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Collected inspiration from Bolaget

Real estate firm Bolaget just added a new section to their site where they collected all of the best photos from the beautiful homes they have sold throughout the years. It's worth checking out, so please do!

Saturday Sweets

Are you all having a nice weekend? I am! So far it's been mostly about hanging out with the kids, playing videogames, doing some crafts and arranging and tidying some toys and craft materials. In a minute we are all going to make a fruit salad to have for dessert later, and although it's great fun to be in the kitchen together, seeing my children handling knives always makes me a bit nervous. Do you feel like that too?

I don't have a theme for todays candy bag, it's just going to be a mix of nice pictures I have found lately. Enjoy!
(As usual, just click on the pic to get to the source.)

Bathroom details by Mia Linnman

Swedish artist Mia Linnman runs one of my favorite blogs, Solid Frog. She posted these beautiful pictures from her bathroom today which inspired me to clean and style our bathrooms. I don't own a lot of perfume or jewelery, but I do have quite a collection of make up that could be used to pretty up the space instead of hiding in a cupboard. I believe that will have to be my weekend project. What are your plans for this weekend, are you doing any projects at home or are you just going to relax? However you whish to spend it, I hope you have a great weekend!

Working week...

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, I've been busy working on other things. First I was finishing a job for A Perfect Guide (a local weekend supplement to Swedish newspaper SvD), I've started to make product pages/shopping tips for them, and although it's great fun to write wishlists for a living, it takes more time than I imagined. Then I helped Lotta with an advertising shoot as her regular assistant is on vacation.
I live outside of Stockholm so while doing this I stayed with my sister who lives closer to town, and decided to spend my evenings with her instead of blogging. I hope you don't mind too much. I'm back at home now though, and as soon as I get Lotta's approval I will share some snapshots here from the job we did! Right now I have to come up with some themes for next week's product pages, but I promise to come back with a proper post tomorrow. Until then, rest your eyes on this photo from Boligmagasinet, shot by Morten Holtum. Can you see what the curvy item to the right is?

Belgian designer home

I'm so happy you all loved Annaleenas post yesterday!

Today I'm back with a long row of photos from the house of a Belgian designer, shot by Tim van de Velde. The minimalist look is softened by textiles in earthy hues, natural wood and a few pops of bright colors. The part I like best is the kitchen, it looks just like a restaurant kitchen and I love those.


Try this at home! Project: Picture frame hanger/message board

Welcome Annaleena from the blog Annaleenas Hem! This is her first guest post here and she secretely told me she has been a little nervous about meeting you all, so please help me make her feel welcome and at home here! Take it away Annaleena!

You often hear people talking about things they've seen but never tried at home. Or warnings don't try this at home! Why not think the other way around? Creating at home can be really easy!

When Emma asked me if I'd show some ideas at her site I was very flattered - it felt so right! I have admired her blog for ages. In this first "Try this at home!" I wanted to create something really easy with chalkboard paint and something that could be both decorative and practical. Because I've used picture frames for different projects before I thought I'd do that again.

This is the recipe for this multifunctional picture frame. You will need:
  • a picture frame
  • chalkboard paint
  • a can
  • a few hooks

I started with painting the frame and the can with two coats of chalkboard paint. Then I screwed the hooks on top of the picture frame. But you can place them wherever you want. The can was then screwed on so it turned into a pot plant. It doesn't matter how the frame looks but I chose a rectangular shaped frame, but a squared one is also ok for this project.

The frame can now be used as a kind of a jewelery hanger where you hang the nicest necklaces and other small favorites can be put in the can. The frame could be placed where you wish - in the hallway or in the bedroom. At our place it is used as message board which is a very convenient way of using it too! Just use chalks - the kids will love it!

Next time - the 21 st of February my intention is to present a "light" idea made of textiles wich feels very up to date but it's very easy to make for your home, until then, be creative and dare to decorate you home with DIY's because rules are meant to be broken!

Creative greetings,

Saturday Sweets

For this Saturday Sweets I have a mix of pictures taken by Swedish photographer Petra Bindel. Enjoy!

And of course, last night I drew a winner in the giveaway of the Lina Ekstrand print! And the winner is... Johanna K, from the blog Löytö! Congratulations Johanna, please contact me so that I can forward your address to The Nordic Art House.

