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Christmas Calendar 8/12: Anve

Today's prize comes from Anve, a small Portugese company making unique handmade goods in small editions, inspired by their discovery tours through Lisbon, a beautiful old city full of hidden workshops and warehouses, and also their past lives in places like Berlin, Basel, Vienna, Cape Town and Tokyo. Simplicity and high quality is key.

Anve is offering a chance to win a Laboratorio lamp, worth € 120, made of a vintage borosilicate laboratory flask with a lamp socket in brass, rubber and porcelain and a fabric covered wire. This lamp can be used as a pendant lamp, pinned on the wall, or put on a table. (This lamp comes with a Euro wall plug, so if you live outside Europe, think twice before entering the giveaway.)

To enter the giveaway, just answer this question:

Where would you put your Laboratorio lamp, and what would you match it with?

This giveaway will be open for 24 hours, until 12.00 CET December 9, and a winner will be announced in this post and contacted via email. Good luck!

Update! This giveaway is closed. Congrats Lina! I have emailed you.


  • interieur says:

    I'll put the lamp in my office and it would perfectly match with this vase : http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/SELETTI/dept/playhome/tskay/3FD17CD7/rr/1/cod10/58002839GN/sts/sr_playhome80

    2011-12-08 | 12:13:39
    URL: http://interieur.tumblr.com
  • interieur says:

    I'll put the lamp in my office and it would perfectly match with this vase : http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/SELETTI/dept/playhome/tskay/3FD17CD7/rr/1/cod10/58002839GN/sts/sr_playhome80

    2011-12-08 | 12:14:15
    URL: http://interieur.tumblr.com
  • Ylva says:

    I would put it in my craftsroom. It has white concrete walls so i think it would look cool with this lamp.

    2011-12-08 | 12:18:47
    URL: http://darlingthings.blogspot.com
  • Matilda says:

    I would hang it in my newly remade kitchen above the small table to match our new brass pipes on the wall and the rest of our small cosy industrial inspired new kitchen.

    2011-12-08 | 12:25:23
  • Jenny says:

    Vi håller på att dra om ALL el i hela lägenheten så i stället för allt kaos så försöker jag hitta snygga lampor - så tack! För den här var verkligen fin. Om min sambo inte misstycker så skulle jag vilja hänga den är i köket ovanför diskbänken (i stället för de ganska hemska spotsen som var där innan). Där matchas den med lite marmor och rostfritt stål och troligtvis ett mörkgrått kök.

    2011-12-08 | 12:25:58
  • Nora says:

    I would hang it into my kitchen, there's not really nice light in the evening. I would just match it with the wall, i think it so amazing, it should stay for its own !

    2011-12-08 | 12:26:28
  • JohannaK says:

    Wow Emma! Your giveaways gets better and better!I would put this lamp in our working space. It would be white, white and this lamp and a colorful poster on the wall :)

    2011-12-08 | 12:28:30
    URL: http://www.ekojohanna.blogspot.com
  • Jose says:

    Oh my, this would be perfect to our hallway!

    2011-12-08 | 12:30:45
    URL: http://ajastaika.com/
  • Silke says:

    Wow beautiful! I would hang it over my desk because I'm currently working on my ph.D. and the 'science' theme would fit perfectly :)

    2011-12-08 | 12:32:12
  • aleks says:

    ohhh, i am super-thrilled about this one!! there are so many places where i would fit it in my house... BUT, since i am going to live in small rented studio apartment in oslo for the next half a year, i would really really love to have this lamp as a cosy atmosphere maker. i'd probably put it on my desk and surround it with some pieces from my scandinavian glass collection of various colors.

    man, i really want this one!!

    2011-12-08 | 12:37:44
    URL: http://hoopoeinanoak.wordpress.com/
  • Karoleen says:

    I'd put it in the corner of our livingroom, where we really need a good light since we usually use this area to read. I'll match it with a pile of books that tickle the palette of the day!

    2011-12-08 | 12:38:07
    URL: http://karoleen.se
  • Chris says:

    Over the dining table in a new flat I'm soon moving in with my boyfriend.

    We're so excited, drawing plans in CAD, making color palettes for rooms, we just can't wait.

    2011-12-08 | 12:39:54
  • Jenny - Hemtrender says:

    I would hace placed this fantastic lamp in a corner of my apartment next to my STRING shelf and over my black desk. It would be amazing there. Cross my fingernas!

    2011-12-08 | 12:42:39
    URL: http://hemtrender.blogg.se/
  • emmakisstina says:

    I would hang it in our graffiti wall art, reading corner. Much more exciting than our silver boring IKEA reading lamp. xoxo

    2011-12-08 | 12:50:06
    URL: http://www.emmakisstina.com
  • Fuzz says:

    magnifique!!!I would put this lamp over my kitchen table on mondays, over my bed to read on tuesdays, in the laundry to pimp-it on wednesdays, over my desk to work on thursdays, i would give it a rest on fridays, and taking it with me over the weekends:)

    2011-12-08 | 12:52:25
  • nea says:

    I would hang it in the hall close to a great photography work by my friend.

    2011-12-08 | 12:52:44
  • Kicki says:

    Den skulle jag ha i vårt arbetsrum som har vitmålat betonggolv och vita väggar. Den blir schysst till det rena och nakna.

