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Giveaway: Photograph by Reith Olsson!

Time to cheer us all up with a little giveaway, don't you think? The price is a photo by Reith Olsson in the size of 50x70 cm, provided by The Nordic Arthouse, an online art gallery selling modern art prints and photographs by Swedish artists. It's a signed and limited edition of just 150 prints, worth around $200 (1300 sek). All you have to do to get a piece of Swedish birch forest on your wall is to tell me why you want it and where you would put it. Write a comment below and I will pick the winner next friday, March 4. Good luck!



  • Karoleen says:

    I'd put it in my bedroom so that I'll always be able to sleep in the forrest, which is one of my all time favorite places to sleep.

    2011-02-25 | 11:08:53
    URL: http://karoleen.se
  • ida says:

    Jag sitter här och är nervös för jag är mitt i en budgivning av min drömlägenhet! Tänk om jag vinner! Då skulle jag hänga den här fantastiska bilden på väggen som man ser så fort man kommer in i lägenheten. Det hade varit drömmen.

    2011-02-25 | 11:08:59
    URL: http://samlingen.tumblr.com
  • Harpa says:

    Oh wow! It's beautiful! That is why I must have it!!!

    2011-02-25 | 11:10:11
    URL: http://www.notyourgoddess.blogspot.com
  • Maria says:

    Oh, this lovely piece would fit perfectly in my bedroom. My walls are so empty and do really need a friend, but also cause it would fit very well with the view from my window (haha) :)

    thanks for a great blog! / Maria

    2011-02-25 | 11:13:07
  • Riks says:

    Would hang it next to the kitchen table: would be a lovely scenery in a windowless kitchenette!

    2011-02-25 | 11:13:19
  • Thomas Boesgaard says:


    We have just renovated a couple of our rooms. Lots of white. But we have no decoration, and no pictures on the walls. Our white walls are screaming for a nice image.


    I would hang it in our livingroom, above our dining table. Living in the city my girlfriend and I need a view to some lovely trees.

    2011-02-25 | 11:14:36
    URL: http://thomasboesgaard.com
  • Sigfrid Pettersen says:

    Nydelig bilde - passer godt på badet mitt.

    2011-02-25 | 11:15:10
  • Helena says:

    Just moved to Copenhagen and I miss the calm and quiet Swedish woods. Would put the photograph in the hall, so that it would be the first thing I see when I come home in the evenings. To get the feeling of "coming home".

    2011-02-25 | 11:16:23
  • Anna María says:

    Me and my boyfriend bought our first apartment and moved in about 8 months ago. And even though we've lived there for quite a while we haven't put anything on the walls yet. The apartment is really light and bright but it would definitely need some nice pictures on the walls. And as a start this picture would be perfect.

    We have so many walls to fill but I think that this picture would be perfect in our living room.

    2011-02-25 | 11:28:25
  • James says:

    I'd put in my new home office, which I finally persuaded my wife to be all white. Love it!

    2011-02-25 | 11:33:14
  • Anne says:

    The clostest my New Apartment gets to sweden Is Ikea... But also Berliners deserve a piece of Nordic Nature especially One that's wildly in Love with scandinavian Artists and Design. I think It could perfectly fit above a Little wooden Sideboard i got from my grandpa. Alles liebe!

    2011-02-25 | 11:37:46
    URL: http://Derze.it
  • Mona says:

    We recently moved into a new house, and have decided not to put a TV in the livingroom. This would be a really nice and peaceful substitute to look at sitting in the sofa, hung beside the fireplace...

    2011-02-25 | 11:38:00
  • Claire says:

    my bedroom has had my boys nursery paper in it for over a year now since we swapped rooms and I am looking forward to having a newly decorated grown ups room this month, this photograph would look stunning above my headboard.

    2011-02-25 | 11:40:19
    URL: http://www.adelphadesign.co.uk
  • nina says:


    I would put it up in the house of my mother, where I use to live when I am in Germany. It is an old farm house,but modern inside.A place where my mother and my brother hold workshops and where friends and people are always welcome!

    It would just make this place more beautiful.

    2011-02-25 | 11:40:46
  • Maria says:

    wow beautiful

    2011-02-25 | 11:44:40
    URL: http://mariamaliki.blogspot.com/
  • alesa says:

    why: in the middle of a divorce and in the middle of changing the energy in my apartment with new furniture, rearranging etc.

    where: it in the living room across from my couch to remind me to see the forest for the trees... ie the big picture.

    2011-02-25 | 11:48:00
  • Erin W says:

    Beautiful print! I would hang it above my el-klaver in my little apartment here in Århus so that I could have a little inspiration and a familiar view while playing. I'm from Canada originally and grew up in the Ontario woods - the birch trees on that side of the pond are a little different than the Swedish variety, but it still reminds me of the view out the window at my parents' little house in the woods :-)

    xo E.

    2011-02-25 | 11:51:33
    URL: http://canadieren.blogspot.com
  • Aniliini says:

    How lovely is that! We have just moved in to our new house and we desperately need something that nice to decorate the walls. The print would fit so perfectly to our living room!

    2011-02-25 | 11:57:14
    URL: http://aniliini.blogspot.com
  • Saskia van de Langerijt says:

    I just love this photograph!

    No life for me living without any trees.

    Some time ago I fell in love with Iceland but I didn't see any trees over there.

    Now I just found out that a birch tree naturally grows on Iceland!

    The birch tree is the Lady Of The Forrest, the White Women With The Green Veil and The Tree Of Light.

    I would hang the photograph in my diningroom next to a beautiful black-and-white photo of Iceland.

    I could send you a picture if I might win :-)

    Keeping my fingers crossed.....

    2011-02-25 | 12:01:17
  • Delphine says:

    I used to live in a forest in France. During the winter the view I had from the living room window looked a bit like this picture.

    I moved in Stockholm a month ago ; it is great but I miss my forest and the view. I would hang it on the living wall so I could see it from the sofa and it would remind me of my home.

    Plus, my birthday is on the 6th of march : that would be a beautiful present !

    2011-02-25 | 12:04:05
    URL: http://delphinemarceau.com
  • ibabe says:

    I will probably put it on the sofa wall. I am thinking about painting the room again, in white or light grey and it will suit it perfect there...as my furniture is wooden.

    2011-02-25 | 12:05:38
    URL: http://ibbworld.blogspot.com
  • Pierre says:

    i would like to have this picture because it would remind me that beauty is free and comes from nature

    and i would hang it over my couch which doesn't come from nature and was so damn expensive!

    2011-02-25 | 12:08:55
  • Anne K says:

    The piece is gorgious, that would definetly be the first reason why I'd want it! Besides that, it's one of those photographies that you can look at for hours since you get lost in it through it's continouity...

    Since I live in the middle of an urban jungle I would hang it over my desk. Since i work there many hours a day this picture could give me the illution of not sitting in the same room all day long but rather to stand in a forrest. I like!

    Best wishes!!

    2011-02-25 | 12:14:17
  • Merete says:

    Flott bilde :o)

    2011-02-25 | 12:18:23
  • Gabija says:

    sorry for double comment;/

    I want something good to happen ( having a really hard time, staying positive is sooo hard, when everything around you is just falling apart)

    I woul hang it in my living room, or maybe kitchen ( but need to paint walls)

    2011-02-25 | 12:32:39
    URL: http://bantikbantik.blogspot.com/
  • Keri says:

    This would fit beautifully in my living room. I love all the negative space.

    2011-02-25 | 12:35:39
  • SuzieQ says:

    The print of birches brings back memories of my happy life in Sweden while working on my PhD in Botany, of the many birches in my parents' garden back in Belgium and the huge single birch tree that I was forced to cut in my own little garden in Antwerp because it was growing bigger than the plot.

    I would put it in my living room, on a wall that is brand new (there used to be a door) as soon as the plaster is dry enough to drill a hole...

    2011-02-25 | 12:40:00
  • Shannon says:

    Having recently become single and in the process of redoing my apartment, I'd like to see this above my sofa. I live in a crowded city in the Netherlands, and I so miss the forests from my home country. It would be a beautiful reminder to me.

    2011-02-25 | 12:40:23
    URL: http://mlleindegroteappel.wordpress.com/
  • cecilie ibenholt says:

    i just broke up with my boyfriend and he moved out last week, so even through im lucky that its my appartment and im not homeless, its sooooo empty in here and i miss something calm to see when my minds and thoughts are a mess!

    I would put it in my livingroom because my walls are empty and the only thing here is my sofa and my computer!

    2011-02-25 | 12:42:17
  • Anastasia says:

    I stopped for a blissful moment to look at it. I want it.

    I would put it in my line of sight

    take care

    2011-02-25 | 12:45:35
  • jelena says:

    because it˙s timeless and elegant; it˙s strict though inviting; it˙s beautifully graphic...

    I would place it in front of me... :)

    2011-02-25 | 12:46:24
  • caroline says:

    I want it because I like it..i like it because of it's simplistic elegance....reminds me of Alberto Giacometti's beautiful sculptures. i would put it in my bedroom/studio space to inspire me.

    2011-02-25 | 12:47:57
  • Harpa says:

    Oh it's so beautiful! I would put it in our family room where we work and the children play because I would want it where the whole family spends the most time.

    2011-02-25 | 12:52:08
    URL: http://www.notyourgoddess.blogspot.com
  • lovisa says:

    nice design:)

    2011-02-25 | 12:57:47
    URL: http://lavitadilovisa.blogg.se/
  • Emma Steringa says:

    Hej Emma.

    When I look at this picture it seems like the trees very gently move their top branches. It's as if they're trying to reach further and further into the sky without anyone noticing. It makes me feel calm and it opens my mind. I would very much like to put this in my workroom so I can stare at it when I need inspiration.


    2011-02-25 | 13:00:12
    URL: http://www.emmadoeteendansje.nl
  • Ricky&Helena says:

    Hi, we write from Italy, we love Sweden in all her declinations, and we would like A LOT this subject on a wall of our brand new flat.. wonderin' we could be in a birchwood outside Goteborg... thanks in advance!

    2011-02-25 | 13:00:36
  • Emma says:

    When I see the picture, it feels like I can breathe deeper, and with the spring coming, I imagine how all the trees soon will be filled with birds song. So, I will put it in the middle of the white wall in my home and then always be reminded that after a long, dark winter the birds will come back to the swedish birch trees...

    2011-02-25 | 13:02:47
    URL: http://www.emmalarsson.com
  • tinne luyten says:

    i would hang it in our very very white and very noisy living room (where three little knights always hang around) because then my thoughts can wonder through the forest so my mind gets silent again. :-)

    2011-02-25 | 13:05:02
    URL: http://www.intertwine.be/beestigekiekjes201
  • Sarah J says:

    Why? Because that photo is so stunning! I'm also in a new house (well, it's old but new to us) and with baby underfoot I have not been able to get out and get great art like this.

    I'd probably put it in my bathroom (properly framed and protected of course). I think I'd like to look at this at the quiet contemplative moments I get in there occasionally.

