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New voices on the blog!

As I said in my New Years post, I am planning some changes here, and it's time to tell you a little bit more about that! I am calling in some new voices for the blog, people that can contribute with new tones and themes to feed a few more of your senses. I have asked three very talented friends of mine to come here and share their skills with you, and it's time to present the first one!

Please welcome my long time friend and inexhaustible YouTube DJ, Janos Nordqvist! What he doesn't know about pop music isn't worth knowing, and now he is going to share gems from that deep well of knowledge with all of us. His posts will be more than music though, because there is so much more to it than that. Perhaps you won't always be able to logically follow his train of thought but just trust your gut feeling and I am positive that you are going to like his posts just as much as I enjoy following the long chains of music videos, quotes and photos that he posts on Facebook. Janos's posts here will be filed in their own category called Wednesday Weirdness, and a new post will be published every other Wednesday, so just click on that category to get your dose of mild madness.
Take it away J!




  • anna k. says:

    Spännande, det ser jag fram emot!

    2011-01-19 | 08:55:15
    URL: http://lantligt.blogspot.com
  • Meyer-Lavigne says:

    Hey, we are so much up for some madness :0

    Thanks for an inspireing blog!

    2011-01-19 | 10:01:35
    URL: http://www.meyerlavigne.blogspot.com/
  • vosgesparis says:

    yeahhh rock and rolllllllll this sounds very promising ;) Music is my first love and together with a dose of interior and madness.. Wednesdays will never be the same anymore ;)

    Good choice and a lovely way of introducing Emma ;)

    cheers looking forward to this!


    2011-01-19 | 10:41:53
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • sam says:

    Am I too late for the Clash gig?? :(

    They are my favourite band, and this is quickly becoming my favourite blog! Keep up the good work! :)

    2011-01-19 | 11:04:10
    URL: http://www.simplycanvasart.co.uk
  • Reka says:

    :) Wednesday Weirdness sounds great! by any chance has he Hungarian origin...just asking cause of his name

    2011-01-20 | 11:54:28
    URL: http://www.jokudesign.com
  • Giovanna says:

    Omg! Emma, what an excellent twist! Good friends!


    2011-01-20 | 16:10:47
  • Anonym says:

    Nice sound and nice music, i love this kind of music, becouse is very relax!!!!

    2011-01-20 | 17:20:51
  • Janos says:

    Hello Reka! (cool name btw, in Swedish slang it may mean that you intend to "check something out" in order to be prepared).

    My name is Janos but my body's the work of numerous Swedish generations, I suppose. But, there's a name story that involves Hungary anyway.

    In school we read a hungarian book about a character called "Janos Kovacs" and for some reason my friends got me a new nick name. In my late teens I traveled a lot in Eastern Europe. I stayed, lived and had a love affair in Budapest. When I got home from my I simply added -os to my birth name Jan.

    2011-01-21 | 11:57:58
  • Reka says:

    Hello Janos! Sounds coool :) Im from Hungary -living in Finland - this is the reason I asked. Time to time it's nice to bump into someone with some connection to Hungary!

    I like your connection story, thanks for sharing!

    2011-01-21 | 13:08:23
    URL: http://www.jokudesign.com
  • Janos says:

    Aight! Being from Hungary, do you know about this Kovacs character? Is it one of those books every student reads in school?

    2011-01-21 | 18:33:32
  • Reka says:

    well, to be honest I dont know...the name is very common and often used as a general name in stories, among others like Peter Kiss, Bela Nagy. The only story I remember is the Winnie the Pooh (in hungarian) where above his house there is a name-tag which says Kovacs Janos. Don't ask me why, I have no clue.

    2011-01-21 | 20:46:24
  • Janos says:

    Kösönem! That was useful info.

    2011-01-23 | 00:46:15
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  • Paralı okey says:

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  • Arthur says:

    Janos Nordqvist is a legend!

    2012-03-27 | 12:35:14
    URL: http://www.canvasartprint.co.uk/

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