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Christmas Calendar 3/12: L:a Bruket

It's time for the third giveaway in the Christmas calendar!
Today's giveaway is sponsored by L:a Bruket, a small company in southern Sweden making wonderful handmade soaps and spa products from the finest ecological ingredients and with super stylish packaging. This is what they are offering one lucky winner: a set of soaps with the delicious scent of Cinnamon/cardamom/tangerine, Rosemary salt scrub, Facial oil and a Dark Vanilla scented candle (total worth € 91).

To win this great pampering package, just tell me in the comments below who you would like to give a luxurious pampering gift to and why, and which of L:a Bruket's products would you give them? You can find all the products in their webshop.

This giveaway is open for 24 hours and closes 12.00 (CET) Sunday 4/12. A winner will be chosen by me and contacted via email.
Update! This giveaway is now closed!

Congrats Arlen! A package from L:a Bruket should be at your doorstep soon!


  • Kellie says:

    I would love to give a luxurious pampering gift to my grandmother who is a lovely person who does nothing but help others and take care of her family. She deserves it so much! I really love her. I would give her the 15 SALTSKRUBB RINGBLOM!

    2011-12-03 | 12:18:28
    URL: http://genieinamug.blogg.se/
  • tina says:

    I'd get a http://www.lillabruket.se/en/products-web-shop/spa-baths-3066605 for my boyfriend, because he's working so much and needs to relax.

    2011-12-03 | 12:26:08
    URL: http://herbststurmxo.blogspot.com
  • Amanda R says:

    I would give the Cinnamon, Cardamom & Tangerine liquid soap/bodywash (it sounds lovely!) to my mom who is always there for me :).

    2011-12-03 | 12:30:58
  • Anna says:

    I would so love to give away the "Surfskrubb" to my mother because she is sooo worth it, AND we have just gotten our new bathroom so it would be great to have a very, very nice scent in there 24/7.

    2011-12-03 | 12:34:36
  • Tine Grarup says:

    I would definately give a luxurious pampering gift to my mother who is one of the most wonderfull women that I know. She work really hard to make sure that everyone around her are happy. That is both for her co-workers at work, friends and family.. This also means that she has little time to take care of herself making sure that she relax as well. She deserves it so much!

    2011-12-03 | 12:37:55
  • Lena says:

    Gonna give TÅNGBAD to my mother, because she has psora pretty bad all over her body.... and this probably would help...

    2011-12-03 | 12:44:26
  • natt_ says:

    I would give 68 LINNEVATTEN LAVENDEL to my boyfriend's grandmother, because she has had some rough time lately staying in unpleasant hospitals and I think that the scent of lavender on her linens and towels would be a nice and relaxing recap from all that.


    2011-12-03 | 12:45:42
  • kicki says:

    Jag skulle ge mig själv en välbehövlig klapp. Behöver en liten renovering av kroppen och det här är ett skönt sätt att starta.

    Skulle välja saltscruben. Det är mina favoriter när det kommer till kroppsrenovering.

    2011-12-03 | 12:46:07
    URL: http://iverashus.blogspot.com
  • Laura_Maradam says:

    I would love to give some pampering to my mother. Not only because she deserves it as any other loving mother out there, but because she is a fighter. She has overcome so many things in life that its even hard for me to understand how she did it. So, hands up for her and all the powerwomen out there.

    PS: Her favorite scent is vanilla so I think Im going to stick to the dark vanilla candle :-)


    2011-12-03 | 12:53:59
    URL: http://mar-adam.com
  • Louise Heide says:

    I would give the "saltbad mynta" to my wonderful older sister. She is always taking care of everyone but herself. She has 3 lovely children, she is the best mother ever, the best sister and she deserves a little time to herself - in the tub, relaxing and enjoying the scent of mint, which she loves ♥

    2011-12-03 | 12:58:12
  • Traveling Mama says:

    Definitely something with cardamom in it to my Mother-in-law. She works so hard during the holidays and could use some pampering!

