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Try this at home! Project: The Rug Lamp

The Rug Lamp

I hope you are ready for this next “Try This at Home” recipe here at Emmas Designblogg! Before I start I would like to thank you all for the positive feedback on my previous project when I showed you how to change a picture frame.

This time I would like to make a lamp out of material that most of us can find at home. It is a lamp made out of recycled material and I simply named the lamp with the most convenient name: “The Rug Lamp”. What you need to make it is basically a lamp shade, wooden beads and rug strips - the easiest way to make these is to tear white bed sheets into thin "rag rug strips".

I started to rip off the old fabric from the lamp shade. After that I hung the shade up in the ceiling and started working on the strips. I tied them on but as sparsely as I could just to get an airy feel to it. Some strips I let hang down freely and some of them I tied on to the shade, and as icing on the cake I fixed on wooden beads at the end of a few strips. That was spot on!

This “Rug Lamp” shows more of a Scandinavian impression with the white strips but it can be decorated with colorful ones just to generate another feeling.

Next time I will present a great Spring project for you and to the ones who love some pottering in the early March sun you should check out here the 21st of March. Hope to see you then!

Creative greetings, Annaleena


  • tinajo says:

    Fun idea. :-)

    2011-02-21 | 10:39:48
    URL: http://tinajoathome.blogspot.com/
  • Frida says:

    Is it your home, Emma??? The lamp and all other things are beautiful!!!

    2011-02-21 | 13:14:47
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Frida, no this is the home of Annaleena from the blog Annaleenas Hem, http://annaleenashem.blogspot.com. She is a stylist and photographer and pops in here once a month to do guest posts about diy-projects.

    2011-02-21 | 13:28:29
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • *Tasiaa says:

    Funny goodlooking idea!!



    2011-02-21 | 13:41:59
    URL: http://tasiaa.blogspot.com/
  • Johanna says:

    Fint :)

    2011-02-21 | 14:00:28
    URL: http://madebyje.blogg.se/
  • judith b. says:

    This is so airy and poetic! And perfectly explained and styled. However, may I humbly suggest RAG Lamp, as in made from rAg strips? No feelings hurt, I hope - you are already so wonderful to post in English!!

    2011-02-21 | 16:21:31
  • m. says:

    oh, this is wonderful! and such a the beautiful interior. Thanks Annaleena and Emma for sharing your ideas.

    2011-02-21 | 18:40:39
    URL: http://gooodstudio.blogspot.com
  • Mia says:

    Ooo vad roliga ideer hon har alltid!!

    Tänk om jag vore lite som hon..

    Sådan skaparglädje..


  • cez says:

    greatttttttttttt!!!!! let me bring my scissors!!!!! LOL....so nice chandelier...love it!!!!

    2011-02-21 | 21:53:57
    URL: http://mechantdesign.blogspot.com
  • twajs.com says:

    Va SNYGG lampan blev ;-)

    2011-02-22 | 10:18:00
  • caroline says:

    thanks a lot Emma for this DIY, very inspiring!! Merci!!

    2011-02-23 | 05:50:56
    URL: http://caroworld.over-blog.com
  • Navigo a Vista says:

    Adoro credenza e poltrona!!

    Bellissimo Blog!

    A presto!

    2011-02-23 | 11:29:18
    URL: http://alechiii.blogspot.com
  • Johanna says:

    Wonderful idea and very well explained! Looking at my lamp from a totally new perspective... ;)

    2011-02-23 | 18:43:03
  • Doorknobs And Daiquiris says:

    Wow. That space is so calming and beautiful and the light fixture certainly adds interest and creative sophistication to the room. I LOVE it all!

    2011-02-24 | 16:46:56
    URL: http://www.doorknobsanddaiquiris.com
  • lebazar says:

    i think that i m going to try it ... immediatly !

  • Therés says:

    aboslutely great idea! love this lamp very much!

    Thank you for this wonderful idea! Greetings from bavaria, Therés

    2011-03-01 | 21:57:58
    URL: http://lupinussalon.blogspot.com
  • Bohemian girl says:

    Detta var sinnesjukt coolt! Tack för en bra idé och en underbar blogg!

    2011-03-03 | 17:19:27
    URL: http://www.bohemiansense.com

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