    2011-02-25 | 13:12:57
  • Hanna Skattberg says:

    Anmäl dig till dagens blogg!:D

    2011-02-25 | 13:21:08
    URL: http://hhannaskattberg.blogg.se/
  • Caroline says:

    Bor mitt i stan med putsade väggar som utsikt åt alla håll. Lite natur skulle verkligen pigga upp! Detta fantastiska fotografi skulle passa fint i vårat matrum, då skulle vi få njuta av den fina bilden istället för väggen utanför fönstret.

    Nu håller jag tummarna!


    2011-02-25 | 13:24:12
  • Maja says:

    Lovely giveaway. I'd put it the study room so I could look at it when I need a break and gather my thougths, because it looks really peaceful to me.

    2011-02-25 | 13:25:32
  • Karin says:

    why: because it's a very beautiful photograph and having it someplace in my home would be a great pleasure.

    where: in my newly finished black and white kitchen as a reminder to spend more time outside.

    2011-02-25 | 13:28:35
  • Montse says:

    Oohhhh I want it because it's the most beautiful image I've seen in years! I would put it in my bedroom so it's one of the first things I see in the morning when I wake up... :)

    2011-02-25 | 13:29:27
  • claudia says:

    perfect, for my new flat ;)

    2011-02-25 | 13:35:53
  • Nikko Moy says:

    Beautiful and graphic. Would be a wonderful image anyone in one's home and perfect in my living room by the front door.

    2011-02-25 | 13:38:04
    URL: http://ashesandmilk.com/
  • Jay says:

    I LOVE the composition and the use of white in the image. It would go in our office, which we recently painted green b/c we are using a lot of white in the decorations on our walls.

    2011-02-25 | 13:41:58
    URL: http://www.overjoyedphotography.com
  • Dolores says:

    Yo quiero esa imagen de abedules, porque quedaría genial en mi pared llena de imágenes, porque desde aquí argentina no tenemos abedules, porque te sigo hace muchos tiempo y las ideas que sacos de tu blog son geniales. Cualquier cosa yo pago el envió. Muchas gracias por tu blog es genial. Soy diseñadora gráfica y hago vitraux Un gran saludo

    I want that image of birch, because would be great in my wall full of pictures, because from here we have Argentina birch, because I'm still long experience and ideas bags Your blog is great. Anything I pay the shipping. Many thanks for your blog is great. I am a graphic designer and A big hello vitraux

    2011-02-25 | 13:43:09
    URL: http://www.delyrarte.com.ar/
  • Velina says:

    I ablosulutely love it! Would be great to have it my kitchen.

    2011-02-25 | 13:44:39
  • medis egle says:

    I am a tree (that´s what my name means) and my boyfriend is a fox (that´s what his surname means). even being from different countries, we believe we grew up in the same forest. and we love forest images! i think the photography would fit perfectly in our living room - southern sun (we live in Lisbon) spreads itself beautifully there and would make an interesting contrast with a northern forest.

    2011-02-25 | 13:47:13
    URL: http://egleyramedis.blogspot.com
  • Katarina says:

    Since I moved in together with my boyfriend 5 month ago the walls have been empty. We havent been able to deside what to put up because we have such different tastes in art.

    Until now! When I sent him the link to your site, piggs flew and hell froze over, because he LOVED it!I´m flabbegasted...

    It would live above our granit grey sofa and would be loved, adored and well taken care of because it would be out first art together but hopefully not the last.

    2011-02-25 | 13:49:16
    URL: http://katspostits.blogspot.com/
  • Sara V says:

    I would place it in my tiny kitchen, so that everytime I go for a cup of coffee or when cooking dinner I would remind myself to visit my vacation house in Sweden more often - the place I go to relax from a crazy life in never-sleeping Copenhagen!

    2011-02-25 | 13:51:53
  • Fredrika says:

    We have just decorated the baby room whilst waiting for the baby to plop out in a week or too.

    Apparently babies can only see black and white contrasts so the trees would be ideal for a little one to look at!

    2011-02-25 | 13:54:32
  • Jane says:


    I'm living in Estonia in a house surrounded by birch forrest. There are 6 big windows in my livingroom so there's this excellent view to the trees.. I would like to place the picture inbetween two of the windows so that it would seem like there's no wall at all.. or at least it would look like a great micture of real and unreal:)

    take good care!


    2011-02-25 | 13:57:20
  • marion says:

    Oooh love! It's abstract but obviously realistic at the same time. It transports me to a place of such quiet. I would put it in my bedroom.

    2011-02-25 | 13:58:10
  • Sam Page says:

    Because it makes me wistful for my own place again and where I can hang this beautiful artwork without having to get my house mate's consent!! Sxx

    2011-02-25 | 14:02:09
  • Leilani says:

    Oh, what a beautiful photo. I think I would put it in my living room because it would add to the calming atmosphere.

    2011-02-25 | 14:05:26
  • Iris says:

    This would be the perfect photograph to put on the wall of the house that we are are just buying... TODAY!!! We need a bigger place with a baby on the way - and that means more space for beautiful art :-)

    Good luck to everyone!

    2011-02-25 | 14:07:40
  • Melissa says:

    Oh, wow! This piece is gorgeous!

    I'd love to hang this piece in my studio. As an artist, it's easy to get overwhelmed while working on a multitude of projects. I'd love to hang this peaceful scene above my worktable, to remind me to take a breath and slow down. Also, I don't think there is anything more beautiful than a tree!

    2011-02-25 | 14:11:03
    URL: http://www.ToBoldlyFold.com
  • Lina says:

    Really beautiful!!

    2011-02-25 | 14:18:55
    URL: http://cestlavieblogg.blogspot.com
  • Dina says:

    Today I got the keys to my very first apartment. Today I say bye to mom and pop. And today is as grey and wonderful as that picture. It would hang on the wall above my dining place.

    2011-02-25 | 14:25:29
  • alis says:

    After lusting after the gorgeous homes on your blog for years, I'm finally renovating my apartment, so far the fresh paint and parquet have turned out wonderful. Currently my walls are completely bare, and I really need a large piece of artwork in my living room to put up across my new charcoal colored wall to balance the darkness. This is just so beautiful and exactly what I had in mind.

  • Krisse says:

    Oh my gosh, I want this! Actually I want this for my sister's new house, since she asked me to decorate the place! This piece would be perfect in their black&white home!

    2011-02-25 | 14:36:40
  • Lieke says:

    Lovely give-away! Would fit perfectly in my newly decorated room. (Check out my blog for photos if you like!) I'm really in love with the Scandinavian style and I love the photo a lot. I am a (beginner) photographer myself too and the clean style of this black/white photo captured my eye at an instant.

    2011-02-25 | 14:38:50
    URL: http://imspire.blogspot.com
  • Mia:) says:

    Åh, det her passer perfekt over sofaen! Vi har lett lenge etter hva som skal være der. Nå er det bare et stort tomrom! Midt i stua! Jeg liker dette bildet fordi det gir meg assosiasjoner til barndommen min. Når jeg ser det drømmer jeg meg bort i fine minner fra da jeg var liten. Jeg og vennene mine pleide å bygge hytter og finne på alt mulig. Vi dro på oppdagelsesferd i skogen. Jeg hadde til og med min egen "naturklubb". Litt nerd! :P

    Dette ønsker jeg virkelig å vinne!! Håper det var greit jeg skrev på norsk:)

    2011-02-25 | 14:40:39
  • Kristina says:

    Den skulle absolut hänga på väggen mitt emot sängen, så det är det första jag ser när jag vaknar! På så sätt skulle jag kunna drömma mig bort att jag bor ute på landet i mitt drömhus och inte mitt inne i den småstad som jag gör nu.

    2011-02-25 | 14:46:31
  • anna rp says:

    I love it! It makes me dream..

    I would hang it in my living room: I am making some renovation and there's a wall just waiting for some nice thing.

    why: a glimpse of the boundless enchanting north in my small mediterranean nest (Italy)!

    PS: I really appreciate your blog

    2011-02-25 | 14:54:27
  • Jenniemilia says:

    Just found your blog yesterday and now i'm in love! Beautiful pics and inspirating texts. And now... you are giving away this absolutely wonderful picture. As a new reader of your blog I might not be the one who deserves it most, but still I hope...

    I've been searching for a painting or some kind of picture for my living room's wall since I moved in five years ago. And still the wall is empty..Looking for a perfect one. And I think that might be the one. I love forests, but not any too-hippie-kind-of tree pictures. That's simple and dark enough.

    So here is a good home waiting for own birch forest.

    2011-02-25 | 14:55:07
  • jokemijn says:

    oh... i would want it to hang it in my livingroom, right on the spot that i hàve to leave empty so my boyfriend can beam footballgames on the empty white wall. This way all football players will be playing in the forest.

    :) the idea made me smile.

    2011-02-25 | 14:56:39
    URL: http://jokemijn.blogspot.com
  • Sharon says:

    i would put it in my dining area above a beautiful black solid wood credenza. the trees have a protective quality and i love the way they dissipate and surrender to the sky

    2011-02-25 | 15:14:57
  • M. says:

    Oh, it's amazing! I'd put it in my bedroom! I'd love to have it 'cause it reminds me of home and makes me feel very serene and relaxed. I can almost smell the forest right now!

    2011-02-25 | 15:21:23
  • Patricia says:

    This print is so beautiful! I would hang it over my bed, which has been a blank wall forever waiting for the perfect piece!

    2011-02-25 | 15:24:06
  • Jorge González Gándara says:

    I want it because I live in a massive apartment building and I need to feel some conection with nature. I will put it in the livingroom so I can see it while I am naping!

    2011-02-25 | 15:26:29
  • Elise says:

    I want it because it is an astoundingly beautiful work of art. I would put it in my home office where it would bring me inspiration and calm for those long hours in front of my computer.

    2011-02-25 | 15:33:59
  • Diacritique says:

    Because it's quiet and peaceful.

    I can picture this on top of the mid-century furniture we just found, on our yellow wall, in the livingroom.

    2011-02-25 | 15:41:02
    URL: http://nepoussezpas.blogspot.com
  • sibora says:

    This would probably be on rotation from room to room in my row home. I want it because it's simply a very nice print and it would make me feel very cozy in the winter, offering a visual escape from the city maybe, and it would serve as a great reminder to enjoy every bit of the warm, sunny days in the summer. Above all, I enjoy staring at this print andI find it very calming.

    2011-02-25 | 15:45:43
  • Kathleen says:

    I would love to own it because of the calm I feel looking at it.

    And I would put it above our bed to fall asleep as if in a forest, quiet and peaceful.

    2011-02-25 | 15:49:28
  • Caryn says:

    I lived in Sweden for a year and loved the birch forests. I now live on the edge of a forest in Indiana -- would love to have a visual reminder of birch forests against the backdrop of a mid-west forest.

    2011-02-25 | 15:54:09
  • Annie says:

    I have a couple other prints that are in black and white and very few other colors and this would look fantastic as a part of that collage! I love it. I love nature, and I love modern - a great combination.