    2011-12-03 | 12:59:33
    URL: http://www.travelingmama.net
  • Mikaela says:

    I would give this one to my mum 170 "SALTBAD LAVENDEL" because she is my mum and deserves the best and she loves lavendel

    2011-12-03 | 13:00:44
  • Tom says:

    To my mother! No further comment needed :)

    2011-12-03 | 13:06:33
  • Arlen says:

    I'd love to give the 170 Saltbad Lavendel to my mom, she never spends money on herself and is always giving the best of everything to me and my sister, that's how it's been our whole lives, I think she deserves some pampering now and the 170 Saltbad Lavendel is the perfect gift for it, specially as Lavendel is her favorite flower :-)

    2011-12-03 | 13:10:55
    URL: http://agamecalled-life.blogspot.com
  • Tanja says:

    It would be a gift for my sister. We live far away from each other and I miss her a lot. We used to share everything. Presents would remind her of me and how much I care about her. We will spend this X-mas together (and then I could try some of these beautiful things:))

    2011-12-03 | 13:11:10
  • Janet says:

    I would give my dad a SOAP ON A ROPE. He is one of those old fashioned guys that loves "simple" products for a simple life! He has been working his ass off to be able to send me to university and this would just be the start of me repaying it all back!

    2011-12-03 | 13:19:13
  • eda says:

    Åhh vad fin din blogg design är! Det är så kul att bloggare gör julkalendrar, det är så spännande :D :D Åhh hoppas det blir någon snö fram till jul :((

    2011-12-03 | 13:24:17
    URL: http://edisens.blogg.se/
  • Kristina says:

    Jag skulle vilja ge min mamma den flytande tvålen med kanel, kardemumma och mandarin. Det låter ljuvligt och juligt!

    2011-12-03 | 13:35:46
  • Emma Katarina Maria says:

    Älskar din blogg!

    2011-12-03 | 13:45:23
    URL: http://emmakatarinamaria.blogg.se/
  • Itu says:

    Something relaxing to my brother's girlfriend. They're expecting their first child and she deserves all the help she gets. ;)

    2011-12-03 | 13:50:53
  • Ida says:

    I would love to give it to my pregnant best friend, because she deserves it!

    2011-12-03 | 13:52:11
  • Elina says:

    I would definitely pamper my mom, who is the best mom there is and barely ever does anything to pamper herself. I think she deserves it though. I'd give her Ansiktsolja and scented candles and perhaps some Sheasmör.

    2011-12-03 | 13:54:14
  • Véronique says:

    J'adore ce produit : 07 VILDROS : Wild Rose

    Je l'offrirai à Camille, une petite fille toute douce, pour qu'elle voit la vie en rose.

    2011-12-03 | 13:56:27
  • Amber says:

    I would give my friend a super indulgent gift to cheer her up. As she is caring for her father 24/7. I would give her the 174 doftljus mork vanilj candle in the dark vanilla. The smell alone would be able to take care if her self ad well.

    2011-12-03 | 13:59:40
  • Adrian says:

    I'd give the 09 CITRONGRÄS soap to my wife, who adores soap. Why? She's my wife, who else am I going to give it to?!

    2011-12-03 | 14:06:29
  • Elke Hanssens says:

    Can I just be selfish and say I want these goodies all for myself ??? I have an utterly wonderful baby boy since a bit more than a year but it means I just get so little me-time - I would love a hot bath with some 01 SALTBAD: RINGBLOM and than some bodybutter afterwards....