Introducing my next guest!

I told you I invited three friends to my blog, and now it's time to introduce the next one! Tadaaaa... It's Annaleena from Annaleenas hem! I have been admiring her great photos and creative styling so I'm very happy to be able to give her a category of her own here called Try this at home! where she will be sharing simple diy projects that you can all try at home. Here are a few examples of things she has made on her own blog, but do click over there to see more!
Have a great weekend everyone and Annaleena and I will see you here on monday!

New home from Fantastic Frank

My longtime followers will recognise the name Fantastic Frank by now as I have written about this exclusive real estate agent before. They use professional interior stylists and fashion photographers for their ads, giving their pictures a little different touch from the rest of the market. This is their latest home for sale, a 3 bedroom flat in central Stockholm.
Photography by Anders Lindén
Styling by Tomas Backman

"I'm leavin' cause you don't feel what you're dreamin' of"

Emma's given me her kind permission to challenge your souls with poetry, words and music on a fairly regular basis. Since I navigate with less rules or regulations you shouldn't expect a downright thread of logic in this section but there will be cultural candy handed out to the bold and the beautiful. Being one always looking for Atlantis my first choice of music might arrive as a catcher in the rye. Kristian Matsson of Dalarna is a rare Swedish folk singer delicately developing the trademark of Woody Guthrie who, part from being gifted with a remarkably hip first name, proved a leftfield heart by naming his guitar "a machine that kills fascists". Altogether it's terribly Twin Peaks trendy, but with a huge cardiac muscle. Please enjoy The Tallest Man on Earth performing "The Drying of the Lawns"

New voices on the blog!

As I said in my New Years post, I am planning some changes here, and it's time to tell you a little bit more about that! I am calling in some new voices for the blog, people that can contribute with new tones and themes to feed a few more of your senses. I have asked three very talented friends of mine to come here and share their skills with you, and it's time to present the first one!

Please welcome my long time friend and inexhaustible YouTube DJ, Janos Nordqvist! What he doesn't know about pop music isn't worth knowing, and now he is going to share gems from that deep well of knowledge with all of us. His posts will be more than music though, because there is so much more to it than that. Perhaps you won't always be able to logically follow his train of thought but just trust your gut feeling and I am positive that you are going to like his posts just as much as I enjoy following the long chains of music videos, quotes and photos that he posts on Facebook. Janos's posts here will be filed in their own category called Wednesday Weirdness, and a new post will be published every other Wednesday, so just click on that category to get your dose of mild madness.
Take it away J!



Giveaway: Giclée print from Nordic Art House!

Update! This giveaway is now closed.

Isn't it about time I had a giveaway here? I thought so. This time the prize is a bit edgy and perhaps not for everyone, but I love it and would gladly have it on my own walls! It's a limited edition 50x70 cm giclée print by Swedish artist Lina Ekstrand, called Tender is the Night. The print is available at The Nordic Art House, an online art gallery selling modern art prints and photographs by Swedish artists.

What you have to do to have a chance to win this print is simply go to The Nordic Art House website and find your favorite product, then come back here and comment on this post, telling me which piece of art you liked best. The giveaway is open until Friday (21/1), and then I will randomly draw a winner. Good luck! The competition is closed.

PS. If you wan to see more works by Lina Ekstrand, you can find her own website right here!

PPS. Come back here tomorrow morning for a nice surprise...

Perfect Calm

Trend 2011: Naturally Boring

The next trend I think will be big this year is what I would like to call Naturally Boring. Others might call it Scandinavian Simple or something like that, but I think my name is more descriptive. I'd like to describe this trend as very back-to-basics, get rid of all the frills, all decorative unnecessary decorations and finishes and all the quirky details. Just plain and simple unfinished natural materials like pine wood, leather and concrete, presented as they are in their natural colours. These simple objects will of course look their best against a white, grey or black backdrop, so bright colours are completely banned, except for tiny pops of neon to add some edge to the look. Now for some examples:

Plywood bookshelf and neon yellow lamp, shot by Jonas Ingerstedt, via Lotta Agaton


Simple furniture that are almost like clichés, from Sköna Hem

As for products, I think these would fit the bill:

Stacked shelving system by Muuto

Camping chair, table and stool from Normann Copenhagen

Olive Wood chair from Swedese


If you can't make it, fake it! Concrete look wallpaper by concretewall.no


Ps, I updated my blogroll, so if you are looking for something fresh to read, just have a look in the right column here. -->

Stylist Sara Sjögren

Decorated kitchen

I found this kitchen over at the Kool and Kreativ blog. I like that it's so full of nice things to look at, everything is out in the open. Quite an unusual choice for a kitchen, where most people choose closed cupboards and perhaps one or two open shelves.

