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Wednesday Weirdness by Janos: The Year of The Cat

Let's focus month-to-month on the official birth of the yuppie era. Unfortunately or not, depending on your politics, what may have begun from the outlook of a brat's ass just happens to have become of great influence on all of us. These days definitely remains closely associated with peaks of enormous western wealth. So is most of the technically most advanced, ground breaking and utterly lifestyle changing innovations. Nuff said. All these images and expressions were initially phoned home in the dividing, deciding year of senseless grooves:

December 26Time Magazine's 'Man of the Year' is given for the first time to a non-human, the computer
December 7 – The first U.S. execution by lethal injection is carried out in Texas
December 4The People's Republic of China adopts its current constitution

Ongoing: Cold War

Design: Achille Castiglioni
Production: Alessi

Design: Achille Castiglioni  Production: Alessi

November 30 – Michael Jackson releases Thriller, the biggest selling album of all time
November 14 – Lech Walesa of the Solidarity movement, is released from 11 months of Soviet internment 
November 3Dow Jones surges 43.41 points, or 4.25% to close at 1,065.49, its first all-time high in 9 years

Ongoing: Cold War

First CD-player

October 8 – Poland bans Solidarity after having suspended it on 13 December 1981

Ongoing: Cold War

Print from a trendy unisex Apparel high quality T-shirt

September 21 – The first 'International Day of Peace' (United Nations)
September 19 – The first emoticons are posted by Scott Fahlman
September 18The Lebanese Christian Militia kill thousands of Palestinians in the refugee camps
September 14 – Lebanese President-elect Bachir Germayel is assassinated in Beirut

Ongoing: Cold War

takes a cigarette

August 20 – Lebanese Civil War: A multinational force lands in Beirut to oversee the PLO withdrawal
August 17 – The first compact discs (CDs) are released to the public in Germany
August 16 – Elvis Presley's date of death in 1977. Also my own and Madonna Ciccione's birthday
August 13 – In Hong Kong health warnings on cigarette packets are made statutory

Ongoing: Cold War

Product: The Clock Clock
Design: Swedish designers Humans

July 23The International Whaling Commission decides to end commercial whaling by 1985–1986
July 21HMS Hermes, Royal Navy flagship during the Falklands War, returns home to a hero's welcome
July 19 – The Q's bodyguard Michael Trestrail resigns from Metro Police over relation with a male prostitute

Ongoing: Cold War

Genius interpretor: Dustin 'Rain Man' Hoffman
Genius motion picture: Tootsie

June 30The Equal Right Amendment falls short of the 38 states needed to pass
June 13 The '82 FIFA World Cup begins in Spain
June 6The '82 Lebanon War begins with Ariel Sharon's invasion, named "Operation Peace for the Galilee"
Ongoing: Cold War

I was an impossible case but I could still be what you were looking for. This magazine introduced me to Lech Walesa through lenses of a smoking hot playmate. Isn't that offensively brilliant?

May 25 – British ships HMS Coventry and Atlantic Conveyor are sunk during the Falklands War
May 22 – Falklands War: HMS Ardent is sunk by Argentine aircraft, killing 22 sailors
May 5 – A Unabomber bomb explodes in the computer science department at Vanderbilt University
May 2 – Falklands: Nuc sub HMS Conquerer sinks Argentine cruiser Gen Belgrano with 323 sailors

Ongoing: Cold War

becomes a comfort for opressed youth of all skin colors or political preferences

April 26 – British retake South Georgia during Operation Paraquet
April 3 – Argentina's invasion of South Georgia
April 2The Falklands War begins: Argentina invades and occupies the Falkland Islands

Ongoing: Cold War

A NEW TIME moves in, bound to change time as we knew it, forever.

March 18 – An Argentine scrap metal dealer raises the Argentine flag in South Georgia

Ongoing: Cold War

This was the absolute sign of fame, fortune and good taste at the time. It frequently appeared in soap operas like Falcon Crest or Dallas, or in campy pop visuals from Samantha Fox, Spandau Ballet or Elton John. Preferably driven and shot in a French Riviera fairytale scenery whenever someone needed to show the world that he or she was indeed part of the new black.