    2011-02-25 | 16:02:45
  • samantha Denisdottir says:

    Wow I love this! I would put it in my entrance hall ready for everybody to see as they come in my front door. This picture is pure nature and I love it :)

    2011-02-25 | 16:05:22
  • Shane Miller says:

    I am a woman artist living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I am putting a loft in my barn to use as a studio space. The photo by Reith Olsson would be a beautiful and inspiring addition. I am surrounded by nature....large fir trees, much wildlife and early this morning a near half waning moon that cast shadows in the snow. Thanks for your consideration....Shane

    2011-02-25 | 16:06:44
    URL: http://www.uncommonwprk.blogspot.com
  • anna rp says:

    I love it! It makes me dream..

    I would like to hang it in my livingroom. I am making some renovations and I have a wall still waiting for some nice thing...

    Why: a glimpse of boundless enchanting north in my small mediterranean nest (In Italy)

    PS: I love your inspiring blog

    2011-02-25 | 16:17:19
  • Caro H says:

    I love it!

    Majestic, tall, strong...like a tree!

    I would hang it in my living room in our little apartment in Cape Town.

    2011-02-25 | 16:17:43
  • veronica grandjean says:

    a couple of days ago our huge birch in front of the house had to be cut down. and i miss my northern tree so much....so please pick me.....

    2011-02-25 | 16:18:09
  • Ronnie says:

    Stunning! I would like to set up a wall of black and white photos on the wall going up the stairs.

    2011-02-25 | 16:20:08
    URL: http://www.econesting.com/
  • Elise says:

    I want it, because then I have the nature in black and white on photo in my house, big time; so I can muse when I m not outside. Plus I like the repeating simetrie, so you can fantasise a story along with it, or think of how it feels when you are in te woods, to strengthen up.

    Where? Above the bed. Its like sheep but then trees.

    2011-02-25 | 16:20:42
  • Elisabeth says:

    I would love to have this picture because it reminds me of the happy strolls through the woods with my grandmother in my childhood.

    I would like to hang it in my dormitory room, a great piece of art will look great in there.

    2011-02-25 | 16:28:14
  • Christine says:

    I would love that print because I live in a cold climate too (Montréal) and I love images that honour the beauty of winter! I would probably put it in the living room of my new apartment, above my green couch.

    2011-02-25 | 16:30:14
  • charlotte says:

    i would hang it in my currently imaginary new flat. my landlord has decided to sell and i have to find somewhere else to live when i rather like the current place, at a time when there are hardly any places available. the thought of those stunning trees would help me to find somewhere really special to hang them and i have a feeling they would bring me luck in my search!

    2011-02-25 | 16:31:26
    URL: http://www.sprinky.blogspot.com
  • Amanda says:

    We just moved so we have a lot of new weird-sized wall space, I would love to put it in the hallway where I would see it every morning and enjoy its serenity. I live in Los Angeles, which is the exact opposite of these trees...

    2011-02-25 | 16:38:19
  • Amna says:

    I love it because it is nature in it's best - simple and perfect!

    It would go in my office, right above my desk!

    2011-02-25 | 16:52:37
  • MARIA & GUZMAN says:

    Me and my husband have just decided to stay in Sweden after almost 2 years as a master student. Lifestyle and nature are just too beautiful not to love Sweden. We are thrilled and excited about the decision. I am an architect and I have also been an art gallery manager in Cadaques, Spain and this photo would be a perfect gift for us as reminder for life of our incredible experience in Sweden.

    2011-02-25 | 16:54:07
  • Ryan says:

    Love the calm and airy feel to it, reminds me of Fleetwood Mac! Would be perfect for our nursery that we are slowly but surely piecing together. My wife is 3 months pregnant! We are so jazzed.

    2011-02-25 | 16:55:53
  • Danny & the girls says:

    We would put it right in front of our front door, above the small dining table, on the piece of white wall which is just waiting for it. And this is THE PERFECT print for us because here in the middle east this image of a snowy birch grove would help to cool us down more than any A/C...

    2011-02-25 | 16:56:27
  • Christina says:

    Oh wow I love that! I bought a condo almost a year ago and still have yet to put up any art. I'm really starting to feel the emptiness and have been trying to save up so I can start to liven up these walls of mine.

    There's so many rooms that could benefit from this stunning photograph. I love birch trees! I'm thinking the perfect place would be over the sofa in my living room. I hope to purchase some white furniture soon so it would fit in just perfectly. :)

    Thanks for everything you do, Emma.

    2011-02-25 | 17:03:10
    URL: http://design-vox.com
  • Emma says:

    Growing up in Småland, trees and forests have always been very important to me. By far my strongest childhood memories include all the hours I spent in the forest discovering plants, playing, or picking mushrooms with my parents and sisters. I have lived in the UK for 5 years and not being surrounded by trees is something I very much miss. I would hang this beauty in my bedroom so I could wake up to a piece of Sweden every morning.

    2011-02-25 | 17:33:46
  • Jessie says:

    That would be beautiful above my bed, reminding me that there is beauty in winter (which I often forget). Love the simplicity.

    2011-02-25 | 17:34:16
    URL: http://jgkphotography.com
  • natasa kajganic says:

    ahhh! this print is gorgeous! the shapes, the subtleties, the stillness!

    just stunning. thank you for sharing emma!

    i'm still not quite sure where i would put the print. but it would have to face directly out of a window. yes, center positioned within a window frame. the outside when you look in would be lovely. and i can't pick an exact wall in our place because we have so many windows!! :) but it would be perfect. a perfect fit to the natural, lived in, neutral home we've created. in a 1880's home, we have let the original details tell its story and then filled it with paraphernalia of our life, adding colour and our personalities to tell our story.

    i'm a photography fanatic and joshua a man of the north. the photo represents more than just an art piece on the wall. but a reflection of who we are and what we appreciate.

    wow. its just lovely.

    2011-02-25 | 17:46:27
    URL: http://www.natasakajganic.tumblr.com
  • Josie says:

    I would love this because I love birch forest from my childhood. I would hang it in my bedroom--peaceful, serene, dreamy.

    2011-02-25 | 17:51:42
  • bele says:

    I love the graphic quality of it. And the soothing spirit.

    Our family lives in the city centre of a BIG city. I would hang it over the biggest bed, where we hang out to read and relax.

    2011-02-25 | 17:54:14
  • Emma says:

    Hey Emma,

    I would put this great prize in the midst of a new art wall in my living room! I have been gathering a group of both black-and-white and colourful graphics and photographs, and I love the thought of framing the colourful ones with black frames and the monochromes - like this one - in a rich wooden frame... Would look absolutely perfect: a bit like your recent post "Graphic contrasts"!

    2011-02-25 | 17:54:21
  • jo says:

    in the dining nook above the table ( a space under renovation .)

    thank you for all your inspiration, so many lovely ideas as we renovate our old home.

    2011-02-25 | 17:54:43
    URL: http://my-design.net
  • Siobhán says:

    Cos it would always remind me of that lovely poem by Robert Frost...

    "I'd like to go by climbing a birch tree, And climb black branches up a snow-white trunk, Toward heaven, till the tree could bear no more,But dipped its top and set me down again. That would be good both going and coming back. One could do worse than be a swinger of birches."

    2011-02-25 | 18:01:21
  • Jessica Miller says:

    I want it because it's stunning! And I would mat and frame it, and hang it in my entry so I could see it every day when I arrive home from work. Just beautiful!

    2011-02-25 | 18:02:04
    URL: http://www.twonineonefour.blogspot.com
  • Abi says:

    I bought my first house a year ago, and have been slowly doing it up and redecorating since then. I moved in a few months ago and really need to put up some artwork but have been too nervous to commit to putting nails into my newly plastered walls! This would be brilliant over the fireplace in my lounge, and a great first piece of art for me. Plus I love trees and am trying to convert everyone at work to recycle and use/waste less paper :)

    2011-02-25 | 18:03:02
  • katie says:

    I'd hang it above my bed (along the side, not over the head) in the dorm room I'm moving into next fall... Not only would it match perfectly with the white, minimalist (scandinavian inspired!!!) feel I'm planning; it'd also remind me of the 5 acres of gorgeous forest I'm leaving behind at home. Oh how I wish!

    2011-02-25 | 18:09:18
  • Sheryl Larson says:

    If I had received this print, I would pass it to my daughter who just spent two weeks in a hospital recovering from a life-threatening pulmonary embolism triggered by her birth control pills. My Chicago-born daughter studied during her college years at Stockholm University and, at that time, discovered Mora. Since then, she has always said it is her favorite spot on the planet and, as she recovers, this photograph, with its delicate depiction of the singular beauty of the white birch, would remind her of that majestic part of your country---and thus bring light to her after a dark time in her life.

    2011-02-25 | 18:10:35
  • Katy Vella Pace says:

    "The trees that have it in their pent-up buds

    To darken nature and be summer woods -"

    ~Robert Frost

    This is the perfect image to open my eyes to in the morning. Bare trees exist as a promise that all things of the phenomenal world have their own season, they remind us of our own seasons and their passing.

    Birch trees are lanterns in the winter stillness, they hold the light of summer and radiate that light in the grey of winter.

    2011-02-25 | 18:16:05
  • Katariina says:

    Härligt! Älskar fotot, det är enkelt, grafiskt och vakert! Det skulle sitta perfekt ovanför vår nya mörkgråa soffa, som vi just skaffade idag.

    2011-02-25 | 18:23:40
    URL: http://adreamforsale.blogspot.com
  • Olga Neumanova says:

    I am doing up some bits and pieces in my tiny flat before my baby daughter arrives in May, and I am opting for a calm, neutrals-based, Scandinavian-feel environment; I think that since I can't afford a tiny house somewhere in the woods where she could grow up dreaming amidst the trees, this is the next-best thing. So I'm painting the floor white, one wall gold, installing the lights and buying a Persian rug for a bit of colour. The print would find its place above a day bed across from my baby's crib, so that she may see the trees when she wakes up (and so would I).

    2011-02-25 | 18:25:57
  • mick maheu says:

    i live in canada. this image is what i look at 6 months of the year. when it's gone, i miss it terribly.it would be a constant reminder that winter is just around the corner.

    2011-02-25 | 18:28:28
  • Kevin says:

    That's a beautiful photo print. I'd like it simply for that reason - it's a beautiful, calming picture. I think I'd put in the living room, next to a bookshelf where I keep my set of Wallander novels :).

    2011-02-25 | 18:36:55
  • tlx says:

    I'd love to put it up on bathroom wall, like a window. it will seem to me that a spell move my apartment to a beautiful place.

    thanks Emma!

    2011-02-25 | 18:46:02
    URL: http://hinteriors.wordpress.com
  • christelle says:

    When life is a forest, each day is a tree. When life is a tree, each day is a branch. When life is a branch, each day is a leaf. I would put this wonderful picture in my bedroom, on the wall in front of my bed, so I can remember these words of Jacques Prévert each time I look at it, when I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning.

