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Trend 2011: Naturally Boring

The next trend I think will be big this year is what I would like to call Naturally Boring. Others might call it Scandinavian Simple or something like that, but I think my name is more descriptive. I'd like to describe this trend as very back-to-basics, get rid of all the frills, all decorative unnecessary decorations and finishes and all the quirky details. Just plain and simple unfinished natural materials like pine wood, leather and concrete, presented as they are in their natural colours. These simple objects will of course look their best against a white, grey or black backdrop, so bright colours are completely banned, except for tiny pops of neon to add some edge to the look. Now for some examples:

Plywood bookshelf and neon yellow lamp, shot by Jonas Ingerstedt, via Lotta Agaton


Simple furniture that are almost like clichés, from Sköna Hem

As for products, I think these would fit the bill:

Stacked shelving system by Muuto

Camping chair, table and stool from Normann Copenhagen

Olive Wood chair from Swedese


If you can't make it, fake it! Concrete look wallpaper by concretewall.no


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  • Cristina says:

    Hi Emma, I only came across your blog recently and I love it!

    I like natural textures on white, simple and effective.

    2011-01-13 | 17:37:41
    URL: http://www.positivelybeauty.com
  • jordi says:

    I'm completely agree, in fact, this trends are my style book (well, I love primary colours too)

    Congratulations for your blog!

    2011-01-13 | 18:36:35
    URL: http://nordicthink.com
  • Gerdur says:

    Thank you. I´m extremely flattered since I absolutely love your blog:)

    2011-01-13 | 21:00:54
    URL: http://www.koolandkreativ.blogspot.com/
  • Alyssa Welch says:

    enjoy your blog here and all the creativity and simplicity

    2011-01-13 | 21:33:00
    URL: http://resolved2worship.xanga.com/
  • vosgesparis says:

    So I did not so bad after all with my concrete walls and hang to pure and simple, wooohooo ;)

    2011-01-13 | 22:35:23
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • Paul says:

    I like the white cosy lamp a lot. They showed one in a house tour at aliceindesignland.com that looked great!

    2011-01-14 | 02:56:59
  • antonio ferreira junior says:

    Your blog is fantastic, i'm so impressioned, i'm in love with vintage , i'd like that you follow-me,

    2011-01-14 | 02:58:43
  • belleindia says:

    I always wondered if these 'raw' pieces of furniture are finished off with some kind of protective layer that is not visible to my eyes. There has to be something!!

    2011-01-14 | 05:23:52
  • Sarah says:

    Thanks for this beautiful post Emma. Wonderful to hear your predictions on this trend as it’s a look I really enjoy. Not sure it always translates as well in ‘real life’ but I’d love to try and incorporate some elements of this look into my home in 2011

    2011-01-14 | 06:44:24
    URL: http://shoeboxapartmentliving.blogspot.com/
  • Christina says:

    I like it, but I think it would be too "pure" for me to actually live in. It creates a cold atmosphere if done wrong.

    2011-01-14 | 09:09:21
    URL: http://www.lion4queen.wordpress.com
  • Hege Greenall-Scholtz says:

    I am so honored to be featured on your blogroll. I have been following your blog for a couple of years now, and you have provided so much inspiration. Thank you Emma.

    2011-01-14 | 11:56:06
    URL: http://hegegreenall-scholtz.blogspot.com/
  • Lina says:

    Åh, Olive stolen! Ska jag bara ha :)

    2011-01-14 | 15:14:46
  • Chloe says:

    Haha - Naturally Boring-- I love it! This is very much my style, and I think your title hit the nail on the head, and also made me laugh.

    2011-01-14 | 18:31:05
  • Wally says:

    I felt just like you to begin with. But now my work has forced me to work with this trend for a while, and I can feel that it is taking over... I begin to wonder if one or two of my black/white/pang-colored rooms should have a makeover towards this trend...

    2011-01-14 | 19:20:37
    URL: http://wallyscolorbook.blogspot.com
  • annie says:

    Love the Naturally Boring - it could well be my motto for the coming months. When anyone asks me what I'm up to, sitting quietly with a coffee and a book, I'll tell them I'm just being NB. Could catch on...

    2011-01-14 | 20:30:10
  • af nord says:

    Vilket fantastiskt namn, gillar verkligen den nya trenden. Men ditt namn sammanfattar det verkligen :)

    Önskar dig en bra kväll

    2011-01-14 | 20:40:38
    URL: http://afnord.blogspot.com
  • GoVintage says:

    I love the Stacked shelving system by Muuto!

    Those guys do great stuff, I already have their "all wood lamp" and is amazing! :D



    2011-01-15 | 18:42:47
    URL: http://www.mid-century-home.com
  • Anna says:

    Haha, ja så kanske det är. Vi är trötta på allt piff.

    2011-01-16 | 22:06:58
    URL: http://guldsmeden.blogg.se/

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