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Christmas Calendar 7/12: Appartement

Appartement is a small design shop in Stockholm selling a carefully chosen selection of Scandinavian design items. They are sponsoring today's giveaway with a Sky Planter Recycled, a flower pot made of recycled plastics that let's you hang your plants upside down in your ceiling, freeing up floor or table space and also creating quite a conversation point in your home. Perhaps it would even work for a small Christmas tree?

This cool design won the 2011 Red Dot Award for its use of recycled materials and its integration of a Slo-Flo internal irrigation system that is able to water the plants directly at their roots. And to make it extra fool-proof for those with less than green thumbs, each plant even has a little water level measure and a mess-free locking disk to hold in the soil.

To have a chance to win this, just tell me why you want it in the comments below!

This giveaway is open for 24 hours until 12.00 CET December 8. A winner will be announced here and contacted via email.

This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations Tessa! I have emailed you.


  • Moni says:

    I LOVE the UNUSUAL! And this is definatly unusual. I WANT it ;-)

    2011-12-07 | 12:05:07
    URL: http://becreativ.wordpress.com
  • interieur says:

    I want it because my cat won't succeed in eating this !

    2011-12-07 | 12:14:03
    URL: http://interieur.tumblr.com
  • Sari says:

    I would like to grow herbs on my kitchen window in it!

    2011-12-07 | 12:18:19
    URL: http://blog.icelanddesign.is
  • Mia says:

    I want it because it´s AWESOME!! I´ve never seen anything like this. I LOVE IT!

    2011-12-07 | 12:23:47
  • Lena says:

    because they look soooo funky!!!! :D

    2011-12-07 | 12:25:43
  • JohannaK says:

    I want it, because I really want to see by my self if this sky planter really works ;) kram <3

    2011-12-07 | 12:26:49
    URL: http://www.ekojohanna.blogspot.com
  • Thomas says:

    Simple, I've been chasing a similar system for 2-3 years now. Have even tried DIY-ing this, but apparently I'm not that handy ;)

    2011-12-07 | 12:27:49
    URL: http://studio8940.blogspot.com
  • karyn says:

    I've one and i love it so !

    2011-12-07 | 12:31:29
    URL: http://www.mamoizellek.canalblog.com
  • Jos says:

    I would like to hang in there just like they do...

    2011-12-07 | 12:34:47
  • Laura Zannoni says:

    I would them because in my future attic with wooden beams they would be perfect!

    2011-12-07 | 12:36:51
  • Lisa says:

    I love this idea! It would be perfect in my new apartment since it doesn't have any window sills.

    2011-12-07 | 12:37:39
  • Sinni says:

    Oh my, I've been lusting after one of these for ages. There's already a hook in a perfect spot on my kitchen ceiling - very rare in the household of someone who's not any good with drills! The poor hook just sits there now, all sad and lonely. Winning a Sky Planter would make my day - and my kitchen!

    2011-12-07 | 12:38:07
  • sophie de quervain says:

    I'd like to see the plants adapt themselves in a world up side down...

    2011-12-07 | 12:44:15
  • Marije Pasman says:

    Ohhh I like!!!! Because we live small and with hanging plants we can use our table again:)

    2011-12-07 | 12:48:34
  • Malin says:

    De skulle vara en gåva till en vän, som efter en jobbig separation nu inreder singellya med grönt tema. Tänk trädgård inomhus - inte bara lite blommor på fönsterbrädan. Det vore underbart att kunna glädja och bidra med denna fina present.

    2011-12-07 | 12:51:48
    URL: http://inneoute.blogg.se/
  • Sara says:

    Due to lack of space in my tiny apartment, not many flowers and plants find their way in, especially now where christmas decorations take up all the place. This way I would have the possibility to fill up my space with green, yellow, pink and all sorts of lovely colored plants - any time!

    Cheers Sara

    2011-12-07 | 12:53:20
  • Louise Heide says:

    We have a very small window sill in the kitchen and therefore no room for herbs :0(!! With theese pots i can finally get som wonderful herbs in the kitchen - jubiii..... Cool design!