    2011-02-25 | 18:58:23
    URL: http://kikette-interiors.blogspot.com/
  • Rea says:

    I'm a misplaced Finn living in the deep south in the US, surrounded by skinny pines and fat oaks but no northern birches in sight! This photo would be a window to the Scandinavian forest I miss, and I would hang it in the living room above the white brick fireplace.

    2011-02-25 | 19:02:27
  • Deanna says:

    My mother's family came from a small town in northern Sweden, and I often picture that northern forest with snow-covered birches in its white beauty. The family name was Bjorkstrom, so I've always felt that birch trees were a personal totem. And I can totally see that striking photo hanging in the empty spot above our fireplace!

    2011-02-25 | 19:19:40
  • Pernille Dressel says:

    Amazing piece! We just bought our first house, and will be moving in mid April. One wall in the huge kitchen/dining room/living room will be painted a dark plum-ish color. Our long wooden table and eames chairs would absolutely LOVE the company of this scenic print. Oh, I hope so! :)

    2011-02-25 | 19:50:18
  • Lindsey says:

    I would probably put this in my window-less bathroom. I would place it over my big soaking tub, so that while i am taking a lovely, warm bath, i can imagine it is frightfully cold out :o)

    2011-02-25 | 19:55:24
  • judith b. says:

    I love this photograph for its soaring, uplifting beauty - the fine lace mesh created by the mingling branches is pure magic... Wherever I would put it would remind me of Sweden...and Emma!

    2011-02-25 | 20:05:57
  • Sara says:

    Nästan precis så här såg allén till huset ut som jag älskade att åka till när jag var kanske åtta år.

    2011-02-25 | 20:07:08
  • Sara says:

    Jag glömde skriva var den ska hänga: Nära farmors spegel i hallen.

    2011-02-25 | 20:11:20
  • Shey says:

    This picture will always remind me of the sublime poem by Robert Frost, Birches, about swinging from Birch trees away from the Earth and into the Heavens, and back again.

    "...So was I once myself a swinger of birches.

    And so I dream of going back to be..."

    I'd keep it near my window seat where I can always see the sky and dream.

    2011-02-25 | 20:16:22
  • Lisa says:

    Lovely,I am thinking about the silver web of connection between trees on the planet. This piece would be a wonderful reminder as a visual link between the fir and deciduous trees around our place in LaConner Washington with their friends in Sweden.

    2011-02-25 | 20:19:14
  • Lise says:

    This reminds me of the view out of the window at my parent's home when I was a little girl. I would put it up in my bedroom on a picture ledge like a window over my bed.

    2011-02-25 | 20:40:52
    URL: http://www.blackguidebook.com
  • Erik says:

    I would put it up in the bathroom next to the toilet. Being constipated, I spend quite lot of time in there, but looking at this stunning picture would ease the pain considerably, enabling me to let my thoughts wander, forgeting my 'problems'...

    2011-02-25 | 20:46:54
    URL: http://newspirit-square1.blogspot.com/
  • Jillian Leiboff says:

    I live in Sydney a long way from snow and birch trees as its the middle of summer here. I visited Sweden for the first time last year and the photo would be a glorious reminder of my visit.

    Where would I place it? In my kitchen, the most used room in my apartment.

    2011-02-25 | 20:47:00
    URL: http://jillianleiboff.blogspot.com
  • ana says:


    1.I found the beautiful woman hiding behind one of the trees on the left hand side

    2.I found the squirrel hiding next to her head, looking up to the treetops

    3.I spotted the white rabbit playing up in the snow, whilst waiting for alice

    4.four little eggs made of alabaster are lying close to him - do you find them?

    5.that crinkled light grey balloon which entangled itself on that unmanagable branch in the middle of the scenery,trembling in the subtle breeze! I could watch it for hours and hours and hours....


    1.on the bathroom wall vis-à-vis my looking-glass to catch it's reflection first thing in the morning

    viele grüße aus berlin+ein schönes wochenende!

    2011-02-25 | 20:51:02
  • Tuija says:

    I just moved to the city. And I miss country side. It would be a nice to see trees in kitchen. Just above our table. So, I could remember our old home and trees there were. Have a great weeekend!

    2011-02-25 | 21:27:41
  • Kristy says:

    This photo is perfect for the nursery we are making ready for our new baby girl (coming in May). Babies see black and white much more clearly at first, I think she would love getting lost in the branches - I know I do.

    2011-02-25 | 21:32:28
  • Iris says:

    Oh how very calming this photo is! I imagine looking at it in HOT summer, it would cool me down. in winter, it would let me feel double warm in my livingroom. I LIKE IT! I WISH IT!

    And I'll make a photo of this wonderfull photo corresponding with the tree in front of my appartement (a 260 year old oak tree!)

    2011-02-25 | 21:35:06
  • Heike says:

    I love the sight of trees without leaves. Weird.

    Now spring is on its way and I'll be missing my trees...

    I'd like to put the poster between our two windows, so I can look at it until winter comes again.

    2011-02-25 | 21:36:49
    URL: http://svenskhus.wordpress.com
  • Avery says:

    It would go in my bedroom in my mostly unfinished house. Would make a great inspiration piece for the rest of my unfinished house, and would provide the calming scene to look at every morning. Like a promise of what's to come.

    2011-02-25 | 21:43:20
  • Moni says:

    just because it's beautiful - and I wish I could take a photo like this ...

    It's a photo and at the same time a graphic.

    It would perfectly fit into my bedroom!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    2011-02-25 | 21:49:45
  • sara says:

    det verkar vara en sådan där bild man bara tittar på och tittar på. det enkla repeterade som man aldrig slutar fachineras av. Den vill jag ha vid vårt matsalsbord för där är det tomt och trist.

    2011-02-25 | 21:54:43
    URL: http://happysilly.blogspot.com
  • Inger says:

    7 months ago I moved from my beloved homedistrict in the north of Norway, down to Oslo because of the love of my life who I met a year ago. I found work, and we got our first apartment together. But as a child from the non-urban Scandinavia I miss the landscape up north, the quiet frosty nature and my parents farm. The picture reminds me of the birch woods down by the river a few hundred meters from the farm,. I would love to have it hanging above my kitchen table.

    2011-02-25 | 21:55:48
    URL: http://stilsurfer.blogspot.com/
  • Sam says:

    I'd like to place this stunning piece of Art in my bedroom, because I'd love to dream about forests and trees every night ^_^ thank you emma!

    2011-02-25 | 22:04:08
    URL: http://samanthaenria.altervista.org
  • Kenneth says:

    My flat has been under construction for months and the bedroom is finally done. There's nothing there but the bed, two stools, a mirror, a small succulent and a paper lantern. I took down the pictures I had on the walls before; they don't belong there anymore. The photograph of birch trees is what's missing; I'd put it on the wall above my bed. When I sleep I'll walk among trees.

    2011-02-25 | 22:06:42
    URL: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kid_ampersand
  • Anne says:

    Over senga, siden jeg ikke har vindu på soverommet mitt.

    2011-02-25 | 22:19:46
  • Alison Malcolm Flower says:

    Such a big fan of your blog, that I've just made my bedroom all white (in England) and now I'm adding pieces that *P*OP and *Z*I*NG - Reith Olsson's wonderful photograph does that for me!

    Thank you Emma, love your blog,

    Alison x

    2011-02-25 | 22:41:54
    URL: http://www.alisonmalcolm
  • Leni says:

    I would love to be able to look at this photo every day. I'd put it on the wall opposite my bed.

    2011-02-25 | 23:09:12
  • Anna Carnemark says:

    Why: I am looking for a new appartment to me and my family. I have just lost what I think was my dream appartment. This foto would have looked perfect in that appartment.

    Where: I will hang it in my livingroom waiting for my new home!!

    Love your blogg! Thank you for all the inspiration!

    All the best!


    2011-02-25 | 23:10:31
  • Therese says:


    This is the story. For over a year I have been begging my boyfriend to move from Uppsala's piece and quiet into Stockholm for the city life. My boyfriend was not very pleased as he is a real woodi-boy, with family in the deep forests of Värmland. He hunts and loves to be out in the woods, walking around on his own. He can be gone for hours. One week ago we bought an apartment in Sthlm city. I would love to give him this photo to hang in our living room over his favorite sofa as a "thank you". If he can't go to the forest, the forest has to come to him.

    thank you for a great and inspiring blog!

    2011-02-25 | 23:18:50
  • JohannaK says:

    Ok...let me see:) I have that lovely lady now on a wall in our bedroom. I would hang this one in our livingroom beside my Swedish Ikea lamp PS :)

    Ha det gott!! <3


    2011-02-25 | 23:20:15
    URL: http://www.ekojohanna.blogspot.com
  • marta says:

    I want this picture because these trees are my mum's favorites and I would like to give her to remember everyday a time together. She could hang in her favorite place!

    2011-02-25 | 23:42:23
  • Johanna says:

    because it's beautiful and black and white. just what I like. I would hang it in my dining room.

    Thanks for the give away. Love your blog.

    2011-02-26 | 00:01:50
  • Lisa says:

    i am pregnant and the delivery date was thursday. so i'm waiting for my little girl to come and see the beauty of the world we are living in. that is why i would hang the photo in our bedroom. the forest ist one of the first things a newborn should put her eyes on.

    2011-02-26 | 00:17:04
  • Jennifer says:

    I just moved into a new (and bigger apt) with my beau. We have this awesome but very long gallery like hallway. Choosing art is not only quite expensive but also quite stressful. I cant seem to make a commitment! This piece is hauntingly beautiful and would love for it to be our very 1st piece.

    Either way thanks for the g8 giveaway!

    2011-02-26 | 03:53:43
    URL: http://www.style-me-right.com
  • Lisa says:

    I would like to win this photograph so it could travel all the way to my home in Canada and I could show all my friends how beautiful Sweden is.

    Thank you!

    2011-02-26 | 04:18:54
  • Devon says:

    LOVE this photo....it makes an anxious person like me calm:). I am in the midst of renovating our new home and I pretty much stalk your blog....waaaayyyy over here in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada!! I am a painter and photographer, and love displaying art within my home. I think I would hang this piece in my living room, as it's the first place people enter. Keep up the great blogging!! xo

    2011-02-26 | 05:00:58
    URL: http://www.devonhallphotoarts.com
  • Devon says:

    LOVE this photo....it makes an anxious person like me calm:) As a painter and a photographer, I love surrounding myself with art......and this would make a great addition to our new home! I pretty much stalk your blog waaaaayyyy over here in Canada, Chilliwack, British Columbia to be exact......great when renovating a home. I think I would hang this piece in my living room, being its the first place people enter!! Thanks for such a great blog xoxo

    2011-02-26 | 05:04:45
    URL: http://www.devonhallphotoarts.com
  • Reidunn says:

    Great photo in a great giveaway on a great blog!

    I would love to hang that photo next to my photo by Vivian Maier. Why? Because all my walls are naked except for that one photo.

