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Tile covered kitchen

I just couldn't resist posting another goodie from the portfolio of Verne over at OWI; a kitchen completely covered in white tiles of different sizes.


  • Christina says:

    Whoa, so much tile! I think it's a little much for my tastes but definitely a fun concept. The varying sizes of tile was very good idea.

    2011-02-25 | 18:03:47
    URL: http://design-vox.com
  • Jessie says:

    really love the all white you have going. its fabulous.


    2011-02-25 | 19:13:23
    URL: http://wordbyjessie.com
  • sloby says:

    ahm, i don`t know why, but i espected something else. Tiles can be fun with different shapes and sizes , but this looks as if they put a kitchen in a swimming pool. Sorry, i love your blog, but this one simly doesn`t fit my taste.

    2011-02-26 | 00:19:02
  • Nikki says:

    Omg I love the kitchen! Beautiful and elegant!

    2011-02-26 | 03:03:46
    URL: http://mriiiaw.blogspot.com/
  • Matilda isaacs says:

    i like the kitchen! hug

    2011-02-26 | 09:46:19
    URL: http://sakkes.blogg.se/
  • Frida says:

    It's wonderful, completely stunning!

    2011-02-26 | 10:21:08
    URL: http://kindereggsurprise.blogg.se/
  • Anonym says:

    Love the effect of stripes of varying tile sizes - the whole kitchen is pretty amazing, in fact!

    2011-02-26 | 10:45:03
  • Chlara ♥ says:

    Allt bra idag?:)<3

    2011-02-26 | 11:03:03
    URL: http://hheyheychlara.blogg.se/
  • lovisa says:


    2011-02-26 | 11:06:32
    URL: http://lavitadilovisa.blogg.se/
  • Flora H. says:

    Not my cup of tea.

    2011-02-26 | 11:17:39
  • Nike says:

    härligt det såg ut!

    2011-02-26 | 12:16:00
    URL: http://nikaia.blogg.se/
  • Annica says:

    verkligen fint kök. ;)

    2011-02-26 | 17:44:31
    URL: http://anniicanilsson.blogg.se/
  • maria says:

    ÅH så snyggt!! Jag gillar hur de har kombinerat olika strl och underbar kontrast med de gamla möblerna.

    2011-02-26 | 17:56:07
    URL: http://maloblogg.elleinterior.se/
  • Mikkili.com says:

    Wow, I love the tiled white kitchen

    2011-02-26 | 20:51:57
    URL: http://www.mikkili.com
  • søt says:

    Such a simple idea but a great and special result! But the white makes it a bit... clinical? Or swimming pool, as Sloby said.

    2011-02-26 | 22:46:24
    URL: http://sotlikes.wordpress.com/
  • DoYouFancyThis says:

    Wow, vilken effekt det ger!

    Kan hålla med om att det blir lite väl kliniskt, men det kan man ju åtgärda beroende på vad man fyller rummet med! Undvika rostfritt, satsa på färger och textilier, kanske?!

    2011-02-27 | 11:24:07
    URL: http://doyoufancythis.blogspot.com
  • clippingimages says:

    nice interior.like those very much.....

    2011-02-28 | 04:58:29
    URL: http://www.clippingimages.com
  • whatthetravelerbrings says:

    Very inspiring! I love it

    2011-02-28 | 12:42:58
    URL: http://whatthetravelerbrings.com/

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