Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective

The home of photographer Fred van 't Slot

I received an email today with some pictures attached that convinced me it was time to blog again! The email came from Dutch fashion photographer Fred van 't Slot and showed pictures that his friend Jansje Klazinga had taken of Fred's home, an old school building in Haarlem. I love the enormous windows and high ceilings, this is the kind of building I hope to live in one day.

The interiors have that wonderful Dutch look, achieved by mixing styles in a wild and seemingly casual way, and the final touch is the giant light over the kitchen island, made of a whole bunch of old lamp shades in different patterns. I think that is a trademark in Dutch design, their talent for taking something old and traditional and making it into something very fresh and modern!

Saturday Sweets

Ok, so it seems the internet Gods aren't with me. The last week has been full of internet trouble and ended with our electricity cable being cut off. Perhaps it's a sign I should just take a break from blogging. So I will. I'll be posting sporadically, when I can, but don't expect daily updates for the next few weeks.

But now, the Saturday Sweets I know you have all been waiting for. Enjoy!


Unvolontary blog vacation

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting anything here over the last week! The first few days I just couldn't find anything worth blogging, although I tried really hard and searched everywhere! Perhaps I have become too picky?
Then my internet connection died for some unknown reason, but it's up and kicking again now, so now I'm hunting for something really beautiful to show you here. Until I find some more, here are some nice pictures I found over at Danish Femina. Enjoy!