    2011-12-08 | 12:54:30
    URL: http://iverashus.blogspot.com
  • Femke Dekker - ter Meulen says:

    This lamp suits extremely well above my newly crafted desk in my newly decorated workspace! I actually need 2 of them, so if I win, I will definitely buy one too!!! ;)

    2011-12-08 | 12:54:37
    URL: http://femkeido.blogspot.com
  • nina says:

    OH!It's such a nice lamp! I would hang it in my workspace!It would fit to my vintage white and grey table where my sewing machine stands on :)

    2011-12-08 | 12:56:42
  • Beata Jezek says:

    what a beauty! I'd suit my white minimalist studio quite nicely

    2011-12-08 | 13:00:15
    URL: http://fly-along.blogspot.com/
  • Joanne K says:

    I would hang this lovely lamp over our glass dining table, it would definitely brighten up or dull ‎apartment. ‎

    2011-12-08 | 13:03:20
  • Ida S says:

    I'd hang it over a small table in the corner of my kitchen. It would be perfect!

    2011-12-08 | 13:07:13
  • Thomais says:

    i would put it in the darkroom, where i print photos and instead of a switch i would have a pull string...

    2011-12-08 | 13:07:56
  • Isabel says:

    I would hang it in my newly renovated kitchen that has this rustic theme.

    2011-12-08 | 13:12:59
    URL: http://levackert.blogg.se/
  • Ida L says:

    I would put it in the (soon to be renovated) bathroom to match the copper pipes. it would also fit perfectly above the driftwood bedside table.

    2011-12-08 | 13:19:44
    URL: http://www.thingstolove.se/blog
  • Maija says:

    I would hang it in our bedroom. We already have a cheap looking clause ohlson-version of that kind of lamp there but I would like to replace it with this beautiful lamp.

    2011-12-08 | 13:20:03
  • martine says:

    beautiful! it would be perfect hanging in my hallway!

    2011-12-08 | 13:21:21
  • Kira says:

    I love it! I would either hang it above my big, raw dining table, or with in a corner with my old armchair and my late grandmothers antique table from her hallway (black with golden details) - perfect for a cosy corner actually!

    2011-12-08 | 13:23:30
    URL: http://bykirabo.wordpress.com
  • Kate says:

    This light is so unique!

    I'd hang it from the wall in my reading nook. It would go beautifully with my newly slipcovered reading chair (Ikea's Gunvor fabric).

    2011-12-08 | 13:24:22
  • Kristina says:

    Thank you! What a beautiful product!

    I would hang it as a center piece in my industrial designed kitchen above the dining table next to my dark grey drawers.

    2011-12-08 | 13:25:50
    URL: http://www.kpucu.com
  • Tiina says:

    This would be perfect to our hallway.I love it!

    2011-12-08 | 13:26:07
  • Jenny says:

    This lovely lamp would mean a new beginning for our tiny hallway. I'd match it with a round mat (from Granit or Afro Art) and the gorgeous hangers with letters on that we bought at Anthropologie last summer (still wrapped, in the bag they came in).

    2011-12-08 | 13:28:22
  • Ania says:

    I would place it in my spacious future apartment I am dreaming about ;) it would fit perfectly into white, simple, open kitchen.

    2011-12-08 | 13:28:32
  • Anna D says:

    This lamp is absolutely stunning! I would hang it above my work desk, and combine it with some black/white art work.

    2011-12-08 | 13:35:16
  • anja says:

    I'd match it with our new lovely table. which is that one: http://komat-berlin.de/komat/landluft.html

    2011-12-08 | 13:35:37
    URL: http://anjablau.wordpress.com
  • Anonym says:

    I would place it in my dressingroom and let it be alone and talk for it self!

    2011-12-08 | 13:38:16
  • L says:

    I'd hang it in the bay window area of my living room. It's my first winter in Sweden and I need some more light by the window when the sun goes down. It'd go with the vine, succulents, photos in frames and squirrel lamp already on the windowsill.

    2011-12-08 | 13:39:37
  • Esther says:

    I would put it over my dinner table or maybe in my hallway.

    2011-12-08 | 13:39:39
  • Mathilde says:

    Uhh, actually i finally Found a place that i Can stay or as long is i like! A home!! So i just put All my books in the bookshelves next to the window where i sit and read, This lamp would be perfect for my Reading corner, actually higly needed, because i havent Got a lamp there.

    2011-12-08 | 13:48:04
  • Sofia says:

    For the moment, I'll put it in my dreams.

    Iff it comes to me, I'll match it with a smile :)

    Thanks for your blog


    2011-12-08 | 13:51:29
  • Marie says:

    Great giveaway.

    I would put this lamp in my small and dark hallway. I think it would really light up the place.

    2011-12-08 | 13:54:31
  • Lisa says:

    It's gorgeous! And I know exactly where I want it: hanging (low) from the ceiling next to my favorite reading-spot in the sofa. It would be perfect! ♥

    2011-12-08 | 13:57:36
  • Anna DB says:

    I love its simplicity. I would put it on the side table in the living room, it would fit well there.

    2011-12-08 | 13:58:00
  • Carolina Hertzen says:

    I would put it in the corner of our living room, hanging from the water pipes that run outside the wall. Underneath would be our old winged armchair reupholstered in the fantastic dark brown fabric "le zebre" from Brunschwig & Fils.

    2011-12-08 | 13:58:33
  • Josefine says:

    This lamp would hang in my kitchen window where it would go well with the white stringhylla on the wall beside the window and the newly bought kitchen table from Hay that just arrived in our house!

    2011-12-08 | 14:15:17
  • Nina says:

    Me and my husband are both chemists, so this would be perfect in our study at home. Together with our collection of old laboratory equipments.

    2011-12-08 | 14:19:23
  • monique gofers says:

    just finished our livingroom and we were looking for a nice lamp. this is the one, it would look great above our table!

    2011-12-08 | 14:22:05
  • interieur says:

    I'll put it in my office and it would perfectly match with this vase : http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/SELETTI/dept/playhome/tskay/3FD17CD7/rr/1/cod10/58002839GN/sts/sr_playhome80

    2011-12-08 | 14:30:10
    URL: http://interieur.tumblr.com
  • L says:

    I tried to post this earlier, but it seems not to have worked. Please ignore this second comment if the first one comes up.