In other news, I had a wonderful day today! My first styling job went just great and I will show you the results as soon as I get permission from the magazine to publish the pictures. Thanks for all the encouragement and well wishes!
I promised to tell you about the photographer too, and now I can tell you that it was Patric Johansson who shot my styling debut. He helped me a lot and had some great ideas, and made the pictures look great. I'm really happy that I chose him, and I hope we can work together again some time soon. Thanks Patric!

Photographer: Mari Eriksson

Busy week...

I'm having a very full week, full of work that is. Tomorrow is the day when I will do my first styling job, I've only been assisting before, but this time I get to do it all by myself. I'm a bit nervous, but I'm feeling a little better after I met with the photographer today. I'm glad I chose such an experienced photographer for my first job, I'm sure he will be able to help me if I lose track of things... Are you curious about who it is? I'll tell you tomorrow!

Now for some inspiring photos from Livet Hemma. The top picture hasn't been posted on the blog yet, but Ikea sent it to me in an email today for a little sneak peek.


Saturday Sweets

Help yourselves to the first candy bag of 2011, I hope you like it!

photo by belen imaz, no webpage, sorry



Trend 2011: Twin Peaks Country

I thought I'd try I bit of trend predicting here today... Of course there are several trends going on right now, but I am going to start with the one I believe will be the most dominant one. Let's call it Twin Peaks Country. This old tv series from 1990 is actually loaded with decor and design details that are spot on for 2011. Just take a look at the photo below featuring a deer head, two different types of wood and hues of grey and black.


Translated into rooms, it could look something like this:

Grey, black and wood, with a little drama added by the dress on the divan.

A wooden cabinet against a wood panel background, with some rustic sourdough bread.


A mix of different woods and a bunny, but it could just as easily have been a deer head.


Then we have this room below, which I clearly remember from when I watched Twin Peaks for the first time. I was only 11 but it obviously made a big impression. The chevron pattern is coming strong again, but I'm not so sure about the red drapes... A bit too dramatic for real life in my opinion.

H&M Home made some nice chevron patterned products to let you take this pattern into your own home.

Alcro's AD paint collection by Li Edelkoort from last year still works. This red hue is a lot easier to live with, and see how great it looks with wood and grey? Mixed with green it reminds me of flanel shirts, which were EVERYWHERE in the tv series. The checkered pattern of the shirts will work great for this year too, not only in decorating but in fashion too.


The Log Lady is super trendy! Logs are used in interior decorating, not just in baskets near the fireplace, but in other ways too...

Like this storage wall built of logs, by Studio St Paul. They managed to combine two of the biggest trends right now, crates and logs, in a great way. Notice the elk horns in the upper left corner too.

I also believe that 2011 will be the year when the overly sweet cupcakes will finally go out of fashion and get replaced by... you guessed it! Doughnuts!


Styling by Studio Tweevoud

Dutch Studio Tweevoud made these beautiful pictures for you to enjoy! I love the styling in the top picture, because at first glance it's all white, but it really isn't. There are lots of other colors in there like pink, steel, beige, wood, black, red, silver and brown. I also the like the balancing act with the chairs.
Photography by Sanne Tulp and styling by Anke Helmich.

More photos by Pernille Enoch

Recycling Deluxe

Photographer Marjon Hoogervorst

In one of the posts in my resume below I mentioned photographer Marjon Hoogervorst. I revisited her portfolio as I linked to her and found this serene Dutch home styled by Anouk B that will have to represent the clean slate that is the new year... Happy 2011, let it be a great year!

Update! The rest of the photos were removed, but they will be published in the Dutch Magazine 101 Woonideeen in June.