February 25European court of Human Rights rules against physical child abuse against parents' will
February 2 – The Hama massacre begins in Syria

Ongoing: Cold War

Subject: Mary Ellen Mark
Object: A little girl

January 28 – J.L. Dozier is rescued by an special forces after being kidnaped by the Red Brigades
January 26 – Unemployment in the U.K. increases by 129,918 to 3,070,621, a post-war record
January 10 – The lowest ever U.K. temp of −27.2 °C (−17.0 °F) is recorded at Braemar, Aberdeenshire



  • Weronica - En mammas dag says:

    A great post! Many thanks!

    2011-02-16 | 16:24:49
    URL: http://www.enmammasdag.com/weronica
  • Anna @ D16 says:

    Oh god, I LOVE this post!!! I was 7 years old in 1982, and while I very clearly remember most of this, it's so much fun to see it all together.

    2011-02-16 | 16:35:20
    URL: http://www.doorsixteen.com/
  • Mariela says:

    Amazing post, I love the 80's and Duran Duran : )

    2011-02-16 | 16:46:10
    URL: http://luvdecor.blogspot.com
  • Gina says:

    Thanks for the look back! I was 12 in 1982, and while I clearly remember some of the pop images and sounds, I was pretty clueless to the political happenings. Great to see it all together.

    2011-02-16 | 18:08:07
    URL: http://crowsnsquirrels.blogspot.com/
  • tinajo says:

    Great post, must have taken some work..! :-D

    2011-02-16 | 21:08:31
    URL: http://www.tinajoathome.blogspot.com/
  • RTIF says:

    Amazing post! Lot´s of work, I think. Don´t remember much of those days, I was only tree years old.

    Riikka from RTIF

    2011-02-16 | 21:23:17
    URL: http://www. roadtripinfinland.blogspot.com
  • Siobhan says:

    I will be singing Promised You A Miracle all day today. Thank you.

    2011-02-16 | 22:06:11
    URL: http://novocastrialfiles.com
  • Just Silvia D says:

    I wasn't born yet in 1982, but it is a very important year for every spanish person because it's when the political transition from dictatorship to democracy was completed... I hope 2010 would mean the same to egiptians and tunisians! Very nice post, so instructing!

    2011-02-16 | 22:30:34
    URL: http://justsilviad.blogspot.com
  • cez says:

    fantastic post !!!!!! remind us so many souvenirs....

    2011-02-16 | 22:34:29
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  • Emma Treadgold says:

    Now this was my era....love Michael Jackson - I danced up a storm to billie Jean in my teens and particularly drawn to the funky image of the first CD player, lovely outfit she is wearing as well!

    2011-02-17 | 01:39:19
    URL: http://treadgoldcollection.blogspot.com
  • Gisela says:

    Nice post, except it is sad to read the way you refer to the "Islas Malvinas" war as if Argentinian's invaded a foreign territory. Sad...very sad to read people so conviced of the history told by the defeaters.

    2011-02-17 | 04:45:25
  • Béa says:

    so interesting. thanks a million!

    2011-02-17 | 10:36:16
    URL: http://onyourbikesunshine.blogspot.com/
  • Jessica says:

    Whoa! This was fascinating especially considering this is my birth year.

    Also, I never really thought of E.T. in that context before. Then again, I can't remember the last time I watched it. I think I'll have to make that happen soon.

    2011-02-17 | 19:15:31
    URL: http://www.thedelicateblog.com
  • Janos says:

    @GISELA: I read your comment.

    First, thank you for your honest reaction. Second, thank you for the initial complement. Third, thank you for being critical.

    It's not my intention to come across as tendentious in any sense. I have my strong opinions too, and they certainly do not involve making a stand in favor of any British political policies or provoking diplomacy before- or bloodthirsty colonial actions during, the Falklands War.

    I'm a distinct, strong and firm opponent of the neo liberal values that characterized Thatcherism, and I feel indisposed when thinking that the British "victory" probably made her even more popular or powerful at home.

    However, the historical newsfeed in my collage are meant solely to reproduce historical, factual events, without any obvious opinion in any direction.

    Instead, my personal or subjective political and philosophical values and opinions I believe are shown in my choices of music and visuals, as well as in poetry attached. Thus, it's inevitable and a good thing according to me, that observers and viewers interpret and get emotional. That way one can raise questions and learn more.

    That process is a prior intention of mine. Thanks again for helping me with that!