    I would hang the lamp in the large bay window area of my living room. This is my first winter in Sweden and I desperately need more light in my apartment as even when it's daytime, the sun seems to be elsewhere. Accompanying it would be a vine plant and succulents, layered frames & photos leaning on each other and a small squirrel lamp that also sits in the windowsill.

    2011-12-08 | 14:37:21
  • Katrina - Dot Dot Dash says:

    This is exactly what our bedroom ceiling needs!! Had a bit of a pendant fail recently so its exactly what i need (and want of course!)

    2011-12-08 | 14:41:41
    URL: http://dotdot-dash.com
  • natt_ says:

    I would hang it on the wall of my bedroom or put in on the windowsill as my bedside lamp.


    2011-12-08 | 14:42:19
  • Hanna Salcin says:

    The Labotorio lamp would fit in great above my workingspace. It would match so nice with my Eames chair in white with wooden legs. Strict lamp matching the warmthness of the chair together with a simple desk in white.

    2011-12-08 | 14:42:38
  • Julia says:

    Wow Emma, this is a cool giveaway! I need a new lamp for the hall cailing and I would pair it with my Stockholm Design House block lamp and recycling furniture from "not a wooden spoon".

    2011-12-08 | 14:43:12
  • Design & Stuff says:

    In the kitchen, cuz thats my laboratory where i experiment with food ^^, mwahaha

    2011-12-08 | 14:46:25
    URL: http://designnstuff.blogg.se/
  • Lena says:

    In my bedroom!!!!

    PLEASE, I'm looking for a lamp like this since ages!!!!!!!

    Really need ist!!!

    2011-12-08 | 14:47:43
  • Carissa says:

    I would hang this over our old cast iron kohler sink in the kitchen. So cool! :) Carissa

    2011-12-08 | 14:52:30
  • Malin Nilsson says:

    I would put it in my bookshelf. Between a few stacks of books..

    2011-12-08 | 14:54:43
  • tii says:

    Lovely! Our working place is still without a lamp.

    2011-12-08 | 15:03:02
  • Hannah Dollery says:

    I would hang this gorgeous lamp above the comfy corner sofa in the lounge. It would be perfect to read underneath, and shed the right amount of light throughout the room. I would keep everything else very simple, adding lots of light grey cushions with a pop of yellow. Add me, a book and a cup of tea and thats heaven!

    2011-12-08 | 15:13:27
    URL: http://hannahdollery.com
  • Krisse says:

    Oh! This would be perfect for my way too dark working area! There's no possibility to hang the lamp straight from the ceiling in this room, so the Euro-plug would give me a chance to put the lamp hanging on the wall and still give the space enough light!

    2011-12-08 | 15:16:49
    URL: http://melkeinkuinuusi.blogspot.com
  • Lau de Casalil says:

    I love ANVE... everythiung from them... paper bag as well as this fab lamp... I'll put it in my entrance... first light when you come in... great give away... thanks Emma!

    2011-12-08 | 15:23:45
    URL: http://casalil.blogs.marieclairemaison.com
  • ornella_italia says:

    Adoro il tuo blog lo seguo sempre.Questa lampada la metterei accanto a un divano un pò scesa al posto di una piantana al fine di esaltare la lampada e non esaltare lo spazio in cui si trova.

    I love your blog.This lamp would put alongside a couch instead of a floor somewhat decreased in order to exalt the lamp and not exalt the space.excuse my English

    2011-12-08 | 15:28:30
  • Tanja says:

    Oh, this one would perfectly fit above my dining table, which I want to build with my boyfriend. It is so puristic and cool.

    2011-12-08 | 15:39:36
  • Sari says:

    I would put it in my half-finished working room and match it with a black soft rug, all white walls and put a flower in a chemistry class mixing glass that I found at the Reykjavik fleamarket on the window sill facing the sea and the mountains!

    2011-12-08 | 15:45:23
    URL: http://blog.icelanddesign.is
  • Åsa says:

    Jag skulle hängt den i ena hörnet av vårt vardagsrum och matchat den med denna lampan:


    2011-12-08 | 15:47:09
    URL: http://ascaca.blogspot.com/
  • Kimberly M says:

    I would hang it in our dining room, where our liquor cabinet & wine rack are. It would match perfectly because my fiance has a set of beakers/test tubes/flasks/test tube stirrers arranged on one of the shelves of the liquor cabinet that he often uses to make drinks. he's a geek & i love it! thanks for the contest!

    2011-12-08 | 15:53:44
    URL: http://creatureonfire.tumblr.com
  • Linda Nyberg says:

    I live in a house with only 3 apartments and I would put it in our staircase so that we could all share and joy a little bit of sunshine from this lamp.

    2011-12-08 | 16:11:00
  • sophie says:

    in a big jar with a goldfish...?

    2011-12-08 | 16:12:13
  • Jonas says:

    I would put the light bulb above my head because it's such a great idea.

    2011-12-08 | 16:28:18
  • Harpa says:

    I am decorating my son's room. It would be perfect next to his bed and a string regal that I just bougt on a fleamarkt.

    Love you blog.

    2011-12-08 | 16:44:48
  • Frida says:

    Jag skulle hängt den i hörnet av mitt vardagsrum, brevid min stooora sköna soffa. Jag hade alltså bytt ut den mot den klassiska golvlampan jag har nu. Hade passat perfekt till min rejäla och ruffa soffa med grovt mörkgrå klädsel och till mina rotting sittdynor intill :)

    2011-12-08 | 17:02:16
  • Anna says:

    Wow, I would definitely hang it in our hallway

    2011-12-08 | 17:23:04
  • Stella says:

    I would hang it up in my home office above my beautiful iMac.

