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Blog love: En mammas dag - Weronica

I have read Weronicas part of the blog En mammas dag (it's actually two blogs in one but I like her part best) for a long time now, probably almost since the start. And it just keeps getting better! Weronica's talents as a stylist and photographer is getting more obvious with every post, and she could very well compete with some of the top stylists and photographers in the country. I definitely think she should quit her day job and start a business instead, so that she would get the acknowledgement and payment she deserves for her great work! These photos were all shot and styled by Weronica, in her own home. Inspiring, right?


  • Johanna says:

    Helt underbart, hon borde verkligen bli stylist älskar hennes bilder.

    2011-02-09 | 08:41:56
    URL: http://madebyje.blogg.se/
  • Sofia Agardtson says:

    Jag har också följt Weronicas blogg under en lång tid och hon är fantastiskt duktig. Varje dag vackra bilder och inspirerande inlägg. Ett besök på hennes blogg är ett säkert kort för inspiration :)

    2011-02-09 | 09:08:21
    URL: http://www.ilovekuddar.se
  • henriette weber says:

    these pictures takes my breath away.. amazing..

    2011-02-09 | 09:09:10
    URL: http://www.henrietteweber.com
  • JohannaK says:

    Ja, hon har nog en fin blogg och massor med fina bilder <3

    2011-02-09 | 09:44:03
    URL: http://www.ekojohanna.blogspot.com
  • vosgesparis says:

    That blog is a new favorite of mine too... love the 2nd and 3rd picture , they are my favorite.. I always used to photograph from a certain angle but recently like these 'flat' pictures more.

    Great choice ;)

    I have a give a way running ... so if you read this come over and play!

    2011-02-09 | 10:27:35
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • Weronica - En mammas dag says:

    Well. Emma. You know how to make a girl smile. You made my day!

    2011-02-09 | 11:03:41
    URL: http://www.enmammasdag.com/weronica
  • Cherry Martin says:

    LOVE all of these - this is shot from a whole lifelong colleciton of 'finds' - amazing in her own home thanks Emma! Will check out her blog... C x

    2011-02-09 | 11:58:06
    URL: http://www.inkylittlesunbeams.com
  • Anna G. says:

    Totally agree! Her pictures are amazing, wish I could style and shoot like that..!!

    2011-02-09 | 13:34:28
    URL: http://lamaisondannag.blogspot.com/
  • Lina - KITCHENBLOOM says:

    Japp - Weronica äger på många plan! En djup källa till inspiration och värd all uppmärksamhet hon kan få är hon.

    2011-02-09 | 13:40:00
    URL: http://kitchenbloom.se
  • Nanna says:

    trodde hon nästan var stylist redan!!!! Hon borde definitivt bli det! Iaf hobbystylist :D

    2011-02-09 | 14:31:09
    URL: http://nannashem.blogspot.com
  • Designbird says:

    I´m also following her blog and I can´t belive she doesn´t work in this area. Great and inspiring photos, always with a twist!

    2011-02-09 | 14:39:51
    URL: http://www.itemsbydesignbird.blogspot.com
  • Annika says:

    Jag har också följt Weronica länge. Hon är verkligen superduktig! Hennes blogg är en ständig källa till inspiration!

    2011-02-09 | 15:07:00
    URL: http://www.flexinredning.blogspot.com
  • emmasmith says:

    Snygga bilder och snygg inredning! :)

    2011-02-09 | 17:51:09
    URL: http://furnishing.blogg.se/
  • Purple Area says:

    Wow, vad mycket snyggt!!

    2011-02-09 | 18:43:29
    URL: http://purplearea.blogspot.com
  • Suzanne says:

    I love these pictures -- the colors in them are fantastic! Lush green with stark black and white -- brilliant!

    2011-02-09 | 19:51:25
    URL: http://www.sophiesfavors.com
  • Mikkili.com says:

    I just love the color combination black/white and a touch of green. So fresh.

    2011-02-09 | 21:03:10
    URL: http://www.mikkili.com
  • Ida Westerberg says:

    Supersnyggt! Härliga bilder

    2011-02-11 | 16:31:20
    URL: http://konturdesign.se
  • Formelle Design says:

    Jag kan inte annat än hålla med om att hon är enormt duktig och en stor inspirationskälla. /J

    2011-02-12 | 15:02:22
    URL: http://formelledesign.blogspot.com

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