    2011-12-03 | 14:09:21
  • Johanna says:

    Jag skulle vilja ge den till min mamma som är en stor inspiration i mitt liv. Tyvärr har hon för två veckor sedan drabbats av en livslång sjukdom som gör att hon inte kommer kunna röra sig som vanligt och som hon älskar så mycket. Bor långt ifrån mig men jag tänker på henne jämt och vill gärna ge henne lite uppmuntran i vardagen :)

    2011-12-03 | 14:15:16
    URL: http://johannaty.blogg.se/
  • Katherine says:

    I would give the SALTBAD LAVENDEL to my mum. She would have been married 40 years yesterday, sadly my Dad died earlier this year and she is faced with more anniversaries related to his illness over the next few months. My Dad used to give my mum lavender bath oil to help her relax, she is moving to new flat in few weeks and this would hopefully help her in the evening.

    2011-12-03 | 14:23:19
  • Jenny S says:


    Jag skulle faktiskt vilja ge mig själv en klapp. Har haft det ganska tuff på sista tiden men i allt det lyckats få ett nytt och superintressant jobb. Jag borde få unna mig något eget. Ha det fint!

    2011-12-03 | 14:30:29
  • Chloe says:

    Mmm...I would definitely be giving the body wash to my sister and best friend Hannah. She's 23, mother of two little ones and was just diagnosed with Lupus (has spent over a month in the hospital, poor thing)...she is always cheerful, but she could DEFINITELY use some pampering!

    Oh, and I'd give the facial oil to MYSELF! Haha! I'm the new mother of a baby girl...my life is so wonderfully full now, but I'm afraid that means that my skin has been neglected. Haha.

    2011-12-03 | 14:32:24
  • Noelle says:

    I have to be a bit selfish for the moment... I just finished my PhD last week and would like to treat myself with these!

    2011-12-03 | 14:37:04
  • nora. says:

    my boyfriend loves it when I scratch him. But I can't always be there...therefor he definitely needs the Rosemary salt scrub.

    2011-12-03 | 14:38:29
  • Linnea says:

    I would like to give a gift to my mother, she's been having us kids living with her for the past 26 years or so, but just a few weeks ago my youngest brother moved out. I think it's time for my mother to spend some time thinking about herself! Therefore, I would like to give her the TAMPTVÅL GRAN OCH TALL and the 172 SALTBAD TÅNG. Or, maybe, I'd give her the things in this contest, if I win :)

    2011-12-03 | 14:39:28
  • ary says:

    I would give the spa bath SALTBAD LAVENDEL to my best friend, so when she goes home after a long day of work she can relax!

    2011-12-03 | 14:49:17
  • veronica grandjean says:

    i would give a spa saltbad lavendel to my brother who lives so far from the place i live. he lives in södermalm/ stockholm and i live in switzerland. and we used to have beautiful lavender plants in the garden of aor childhood...he would be very pleased to be chosen...and me too :)

    2011-12-03 | 15:09:49
  • Kerri says:

    I would love to give my daughter a pampering gift. She works with Alzheimer's patients and is so dedicated to them, it would be nice to give her something for herself.

    2011-12-03 | 15:09:56
  • Design & Stuff says:

    love minimalistic packaging :) im not in to win this though :)

    2011-12-03 | 15:21:10
    URL: http://designnstuff.blogg.se/
  • Emelie says:

    Svärsyster som går in i sin 6:e månad med första knodden i magen. Med ny doktorandstjänst och graviditet som inte varit helt igenom problemfri gör hon det så j*kla bra. I dagarna flyttar hon och sambon in i en ny lägenhet - med badkar! - så saltbadet med mynta känns som ett självklart val...

    (inte minst då mintiga dofter tycks vara bland det enda som inte retar kräkreflexen :) )

    2011-12-03 | 15:25:19
  • Erin W. says:

    I would gift the whole lot to my wonderful, inspiring cousin Lisbeth. She has been like an older sister to me since I moved all the way to Denmark from Canada to study. At the same time, she pulls of a PR job + is a hardworking mom of 2 boys, which means that there is not a lot of "girl-time" in that house. I would love to give her a little escape from the boys-club with some serious pampering products like these - I know candles can't clean the house, but they have to help....right?? ;-) E.