    2011-12-08 | 17:29:39
  • Annie says:

    That's such a great lamp! Being a doctoral student in science, I would install it in my office to show my colleagues that science and style can go together!

    2011-12-08 | 17:33:30
  • Louise Nissen says:

    I would defiantly hang it somewhere it would get its justice. A place where there's not much around. Like in a hallway, or just in diningroom above a the table. This lamp has to be shown the right way - it's beautiful!

    2011-12-08 | 17:35:26
  • Edwige says:

    beautiful !

    i would hang it above my "reading" sofa and match it with an old industrial lampshade I found recently OR, if the bulb isn't too large, with a colorful paper cup (upside down)!

    2011-12-08 | 17:35:49
    URL: http://www.lesgrignotines.com
  • Kinokyo says:

    In my kitchen -- to remind me of my ancient past as a lab-worker.

    2011-12-08 | 17:38:01
  • nuokku says:

    This lamp would be perfect to our bedroom. Right next to my jewelleryframe.

    2011-12-08 | 17:42:05
    URL: http://villavilja.blogspot.com
  • Annaliese says:

    I would hang it over my desk!

    2011-12-08 | 17:48:33
  • Pascaline says:

    Wow this lamp is gorgeous !

    I would place it in my all in white working room. It would match so well with my old postcard display...

    Thanks again Emma for these beautiful ideas.

    2011-12-08 | 18:00:19
    URL: http://blog.bandbeautiful.fr
  • Caro says:

    It would perfectly fit to my old dining table =)

    2011-12-08 | 18:06:39
  • Leonor Alves says:

    As a chemist, and also portuguese,I would LOVE to have this lamp! :)

    I would hang it in my living room, over my 50's honey coloured wooden table. It would bring glass to this part of the room, and coordinate beautifully with my nido chrome and glass coffee table in the sitting area. I love the geeky vintage feel of it, and it would not feel alone next to my vintage maps and black&white photos :)

    2011-12-08 | 18:31:14
    URL: http://mydesignlab.tumblr.com/
  • Frederikke says:

    I would hang it over my tree trunk, which stands beside my bed and is used as a night stand - so the lamp would function as a night light. I've had this idea for a looooooong time, just with the Muuto pendant lamp, but this one is 10 times cooler and would work a lot better in the room!

    2011-12-08 | 18:39:59
  • Jérôme says:

    Wow! I would use it as pendant above the dinning table. Great lamp.

    2011-12-08 | 18:40:44
  • Leila Tazi says:

    I love it! So simple and basic and has been already done- a very possible DIY potential- but this one is so nice!!! I moved in a flat in London where my bedroom had beautiful old oak floors and amazing industral black radiators with 4 windows- but it was pink- because I'm a student I couldn't risk painting one color and not liking it, or having the tenant chase me around. So I painted the room all white- my linen is white with thin black outline giving it a very hotel vibe; I covered the 4 windows with mosquito-ish curtains along the way and the headboad is the ikea pax system- creating a headboard and a sort of hallway/dressing room on the other side. I bought a black cabled MUUTO suspension which I haven't replaced the tenants children's wood made grey painted "chandelier" maybe because I don't have time- but most certaintly cause I am not totally in love with the muuto susepension. this one has so much more character! I really need to change it because I don't turn on the lights and I have a variator so it would be nice to have this laboratorio lamp hang all the way down from the cieling low close to the bed to accentuate the hight of the bedroom and to make it more visible and dominant in the room! my room is very minimalist/clinical/poetic/ i would love this new addition to truly COMPLETE it i love itttt i want ittttt

    2011-12-08 | 18:49:07
  • Ines Sutter says:

    I would place it in a very minimal toilett in our new house.

    It would look like a sculpture because it is the only interior element in the room.

    2011-12-08 | 18:50:36
  • kristin says:

    Lätt! Jag skulle hänga den vid vår myshörna, med vår eamesgungstol som sällskap.

    2011-12-08 | 18:52:02
  • véronique says:

    I will put in my kitchen next to a big beautiful cake !!!

    2011-12-08 | 18:54:52
  • mimi la sardine says:

    Simply over my desk; understated yet very inspiring!

    2011-12-08 | 19:03:39
  • Estelle says:

    I would match it with fluorescent stars stuck on the celing.

    2011-12-08 | 19:05:53
  • Åsa Johansson says:

    I would put it in my library, an open hallway converted to a library, the lamp is a perfect match to the old red wallpaper and the colorfur books and paintings..it would be placed next to the stove!!

    2011-12-08 | 19:09:25
  • Alison Flower says:

    I would loop the flex, hang it on a hook above my bed in my room which has been newly decorated in Scandinavian colours and textures inspired by your blog!

    2011-12-08 | 19:11:29
    URL: http://alisonmalcolm.com
  • Josianne says:

    I would put it right over my Canadian Antique Buffet, with all my books and souvenirs from my family.

    2011-12-08 | 19:12:51
  • Chi says:

    i would put it in my bedroom to match it with my bed :)

    2011-12-08 | 19:14:58
    URL: http://if-i-were-audrey.blogspot.com
  • Petra says:

    This lovely lamp would find a place on my walnøt 50's Swedish book shelf, creating some light for the keen reader.

    2011-12-08 | 19:17:41
  • Darío Piqueras says:

    I would put it in my sister´s new dressing room next to big mirrors. I am decorating her new flat and I think it is perfect for it.

