opposite wall as well, and in the hallway. I've been thinking about tiling the walls in the hallway for a long time now actually. It's the perfect material for a room that gets a lot of dirt and wear, just wipe off and it's as good as new. It also reflects lots of light around a room that often doesn't get much natural light.

Photographer Frédéric Vasseur

French photographer Frédéric Vasseur specializes in interiors and food photography, and does it very well. March 25th is "waffle day" here in Sweden, so here is a little inspiration for a stylish way to serve your waffles.

Saturday Sweets

I'm thinking a lot about vignettes today, probably because I was working with Lotta yesterday, watching her work her magic making some perfect vignettes. Here are some that inspired me today!

Vote for Sweden's ugliest kitchen!

I just entered a contest where the winner is elected Sweden's ugliest kitchen and wins a whole new kitchen from HTH. Our kitchen is the ugliest I have ever seen, so if you would all be so nice and vote for me I'd be forever grateful! And I promise to show you the after pics if I win! To vote, go to this page, then follow these steps:

1. Click the "Rösta på denna bild" button.
2. Click on "Skapa konto"
3. Fill out the form, it should be quite self explanatory even if you don't know Swedish. First name, last name, email, password, confirm password. Check the first box but not the second.
4. Click on "Registrera mig".
5. Rate the pic and click on "Rösta på denna bild". (5 is horribly disgusting, 1 is super nice)

After you have registered you can vote every day until March 20, and I really need all of your votes to win this!

I won't show the pics of the kitchen in it's current state here now, because they are truly dreadful and I don't want to scare you. Instead I'm posting some dream kitchens for you to enjoy!


Photographer John Paul Urizar

I'd never heard of Australian photographer John Paul Urizar before I stumbled over one of his pictures over at Automatism. When I dove head first into his portfolio I found myself in a beautifully serene place! I'm sharing some of my favorites here. I downloaded some more pics and saved them in my "Styling Inspiration" folder, but I have no idea who the stylists behind these shots are. It's a shame that stylists are rarely credited in photographers' portfolios, don't you think?

Photographer Nina Broberg

Nina Broberg is one of the photographers behind the great pictures over at Ikea's Livet Hemma blog. I got curious and checked out her portfolio! Unfortunately the pics were a bit on the small side, but you can see that she has taken lots of great shots and definitely knows how to handle the scandinavian light.

Saturday Sweets

A crazy mix of eye candy today, enjoy!

Schöner Wohnen magazine

While reading a post about another German magazine over on Holly's blog Decor8, I found a link to Schöner Wohnen, which looks quite interesting. German style has really come a long way in the last few years! While aimlessly browsing their site (I can't read German and I don't think Google translate works very well) I found this dining room in an old train station. I love that they have left so much intact from the history of the building and instead chose to soften the look with lots of wood!

And the winner is...

I've spent the evening reading all 297 comments on the giveaway of the photo from the Nordic Art House. There were so many great motivations on why you wanted this print I had a very hard time choosing the winner! But after a lot of thinking I picked one... I chose to give the print to Charlotte, who needs to find a new apartment to hang the print in, as a little good luck token. I hope it helps you find a great new place! Just email me at emmasdesignblogg@gmail.com so I can forward your address to the Nordic Art House.

When reading her comment I discovered that Charlotte has a blog called Sprink where she posts some very beautiful photos, you should check it out!

Blog Tips!

Danish flat by Verne

I'm drawing the winner of the giveaway today, but first, a nice Danish apartment photographed by Verne for OWI.

Wednesday Weirdness by Janos!

What if I took my problems to the United Nations?

By Janos

At home with Sweden's biggest fashion blogger

Elin Kling is Sweden's most well known fashion blogger, she has created her own collection for H&M and recently started her own fashion magazine whicj is just about to launch. She lives in a small apartment in central Stockholm with her boyfriend Gustaf, a creative director with his own very successful advertising firm. So it should come as no surprise that their home is very stylish, and Elin calls their style "bohemian chic". The walls and high ceilings are all white and the flat is filled with little vignettes, magazines and coffee table books, just as can be expected. A lot of the pieces were brought back to Stockholm from Gustaf's former home in New York. But the decorating is well done, not over done. The place doesn't shout "newly rich". Because even though I'm pretty sure this couple doesn't have cash flow problems, they still have more taste than money.

Via mixr

Mikkel Adsbøl's studio

Mikkel Adsbøl is a great Danish photographer, I am sure all of you have seen his pictures in magazines and on blogs, so perhaps you recognize the name. These are some shots of his studio in central Copenhagen. It looks like a great space to work in!

photos by Mikkel Adsbøl