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New home from Fantastic Frank

My longtime followers will recognise the name Fantastic Frank by now as I have written about this exclusive real estate agent before. They use professional interior stylists and fashion photographers for their ads, giving their pictures a little different touch from the rest of the market. This is their latest home for sale, a 3 bedroom flat in central Stockholm.
Photography by Anders Lindén
Styling by Tomas Backman


  • Olik says:

    beautiful images! the photographer has done a great job! white with accents is really somehthing of this time, isnt it?

    2011-01-21 | 12:14:38
    URL: http://okodesign.blogspot.com
  • Masha says:

    Oh, I love the bedroom with the red pillows on the bed! I'd buy the apartment just because of it! :)

    2011-01-21 | 12:18:34
    URL: http://ornamelle.com
  • Jess says:

    Beautiful...i could move right in!

    2011-01-21 | 12:33:18
    URL: http://LIVINGandFASHION.blogspot.com
  • Natascha says:

    WOW... Love this place! Really nice!

    2011-01-21 | 18:48:59
    URL: http://mocca-and-me.blogspot.com
  • Kimchi says:

    Very nice place, although it is too white for my taste..

    2011-01-21 | 22:25:34
    URL: http://www.kimchilight.com/
  • Annie says:

    But, dearie, these are mad...

    2011-01-22 | 01:08:14
  • Carlos Vega says:

    Fantastic Frank Fan!

    2011-01-22 | 06:59:53
  • LatteLisa says:

    beautiful apartment!

    I've been following your blog for some time but this is my first comment. Have a wonderful weekend ;-)

    2011-01-22 | 10:52:32
    URL: http://lattelisa.blogspot.com/
  • LENA says:

    Woooooow I'm in love with those photos! :)


    2011-01-25 | 21:39:04
    URL: http://lena510.blogspot.com/
  • sunny says:

    I've read your blog for years but usually by Google Reader. I have to comment on this gorgeous Stockholm apartment. My favorite is the bedroom with the little dressing area. Darling room.

    2011-02-01 | 17:48:31
    URL: http://sunnysblog.typepad.com
  • townsville furniture stores says:

    Wow, the bedroom look just awesome

  • bathroom tiles says:

    The pictures look stunning. My favorite stuff about the house is white walls and bed room appearance

    2011-03-04 | 04:00:05
    URL: http://www.tilearte.com.au/

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