    2011-12-03 | 15:27:33
    URL: http://canadieren.blogspot.com
  • alice says:

    I'd love to win this luxurious pampering gift and I would give it to my mother. I love her all over my heart and I know she likes all sorts of "taking-care-of-yourself" products. She is the best mother ever and I think she really deserves this! I know this one would fit her perfect. I would be soo happy and I know she would too! /Alice.

    2011-12-03 | 15:37:07
    URL: http://vida.blogg.se/
  • Gosia says:

    I would give vanilla candle to my sister.Now she's ill,so she is staying at my house,because I'm helping her to recover.I'm trying my best,but I know she really misses her home,specially now,when Christmas is coming.I would like to give her substitute of the smell in her house,because she was always in love with aromatic candles.Her home smells like chocolate and vanilla.I know she would love this gift.It would really make her happy.

    Greets from Poland :*


    2011-12-03 | 15:49:56
  • jokemijn says:

    i love their styling! i would give the spa bath to my boyfriend, who has been working so hard lately, i hardly have seen him.

    2011-12-03 | 15:50:03
    URL: http://jokemijn.blogspot.com
  • waerland says:

    hello! You have a very nice blog, I'd love to win spa saltbad lavender for my mother. She does everything for me and I want to give her a great present because I love her very much, have a nice weekend:)

    2011-12-03 | 15:56:04
    URL: http://waerlands.blogg.se/
  • DeliaSJ says:

    I would like to give tis precious gift to my siter, she would love the patchouli surfscrub - so funny the soap on rope!


    2011-12-03 | 16:11:16
  • kristin says:

    Jag skulle ge saltskrubben med rosmarin till min underbara man, som dag och natt bygger ett fint hus till oss... han kan behöva lite lyx... och bli ordentligt ren förstås! ;)

    2011-12-03 | 16:17:08
  • Lenka Hudáková says:

    After a lot of time spent researching L:A BRUKET products I have decided that my sister would absolutely love everything from them because she's a vegan and she's into all things organic. If I had to choose one though....the product ANSIKTSSKRUBB would be amazing for her. She's been having problems with acne for quite some time now and I think this facial scrub would suit her! Moreover it smells of Japan mint, and she is crazy about the japanese culture!

    2011-12-03 | 16:35:34
    URL: http://paradise-garage.tumblr.com
  • Salbe says:

    I would give jojobaoil to my babygirl (I'm 33 weeks pregnant) because I want only the best for her delicate skin.

    2011-12-03 | 16:37:35
  • David says:

    Jag skulle ge min fina fru ett Sheasmör, givetvis med tillhörande massage! Detta eftersom vi sällan hinner ses nu i allt husbyggande som vi håller på med.

    2011-12-03 | 16:41:34
  • Lovisa says:

    det finns en person jag med denna produkt skulle vilja frälsa, någon som behöver gynna sin hälsa.

    min mamma behöver släppa lite på sin fasad. kom igen, vi ger henne ett uppfriskande bad!

    hur ska hon hela julen orka pynta, om vi inte ger henne ett saltbad av mynta?

    2011-12-03 | 16:42:55
  • Lenka Hudakova says:

    After a lot of time spent researching L:A BRUKET products I have decided that my sister would absolutely love everything from them because she's a vegan and she's into all things organic. If I had to choose one though....the product ANSIKTSSKRUBB would be amazing for her. She's been having problems with acne for quite some time now and I think this facial scrub would suit her! Moreover it smells of Japan mint, and she is crazy about the japanese culture!

    2011-12-03 | 16:43:11
    URL: http://paradise-garage.tumblr.com
  • sam says:

    I would love to give my dad the saltskrubb, because he works incredibly hard at a job that roughens and dries his hands and gives him callouses. He's worked so hard for his family, and I'd like to give him a gift like this as a (relatively small) token of thanks for all he has done for us throughout the years.

