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Saturday Sweets

Sorry about the lack of updates this week, I have some personal things I need to deal with right now, so I haven't had much of neither time or inspiration. But I couldn't let you go without your weekly treat, so here you go! A very mixed bag of sweets today, with everything from colorful kitchens to serene bedrooms. Enjoy!
(As usual, all the pictures are linked to their source.)


  • cez says:

    the bedroom of my dreams....have a sweet weekend!!!!

    2011-02-19 | 19:05:23
    URL: http://mechantdesign.blogspot.com
  • studio karin says:

    Hoppas du mår bra, låter lite tråkigt att ha saker att deala med :/ Men ett jättefint inlägg, kanonsnygga bilder! Den sista tar jag med mig till jobbet på måndag och sätter på ett moodboard till ett restaurang förslag. Tack :)

    Trevlig kväll!


    2011-02-19 | 22:27:30
    URL: http://studiokarin.blogspot.com
  • jacinta says:

    hi, was just wondering if you'd know what kind of materials are used for the yellow kitchen cabinets? they look lovely!

    2011-02-20 | 04:53:50
  • Gina says:

    amazing rooms!


    2011-02-20 | 05:09:12
    URL: http://kimchicsisters.blogspot.com
  • tinajo says:

    The real life comes first - but I´m glad you had time to post these great photos. :-)

    2011-02-20 | 09:44:44
    URL: http://www.tinajoathome.blogspot.com/
  • Anni says:

    Härliga bilder som förgyller min söndag! Mycket bra inredningsblogg förresten!

    2011-02-20 | 11:40:07
    URL: http://www.internetmobler.se/
  • MIRI says:

    adorable as always.. and i really LOVE the bedspread with feathers in the second!

    2011-02-20 | 15:45:34
  • House of Jammi - blogg och webshop says:

    Really nice pictures - as always.

    2011-02-20 | 15:57:12
    URL: http://houseofjammi.blogg.se/index.html
  • Ideamoda.com says:

    I just love the colours in the kitchen!The yeallow is just great!Beautiful photos!

    2011-02-20 | 18:50:52
    URL: http://www.ideamoda.com/
  • Sarah says:

    A wonderful assortment of chairs, lamps and animal hides throughout these shots, it's always a treat to see what's inspiring you at present

    2011-02-20 | 21:42:07
    URL: http://shoeboxapartmentliving.blogspot.com/
  • ...love Maegan says:

    omg these rooms are to die for. I love the first and last especially. so great!

    2011-02-21 | 00:12:28
    URL: http://www.lovemaegan.com
  • Rosie says:

    Love it! Very classy.. simple.. loooovvvee it!

    2011-02-23 | 17:37:58
    URL: http://gobyinstinct.blogspot.com/
  • lorraine Pennington says:

    what a great kitchen to cook in while your friends are sitting around the table......

    2011-02-25 | 04:34:48
    URL: http://2bmodern.blogspot.com
  • Johanna.B says:

    Köket med gula underskåp gillar jag. Gillar idén med olikfärgade under- och överskåp.

    Hoppas du har haft en trevlig helg!



    2011-02-27 | 20:59:32
    URL: http://johannab.se
  • Anonym says:

    very nice , i`m so impressioned whith your post

    2011-03-05 | 05:50:14
  • Giovanna says:

    Hi Emma!

    I'm looking for a new bed. Do you know where I can find the second one, the lower one?



    2011-06-22 | 20:34:24
  • Axel Storckenfeldt says:

    Dom stolarna på näst översta bilden är ju bara FÖR fantastiska! Det ser lite ut som kamerastativ, sjukt snygg och unik design!

    2012-07-24 | 18:31:24
    URL: http://heminredaren.com/

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