    2011-02-26 | 05:22:08
  • Hanna says:

    I just moved into a new appartment to live there with my husband and my little baby and all walls are empty yet. And the picture would perfectly fit with my large table so we could "eat int he forest".

    2011-02-26 | 05:54:27
  • Valerie says:

    This beautiful photograph would be perfect for my husband's new office in a couseling practice. He is working on his Ph.D. and has his first real office where he meets with clients for therapy sessions. Since he is accumulating practicum hours, he doesn't get paid, but he still loves his job.

    We are trying to decorate and It's hard to find the right piece of art that would be soothing and therapeutic for clients - and this piece would be just perfect. I am so proud of my husband and strongly believe in the work he does as a counselor. He and his clients deserve a lovely environment to spend time in!

    2011-02-26 | 08:13:55
  • Hanne says:

    Such a fine giveaway!

    We're in the middle of building a new home and if I won I'd hang this beautiful picture on a wall next to a window with a view over a Finnish pine forest. Now that would make for a great Nordic ensemble.

    2011-02-26 | 09:29:39
  • Lauren says:

    Our office could do with a touch of the outside to it - it's in the basement with no windows (or joy). This would lift the spirits! x

    2011-02-26 | 09:46:39
    URL: http://stolenfromother.wordpress.com
  • Satu says:

    Oh, wonderful photo!

    I'm definitely a tree person, I even hug them occasionally. That print would go wonderfully above our new bedboard, which my father-in-law is making for us. He's a very skilled carpenter, besides being one of the warmest persons I've ever met.

    2011-02-26 | 10:12:38
  • pema says:

    i love it!!! it's so unlike anything you see in my country (bhutan) which is just as beautiful but completely different. it would look beautiful in my kitchen which i just renovated.

    2011-02-26 | 10:23:55
  • Blanche says:

    This is such a beautiful picture. My husband and I live in the city and this picture in our bedroom would bring us in the forest while sleeping.

    2011-02-26 | 10:28:23
  • annton says:

    Why I want it... well, it is an amazing piece, that screams loud to live with us in the Fishbowl. Right there, next to the bed, in the white room, to let us dream about woods, birds and open skies. It is truly an amazing piece.

  • Samma says:

    Love love LOVE!

    2011-02-26 | 12:06:49
    URL: http://sammahar.blogspot.com
  • Therese says:

    I would love to hang this above the keyboard where my cute daughter at 13 plays. I am half swedish, so it would be nice with å peice of Sweden here in Oslo. Cool and tight composure!

    2011-02-26 | 12:28:01
  • matilde mo says:

    i love the simplicity and the pattern the trunks and branches makes

    i would hang it on the wall opposite my couch, so I could look at it, everytime i needed a rest.

    2011-02-26 | 12:31:49
  • syava paola Tacchino says:

    It reminds me of the cold and sadness and pain I felt when my husband left for the second time, and I cried to the sky. I would put it on the head of the bed, so that I don't see it in front of me when lying. I wanna see a warm thailand beach front of my eyes, but I would keep it on the bed head the same, for I could turn around and see what I left behind, the frozen emptiness, the tree-nature striving high, the black and white before entering the new colorful life of mine. Thanxs

    2011-02-26 | 13:48:46
  • Allan says:

    Uhh give me some of that swedish forest in my very danish living room... I love!

    2011-02-26 | 13:59:57
    URL: http://bungalow5.wordpress.com
  • Catarina says:

    This is gorgeous, I love it for being so simple and beautiful. I'd hang it or just palce it on the floor next to the big white wall of my bedroom. It looks empty because I like it that way, and this stunning picture would combine perfectly with it. Not to mention how glad I'd feel everytime I looked ad it. It's just amazing!

    2011-02-26 | 14:04:36
    URL: http://catherine-unseen.blogspot.com
  • Filip verstrepen says:

    As a little boy I used to play in THE Woods Every time I stayed with my grandparents. They had rather a large lot of land for Belgian standards, wich off course was paradise for a boy scout like me.

    You can not imagine how many times that place came to the rescue when I needed it the most... In times of the highest urgency imaginable... Toilet time. Therefore, and only therefore I would hang this piece of art in my toilet. :)

    2011-02-26 | 14:10:27
  • Maarit Heliste says:

    Hi Emma,

    And thanks for your great blog.

    This photo by Reith Olsson looks so calm- peaceful. It reminds me of home and the simplicity there. My family lives in Beijing and I would to like to see this photo on the library in ISB. There are many students of Scandinavia in the International School of Beijing, and it would be nice to give them this lovely piece of art. To give this joy for many people - 'not only for you or me'.

    2011-02-26 | 14:13:24
  • Linnea says:

    I'd love that photo on the wall in my boyfriends apartment! I'm moving in with him in the middle of march and his apartment is.. not the best decorated (hrmm) to say the least.. I believe it'd make him happy if I could give him this as a moving-in-present ;)

    2011-02-26 | 14:32:11
  • Lilian Ayala says:

    This photograph is more than lovely! the fantastic piece would go above my bed. I love the wide space and just how the everything looks naturally symmetrical. Looking at the photograph makes me feel like I'm not just at home sitting in a chair looking into a computer screen but looking to the woods on a snowy day and just skipping around having an amazing time without having any one disturb me from the wood's silence.

    2011-02-26 | 14:55:15
  • Hilja says:

    Nakne trær er noe av det vakreste som finnes. Love it!

    2011-02-26 | 16:11:38
    URL: http://viagluck.blogspot.com/
  • Ingrid Sunde says:

    Hei Emma! Du har en fantastisk blogg som jeg er innom nesten daglig;-)

    Hjertet hoppet i brystet på meg når jeg så bildet, og når jeg leste teksten og så at dette var en giveaway..........oooooooooh! I'm in! Så vakkert!! Jeg har en tom vegg hvor det vil passe bare så perfekt..

    Stor klem

    2011-02-26 | 16:25:04
  • MARNIE says:

    IT'S MY B I R T H D A Y ON M A R C H 4!

    And no-one else will give me such an utterly gorgeous thing... I've been trying to convert an old place - it's very difficult & often dispiriting.Your wonderful blog is what has been keeping me going, making me start again & again - thank you Emma! I used to live in Sweden and I loved it.In my dream this will remind me and make me smile. It will have a large white wall all to itself in the only part of the house without a real garden view.

    D O D R E A M S C O M E T R U E ?

    fingers crossed....

    2011-02-26 | 18:31:24
  • Carolina says:

    Wow, vilken giveaway! Jag har nyligen flyttat hem till Björkarnas stad (Umeå) och skulle mer än gärna pryda lägenheten med denna skönhet! Tror den skulle göra sig riktigt bra i mitt sovrum!

    Ha det gott!

    2011-02-26 | 18:44:32
  • Abbe says:

    I want it because it's calming and peaceful. I'd put it over my bed.

    2011-02-26 | 19:09:39
  • Mari-Liis says:

    there is something sempiternal about the trees. the stories they could tell if they just could speak. the sunrises and sunsets they've seen. the storms that have tousled their branches, the snow that has caressed and warmed them over the cold long winters. this picture very well captures all these feelings. with a busy life i don't get to the woods as often as i'd like to. i wish i had this photo hanging on my wall so I could marvel it and visualize myself surrounded by this wonder of nature.

    2011-02-26 | 19:37:11
    URL: http://flavors.me/mariliis
  • Borbála says:

    Hi! I'm Borbala, a graphic designer from Budapest. I've been around your blog for a while, it's very inspiring.

    I'd hang this beautiful photo in my living room.

    We're refurbishing a 72 m2 apartment. The renovation is almost completed, in a few weeks I'll be able to move in with my husband and 6 month old daughter.

    The living with the open kitchen is the most difficult area, as it has no natural light except for the entrance.

    I tried to brighten up the space using lots of whites, from the kitchen furniture to the flooring. I even found an old chandelier and painted it in white.

    Besides the white surfaces I'm planning to use branches and trees as a recurring element. The dining area will be furnished with my grandmother's baroque furniture, draped with a modern tapestry – black & silver branches against a light neutral background.

    On the white wall behind the sofa I'll paint a black branch, dripping down from a series of white floating shelves. On the shelves I’ll place a few DIY home accents like wine bottles painted white, belted with stripes cut from black and white photos of branches and bark.

    This is the spot – the wall facing the entrance, behind the dining table and sofa – where I'd love to use this print.

    2011-02-26 | 19:41:19
  • Nea says:

    I love it, it is so calm and beautiful. I would hang it to our bedroom.

    2011-02-26 | 20:11:26
  • Hanne says:

    Lovely photo! It would be perfect for our apartment!:) Have a wonderful weekend!

    2011-02-26 | 20:15:13
    URL: http://babyramen.blogspot.com
  • Kristina says:

    Last summer I married an American and moved to the US from Sweden. We live in a pretty place, but one of the things is miss from home is birch woods. It makes me so happy when I once in a while see a birch tree. I would hang the picture above our bed.

    2011-02-26 | 20:42:35
  • juli says:

    ohh so lovely, I'm moving and that would be perfect on my new (still very white) wall!

    2011-02-26 | 21:56:53
  • maja zakariassen says:

    We are planning to build our house, this summer, and I`m terrefied just thinking about it. I belive walking in, bringing the forest with me, would take away some of the horror. The hall, it must be in the hall, so that the first our guests meets, is that forest.

    2011-02-26 | 21:57:53
    URL: http://filifjongblog.blogspot.com/
  • Marie-Laurence says:

    I just moved into a new apartment in Montreal, Canada. I lived in Sweden for 6 months and I could use a piece of Swedish art to remember the good times I had there! Besides, the photograph is just plain gorgeous.

    I would hang it over the small fake fireplace I have in my new bedroom. I think it would be lovely above the ''chimney''; no wood in the fireplace but above it, I like the paradox! It would be just as relaxing as a real fire in my room :)

    2011-02-26 | 22:08:19
  • lulz says:

    why should i win...

    i want it because it's pretty. it makes me think of crows and feathers, whatever that means. i feel like it reflects my personality. i rather be alone than with a bunch of people.

    where would i put it?

    on the wall in front of my bed. so that i got something nice to look at besides the 2 meter long crack on the wallpaper.

    how did i end up with a 2 m long crack on the wallpaper?

    well, that's another story.

    2011-02-26 | 22:15:33
  • Emma says:

    Det är en riktigt fin bild! Om jag vann den skulle jag nog ge den till min pappa. Den skulle passa honom så bra eftersom han tycker om skogen och träd så riktigt mycket och det skulle vara fint att få ge något inspirerande och vackert till honom att ha på en av alla sina tomma väggar.

    2011-02-26 | 22:16:58
  • Marta says:

    Why: Because I like having art at home, paintings, photography, etc... a I particulary love this one!

    Where: At the corredor. I think it`s perfect for that place!!!

    2011-02-26 | 22:20:09
  • Lynde says:

    I would hang in it my bedroom. So beautiful and relaxing.