    Glædelig 7. december ♥

    2011-12-07 | 12:57:09
  • Andrea says:

    Well, my reason for wanting the Sky Planter is definately a bit strange, but hang in there. First, it's because my boyfriend and I simply seem to have too good hands with plants with the result that it's getting a bit crowded in our apartment from monstrous, green things. (And the thing with having green fingers is that you're litterarily unable to throw away healty plants only because of space issues.) Second, we have two adorable cats. Two adorable cats who love to nibble on some of those plants and then throw up because they are sometimes allergic to the plant in question. (Then those cats for a minute aren't so adorable.) And I'm running out of space on shelves and in remote places to place the plants. So a Sky Planter would help out because then I could just sit and watch the cats trying to reach for the most poisonous plant in peace knowing that they would never be able to reach it. Not to mention how much exercise my cats would get as well - and laughs for my boyfriend and me watching them...

    2011-12-07 | 13:00:00
  • natt_ says:

    This could be a cool X-mas gift to my friend, who has reallly raealllly green thumbs :)


    2011-12-07 | 13:03:39
  • Mia Rose says:

    Because my room is so boring and it would add something unique to it!

    2011-12-07 | 13:03:43
  • ary says:

    I would love to have a bit of greenery in my house, unfortunately I don't have much space, but with this magnificent system I would definitely spare space!

    2011-12-07 | 13:09:18
  • annalena says:

    my life feels like this right now...upside down...so when i come back on the right side with my life ,i can look at this in my window and smile and remember and feel good.

    2011-12-07 | 13:11:51
  • Stylishlymebytaryn says:

    Why not? They are recycled, awkward, unusual, "juxtaposed" (Not sure if that really is an english word), just plan amazing and would look great anywhere in my flat, above my bed, complimenting the tv room or even to add some colour to the kitchen... And plus its the Christmas season and I never win anything - Thought id throw the gift trip in too :)

    2011-12-07 | 13:45:12
    URL: http://stylishlymebytaryn.blogspot.com
  • Marie says:

    They are goregeous. I use my windowsill as office space, so there isn't enough space for plants so i would be perfect if i could hang them in the window instead.

    Great blog


    2011-12-07 | 13:49:08
  • SimoneE says:

    I would love one of those planters just because they are really weird and awesome! Also, I'm always looking for smart ways to decorate my studio apartment with things that don't take up too much space. They would be perfect!

    2011-12-07 | 14:01:21
  • Su says:

    I want it in my small painting studio at the end of my garden. The studio has a big skylight and the hanging planter would look great next to the hanging industrial lamp against the white painted bricks! Please let me have it! :)

    2011-12-07 | 14:14:04
  • jokemijn says:

    and yet another one! i live in a small and really old apartment with high ceilings, i'd love to fill a lot of high empty space with this hanging plant.

    2011-12-07 | 14:18:42
    URL: http://jokemijn.blogspot.com
  • Marie Dahlberg says:

    I want it because I´m worth it!

    2011-12-07 | 14:26:58
  • kristin says:

    Åh, den är så härlig... allt med den känns klockrent! Idén, materialet och funktionen! Jag skulle vilja ha den till mina orkideér... jag lyckas aldrig! Den skulle verkligen bli ett väldigt fint utropstecken i vårt hus!

    2011-12-07 | 14:39:14
  • Krisse says:

    Since the first time I saw those Sky Planters I've been dying to have one of my own. I think it would be easier for me to remember to water the plants if they were hanging in front of my window instead of being forgotten on top my shelf. For my plants' sake, I need those!

    2011-12-07 | 14:47:02
    URL: http://melkeinkuinuusi.blogspot.com
  • linn says:

    på grunn av det morsomme uttrykket i ansiktet til dei som kjem på besøk ;)

    2011-12-07 | 14:50:49
    URL: http://homebylinn.blogspot.com/
  • Louise C says:

    Because they look so crazy and original :) I especially like long stems and flowers up-side-down, like the orchids.

    2011-12-07 | 15:04:45
  • Anne says:

    I want it to dangle on my ceiling and tickle my nose while I sleep=)

    2011-12-07 | 15:05:35
  • ema says:

    Because this is art! It makes you feel like being in a reverse space. I think everybody should have a piece of art at home.

    2011-12-07 | 15:37:22
  • Frank says:

    I would love one of these for my dorm window! I live in a basement (luckily with full-height windows) and the only part of my window to receive direct sunlight is the top half. It would be delightful to be able to hang one of these there.

