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The home of photographer Fred van 't Slot

I received an email today with some pictures attached that convinced me it was time to blog again! The email came from Dutch fashion photographer Fred van 't Slot and showed pictures that his friend Jansje Klazinga had taken of Fred's home, an old school building in Haarlem. I love the enormous windows and high ceilings, this is the kind of building I hope to live in one day.

The interiors have that wonderful Dutch look, achieved by mixing styles in a wild and seemingly casual way, and the final touch is the giant light over the kitchen island, made of a whole bunch of old lamp shades in different patterns. I think that is a trademark in Dutch design, their talent for taking something old and traditional and making it into something very fresh and modern!


  • Sofia på Mokkasin says:

    Det är var ju helt makalöst! Jag älskar denna mix, vackert som tusan. Och lampan eller lampskärmarna, hur vackert?!! Jag blev helt kär.

    2011-06-22 | 19:16:09
    URL: http://mokkasin.blogspot.com/
  • desiree says:

    I think it is the heigh ceiling and the big windows that me aso my heart beat faster ;) THe lamp is rather hilarious.... nowadays you buy these kind of lamps in the thrift shop ... clever idea of making something new of them ;)

    And glad to see a post here!


    2011-06-22 | 19:16:52
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • dreamy says:

    this is brilliant!

  • tinajo says:

    It´s very whimsical and charming! :-)

    2011-06-22 | 20:29:56
    URL: http://www.tinajoathome.blogspot.com/
  • aseismanos says:

    Just amazing! What clever mind designed or made that lamp? I love it. What a great idea!

    2011-06-22 | 21:50:42
    URL: http://http://aseismanos.blogspot.com/
  • Alexandra says:

    Vilket drömhus!

    2011-06-22 | 23:09:06
    URL: http://stichanddraw.blogspot.com/
  • Design Perceptions says:

    What a neat space.I like the clean, crisp lines juxtaposed with the surprising elements like the multiple - shaded lamp. Quirky but not too extreme - a perfect blend. Thanks for sharing.

    2011-06-23 | 05:05:36
    URL: http://designperceptions.blogspot.com
  • themodernsybarite says:

    I LOVE the 2 photo. The simple wood moulding on the side of the steps takes that staircase from fab to mega-fab. Thanks for the image!

    2011-06-23 | 06:27:39
    URL: http://themodernsybarite.com
  • squishybanana says:

    I love the clean lines, the use of colours sprinkled amongst the white and dark background. Lovely antique pieces mixed with everyday ethemera.

    Love your posts. Dig your style!

    2011-06-23 | 06:54:02
  • Mikkili.com says:

    WOW. Is it dutch,really!

    2011-06-23 | 09:06:09
    URL: http://www.mikkili.com
  • Dutch Delights says:

    Gorgeous! We Dutchies know how to decorate (well some of us...) I love the old fashioned lights in the kitchen and above the dining table. Goed gedaan Fred!

    2011-06-23 | 09:54:29
    URL: http://dutchdelights.tumblr.com/
  • Interior Junkie says:

    I've realy missed your posts :)

    Great place :)

    2011-06-23 | 11:51:26
    URL: http://interior-junkie.blogspot.com/
  • soldoutforever says:

    love the wooden stairs, so beautiful

    2011-06-23 | 11:56:04
    URL: http://soldoutforever.wordpress.com
  • design elements says:

    charming home!

    2011-06-23 | 16:54:34
    URL: http://design-elements-blog.com/
  • michele says:

    The high ceilings and windows make the entire room pop in my opinion. They don't make these kinds of buildings anymore.

  • Anna W says:

    So beautiful. I just must pas it forward! Thanks for the great inspiration, and have a nice midsummer!

    2011-06-23 | 23:19:41
    URL: http://annaskreativa.blogg.se/
  • judith b. says:

    How you've been missed you here, Emma... But it was worth waiting to discover this place: the unusual squares of wood panelling and gorgeous staircase, lofty windows, colorful chairs and sweet table, the overall airiness, ahhhhh!

    Thanks for coming back to us!

    2011-06-23 | 23:58:03
  • Cinderella Patch says:

    If only I could make my apt look so sparse, clean and fabulous!! Love the staircase and the dining room table...

    2011-06-24 | 01:56:33
    URL: http://cinderellapatch.blogspot.com
  • Liselotte Goed says:

    I remember this house in the city of Haarlem, it was recently for sale. What a pity I didn't buy it, it's beautiful!

    2011-06-24 | 17:34:31
  • Agata says:

    I'm really creazy about bunk beds. I spoted in the corner of the last photo, nice playwood piece ;) Do you have by any chance any more pictures of the children room?

    Thank you for showing this great house! Agata

    2011-06-24 | 21:37:37
    URL: http://www.rafa-kids.blogspot.com
  • Agata says:

    By the way check my bunk bed :)

  • Agata says:

    And the right link is...;)

  • hena tayeb says:

    Love the detail on the staircase.