    2011-02-26 | 22:24:33
  • Diana Minna says:

    This is so very beautiful. I have been looking for a photograph or painting of birches to hang over the piano.

    2011-02-26 | 22:41:55
    URL: http://theaccordiondiaries.com
  • Hanna says:

    I know that I am supposed to write some really beautyful story here, telling you about my mothers recent death or that my dog is ill. My mom is not dead and my dog isn't sick, so all I can tell you is where I would put it, which is in my bedroom next to a black and white photo by Carlona Henke, and why, well, because I love the art of photography.

    Why: Because I am

    2011-02-26 | 22:43:19
  • Jen says:

    I have a big hole in my "gallery wall" from when my ex moved out and took his art with him. I hung a plywood art board in its place, with the intention of making something to put there. A year and half later, the blank board is still there. This would be a beautiful piece to put there, a new beginning.

    2011-02-26 | 23:31:26
  • Laurie says:

    I would put this in my bedroom and pretend I lived in the forest with the beautiful birch trees all around me. I would then feel that I could hear the birch trees moving and sighing in the wind. It would be a very cool and very beautiful way to say goodnight.

    2011-02-26 | 23:41:56
  • Sarit nahum says:

    I would put it in my new appartement in tel aviv ,in my bedroom - just to make it completly swidish :-) - with all the ikea products inside it ( bed, headboard, lamp) its still very empty room and i was looking to "put" some trees in it and i think it will be so perfect there, its really beatyfuul photo !

    But really i think you shuld give it to Hanna above me. I really like her Sincerity , and any way it cost more to send it to Israel.

    2011-02-27 | 00:04:32
  • libby says:

    I would put this in our living room on a blank wall we've been staring for 8 years and never have found the right thing for it. We live in a very dry place, with not many trees and lots of sagebrush, coming from New England, it would remind me of home.

    2011-02-27 | 00:16:27
    URL: http://www.libbyes.com
  • HL says:

    I'd put it on my wall in the bedroom because it seems to be really relaxing. I am originally from Scandinavia but currently live in France so this would make a great contrast with the nature in here. Btw, your blog is great!

    2011-02-27 | 00:21:04
  • Marthe says:

    The strength and fragility of mankind is what this picture reminds me of. We are so alike, yet so different, all of us stuck to the cold reality of earth but stretching toward the limitless skies. The barren branches with its own lonely beauty just waiting for spring and life to return. I love how these trees reimnd me of who I am and will be, as soon as spring gets here. I love how they remind me that I am not alone. And that winter is also lovely.....

    2011-02-27 | 00:28:32
  • marthe says:

    ps I would of course hang this above our long rugged wooden kitchen table to inspire every conversation held!

    2011-02-27 | 00:32:45
  • Sarah Moyal says:

    I love how the photo almost looks like an etched print rather than a photo. I like how something so simple and something we see so often (at least in Canada where I am from) can be so beautiful. I would put this in my dinning room over the dinning room table so that people can appreciate it while they eat. Thank you for sharing this with us.



    2011-02-27 | 00:50:05
    URL: http://steelcitystreetstyles.blogspot.com
  • Monica P. says:

    I am a young photographer without much money but I try to collect as much art as I can find for inspiration. I'm especially attracted to landscapes that remind me of Texas, where I'm from. Also, my roommate and best friend is studying to be a park ranger! She has tree posters all over her room. So we would very much like to have something we both can love, preferably in the entrance hall so it can greet us every day.

    2011-02-27 | 02:25:57
    URL: http://seeingdawn.blogspot.com
  • Hyewon yum says:

    I'll hang it on my white wall, and walk through that beautiful, cold swedish wood with a cup of coffee in my hand.

    2011-02-27 | 02:52:30
  • Michael S says:

    I love the crisp winteriness of this photo. Having moved to California from the upper midwest, I sometimes miss that invigorating first step out on a cold February morning. Hanging this in my living room would be a great reminder.

    2011-02-27 | 04:51:14
  • Megan S says:

    My husband and I are currently renovating our first home... a little house in Vancouver Canada. We love decorating with white and natural elements... I find this picture particularly inspiring. I would hang this in our living room for all to appreciate!

    Thanks for your great blog!

    2011-02-27 | 05:26:53
  • Jess G says:

    I'm an aspiring production designer in the Australian film industry. I freelance but work is not regular which means I am always broke (Aussie for poor). I also live in a share house where I live and work in one tiny room. A goal of mine this next month is to make my space more creatively inspiring. This photograph instantly reminds me of another world and is landscape that we would never see in Australia. I find it beautiful, inspiring and motivating. It's motivating because my life goal is to be successful in the film industry which will give me a good income so I can travel & explore the world. It reminds me that one day I will be able to see this beauty myself, with my own eyes because I WILL be successful.

    2011-02-27 | 07:01:58
  • Beatriz M says:

    Why? Because it is beautiful and an inspiration. I will hang it in our newly renovated family room, which is at the moment a blank canvas. I am learning to live with only the things that I love. A simple but yet powerful way of living.


    2011-02-27 | 07:23:58
    URL: http://www.beatrizmacias.com/
  • Petra says:

    Paaminner meg om flat land paa oesterbaatten, skulle haenga det previd en gul maalning i stugan, saa att jeg ikke gloemmer att sommaren kommer efter vinteren...



    2011-02-27 | 07:45:02
  • Evie says:

    If I would get it, it would remind me of this time in my life when I stand in a crossroad. I never want to forget it.

    2011-02-27 | 09:41:49
  • Nancy Knutson says:

    i want this photo because its serene to look at. i would probably start by putting it in the kitchen but thats not to say it wouldn't move throughout my house...

    2011-02-27 | 11:02:22
  • Matt Walder says:

    This image makes me want to move out of London and back to the wilds of West Somerset where I was born, to use nature as inspiration in my photographs, and to build a gorgeous new home with my girlfriend.

    2011-02-27 | 11:33:11
    URL: http://www.mattwalder.co.uk
  • miss m. says:

    i'd put it above the bed, because my boyfriend and i fell in love in a finnish birch forest.

    2011-02-27 | 11:38:33
  • Ingemar says:

    If I will win this lovely gift I will give it away to the Ethiopian Embassy in Stockholm. I will invite Emma and the generous guys from The Nordic Arthouse to the ceremony. I will talk to the Ambassador about the importance of planting more trees in Ethiopia.

    2011-02-27 | 12:45:23
  • Ola says:

    This spring I plan to do little makeover of my flat. This painting would look great on my dark grey wall behind the sofa. I love scandinavian style :)

    2011-02-27 | 14:29:44
    URL: http://fotobloo.blogspot.com
  • Cammie says:

    I love the proportions of the trees. I would hang it above the bookcase in my kitchen.

    2011-02-27 | 14:55:53
  • kuch says:

    it would bring a bit of the forest into my windowless bedroom....i can almost hear the trees.

    2011-02-27 | 15:31:39
  • Susanna Kainulainen says:

    I would put it in my one-room student apartment, where it would be the ultimate centerpiece.

    2011-02-27 | 15:51:11
  • Hilde Gjermundroed says:

    I grew up in a wooden house among beautiful birchs in Norway, and I want to have the peaceful birchs here with me, here where I live in the busy city centre of Aarhus, Denmark. This unique artwork would suit perfectly above our wooden, mass-produced Malm chest of drawers - there are already a couple of hooks hanging there ready to take pretty good care of this photograph.

    2011-02-27 | 16:05:16
  • StinaTooMuchInspirationo says:

    Reminds me of some pictures my father took of the trees around where we lived when I was a child. I would love to give him this as a gift and reminder of the fact that I remember his pictures and that they meant something to me. I think it would look good in his study, together with his own pictures.

    I have a photographic giveaway at my blog to!

    2011-02-27 | 17:30:17
    URL: http://toomuchinspiration.blogspot.om
  • Marianne says:

    I would love to have this above my sofa in my living room. The space is currently empty, but this picture would give me peace of mind every time I looked at it :)

    2011-02-27 | 17:44:57
  • Katrina says:


    I would give it to my little sister who has just moved to London and would love a reminder of beautiful Scandinavian nature and the changing seasons!

    2011-02-27 | 18:01:12
  • Jenny says:

    JA! Jag och min pojkvän och snart blivande sambo kommer båda från BJÖRKARNAS STAD Umeå men bor i Stockholm och vad skulle passa bättre som påminnelse om vårt ursprung än denna? =)

    2011-02-27 | 18:04:06
  • Jenny says:

    Och just det - vi skulle sätta den ovanför vår soffa i vardagsrummet så att alla kan se den!!

    2011-02-27 | 18:04:56
  • Ines Sutter says:

    Oh my good!! Really, really beautiful.

    I like the forest and black and white, a really felicitous combination

    2011-02-27 | 19:34:29
  • Sofia says:

    Renoverar ett 70-talsradhus men när det var vardagsrummets tur åkte jag in till BB och allt stannade av för lilla Svea. Vi skulle därför behöva en så vacker tavla över vår soffa för att om möjligt försöka glömma de hemska strukturtapeterna som sitter där på väggarna!

    2011-02-27 | 20:55:11
  • emme bygger bo says:

    I usually scroll down blogs without reading the text, just looking at the pictures. But this time I had to stop and read -what an incredibly beautiful picture! I cross my fingers that it ends up on our wall:)

    2011-02-27 | 21:52:28
    URL: http://emmebyggerbo.blogspot.com/
  • Gyda says:

    A perfect picture for my livingroom! With the brown wooden walls in my house, this photo will give the right modern look I have been dreaming of. A dream inspired from your blog:)

    2011-02-27 | 22:28:46
  • Hannah says:

    Wow, this is simply stunning, it feels like a landscape from a dream. I would love to win this beautiful print because the empty chimney breast in my living room has been waiting for the right piece since I moved in in September - and this is definitely it!!!

    2011-02-27 | 23:00:28
    URL: http://rubyrhino.wordpress.com
  • david scott says:

    I would put it in our ski cabin with my collection of swedish axes, to remind oue baby girls to only cut what they need to stay warm asthey grow up.

    2011-02-28 | 00:34:51
  • Kate Golding says:

    I would hang the photograph above my bed...

    What a beautiful magical place. It is serene and peaceful and invites the imagination to wonder what happens in those trees. Whilst daily life can be manic, demanding and fast paced... this magical and mysterious image would take you to a calmer place.

    Thank you for creating this competition... I would love to own this print but know who ever ends up with it will love it!

    2011-02-28 | 00:35:34
  • William Speck says:

    why? Because theres nothing better than trees-- esp. ones that are so uniform and beautiful

    where? on the wall above my dining room table which is blank and would love a forest.



    2011-02-28 | 00:41:55
  • Meka says:

    Not normally a giveaway sort of a person but I've been looking for something for over the couch and wow, this would be perfect.