    2011-12-08 | 19:21:12
  • Mo says:

    Gorgeous! I'm thinking it might fit very well over our dining table - the wood of the table and chairs is what it would look awesome against! Love it!

    2011-12-08 | 19:22:41
  • DeliaSJ says:

    great lamp! I would hang it over by workingdesk, it would create the perfect atmosphere for working! It would match perfectly withe the books, the drawings, the magazines, the crayons, the computer, everything!

    2011-12-08 | 19:34:22
  • Merja says:

    Herregud vilken underbar sak! Den kan man ju hänga precis var som helst men hemma hos mig skulle den hamna i köket. Den skulle hängas intill en vägg som pryds av en griffeltavelsticker och under lampan står en bänk med sköna fårskinn. Naket möter värmande ull!/Merja

    2011-12-08 | 19:34:27
    URL: http://detlillahuset.blogspot.com
  • Sarah Farrington says:

    I would put this on my desk at university, it would make an amazing addition to my boring standard room that I'm not allowed to do anything creative with and it's killing me!! It would match my industrial style black lamp perfectly, you can never have too much light!

    Love your blog so much, keeps me sane!


    2011-12-08 | 19:49:31
  • Sugar Fish says:

    I would put it on a little cute bookshelf I have in our tiny other bedroom which will be a baby's room soon, it will fit the small room so nicely since all big lamps wont really work.

    2011-12-08 | 19:55:27
  • marina says:

    ohh, fantastic lamp! in my wardrobe room! right now, that room has one of those ugly, generic lamps, and this would surely brighten and give the clothing the spotlight it deserves.

    thank you for hosting these again emma!

    2011-12-08 | 19:58:12
  • Kairit says:

    I would use this lamp in my living room. It suits perfectly into my minimalistic apartment. I have one personal thing also with this lamp - as a molecular biologist I work in the lab everyday and use that type of flasks quite often:)

    2011-12-08 | 20:00:55
  • Anna lindeblad says:


    I would put it in the center of my only black wall in my apartment,infront of my mexican cow scull.

    Merry xmas

    2011-12-08 | 20:04:28
  • Jenny says:

    I have totally missed this lamp, it is lovely and fits me perfectly since I am a PhD student in chemistry:) I would have it in my livingroom over my new sofa.

    2011-12-08 | 20:14:01
  • John says:

    This pendant would hang nicely above my cherry leaning shelf. Pairs perfectly with the tumblers and copy of "Plants of the Gods" on said shelf.

    2011-12-08 | 20:26:07
  • Thomas says:

    I'd put it in our new house we're building, above vintage mustard yellow arm chair, which I only use for reading. Simple, clean but effective!

    2011-12-08 | 20:28:08
    URL: http://studio8940.blogspot.com
  • Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** says:

    Utterly gorgeous!! I would hang it above my bedside table, since I have no light on my nightstand as of yet. My bedroom is in the attic with beautiful wood paneling. This industrial light would look SOOO good up there! :) xo

    2011-12-08 | 20:31:22
    URL: http://www.shannoneileenblog.typepad.com
  • joyce says:

    Love this lamp! Would find a perfect spot for it in my room. Which is by far not ready, as we are rebuilding our home. But after 8 months in a camper in the backyard (yep, poor us ;), my work room finally is kind of ready and for sure ready enough for this beautiful lamp! :)

    2011-12-08 | 20:31:51
  • Kjersti says:

    It's wonderful! I would love to hang this in my husbands home-office over the desk. As a surprise! He has poor lightening and it would fit perfect in his white "cage"

    2011-12-08 | 20:39:17
  • Elin says:

    I would hang this wonderful lamp over our DXL table from HAY. On the table I would put some fresh flowers in a glass vase and a cup of tea waiting for me. Perfect design and a lot of character!

    2011-12-08 | 20:44:32
  • vuokko says:

    I would put the lamp in to our bedroom above my grandfather's old wooden table. maybe add some cute flowers and photos under/nect to the lamp..

    2011-12-08 | 20:53:31
    URL: http://www.elamaonnyt.blogspot.com
  • sara olsson says:

    Precis vad jag letat efter till vårat snart nyrenoverade badrum som går i helvitt, golv, väggar och tak!! Jag skulle hänga den ovanför enkla badrumsskåp med spegelskjutdörrar under ska vi ha ett lååångt handfat i corian. Absolut perfekt!

    2011-12-08 | 20:53:48
  • Rasmus says:

    Wow, beautiful lamp!

    I would use it as a pendant lamp and hang it in our kitchen. It would fit wonderfully above out new espresso machine. Also that black wire would really compliment the visible water pipes in our kitchen, which we have painted glossy black!

    I live in quite a small apartment with my girlfriend, but the kitchen is by far my favorite room.

    2011-12-08 | 20:56:32
  • Pies Pianista says:

    I would hang it in my salon, between my ugly tiled stove and my IKEA clippan sofa, where this lamp is standing now: http://psinkawmiescie.blogspot.com/2011/08/home-made-lampa.html

    My mother is always gripping that there is not enough light for the baby (she is taking care of my baby when I am at work), but I know she just hates my lamp because it is not stable and my son can push it over.

    So hanging lamp would be perfect!

    2011-12-08 | 21:10:40
    URL: http://psinkawmiescie.blogspot.com/
  • Txus Sanchez says:

    Our bathroom will be the perfect place for it, and it will match the industrial work table that I converted it into a bathroom sink piece, with the old fashion underground white tiles.....will look superb!


    2011-12-08 | 21:11:02
  • Daniella says:

    This unique lamp, I would place above my fine son's desk in the old brown-black wood where he sits and reads while he can look out over the Swedish provinces. From the garden, I could see him when be sitting there with the atmospheric light is lit.

