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"I'm leavin' cause you don't feel what you're dreamin' of"

Emma's given me her kind permission to challenge your souls with poetry, words and music on a fairly regular basis. Since I navigate with less rules or regulations you shouldn't expect a downright thread of logic in this section but there will be cultural candy handed out to the bold and the beautiful. Being one always looking for Atlantis my first choice of music might arrive as a catcher in the rye. Kristian Matsson of Dalarna is a rare Swedish folk singer delicately developing the trademark of Woody Guthrie who, part from being gifted with a remarkably hip first name, proved a leftfield heart by naming his guitar "a machine that kills fascists". Altogether it's terribly Twin Peaks trendy, but with a huge cardiac muscle. Please enjoy The Tallest Man on Earth performing "The Drying of the Lawns"


  • Kristin E says:

    Vackert! Kul med musiktips på bloggen! Gärna mer!

    2011-01-19 | 10:59:40
    URL: http://www.tingelings.elleinterior.se
  • Weronica - En mammas dag says:

    En rolig idé med gästbloggare som breddar och fördjupar. Dessa toner gillade jag!

    2011-01-19 | 11:37:57
    URL: http://www.enmammasdag.com/weronica
  • johanna says:

    underbart vackra toner..

    2011-01-19 | 13:07:18
    URL: http://todayyouinspiredme.blogspot.com
  • Jo says:

    ooooo, i think i'm gonna like you!!

    2011-01-19 | 14:23:24
    URL: http://www.eastsidecrib.com/
  • Tine says:

    Beautiful. Thank you!

    2011-01-19 | 19:59:39
    URL: http://www.tinefleischer.de
  • Christina says:

    Beautiful song!

    2011-01-21 | 01:46:06
  • shawn says:

    i am sure its a nice song. but i do not come to this blog for nice songs. i am always amazed at the interior design images, and information on new and trend setting home products. too bad this blog is now a hodge podge of junk. i am sure going to miss coming here for the things this blog always did right.

    2011-01-21 | 04:19:58
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Shawn, I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the music. But it's not like I suddenly turned the blog into a music blog. I will still keep posting amazing interiors here, and once every two weeks you will see a post with music and art. Perhaps you should try opening your mind a bit for art forms other than photography and design? Calling the whole blog a hodge podge of junk just because of one single post with a music video seems a bit over reactive to me...

    2011-01-21 | 12:00:37
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Marine says:

    Absolute love! Thanks for sharing with us.

    [I can not not believe what I am reading right above; I think it's a great idea Emma]

    2011-01-22 | 12:03:54
    URL: http://lightismarine.blogspot.com/
  • Tobias says:

    Dear Emma,

    thanks for that example - I imedately tuned into all the other 'youtu*es' available - then went to the shop and ordered the CD

    stay cool - this is a beautyful blog - I enjoy the interior design stuff - but every thing else as well (except fashion ;-))

    may all beeings be happy


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