    2011-02-28 | 01:00:34
  • stanley says:

    For me, it's a captured version of a Jacques Hnizdovsky woodcut; it's branches weaving the infinite background of the winter sky to its own snow in the foreground; it's the quiet of walking above the tree line in Hardangervidda (I'm not from there); it's the quiet of getting the car stuck in the snow in northern Sweden (thinking oh c**p - we're not from here and we don't know anyone); it's relief after getting freed by a nice couple who were from there and knew what to do; it will be another relief, late late at night when I'm mentally stuck, looking up, hanging there quietly as a potential catalyst to influence my design work. It should hang on a wall, here, opposite my window view of slightly rude trees that grow at all angles. It will be the yin to their yang.

    2011-02-28 | 01:13:28
  • Shira says:

    I would put it over my bed (the wall has been empty since we moved in a year ago). I want it because my husband and I are both from the cold north, living in California - despite the beautiful weather here there are lots of days when I'd like to see a scene like this one from my window!

    2011-02-28 | 02:22:23
  • max hamilton says:

    Bloody hell, this photo is gorgeous. If I were the lucky winner I would hang it on my living room wall so it could remind me of gorgeous Sweden all the way from Sydney AUSTRALIA. x max

    2011-02-28 | 03:00:22
    URL: http://www.mhdesign.com.au
  • Amanda says:

    Gorgeous! So peaceful and clean. We just got married and moved in together and this would look so perfect in our new joint bedroom.

    2011-02-28 | 04:31:58
  • Deanna says:

    This would be a perfect addition to our recently remodeled family room. I think it would be perfect above our fireplace!! It mirrors our scene we are lucky enough to view through adjacent windows...fingers crossed xxx

    2011-02-28 | 05:59:38
  • chellie_d says:

    Oh, so lovely! We've got no art in the bedroom, so I'd love to hang this over the bed. Just divine. Thank you for the opportunity!

    2011-02-28 | 07:27:03
  • maria says:

    such an amazing photograph! b&w, serene, gorgeous..

    2011-02-28 | 09:13:17
  • Gabriel says:

    I´m Norwegian and would love to have a bit of Sweden in my home. It will be placed at the end-wall in the hallway. It will be the first thing you see when entering the house, and the last you see leaving... ;)

    2011-02-28 | 09:19:25
  • Kathleen says:

    I'd love to have a little piece of home for my Swedish boyfriend. He's living with me in the States, and the scenery and climate here in the San Francisco Bay area aren't even totally different than at home in Sweden. It would be so nice to have a little something to remind him of home. We've got a perfect wall for it in the TV room/man cave. It's been blank since he moved in several months ago because all of my decor choices are 'too girlie'. This would be an amazing surprise for him!

    2011-02-28 | 09:20:00
  • alessandra says:

    Fantastic. And because the it's clean and full at the sane time. Because the elements are two and divide the space without forcing. I'll put him in the house of our own that we will soon. And about this, thanks for ispirations and sorry for my bad english.

    2011-02-28 | 11:01:51
    URL: http://alessandradelbono.com
  • Mike says:

    I would love to be able to give it as a bday present to my little brother. He is a design/photography student in Germany and has managed to create a very stylish flat despite being on a student budget. This little treasure would not only fit in perfectly but would also be a great finish for his efforts.

    2011-02-28 | 12:13:55
  • Christine says:

    Wow! I'd showcase it above our (charcoal gray)sideboard in the dining room. I've used a lot of neutrals... gray velvet on the chairs, raw wood table, sisal area rug and an iron chandelier. This piece would provide another layer of texture that would complete the room!

    2011-02-28 | 12:17:31
  • Veera says:


    I have a very similar drawing of a Swedish forest (bought from secondhand store done by unknown artist) and it is looking for a companion... That beautiful photo would be perfect!! These pictures would have a place on the wall in our bedroom.

    2011-02-28 | 14:50:35
  • Ida S says:

    I am looking for a peaceful black/white photo for our livingroom in our new apartment in Oslo. I already have a photo of a giant oak in black/white, but the photo seems so lonely on that great white wall. I would love to hang beautiful photo like that beside it, it would make our livingroom perfect.

    2011-02-28 | 16:38:23
  • HeatherG says:

    We have a bit of a tree theme in our place. Our bedroom is pretty bare so we would put the picture across from the bed.

    2011-02-28 | 17:02:18
  • Nic says:

    hi there, we live in switzerland. there are not many birch forests here. every summer, we travel to sweden to live under the birch trees. it would be wonderful to have holidays every morning waking up next to this beautiful photo, cause I would place it in our bedroom.

    2011-02-28 | 17:08:01
  • Esti says:

    I am Spanish student living in Sweden, and what I love the most from the Swedish winter landscapes is the contrast between the dark colors of the forest with the shiny white snow. This picture reminds me the visual beauty of this country, and I would love to hang it as a bed header in my bedroom back in my Spanish farm, so I can have a piece of Sverige in my dreams.

    2011-02-28 | 17:27:19
    URL: http://abbililly.tumblr.com
  • kristineb says:

    My home has windows that on one side overlook the tops of trees. I'm infusing trees/nature into all views...creating my own forest-feng-shui. It creates a peaceful environment and would be a lovely addition to my walls.

    2011-02-28 | 19:08:28
  • Tien says:

    This photo inspires me Emma. It gives me that feeling of calamity but the same time, it makes me want to pull out some crayons and doodle like a child again. I work at home in my bedroom so I constantly sturuggle creating balance in a space that is my bedroom and my workspace. If I had Reith Olsson's photo, I would definitely hang it on the empty wall above my desk where I can see it while working or lying on my bed.

    2011-02-28 | 19:37:14
  • Vendela says:

    Jag har en konstant längtan efter frihet, skog och frisk luft, men sitter mestadels instängd i ett radhus i Södertälje med studier som täpper igen alla mina frihetsförsök.

    Jag tar en genväg genom en skog när jag springer till bussen, och det är så nära skog jag kommer nuförtiden. Denna tavla skulle pryda min flickrumsvägg, där den kommer påminna mig om kommande höst. Till hösten måste jag fly ut till skog, isolation och lugn. Det kan bli en slags påminnelse om skog och frihet, mitt emellan en rapport och en uppsats finns lite lugn

    2011-02-28 | 19:39:58
    URL: http://likgiltigheten.blogg.se/
  • Helena says:

    I love it! :) During my years living outside of Sweden longing home, not only for friends and family, but realising I was also longing for our lovely nature and nowhere to be found our fabolous birch forests - this great piece of art would remind me to take good care of nature, but of course, it would also do great on our bedroom wall...;-)Keep up the excellent work Emma! //H

    2011-02-28 | 19:51:24
  • Carl S. says:


    I moved to Stockholm just before christmas, to start studying at the university. I was so glad to find an apartment here, which isn't a easy task. I moved from a small town in the north of Sweden, so this beautiful photo reminds me of the woods that was just outside our windows - and how I played in them as kid. Remembering all the adventures me and my friend from the same little village had in those woods.

    It would serve as picture to calm me down form the stress in the big city, placed above my sofa or bed. I hope that I can lay down in my sofa and look at it when I miss the mysterious, adventerous woods from my childhood.

    2011-02-28 | 20:05:33
  • Tammy says:

    This is beautiful!

    2011-02-28 | 20:31:38
    URL: http://mommaindie.blogspot.com
  • Lieven says:

    I'm a german city-girl but I miss the calm and quiet woods and nature.

    Would put the photograph in the living room, so that it would be the first thing I see when I come home in the evenings and sit down on my sofa. To get the feeling of >>coming home<<.


    2011-02-28 | 21:08:38
  • Kenna says:

    It's so beautiful and peaceful and calming, and such a dramatic piece. I would hang it in the living on the white wall above my couch. Every time I look at it I would think about the lovely birch forests in Sweden

    2011-02-28 | 21:45:12
  • yobeno says:

    I made lots of goals at new year. #1 is to move into my first apartment so I'm excited about moving next month and making a new home. Another goal is to have a new piece of art I love each year. This would be perfect. It has a beautiful simple composition and balance. I imagine it opposite my bed in my new room so I can remember the trees at my parents' rather than the warehouse opposite I'll actually see!

    2011-03-01 | 01:15:17
  • Apryl says:

    I would want it because it has that simple beauty that is so awesome. It would go in my study area, where it would look perfect!

    2011-03-01 | 02:03:43
    URL: http://apryldelancey.blogspot.com
  • Jessica Ochoa says:

    It would live on a white wall in my living room close to the window. The birch trees will be reflecting on the glass at night and would be a great addition to the Chicago Skyline :).

    Good luck everyone.....whoever wins will definitely be lucky!

    2011-03-01 | 02:59:54
  • Caleb Hutton says:

    I have been searching and searching for a beautiful piece of art like this as a gift for my wife! Trees are some of the most beautiful things in my opinion and I got really excited when I saw this photo, it would be the perfect gift for my wife!

    2011-03-01 | 05:03:53
  • Hanna says:

    I would love this piece in my livingroom. My son and I just moved away from his father, and we could need something nice on the wall to go with our new, more natural and nordic interior-style.

    2011-03-01 | 08:41:51
    URL: http://athanna.blogspot.com
  • Rosa says:

    Hi Emma,

    I'm a real birch tree fan! I recently designed a meeting room where I literally placed several birch trees between floor and ceiling. It was really hard to find the right trees in The Netherlands, so I would love to bring this beautiful Swedish birch forrest into my interior, probably I would hang it next to the dining table where I work a lot, because it's such a calming landscape!

    2011-03-01 | 09:47:29
    URL: http://rosasinspiration.blogspot.com/
  • Alexandra says:

    Why do I want it?

    Because I find the photograph beautiful in it's simplicity. It reminds me of a haiku poem...

    The snow crunches -

    It’s close amongst

    these birches

    Where would I put it?

    On my bedroom wall, because you have to start somewhere.

    I really enjoy your blog, a constant source of inspiration - thank you.

    2011-03-01 | 09:52:16
  • k says:

    Two years ago I had the great chance to spend a year as an exchange student in sweden. it was the most amazing year and I fell in love with the north, the nature, the people and the language.

    as i try to finish up my education down here in the south (switzerland), I would greatly appreciate a reminder in my small place :-)it would certainly enable me to hang a piece of my nordic dream on the wall.

    thanks so much :-)

    2011-03-01 | 10:04:05
  • **gaelle** says:

    magnifique, I would see it very well in my dining room also

    2011-03-01 | 10:36:35
  • Annette says:


    oh this is lovely! I'd put it in my new homeoffice once we've moved into our new house (I'm so excited about it!). It'll make good friends with the photograph of the Lower Rhine area in Germany that hangs here to inspire me.

    Hejdå, Annette :-)

    2011-03-01 | 16:04:44
  • Täti-ihminen says:

    It would be just perfect above my black metal bed in our new apartment.

    2011-03-01 | 16:22:32
    URL: http://mitatekis.vuodatus.net/
  • Thomas says:

    I have a really small flat, this would make it seem a lot bigger - and make me think of the forest when I should be focusing on my exams ;)

    2011-03-01 | 17:53:04
  • kirsten says:

    my husband is begging me to fix up our new bedroom. this print would do wonders to our dull room. it sure would be wonderful to win something. especially this nice!