    2011-12-07 | 15:40:34
  • Karoleen says:

    I live in a house, in the attic, with a slanted roof and only two windows therfore I'm unable to have many flowers although I would like too. I'd love to be ablt to use some the roof/celling to my advantage! =)

    2011-12-07 | 16:00:29
    URL: http://karoleen.se
  • Interior Junkie says:

    I'm in :)

    2011-12-07 | 16:08:29
    URL: http://interior-junkie.blogspot.com/
  • Pascaline says:

    Because I have already in my room an upside down driftwood tree... I could may be start a collection and imagine working in a zero gravity appartment. :-)

    2011-12-07 | 16:13:00
    URL: http://blog.bandbeautiful.fr
  • Ida S says:

    Jag har precis flyttat till en större lägenhet med JÄTTESTORA fönster! I ett av dem hänger en krok som jag inte lyckats lösa vad den ska vara till för. Nu vet jag! Där ska hänga en blomma upp och ner!!!

    2011-12-07 | 16:20:51
  • Jodi Anderson says:

    I have been wanting one of these ever since I first saw them earlier this year because... my cats won't stop eating my plants!

    2011-12-07 | 16:37:49
    URL: http://www.akeepingofdays.com
  • Milena K says:

    I just turned my whole life upsidedown! this would be the little reminder to my landscapearchitekt-life!!!

    2011-12-07 | 16:38:54
  • ivana says:

    Because I always tend to kill all my plants. This would be a different and working solution to grow some herbs, right? And, of course, it looks awesome.

    2011-12-07 | 16:40:17
  • nejnas says:

    I'm a relatively new blogger. winning this pot would give me one or to post on my blog :-)

    Gillar din blogg väldigt mycket!

    2011-12-07 | 17:23:27
    URL: http://nejnas.blogspot.com
  • Kerli says:

    My orchid is waiting for it, it's about to bloom in three weeks, and I believe it's a cool thing to place in front of the big window, for neighbors to look :)

    2011-12-07 | 17:58:47
  • Kellie Sellin Edland says:

    I want it because my stupid mom keeps taking up all work space with all her plants, and this would really help. She totally needs it...

    2011-12-07 | 18:05:19
    URL: http://genieinamug.blogg.se/
  • nea says:

    I have been dreaming of these for so long and I don't have any houseplants.

    2011-12-07 | 18:08:20
  • Chloe says:

    I do not have a green thumb, but have been wanting to have more plants in the house because I know it's healthy for us (the air we breath)...this would be a lovely, simple way to do that, I think. Also, I've never won a giveaway, so it would be plain fun to win. ;)

    2011-12-07 | 18:09:54
  • Tessa says:

    I would love to have these ones, because it's so original! My home never had the wow-factor, it's a very basic interior... It want to invite people and show off these original plants!

    And my appartment is also very small, so I've no room for big plants. I'm really missing the greens in my house, but there is simply no room for them. This would be the perfect solution, though! Some greens in my appartment, at last :D

    2011-12-07 | 18:24:57
  • Anna says:

    I would like to have a djungle in my room. Good start having these :)


    2011-12-07 | 18:46:39
  • DeliaSJ says:

    Because it'a an unique and out of ordinary idea!

    2011-12-07 | 19:12:51
  • Chi says:

    because it's just beautiful :)

    2011-12-07 | 19:55:17
    URL: http://if-i-were-audrey.blogspot.com
  • vrensen says:

    uhhhh, i like it! it would me nice to have it, because i could have beautiful plants and the cat would hardly have the chance to nosh them! so far the only houseplants i have are grass for the cat and my christmas tree erwin. :D

    2011-12-07 | 19:55:36
    URL: http://designvreni.blogspot.com
  • Véronique says:

    för intrycket av att vara i världen upp och ner !!!

    J'adore !!!

    Véronique de Korsica

    2011-12-07 | 19:59:27
  • Pani Ewa says:

    Because our flat is so small that there is no place for flowers and plant pots. This is the perfect solution for us to get some nature in. Really perfect!

    2011-12-07 | 20:02:36
  • Jamie says dream says:

    Oh, this is so fun! I need some "life" in a corner of my livingroom, and this would be a perfect way to get both a plant and a fun design item in to the room.

    2011-12-07 | 20:22:27
    URL: http://jamiesaysdream.blogspot.com
  • Cecilia says:

    Jag får ofta höra att jag brukar göra saker bakvänt och det i kombination med att jag verkligen inte har några gröna fingrar gör den här krukan som gjuten för mig. Vi behöver bli vänner.