    / Daniella Witte

    2011-12-08 | 21:18:06
    URL: http://daniellawitte.blogspot.com
  • Viana piqueras says:

    I would put it in my new black and white bedroom next to my bed. This way I could read every night, I love it.

    2011-12-08 | 21:29:52
  • Heather keiko says:

    I would place in the entry of our apartment it over our vintage teak sideboard... I think it would great against the dark grey walls we have!

    2011-12-08 | 21:33:06
    URL: http://Heatherkeiko.com
  • Anna says:

    I'm living in a shared house so I've only one room in my personal use but this room would totally love that lamp! There is not so much personal stuff going on in the middle of all these borrowed furnitures.

    2011-12-08 | 21:36:41
  • LL says:

    Vilken underbart vacker lampa för en biomedicinare som mig! Jag hade använt den på mitt kontor som lider av en total avsaknad av bra studiebelysning. Lampan hade jag matchat med min fina hög med studielitteratur i biokemi, cellbiologi, anatomi osv. Den förtjänar att belysas upp, och förhoppningsvis kan den nya fina miljön även trigga studiemotivationen ännu lite mer!

    2011-12-08 | 21:39:17
    URL: http://konstruerar.blogspot.com
  • johanna says:

    Oh my good, this is a stunning lamp!!

    I'd hang it in one of the corners of our livingroom. It would hang very low and match the gorgeous leather poufs from Turkey and my pile of magazines...

    2011-12-08 | 21:43:22
    URL: http://todayyouinspiredme.blogspot.com
  • Kylie Larsson says:

    This would definitely go in my bedroom, where at the moment there is no overhead light, only a few lamps. I would match it with a modern white shade!

    2011-12-08 | 21:44:16
  • Kellie Edland says:

    Oh, that was awesome! I would put it over my desk and match it with my lab coat I got from school and then I would sit there and pretend to be a mad scientist... so cool! Haha :D

    2011-12-08 | 21:46:01
    URL: http://genieinamug.blogg.se/
  • cecilia says:

    I would hang it my small kitchen it will perfectly match the white tiled wall, plain and beautiful!

    2011-12-08 | 21:49:25
  • Cecile says:

    Nous habitons dans un appartement Parisien Haussmannien. Nous sommes médecins mais notre laboratoire a la maison c'est la cuisine. Nous mettrions la lampe dans la cuisine a cote de notre collection de bouteilles de vin vides.

    Merci pour ton blog génial!!

    2011-12-08 | 21:50:38
  • Cecilia says:

    I would hang it my small kitchen it will perfectly match the white tiled wall, plain and beautiful!

    2011-12-08 | 21:52:41
  • Lina says:

    Vacker! Jag hade hängt den i vårt kök. Den hade passat perfekt mot den vitputsade tegelväggen, över bordsskivan av ohyvlade träplankor. För att framhäva laboratoriekänslan hade jag matchat med min samling av apoteksburkar i svart, brunt och ofärgat glas. Gärna med vita julblommor som hyacint, amaryllis och julros i. Plus ett gott portugisiskt portvin i munblåsta glas! Hoppas!

    2011-12-08 | 22:12:02
  • Catarina Vaz says:

    I'm very happy that you share with your readers the design and products from my country! :)

    I would place it over my bedside

    table to have the perfect light for the piles of books i have on it.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway

    2011-12-08 | 22:15:41
    URL: http://deadpassarita.blogspot.com/
  • Cecilia says:

    Jag skulle hänga lampan ovanför min platsbyggda vita köksbänk intill fönstret i köket. Där skulle den matcha fint med den vita väggen bakom. På väggen hänger det en svartvitmönstrad grafisk tavla och en vit String pocket som håller en blandning av olika te- och kaffemuggar.

    2011-12-08 | 22:19:41
  • Amanda R says:

    I would put it above my craft desk in the bedroom (it needs a lot more light!), and match it with black & white accents (perhaps the "Tree" duvet cover from By Nord...).

    2011-12-08 | 22:20:22
  • Kerli says:

    I think it would be amazing in the bathroom with high ceilings, above a big mirror.

    2011-12-08 | 22:29:38
  • tine says:

    I would put it above my dining table. It would be the first light in my new apartment :) I really need something else than light from my hood and candlelights.

    Merry christmas !

    2011-12-08 | 22:32:04
    URL: http://Tunesonphotos.com
  • Gonçalo says:

    In my bedroom, it would be my bedside lamp with my white decoration!!

    2011-12-08 | 22:40:26
  • Mojobe says:

    It would be above our dining table, which will be made out of old wood (from the former house of my friends parents). Beside a mixture of different chairs. Rest in white and neutral. And there it would be great. Just light.

    2011-12-08 | 22:44:48
  • la ninja says:

    I'd use it as a reading lamp, instead of the more traditional foot lamp I was after.

    2011-12-08 | 23:09:00
    URL: http://whereisthatninja.blogspot.com
  • yulia says:

    This by itself would look really nice in a studio, but I'd probably put it in my bedroom next to my new wooden shelves.

    2011-12-08 | 23:09:50
    URL: http://peonie.tumblr.com
  • Olly says:

    This lamp is apsolutely perfect! I'll use it in my bedroom. I've just change all my forniture and I miss the lamp, Which will be perfect near my selfmade paintings :) big hug from Italy

    2011-12-08 | 23:23:50
  • Les Bergers and Co says:

    I would put in my bedroom juste near my bed... ;-)

    2011-12-08 | 23:32:48
  • Corinna says:

    For almost three years now I am sitting at my large woody kitchentable thinking desperately about which pendant would go together with me and this place I love deeply. I just couldn´t make a choice. Until now: The LABORATORIO would be THE lamp. Wonderful! Says Corinna

    2011-12-08 | 23:36:14
  • Janet says:

    on the dinning table which is industrial

    2011-12-08 | 23:55:17
  • Henriette says:

    I just moved into my new appartment today - must be a sign. This amazing lamp would fit perfect in the small reading corner of my living room, next to my vintage chair and pile of design books.