    2011-03-01 | 18:32:39
  • Julie says:

    We have a wall in our dining room slowly filling up with photos and imagery of all the places around the world we'd like to visit. Paris, Barcelona, Santorini, London. A graphic black and white Swedish piece would compliment it nicely! (Especially with the entire black board wall next to it.)

    2011-03-01 | 19:39:30
    URL: http://www.flickr.com/photos/perfectbound/
  • Nicoletta says:


    Because we (me and family) love Sweden and its wonderful birch trees.


    I would put it on the wall of my dining room where the family gathers and children draw and study so that we could have a piece of Sweden with us!!!

    Nicoletta from Italy

    2011-03-01 | 19:56:29
  • Michele says:

    I live in Los Angeles. My husband and I bought a house 2 years ago and still only have two pictures up and framed!! Help us! This is a gorgeous shot and my favorite image in the world is a tree. I think this is a perfect photograph for me, not to mention it's gorgeous!!! I would put it on the very large, very blank wall prominently in our bedroom along with our white bed. Thanks!!

    2011-03-01 | 19:58:25
  • k-rien says:

    For over 6 months I have an EMPTY frame on my kitchen wall because I can't find a "right" picture for it. Have been trying to take pictures myself (even of birch trees!), but sofar nothing good. So pleaaaaase pick me. This picture is so sober but oh so lovely...

    2011-03-01 | 20:13:56
  • annieWHERE says:

    I love the quiet beauty of this piece.

    We lived in Finland (yes, I know :) when I was a child and traveled to Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It is the beauty of the birch trees that we cherish, love, miss and remember with great fondness.

    I would like to see this piece in our quiet room (a combination yoga/reading space), but (should I be so fortunate to be the recipient) there is a good chance I would give it to my Dad.

    Thank you for sharing through your blog.



    2011-03-01 | 21:33:29
    URL: http://www.anniewhere.etsy.com
  • Alexandra Fuller says:

    Hi, Emma,

    Thanks to you and Reith for offering this stunning image. Your site offers me visual therapy daily and the thought of bringing some of that therapy into my own house is thrilling.

    I live with my family--which consists of my heavily tattooed husband, my 20-month old daughter who loves to shout "congratulations!" and our funny brown dog who is afraid of hot air balloons--in a small mountain town in the Rocky Mountains of Utah in the US.

    The view out my bedroom window at night is the inverse of this image--white-trunked aspen trees gleaming silver against a black sky. Most images seem to detract from the view, so I have given up and left the wall above our bed blank for now. This image is meant to hang there. I would lovingly frame it and hang it above our bed to offer a counterpoint to the view outside.

    Thank you for all your posts,


    2011-03-01 | 23:40:54
    URL: http://www.alexandrafuller.com
  • emily says:

    i want it because, well, duh, it's beautiful! it would go great w the felix gonzalez torres print black and white print we have in our living room so i would hang it on the opposing wall.

    2011-03-01 | 23:43:06
    URL: http://adenverhomecompanion.blogspot.com
  • Kathy says:

    I would love to give it to my tree addict (landscape architect) husband for our first wedding anniversary at the end of the month. It would remind him of his Swedish roots and me of growing up in the country. I would hang it in the room where we were engaged.

    2011-03-02 | 00:09:07
  • Nell Ozols says:

    This photograph is unreal! It's beautifully mesmerizing to look at, I feel like i get completely lost in it...what a great piece to have at home! I can imagine endless moments staring into the textures...all those lines dancing around! My front room has no view and I would love to place this untitled work by Reith up on the wall there (I could then feel like I'm right amongst the trees!)...it would make me smile :o)

    2011-03-02 | 00:50:51
  • Tobias says:

    - I love b&w photography and birch forests

    - I'll hang it on my livingroom wall- which is colourful orange -strange?

  • Jenny Boulger says:

    I would put it in front of my bed & dream about living in the Netherlands!

    2011-03-02 | 08:05:20
  • Rachel says:

    What a fantastic shot! It would look great on my freshly painted white living room walls. I spent the most amazing year in Sweden as a student so I'd love to have such a beautiful reminder of Sweden in my New Zealand home.

    2011-03-02 | 08:37:57
    URL: http://www.rachelcarter.co.nz
  • John Douglas says:

    This would be the first photo in my first family home. Above the pale blue bench in our dining room where my little daughter can gaze at it. Beautiful.

    2011-03-02 | 09:41:20
  • Olatz says:

    Hi Emma,

    I have a 2-years-old son. Though is a very special moment, needless to say I have no time for myself. I used to go for long walks in the countryside and since he was born I don´t have spare time at all. We are moving to a new flat in 2 month´s time. Though its bigger and more comfortable than the one I live in, the view from the living room window is a horrible brick wall!! Looking at this picture from the sofa while listening a Leonard Cohen,s song can means a little bit of fresh air. Sometimes I really need it......

    Thanks for your lovely blog!

    2011-03-02 | 09:48:38
  • cristina says:

    I would love to have a little piece of Sweeden in Spain, in my office just to dream when I´m working....

    2011-03-02 | 10:20:31
  • Jasmine says:

    So many reasons... where to start:

    1. I´ve had to take the afternoon off work to lie in bed and see if I can get rid of this pesky cold once and for all! So feeling grotty.

    2. I´ve been decorating my rented flat since August when I took it on completely unfurnished. And it feels like the time when I can get around to deciding my artwork is a lifetime away... so you´d really be helping me out!

    3. I love houses, decoration and interior design which I hope to make a career out of... and this photo is beautiful. Just my style :)


    2011-03-02 | 16:45:33
    URL: http://thelittletownhouse.tumblr.com/
  • Gloria says:

    Love it! I like it because I love nature photography, and it's so beautiful! I'm from Barcelona and it's a nice landscape, so different... I can dream about being on a Sweeden forest :) I would frame it in white and hang it on my grey wall in the living room, beside my orange couch.

    Congrats for your blog!

    2011-03-02 | 18:24:22
  • martha says:

    Winter is my favorite season. This photo is the epitome of winter -the starkness of nature and the whiteness of snow. It's breathtaking.

    I would hang it on my living room wall, with nothing else.

    2011-03-02 | 18:58:37
    URL: http://www.mwmworkbook.com
  • B. Reese says:

    It's just the piece I need to focus on while I drink my akvavit and ponder God's silence.

    2011-03-02 | 21:49:48
  • constance D says:

    The instant I saw this I thought of my best friend, a photographer and painter, who just moved into his first appartment. I would hang this piece in his dining room on the wall opposite his couch. The simplstic forest and lonely feel of the painting would capture the attention of any guest and turn his artistic mind toward frolicing in the winter-kissed woods.

    2011-03-03 | 06:35:45
  • Martina says:

    I love this photo because it reminds me about the view from my bedroom in my familys winter cottage. I would put it next to a photo of my family, in our guest room.

    2011-03-03 | 08:18:25
    URL: http://hagudden.blogspot.com
  • Hilde Forslund says:


    I would love to have this Swedish Birch Forest over my dining table- for my Swedish husband to feel more at home in Norway:)

    Nice day to you:)

    Best regards, Hilde

    2011-03-03 | 14:22:32
  • David says:

    Wow! I really like it! The swedish saying: "Man kan inte se skogen för alla träd" springs to mind. If you gave it to me, I would put it on the wall by the foot of the bed. Then I would look at it every morning when I wake up and remember the bigger picture! It doesn't matter if some twigs or stems are broken, the forest just needs to be growing!

    2011-03-03 | 16:08:07
  • Paula Willcox says:

    Pick me!! Could use a little Sweden here in the states...Love the stark beauty and simplicity in this piece. Would hang in my windowless office to remind me to always "See the forest, in spite of the trees!"

    Best to you!

    2011-03-03 | 17:46:06
    URL: http://www.blissphotographicarts.com
  • Maria says:

    I would love to put this in our bedroom. I am from the northen part of Sweden but now living in Stockholm and all the birches reminds me of home...

    2011-03-03 | 18:20:09
  • Mikaela says:

    Hi Emma, loved the photo! Really liked the simplicity and the framing of it. The forest looks a bit scary but somewhat calming. I like it.

    I've got a perfect place for it, right in the centre of the living room wall!

    I live in the centre of Stockholm and would like to be reminded of the beautiful nature outside of the city borders.



    2011-03-03 | 19:58:06
  • Johanna M says:

    What a gorgeous, soothing scenery! So familiar, yet so enchanting.

    I would probably hang it in the bedroom so that I could see it first thing when I wake up.

    2011-03-03 | 20:56:14
  • Cindy says:

    Living in the middle of the United States, I'm a long way from those awesome trees in Sweden. But their peace and tranquility is universally familiar. Beautiful texture, composition, rythum, and calm. I would place it in my living room, on my white walls above my grey painted mantel. I love it.

    Thank you for sharing.

    2011-03-04 | 01:21:52
  • Anne says:

    Love the silhouettes and lacy patterns of winter trees. Each one shows a different personality. These are so good together. A feathery wall.

    The studio wall behind the monitor would be a great place for this picture. To earthen and breeze my working mind.

    Maybe I'd hang some scribble scripture for company.

    2011-03-04 | 01:22:35
  • Emma t says:

    What a stunning image! It would hang beautifully in my foyer with my black and white family photos. My walls are Karen Walker milk white and so they just love art! The image is so serene and reminds me of our year spent living in Tasmania. Just lovely!

    Emma from Melbourne xx

    2011-03-04 | 02:32:49
  • Ali says:

    I would hang the photograph in my bedroom to provide some serenity and nature in the middle of the busy city.

    2011-03-04 | 07:28:44
  • Catherine says:

    A seriously beautiful photograph, I have always wanted an image of all the beautiful birch trees in summer but now after seeing this can see that in winter they are just as stunning. I would want to put this picture above my bed which is a wall that can be easily seen from around my little flat.

    2011-03-04 | 08:28:29
    URL: http://www.littleglowinglights.blogspot.com
  • Reka says:

    I would like to have it, simple because its beautiful and makes me feel being in piece. I would put it on our bedroom so we can have a nap in the calm forest and then our dreams can turn it into a magic wildness. Whoever will get this will be very lucky indeed!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    2011-03-04 | 10:07:15
    URL: http://www.jokudesign.com
  • rike says:

    why: it combines three favourites of mine: woodland - winter - b/w-photography


    2011-03-04 | 10:29:25
    URL: http://www.bastisrike.de
  • valborg says:

    Hope I'm not to late to enter but I'd love to have this photograph because it's simple but interesting and beautiful at the same time. I think I would hang it in my living room, which is definitely in need of some black and white, as it's very colorful at the moment! ;)

    2011-03-04 | 11:35:50
  • Nina says:

    i just need trees around me to feel kind of free, alive, ...

    nice blog by the way!

    2011-03-04 | 20:38:32
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