    Best wishes, Janos

    2011-02-17 | 19:17:30
  • Janos says:

    @Jessica: Thank you! My interpretation of E.T. as a sort symbol of alienation is personal. I'm sure there are thousands of other experiences than mine. I love to use common icons of Western pop culture in a strictly subjective way. It raises reactions and questions which can be a healthy thing for both mind, body and soul.

    2011-02-18 | 00:46:01
  • Robyn says:

    The last song is by one of my favorite bands - YAZ, NOT Yazoo!!!!!!

    The lead singer is Allison Moyet, and the album at the time was "Upstairs at Eric's"!!!! (This song is "Winter Kills")

    2011-02-18 | 00:51:01
  • antonio says:

    I Loved your post , the tunel of the time , I turned back to the past , very nice , congratulations!!!!!!!

    2011-02-18 | 01:06:44
    URL: http://www.antonioemario.com.br
  • Janos says:

    @Robyn: It's nice to notice that you're emotionally engaged.

    Straight, I've been hugely in deep with Yazoo since 1981. Vince Clark was a genius, being responsible for the smash 'Just Can't get Enough' as founding member of Depeche Mode.

    A restless soul, he departed the group to form now legendary synth duo Yazoo, together with Alison Moyet. In my opinion, she's probably the greatest female singer ever, heavily under estimated. Yazoo made two full length five star pieces before splitting in 1984.

    Clarke once again re-invented himself as wizzard behind Andy Bell (Erasure), as Moyet launched her fairly successful solo debut 'Alf' including the classic 'Invisible'.

    Yazoo is the original British name (they are both from England) and in the U.S. they are called Yaz (I take it you're American, then?). There you go.

    For the record, it's Alison and nothing else. I should know, being in love with her for 30 years now. ;-)

    Cheers, Janos

    2011-02-18 | 02:12:39
  • JohannaK says:

    Härligt!! E.T åh, det mins man! Snygg bord på TIME tidningen :) Nu har jag föresten bilder på "tender is the night" på:


    Ha en trevlig helg! :) /Johannak

    2011-02-18 | 13:18:09
    URL: http://www.ekojohanna.blogspot.com
  • Anna Cathenka says:

    I think your blog is beautiful. I've 'nominated' it for a humble 'Stylish Blogger Award' on my blog http://www.cathenka.blogspot.com/

    Keep up the good work.

    2011-02-19 | 11:53:14
    URL: http://www.cathenka.blogspot.com/
  • karin särnå says:

    Underbart inlägg! Jag älskade lyssna på alla gamla godingar och läsa alla "memories". Tack!

    2011-02-19 | 17:23:22
    URL: http://houseobservations.blogspot.com
  • Eva says:

    Not cool that you give the whole blame for Sabra and Shatila to Christian Phalangists. This was Israel's doing, they just let someone else do the dirty deed. Ariel Sharon, yes the very Ariel Sharon who later became an Israeli leader, was responsible for this. This is not touched by a word in the above post, something i don't think is ok. If you're going to write about politics do your homework.

    2011-02-20 | 16:06:47
  • Janos says:


    If you read my answer to Gisela in the above string on the Falklands War matter, hopefully you'll catch my work policy, ethics and method in this blog. I strive for my personal opinion not to be of importance in the newsfeed sections. It's the same as with any matter here, including any readable issues surrounding the Lebanon War.

    I get much more personal in choices of videos and some one- or two liners of poetry here and there. This mix is supposed to keep readers on toe, make them think and feel for themselves.

    As a private person I'm more than happy to give you the most personal view. I'm not afraid of speaking my mind.

    Before I jump into any further discussion I suggest that you read this. My collage is a backwards countdown following from December to January 1982. Below you see the note you reacted on. Further below you see something else.

    September 18 – The Lebanese Christian Militia kill thousands of Palestinians in the refugee camps

    June 6 – The '82 Lebanon War begins with Ariel Sharon's invasion, named "Operation Peace for the Galilee"

    Before you're stating and label opinions on a stranger you might begin with a question instead? It's usually much more effective when you want to came across.

    I feel that you might have pre-occupied notions that seem come true when you read my post. Does that mean that you know what I think or feel?

    Also, bashing is not cool. Before you tell someone to do their homework I suggest you do your own.


    2011-02-22 | 17:06:00

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