    2011-12-09 | 00:02:17
  • Tina Lee says:

    I would hang it over my oak desk table and pair it with my retro-looking anatomy/skeleton poster or old retro posters from the Danish Zoologisk have. It would look awesome, I'm sure!

    2011-12-09 | 00:08:19
  • Anne Karoline says:

    denne måtte vel gått på badet, foran et adnet speil fra GUBI (øverst på ønskelisten i år). mulig de hvite flisene må vike for et svart malings strøk.

    forresten, for en blogg! :)

    2011-12-09 | 00:11:33
  • Olga says:

    I'll hang it in my old room at my parents house - it's now being redecorated, and it will perfectly match my little bathroom there, i think it would create an unusual contrast between modern interior of the bathroom and this quite old style or rather industrial light bulb. i just love it. it would hang just next to the mirror so that it's light and soft light help me put on some make up. or just to look at it both in the mirror and hanging next to me! of course - it would hang there just till the moment I'll get my own apartment, then I'll think of something breathtaking..

    2011-12-09 | 00:18:57
    URL: http://olggu.blogspot.com
  • Carina Andersson says:

    Ovanför ett varmgult rymligt matbord.

    Där den ska få bli en symbol för att

    våga pröva, testa och laborera i livet.

    2011-12-09 | 00:23:03
  • su says:

    The lamp is gorgeous! it would look stunning hanging in my small painting studio at the end of my garden. The beautiful simplicity and utilitarian design of the lamp hanging against the white painting brick wall is a match made in heaven. Please let me have it!

    2011-12-09 | 00:38:01
  • Lasse says:

    Jeg ville definitivt hengt denne opp i mitt drivhus, som jeg bruker til å dyrke grønnsaker i om vår/sommer/høst, og som vinterhage om vinteren. Drivhuset har alt, bortsett fra en passende lampe. Nå henger det bare en vanlig lyspære der, men en sånn lampe ville vært perfekt prikk over i-en!

    Klassisk og nyskapende på samme tid, noe drivhuset også er. Selve drivhuset er gammelt og har flassende maling, men det som produseres der et nytt hvert år - ingen av grønnsakene ser like ut fra år til år. Denne lampen representerer det.

    2011-12-09 | 01:25:28
  • tasa says:

    this reminds me of my university days studying chemistry! I would love to see this lamp over my treasured b&b italia landscape chaise that is positioned near a window in my apartment!

    2011-12-09 | 02:38:35
  • Gosia says:

    I would put this lamp above my bed.Directly above my head.Very very low.It would match to my gray and brick walls with its industrial climate. And I can imagine how beautifully gray december sky would looks through the glass of Laboratorio.

    2011-12-09 | 03:21:50
  • Marina says:

    I have (or am trying to have) a french industrial vibe going on in my place, so this lamp would fit in prefectly just about anywhere, but I'm thinking it would be wonderfull in my bedroom over my little sewing table turned 'desk'.

    P.S. My best friend is an electrician and can re-wire this for US current with no problem.

    2011-12-09 | 03:30:54
  • Valerie says:

    I would hang this lamp in my bedroom

    so i can finally see my clothes inside my closet

    and don't have to be surprised anymore by which outfit i picked in the morning...

    2011-12-09 | 03:39:46
  • Bestemorsimports.com says:

    I would put this lamp in our store right over our tomte collection...

    2011-12-09 | 06:40:50
    URL: http://www.bestemorsimports.com
  • Anna Svensson says:

    Hi! I would definetely hang the beautiful lamp in my 3-piece old window.So it would be easily seen from the park outside. I live in my studio where I also do arts. The lamp would make everything lift in here, give it that extra spunk!

    I would match it with the old marble cooking cabinet, and my arts that contain of small wooden cabinets and metal details.

    2011-12-09 | 08:54:40
  • allesistgut says:

    I would hang it in my hall. Such a beautiful lamp.

    2011-12-09 | 08:56:56
    URL: http://allesistgut.wordpress.com
  • Liv says:

    Over my tiny kitchen/dining table, that has an a3 poster with poisonous mushroom and cuckoo clock hanging on the wall next to it

    2011-12-09 | 09:23:40
    URL: http://aviary.dk
  • patricia.s says:

    For nearly ten years a bare bulb is hanging in my kitchen. Not kidding - and I liked it that way. But now I try to style it a liiittle bit more elegant ;-) The Laboratorio lamp would shine onto an antique wooden dining table, sourrounded by 4 Dr.No from Starck.

    2011-12-09 | 09:24:35
  • Annemarie says:

    i would hang this lamp over the chest of drawers that stands now in my study. my parents bought it on their honeymoon.

    2011-12-09 | 09:32:26
  • Anna Hybrant says:

    I would hang it over our sideboard from the fifties and match it with my collection of old brass candleholders and a painting a friend made for me many years ago.

    The white wall will accentuate the lamp so it becomes both a functional light and a sculpture.

    2011-12-09 | 09:35:47
    URL: http://bokgatan.blogg.se/
  • Nissan says:

    I would hang my Anve lamp on the wall over my colorful Hay Woody bookshelf. It would then spread its light over the collection of "treasures" that I keep in the shelf. A great mix of new and old objects that I'm particularly fond of.

    2011-12-09 | 09:47:30
  • laura Zannoni says:

    It's wonderful! I would hang it over my old 800's desk!

