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Alexander Gnädinger's studio

Faces & Spaces at ArtSchoolVets

I stumbled over this new-to-me site today called ArtSchoolVets, it's a kind of portal with lots of blogs and articles and a feature called Faces & Spaces, where I found this lovely space. It's the home of Rike Döpp, one of the owners of Agency V, a fashion agency with lots of cool brands like Henrik Vibskov, Mini Market and Wood Wood.


Photography by Robert Wunsch

Tile covered kitchen

I just couldn't resist posting another goodie from the portfolio of Verne over at OWI; a kitchen completely covered in white tiles of different sizes.

Ancient fisherman's house turned modern

Behind a very small building façade lies an open loft-like space. Bea rebuilt an ancient fisherman’s house into a modern home. Her new house is a mix of wonders she has found and sold over the years, ranging from an old Brionvega television to newly made Moroccan rugs. With a modern white backdrop, this house is furnished with lots of retro classics like the Swan chair and Jieldé lamps.

Have a great weekend!

Photos by Verne/OWI.

Giveaway: Photograph by Reith Olsson!

Time to cheer us all up with a little giveaway, don't you think? The price is a photo by Reith Olsson in the size of 50x70 cm, provided by The Nordic Arthouse, an online art gallery selling modern art prints and photographs by Swedish artists. It's a signed and limited edition of just 150 prints, worth around $200 (1300 sek). All you have to do to get a piece of Swedish birch forest on your wall is to tell me why you want it and where you would put it. Write a comment below and I will pick the winner next friday, March 4. Good luck!


Plaster, love and metal wire

Another great home from Sköna Hem, shot by Madeleine Söder and styled by Linda Åhman. This is the home of Norwegian ceramist Maria Øverbye, located in Oslo. Maria lives here with her husband and three daughters and has her studio in the basement where she creates her art; odd little creatures made of plaster and metal wire. The house was originally built as a school in 1893, and the Øverbye family resides on the 95 sqm top floor which they renovated but left some areas raw and unfinished. The house feels very personal thanks to all the little vignettes that Maria makes all over the house, and the photos and prints adds warmth and interest to the white walls.


Graphic contrasts

Loving these photos shot by Dan Gordan from Sköna Hem, from the home of Anna Zethraeus, editor-in-chief of  another Swedish magazine; Family Living! The cute footprint was made by their son by running over the fresh paint on their kitchen floor and was saved as a memory of the renovations they made.


Try this at home! Project: The Rug Lamp

The Rug Lamp

I hope you are ready for this next “Try This at Home” recipe here at Emmas Designblogg! Before I start I would like to thank you all for the positive feedback on my previous project when I showed you how to change a picture frame.

This time I would like to make a lamp out of material that most of us can find at home. It is a lamp made out of recycled material and I simply named the lamp with the most convenient name: “The Rug Lamp”. What you need to make it is basically a lamp shade, wooden beads and rug strips - the easiest way to make these is to tear white bed sheets into thin "rag rug strips".

I started to rip off the old fabric from the lamp shade. After that I hung the shade up in the ceiling and started working on the strips. I tied them on but as sparsely as I could just to get an airy feel to it. Some strips I let hang down freely and some of them I tied on to the shade, and as icing on the cake I fixed on wooden beads at the end of a few strips. That was spot on!

This “Rug Lamp” shows more of a Scandinavian impression with the white strips but it can be decorated with colorful ones just to generate another feeling.

Next time I will present a great Spring project for you and to the ones who love some pottering in the early March sun you should check out here the 21st of March. Hope to see you then!

Creative greetings, Annaleena

Saturday Sweets

Sorry about the lack of updates this week, I have some personal things I need to deal with right now, so I haven't had much of neither time or inspiration. But I couldn't let you go without your weekly treat, so here you go! A very mixed bag of sweets today, with everything from colorful kitchens to serene bedrooms. Enjoy!
(As usual, all the pictures are linked to their source.)

Wednesday Weirdness by Janos: The Year of The Cat

Let's focus month-to-month on the official birth of the yuppie era. Unfortunately or not, depending on your politics, what may have begun from the outlook of a brat's ass just happens to have become of great influence on all of us. These days definitely remains closely associated with peaks of enormous western wealth. So is most of the technically most advanced, ground breaking and utterly lifestyle changing innovations. Nuff said. All these images and expressions were initially phoned home in the dividing, deciding year of senseless grooves:

December 26Time Magazine's 'Man of the Year' is given for the first time to a non-human, the computer
December 7 – The first U.S. execution by lethal injection is carried out in Texas
December 4The People's Republic of China adopts its current constitution

Ongoing: Cold War

Design: Achille Castiglioni
Production: Alessi

Design: Achille Castiglioni  Production: Alessi

November 30 – Michael Jackson releases Thriller, the biggest selling album of all time
November 14 – Lech Walesa of the Solidarity movement, is released from 11 months of Soviet internment 
November 3Dow Jones surges 43.41 points, or 4.25% to close at 1,065.49, its first all-time high in 9 years

Ongoing: Cold War

First CD-player

October 8 – Poland bans Solidarity after having suspended it on 13 December 1981

Ongoing: Cold War

Print from a trendy unisex Apparel high quality T-shirt

September 21 – The first 'International Day of Peace' (United Nations)
September 19 – The first emoticons are posted by Scott Fahlman
September 18The Lebanese Christian Militia kill thousands of Palestinians in the refugee camps
September 14 – Lebanese President-elect Bachir Germayel is assassinated in Beirut

Ongoing: Cold War

takes a cigarette

August 20 – Lebanese Civil War: A multinational force lands in Beirut to oversee the PLO withdrawal
August 17 – The first compact discs (CDs) are released to the public in Germany
August 16 – Elvis Presley's date of death in 1977. Also my own and Madonna Ciccione's birthday
August 13 – In Hong Kong health warnings on cigarette packets are made statutory

Ongoing: Cold War

Product: The Clock Clock
Design: Swedish designers Humans

July 23The International Whaling Commission decides to end commercial whaling by 1985–1986
July 21HMS Hermes, Royal Navy flagship during the Falklands War, returns home to a hero's welcome
July 19 – The Q's bodyguard Michael Trestrail resigns from Metro Police over relation with a male prostitute

Ongoing: Cold War

Genius interpretor: Dustin 'Rain Man' Hoffman
Genius motion picture: Tootsie

June 30The Equal Right Amendment falls short of the 38 states needed to pass
June 13 The '82 FIFA World Cup begins in Spain
June 6The '82 Lebanon War begins with Ariel Sharon's invasion, named "Operation Peace for the Galilee"
Ongoing: Cold War

I was an impossible case but I could still be what you were looking for. This magazine introduced me to Lech Walesa through lenses of a smoking hot playmate. Isn't that offensively brilliant?

May 25 – British ships HMS Coventry and Atlantic Conveyor are sunk during the Falklands War
May 22 – Falklands War: HMS Ardent is sunk by Argentine aircraft, killing 22 sailors
May 5 – A Unabomber bomb explodes in the computer science department at Vanderbilt University
May 2 – Falklands: Nuc sub HMS Conquerer sinks Argentine cruiser Gen Belgrano with 323 sailors

Ongoing: Cold War

becomes a comfort for opressed youth of all skin colors or political preferences

April 26 – British retake South Georgia during Operation Paraquet
April 3 – Argentina's invasion of South Georgia
April 2The Falklands War begins: Argentina invades and occupies the Falkland Islands

Ongoing: Cold War

A NEW TIME moves in, bound to change time as we knew it, forever.

March 18 – An Argentine scrap metal dealer raises the Argentine flag in South Georgia

Ongoing: Cold War

This was the absolute sign of fame, fortune and good taste at the time. It frequently appeared in soap operas like Falcon Crest or Dallas, or in campy pop visuals from Samantha Fox, Spandau Ballet or Elton John. Preferably driven and shot in a French Riviera fairytale scenery whenever someone needed to show the world that he or she was indeed part of the new black.

February 25European court of Human Rights rules against physical child abuse against parents' will
February 2 – The Hama massacre begins in Syria

Ongoing: Cold War

Subject: Mary Ellen Mark
Object: A little girl

January 28 – J.L. Dozier is rescued by an special forces after being kidnaped by the Red Brigades
January 26 – Unemployment in the U.K. increases by 129,918 to 3,070,621, a post-war record
January 10 – The lowest ever U.K. temp of −27.2 °C (−17.0 °F) is recorded at Braemar, Aberdeenshire


Cool home for sale in central Stockholm

Lotta is on the hunt for a new home, and linked to this beauty, which I just had to share with you! It's an amazing apartment with high ceilings, deep window seats and a small loft room. I feel like I could move right in, if they just removed all the red and orange stuff...

Raul Walch's home at Freunde von Freunden

I just found this new feature at Freunde von Freunden, showing the home and studio of Raul Walch. I love the creative mess, the cactus plants, and the huge empty workspace!

Saturday Sweets

Oh, are you here looking for a treat? Here you go!



You haven't missed all the new designer furniture and products from the Stockholm Furniture Fair that I posted on Facebook this week have you?

Below is Thomas Bernstrand's shelf Ivy that just won Form's +1 award, just to give you a little teaser.

Lady Sensitive, a health conscious paint choice

I got an email from Jotun that they have released a new paint collection called Lady Sensitive, with no unhealthy emissions whatsoever, meaning you can safely use this paint even if you have asthma or have a newborn baby in the house. The photos from the new campaign are great, as always, and that is the main reason why I'm telling you about this. Styling by Kråkvik & D'Orazio and photography by Siren Lauvdal.

Introducing Black Sheep White Light!

My newest sponsor is Canadian Black Sheep White Light, who sells wonderful eco-friendly long haired Icelandic sheep skins. The skins come in four different colours, there are white and black but also grey and spotted. I have one of their black skins myself and I can't recommend them enough! I've only had Ikea's cheap skins before, but this is something completely different. First of all they are much bigger and the wool is long, between 10 and 20 cm. And also they have this beautiful shine or luster that I haven't seen on other sheep skins, and they are super soft! I am using mine to cover an old lounge chair, and it has now become my daughter's favorite place to sit. We have also used our skin outside, as a warm and cozy place to sit in the snow. But enough talking now, on to the pictures!

Blog love: En mammas dag - Weronica

I have read Weronicas part of the blog En mammas dag (it's actually two blogs in one but I like her part best) for a long time now, probably almost since the start. And it just keeps getting better! Weronica's talents as a stylist and photographer is getting more obvious with every post, and she could very well compete with some of the top stylists and photographers in the country. I definitely think she should quit her day job and start a business instead, so that she would get the acknowledgement and payment she deserves for her great work! These photos were all shot and styled by Weronica, in her own home. Inspiring, right?

Danish style in Femina

A nice kitchen and dining area balancing on the right side of Country chic, styled by Louise Kamman Riising and shot by Pernille Kaalund. Below that an inviting bedroom and hallway from a house completely decorated in grey, black and white, styled and shot by Mette Wotkjær. Both via Femina.


Photographer Idha Lindhag

I found Swedish photographer Idha Lindhag through Lotta Agaton's pictures for the porcelain company Rörstrand. The top photo is from that campaign, but the rest are from other features and I don't know who styled those.

Saturday Sweets

I have a folder on my computer where I save pics that I want to use as inspiration for my own home. The photos are sorted into a number of subfolders, and the one that holds the most pictures is one called Storage & Decoration. Since these were only meant for personal use I didn't note the sources for all of them, but I wanted to share some of my favourites with you anyway. If you know the source for any of the pics, please let me know!
Enjoy, my own private candy bag!

*removed picture by Jeltje*

Styling inspiration from Norrgavel

While Norrgavel's products are perhaps a bit too classic for me, I do like the styling of their catalogue shots.

The home of Fritz Hansen

Or rather, the home of the head of Fritz Hansen, Jacob Holm. As you can see it's full of products from his brand, just as it should be, but they are mixed with some nice antiques, books, art, vintage finds and beautiful ceramics to make it a little more personal.

Photos by Ditte Isager

The passion of Annie Lennox

Adultery. Seduction. Insanity. Projection. Honesty. Perfection.

In the midst of the residence of King Bore I would like to highlight love. Real love is seldom a cute kitten and I can think of no better persona to portray this lifes' most dangerous rollercoaster, The Emotional. I want you to use at least three of your precious senses when watching this thematic time trilogy as it spans over twenty years of heartache. Annie Lennox knows what I hope to understand. There can be only one. Love.

"It's savage and it's cruel and it shines like destruction"

"I wish I was invisible so I could climb through the telephone"

"Why can't you see this boat is sinking"


My first styling job!

Like I told you a couple of weeks ago, I just did my first styling job, before this I've only been assisting other stylists. The assignment was to illustrate the merge between two trade magazines, one for the paint business and one for the interior business. So there had to be wallpaper, paint and furniture in all the pics. This was published in the first issue of the new trade magazine Nyans & Interiör. As this is the first issue, I had nothing to go on in terms of what they had featured before, what kind of style they wanted and things like that. So I was a little nervous, crossing my fingers that they would like what I made of it... And they did! I hope you like it too! The last picture isn't quite my style with the strong pink hues, but I wanted to include this year's Pantone color; Honeysuckle, and I think it came out ok anyway. I appreciate comments of all kinds, but please be a little gentle since it was my first time styling all by myself...

Photo credits and a huge thank you to Patric Johansson.