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Styling inspiration from Norrgavel

While Norrgavel's products are perhaps a bit too classic for me, I do like the styling of their catalogue shots.


  • vosgesparis says:

    I do not know the brand but love catalogs ;P I am trying very hard to like some color too ;) Love the black wall and that chair! I bet you are looking even more to every detail after your styling job ;)

    Bonne weekend


    2011-02-04 | 16:38:04
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • vosgesparis says:

    Ohhh and to follow up on the quote of this morning I really just opened my lap top ;P

    2011-02-04 | 16:38:53
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • Cristina - Positively Beauty says:

    I like the last picture, it makes me think of spring...I think that the combination of green & and plants is a wonderful way to make a room more cheerful.

    2011-02-04 | 16:55:42
    URL: http://www.positivelybeauty.com
  • Jolie says:

    I'm in love with the gold lamp, but absolutely don't like its shade. But the styling of all of this is lovely, you are right.

    2011-02-04 | 17:17:38
    URL: http://lajoliemaisonette.blogspot.com
  • House of Jammi - blogg och webshop says:

    Nice with the books!

    2011-02-05 | 00:12:20
    URL: http://houseofjammi.blogg.se/index.html
  • Vibeke says:

    Loved the colours in that last picture! And the lamp in the second one!

    2011-02-05 | 00:59:32
    URL: http://Www.vibekehoie.blogspot.com
  • Sarah says:

    Being an apartment dweller, the indoor potting in the final shot is a great inspiration. I'd never thought to decorate a wall with pots!

    2011-02-05 | 02:21:51
    URL: http://shoeboxapartmentliving.blogspot.com/
  • Manuel says:

    wonderfull styling inspiritation!! love them all!!

    love from germany

    2011-02-06 | 00:08:02
    URL: http://youmedance.blogspot.com
  • vanillapetal says:

    absolutely LOVE that green couch! the room is just too beautiful!

    2011-02-07 | 10:43:45
    URL: http://vanillapetal.wordpress.com
  • Sigrid says:

    Bor ett stenkast från deras fabrik och butik här nere i Småland.

    Måste säga att jag älskar fotona du lagt upp från dem! :)

    Hej förresten - ganska ny läsare av din blogg!


    2011-02-07 | 19:44:53
    URL: http://sigridkarlsson.wordpress.com
  • Nanna says:

    Vi har köpt våra hallmöbler från Norrgavel! Så fort hallen är helt klar så kommer en bild:) Älskar deras möbler!

    2011-02-08 | 22:20:46
    URL: http://nannashem.blogspot.com
  • Victor Richter says:

    We're glad that you like them!

    The last two pictures are from our spring catalog released just a few days ago, you can browse it here – http://bit.ly/katalog-var-2011

    Best Regards

    Victor Richter, Norrgavel

    2011-02-09 | 16:56:17
    URL: http://norrgavel.se

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