Design and style from a Scandinavian perspective


Today my heart goes out to the people of Norway. Suddenly the world seems like a very unsafe place. I keep thinking of the Norwegian people and my Norwegian relatives and friends and can only hope that noone close to you was hurt in this awful tragedy.

Hans Blomquist, a new stylist at Agent Bauer

Interior decorator Hans Blomquist is a new recruit over at Agent Bauer and I'd like to show you my favorites from his portfolio. Hans has worked a lot for Ikea and H&M Home and the photos below are from campaigns he has made for them. He always uses a lot of vintage items in his sets and sometimes it all gets a bit too dusty for me, but I think these are nice!

Ooohh, the floors...

How do you like this apartment for sale via Bolaget? I think the floors and ceilings are amazing! And that wardrobe and shoe collection? To die for! The fireplace isn't too bad either...

Tasty Hotels, a site by photographer Alex Profit

French photographer Alex Profit contacted me to tell me about his new site, Tasty Hotels, where he shows photos from beautiful bed & breakfast, hotels and vacation apartments/houses where he has stayed. The different places are sorted by country, so if you are looking for a nice place to stay on your vacation, it's easy to find some great choices here.
Also, don't miss his professional portfolio here.

Mixing FRI pics

I just spent an hour browsing the Danish site FRI's home and living section. It's full of great tips and inspiration for city dwellers, especially if you find yourself a little bit cramped for space and/or have kids. Here is a selection of my favorites: