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E-mag Llamas' Valley

On the lookout for some fresh inspiration? Perhaps you would like a new e-mag to read, with brands, products, artists and places you have never heard of before? Then let me introduce you to Llamas' Valley, a Lithuanian e-mag that just published their first English edition! Below are some of my favorite spreads, but do check it out for yourself because there is so much more to see and read.


  • Elsa says:

    Fint :)

    2011-12-20 | 18:16:14
    URL: http://elsaainsulander.blogg.se/
  • Cicci Feinstein - Fotograf says:

    Men jisses, jag skulle kunna döda för ett kontor med de fönstrena och den takhöjden!

    2011-12-20 | 18:48:15
    URL: http://ciccifeinstein.blogspot.com
  • Ulrich says:

    ... love the residents Azeliai village :-) ( page 130 )...

    2011-12-20 | 18:52:31
  • Lau de Casalil says:

    Merci Emma... I love their look... I will visit them "deeper"... enjoy your evening!

    2011-12-20 | 20:12:29
    URL: http://casalil.blogs.marieclairemaison.com
  • Wictoria Persbrandt - Buddhistisk Linköpingsbo som älskar Göteborg says:

    Mysigt det ser ut!:)

    2011-12-20 | 21:27:58
    URL: http://persbrandtwictoria.blogg.se/
  • Katarina Wanselius says:

    Oh, how exciting with a Lithuanian paper. Thanks for the tip! Pics look great!

    2011-12-20 | 23:11:21
    URL: http://katani.blogg.se/
  • Desiree says:

    Liking this! thx!

    2011-12-21 | 00:21:40
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • T H E R É S E says:

    Mycket inspirerande blogg! Gillare! :)

    2011-12-21 | 01:36:42
    URL: http://theresehyden.com
  • Louise says:

    Love the magazine. I looked at it quickly because I'm about to hit my bed :) But I also read a bit, here and there. Enough to know we have the same favourite Christmas movies, I actually bought those two a couple years ago.

    2011-12-21 | 04:38:49
  • Digma says:

    So proud of them :) Bravo ! Good content, photos and design - delicious...

    2011-12-21 | 07:52:45
    URL: http://digma.lt
  • jokemijn says:

    loved reading the interview.

    2011-12-21 | 08:57:04
    URL: http://jokemijn.blogspot.com
  • Riikka says:

    OhEmma! Thank yo so much:) Nice to hear you like, I love your blog too!!!

    2011-12-21 | 09:29:39
    URL: http://www.weekdaycarnival.blogspot.com
  • Anonym says:

    ahhh...loveley! Thanks!

    2011-12-21 | 09:57:23
  • Albertine Baronius says:

    thank you for the tip....I loved this picks with my morning tee.


    2011-12-21 | 09:59:28
    URL: http://de.dawanda.com/shop/nahili
  • Sari says:

    Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to restyle my tiny appartement :-)

    2011-12-21 | 10:12:21
  • Jamie says dream says:

    Stort tack för tipset! MYCKET som jag blev inspirerad av i magasinet. Ska kolla mer noggrant i kväll, och även läsa intervjun med dig :-)

    2011-12-21 | 14:03:55
    URL: http://jamiesaysdream.blogspot.com
  • Daniel says:

    Hej Emma, Tackar för tipset ska kolla in den lite mer noggranna senare, ha en underbar dag!

    2011-12-21 | 14:57:59
    URL: http://www.letmebeinspired.com
  • Anonym says:

    ah vad fint!

    2011-12-22 | 16:42:12

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