    2011-06-25 | 19:46:09
    URL: http://www.henatayeb.blogspot.com
  • Lieke says:

    Very beautiful. I love that Hella Jongerius Vase (the pink one in the 4th photo. This house looks lovely, so much space. Very well captured by the photographer!

    2011-06-25 | 20:33:25
    URL: http://www.imspire.blogspot.com
  • bobbi says:

    wow, this place is amazing. In my dreams I have a house with so much space and light. In reality I live in a small and dark house...bu I love it nonetheless.

    2011-06-25 | 22:38:56
    URL: http://www.thelazydesigner.com
  • Maria says:

    Åh va fint! Den där lampan alltså. I love it!

    2011-06-26 | 14:36:12
    URL: http://riazzoli.blogspot.com/
  • Tree says:

    Just discovered your great design blog through Design Shimmer. Love it!!

    2011-06-26 | 19:00:58
  • ernø says:

    Very nice interior, thank you for the visit !

    2011-06-26 | 22:55:18
    URL: http://mr-erno.blogspot.com/
  • Dee says:

    Welcome back. Hope you had a nice break from blogworld. We missed you. Lovely post to come back with - especially the flowery one.

    2011-06-27 | 01:08:11
    URL: http://shirleyjoy.blogspot.com/
  • Johanna says:

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL HOME, WISH it was me who lived there ..

    2011-06-27 | 09:32:39
    URL: http://madebyje.blogg.se/
  • Johanna says:

    Oj så fint! Lampan med flera skärmar på varandra slår ju allt! :) Nu blir jag sugen på att göra en själv!

    2011-06-27 | 22:32:58
    URL: http://madebyjohannalarsson.blogspot.com
  • chic cham says:

    What is great is that each time I log on to your blog I am NEVER disappointed. Love the style

    2011-06-28 | 15:14:15
    URL: http://www.chiccham.com
  • lindsey says:

    stunning. those high ceilings are so cool. modern and yet warm.

    2011-06-28 | 22:47:00
    URL: http://www.ripegoods.com
  • A. says:

    What a great modern space! Those stairs are amazing! -A.

    <strong><a href="http://blurbageness.blogspot.com">Blurbs. | Blog</strong></a>

    2011-06-29 | 02:42:42
    URL: http://blurbageness.blogspot.com
  • Fred says:

    Thank you all for your nice comments. I am the owner of this place, situated in an old school building in downtown Haarlem, near Amsterdam. It took me 5 years to completely restore it and now I'll move on to the next project, so the place will for sale.

    2011-06-29 | 10:37:13
    URL: http://www.fredvantslot.nl
  • ernst says:


    but take care with the stairs: the wood is in the weakest possible orientation. unless reinforced, the stairs will collapse one day, I am 100 % sure of that. If you are in doubt, have a local carpenter look at it.

    2011-06-29 | 12:11:17
  • Fred says:


    Thanx for your concern Ernst, the stairs are reinforced indeed, even an elephant can walk up. :)

    2011-06-29 | 15:46:43
    URL: http://www.fredvantslot.nl
  • Karin på Ellas Inspiration says:

    Vilken häftig lampa! Otroligt cool idé!



    2011-06-30 | 10:39:53
    URL: http://ellasinspiration.blogg.se/
  • sadia says:

    hi, the white vase in the 4th pic, where is it from? thanks :)

    2011-06-30 | 13:21:52
    URL: http://sforsadia.blogspot.com/
  • joanna of sbp says:

    vilket hem! helt otroligt. trappan är så cool. som på lustiga huset.

    2011-07-01 | 21:44:49
    URL: http://simpleblueprint.typepad.com/
  • idajosefina says:

    helt underbart!!

    2011-07-03 | 18:24:38
    URL: http://idajosefina.blogspot.com/
  • mydeco says:

    Industial and homely love that staircase and the huge p[eice of art brings that huge room together.

    2011-07-05 | 12:53:17
    URL: http://mydeco.com
  • Named. says:

    love the stairs!

    2011-07-05 | 21:56:35
    URL: http://passande.blogspot.com
  • Joke says:

    I ♥ this style !

    2011-07-07 | 21:24:41
    URL: http://www.knuffelsalacarte.nl/home.php
  • Jo in NZ says:

    Wow, so grateful to have seen these photos! Thank you.

    2011-07-10 | 01:54:51
  • songfang says:

    I like the wood hourse ,I would live to live here !

    2011-08-10 | 09:21:06
    URL: http://www.laptopbatteryoff.com
  • Stine Maria Olesen says:

    Helt fantastisk lampe, jeg er blevet meget inspireret. Tak

    2011-08-13 | 10:38:31
    URL: http://www.babetbabette.blogspot.com
  • Pia Høyer says:

    Love how the practically invisible stair really is a piece of art you have to search for in order to enjoy. So understated and still stunning.

    2012-09-02 | 23:13:11

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