    2011-12-07 | 20:37:15
  • Flav says:

    I want it because all my friend would be so jealous and would tell me that I always find the coolest things.. ;-)

    2011-12-07 | 20:45:06
  • Linda says:

    Because I could grow herbs in the kitchen so that it doesn´t need space on the sink.

    2011-12-07 | 21:04:55
  • Susanne says:

    I would like to have one/several in my kitchen window so people walking by would have something to talk about!

    2011-12-07 | 21:33:05
  • Susanne says:

    How cool! And maybe even I could keep a plant alive =)

    2011-12-07 | 21:43:51
  • Matias says:

    I really like the design. This pot would be a perfect gift to my friend who was recently blessed with a daughter. When her girl starts crawling and running around I guess ordinary flower pots are somewhat dangerous because they easily fall down from the windowsill. My friend also likes design-solutions that are out of the ordinary so this would suit her well.

    2011-12-07 | 21:59:27
  • johanna says:

    o have a chance to win this, just tell me why you want it in the comments below!

    These are fantastic!

    On of these would be superb by our outdoorkitchen at our allotment!

    2011-12-07 | 22:07:20
    URL: http://todayyouinspiredme.blogspot.com
  • nina says:

    Those wonderful pieces of flower pots inspire me in new thinking. (and new possibilities of course)

    2011-12-07 | 22:25:14
  • maria olga vlachou says:

    first of all your blog is so inspiring ..it s my daily read..i love these hanging gardens because i leave in greece and everything right now are upside down , so the view of these makes me feel comfort.....feels like home..

    2011-12-07 | 23:04:44
  • Anonym says:

    first of all your blog is so inspiring ..it s my daily read..i love these hanging gardens because i leave in greece and everything right now are upside down , so the view of these makes me feel comfort.....feels like home..

    2011-12-07 | 23:05:30
  • Kyla says:

    I would like it because I am trying to embrace a minimalist style (partly inspired by your blog) and I think that this planter would help keep the counters clutter free while providing some needed greenery.

    2011-12-07 | 23:32:54
  • Johanna says:

    Because gravity is obsolete.

    2011-12-07 | 23:58:52
  • Diva Cruz says:

    I really want it because is the perfect solution to give some vegetation, some color and some life in my boring workplace.

    With this solution I will work with more pleasure and I will be happier♥

    2011-12-08 | 04:37:58
  • Janet says:

    My plants always die, perhaps a solution

    2011-12-08 | 07:22:32
  • Sugar Fish says:

    Because it is so funny.

    2011-12-08 | 08:25:15
  • Annemari says:

    I want it because I currently live in such a small apartment (17m2) that there's not much room for plants. I don't even have a window sill, so I can't place my plants there to enjoy the light. This would be a perfect thing to hang in front of a window. I also love how crazy those upside down plants look like!

    2011-12-08 | 09:11:59
    URL: http://pinterest.com/aams/
  • jeanette says:

    These flowerpots are perfect, if you do not have any windowboards or just too narrow ones to fit in ordinary flowerpots.Lack of space and flat surfaces is another problem the flowerpots solve. This is my home and that is the reason, for me, loving to own the superb flowerpot.

    2011-12-08 | 10:13:48
  • Ida says:

    I visited Stockholm recently, saw the pots in Appartement's window and immediately fell in love with them. I think for two reasons: 1. We have really big windows and most flower pots as well as plants look tiny on the window sill. 2. We, especially I, have the most ungreenish fingers. Although I try all the time to get them green (which would go more with my personality than the ungreen, I think). Please help me on my way of greenify our home!

    2011-12-08 | 10:39:31
  • Ida says:

    I recently visited Stockholm, saw the pots in Appartements window and immediately fell in love. For two reasons I think: 1. We have really big windows and most flower pots as well as plants look tiny on the window sill. 2. We, especially I, have to most ungreenish fingers. However I struggle all the time to get them greener, which I think would go much more with my personality. Please help me on my way of greenify our home!

    2011-12-08 | 10:42:42
  • immerfrau says:

    i love it! A must have it!

    and as a young interior designer don't have money to buy myself nice design stuff... so this would be a start in my own house. finally!

    2011-12-08 | 11:26:19
  • Esther says:

    Because they're funny and beutiful. Love them!

    2011-12-08 | 13:37:26
  • Leah Goetzel says:

    I need it to prove to my mother that I CAN take care of foliage and that I do not in fact of her brown thumb.

    And it would darn cool in my room :)

    2011-12-08 | 14:04:12
    URL: http://leahgoetzel.blogspot.com

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