    2011-12-09 | 10:08:36
  • Margrethe says:

    This lamp I would hang in our guestroom, to amaze our sleep-over guests. Together with the aubergin-coloured walls it will make a unice atmosphere

    2011-12-09 | 10:16:33
  • Tiene Wygers says:

    I would hang this one in my newly redecorated hall, where the pictures of my 9 yeard old son are hanging, the ones he made in Art Class. They would fit perfectly together!

    2011-12-09 | 10:57:41
  • Camilla Palm says:

    I would match it with a round kitchen table in wood and four steal chairs in black. Wonderful :D

    2011-12-09 | 10:59:25
    URL: http://livewhatyoulove.blogg.se/
  • stephanie schneider says:

    I really do't no where it put it ... it would look great in the kitchen, the reading room ... but also in my office. I think I would hand it my office --- would be very cool!

    2011-12-09 | 11:05:35
  • Mia says:

    I would hang it over my bed. It will get all the attention from the simple interior in the room.

    2011-12-09 | 11:08:27
  • Nora says:

    i wrote a comment yesterday, but i cant find it now, so probably it didnt work out - i hope its not to late now.

    i saw similar lamps in Stockholm, where i lived in the summer for 3 month. i just love them and i would hang them in my kitchen. i dont have nice light there and a bright white wall, which the lamp could stay for its one, i wouldnt match it with something. its too nice to have a challege with something else :)

    2011-12-09 | 11:13:25
  • Lina Johansson says:

    I would hang it in our kitchen !

    It would be a great match with our really nice curtains !

    2011-12-09 | 11:31:43
    URL: http://liiinaj.blogspot.com
  • Michael says:

    I would put in the long hallway of my old town flat, which is run down in a charming way, but needs a little simple brightness :)

    2011-12-09 | 11:44:22
    URL: http://www.danskmode.com
  • tinne luyten says:

    I would match it with my sofa and enjoy the light while reading the hilaric "The Centenarian who climbed out of the window and disappeared" by Jonas Jonasson.

    2011-12-09 | 11:46:25
    URL: http://www.intertwine.be
  • Maria says:

    SÅ himla fin lampa!! En lampa i lampan liksom!

    Jag skulle hänga den över min arbetsplats. Vi har takbjälkar i taket som jag skulle kunna vira den några varv runt och sen låta den hänga över skrivbordet.

    Håller tummarna!

    2011-12-09 | 11:50:06
    URL: http://riazzoli.blogspot.com/
  • judith b. says:

    Just under the line here! I can see this lovely pendant over my little old slatted folding wooden fisherman's stool-cum nightable- these two would have a lot to say to each other!

    2011-12-09 | 11:50:52
  • Johanna says:

    When my boyfriend moved in with me most of his childhood laborotori glasses and vessels (he was a geek chemisist) had to be put into boxes in a storage because there wasn't any room right now. I would like to give him this lamp as a compensation, and he can put it wherever he likes.

    2011-12-09 | 11:51:42
  • Maria Edström says:

    Jag skulle låta den hänga på min sida av sängen och matha med mitt vita sängbord! Let there be light!

    2011-12-09 | 12:48:09
    URL: http://ariaria.tumblr.com/
  • Lisbeth says:

    Shit, jag glömde va me' :-(

    2011-12-09 | 12:56:45
    URL: http://inredningsdesigner.blogspot.com
  • Addy says:

    I would pu it above my vinyl toy "the munny" standing on my kitchen shelf as an expression of an idea lightning up its mind. Or maybe munny could hold the wire resembling being pulled up by a hot air baloon!

    2011-12-09 | 13:05:58
  • Carola says:

    I would match this wonderful lamp with myself as my surname is Lampe (lamp in german), so we both fit perfectly in my white and minimalistic flat. :-)

    2011-12-09 | 13:59:37
  • julia says:


    or living room...

    or bedroom..


    i guess i´d love it in every room!!!

    2011-12-09 | 14:02:39
    URL: http://giantpeachindustries.blogspot.com
  • Tone Klausen says:

    I would hang this lamp in our hallway to light up the gigantic world map wallpaper there.

    2011-12-09 | 14:44:36
  • Katariina says:

    I would create a minimalistic look with this lamp in my bedroom, and hang it over my nighttable next to my futon bed.

    2011-12-09 | 14:53:00
    URL: http://adreamforsale.blogspot.com
  • Seventeendoors says:

    I would hang it in our enormous bay window, where it would shine on it´s own! :)


    2011-12-09 | 16:08:03
    URL: http://seventeendoors.blogspot.com/
  • Janine Mahon says:

    hmm..I would put it in my living room near a tan leather sofa and sheepkins, mixing up the elements in an area that need light.

    It is gorgeous!

    2011-12-09 | 17:05:38
  • SimoneE says:

    I would hang the lamp next to my Wegner chair that is standing all alone in a dark corner. It could use some (spot)light!

    2011-12-09 | 19:10:48
  • Ortolan says:

    I would love to have this over my dining table.

    Thank you for the chance!

    2011-12-09 | 19:14:36
  • Elvera says:

    What a tough lamp!!!! What a great giveaway!

    I would lay down or putting him at the bare windowsill so that everyone can admire the lamp directly at entry

    2011-12-09 | 21:16:42
    URL: http://http://elv-s.blogspot.com/
  • Tata Taganskaya says:

    I would hang it over my husband's desk - we've just bought a new white office table. should be very stylish and very Scandinavian ;)

    2011-12-10 | 18:03:59
    URL: http://taganskaya.blogspot.com
  • Ida says:

    Jag älskar den där lampan! Finns den att köpa i Sverige? Jag vet att tävlingen är slut men jag skulle såklart ha den i hallen!

    2012-01-21 | 22:38:56

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