    2011-12-03 | 16:43:48
  • Katerina says:

    I would really like to have the opportunity to give this lovely package to my mother but unfortunately she is not that into that stuff so I would like to give it to myself because I'have been working so much lately and I think I deserve some time to relax.

    2011-12-03 | 16:49:15
  • Maja Fjøsne says:

    Hei hei!

    Jeg vil gjerne gi dette deilige settet til meg selv :) Er i uke 39 og har termin på torsdag. Føler at det nærmer seg veldig - kommer hun før? Dette hadde vært en herlig mammajulegave... God jul!


    2011-12-03 | 17:14:33
  • L says:

    My mom. She's just been through a string of bad events and hasn't too much to look forward to. I would give her the Marigold bath salts so that she could enjoy a lovely bath - something small, but nevertheless something nice to look forward to after the horrendously long work weeks she has.

    2011-12-03 | 17:16:09
  • kajsa Jacobson says:

    Jag skulle vilja ge min pappa Lilla brukets Cerat. Han går alltid med helt fnasig och torra läppar på vintern, och jag tror att den främsta anledningen är för att han uppfattar cerat som en produkt för kvinnor. Lite töntigt kanske.. Men Lilla brukets grafiska design är verkligen snygg och den går definitivt hem hos män också. Så med ett sådant cerat i fickan hade han inte behövs skämmas och dessutom fått en riktigt bra produkt. Nu kan mamma kyssa tomten igen och njuta =)

    2011-12-03 | 17:21:27
  • Ulrika says:

    Jag skulle ge en saltskrubb ringblom till min syster, eftersom hon skulle behöva lite lyx som hon aldrig själv unnar sig.

    2011-12-03 | 17:24:25
    URL: http://www.kakorochjag.wordpress.com
  • Brandon says:

    I can't think of anyone more deserving of pampering than my fiance.

    2011-12-03 | 17:32:07
    URL: http://www.sickduckdesign.com
  • t says:

    Lost my job a while ago so I'm feeling stressed having very little money to buy Christmas presents. This could really help in that.

    2011-12-03 | 17:47:05
  • maria says:

    Tvålen med kardemumma, kanel och mandarin skulle jag vilja ge till min käre pojkvän som är den i familjen som spenderar mest tid i badrummet och framför spegeln.

    2011-12-03 | 17:56:25
  • Ariane says:

    my father's smell is one of those eternal memories. He was a professional cyclist, after long bike ride tours, he would come home smelling of salt and sunshine and skin. I love that smell. After a shower he was a new man, smelling of lavender and rosemary. He has never worn cologne, just the soft scent of soap. I would give him the salt scrub; I think he would be confused by its purpose but be won over by the scent. Plus, after bike rides, whats better than scrubbing down? A perfect pair.


    2011-12-03 | 18:27:24
  • Louise says:

    Can I be selfish and keep it for myself? ;) I have very dry skin, especially in winter and I've been looking for a good product. I'm thinking the SHEASMÖR Natural body butter with e-vitamin or one of the body oils might help.

    2011-12-03 | 18:50:07
    URL: http://louly.deviantart.com
  • Cecile says:

    I would give this to my cousin, who lost her mother yesterday to cancer. Not only is this very close to Christmas - her mother died on her 41 year birthday. I think she could use a warming present.

    2011-12-03 | 19:08:13
  • Chi says:

    i would give my best friend the saltbad tang, because i would want to have it too :)

    2011-12-03 | 19:14:31
    URL: http://if-i-were-audrey.blogspot.com
  • barbarina says:

    what a great company, I didn't know about it before..

    everything looks great, hope there will be a chance to find the products here in italy too.

    I would give such a present to my mum.. she had such a bad news at her workplace. hopefully something that nice could give her some pleasant moments to relax and enjoy small things in life. I am sure she would love especially the rosemary scrub (and I would love to try it too!) the scent of this herb always reminds of our summers in the south..

    keep fingers crossed!

    2011-12-03 | 19:17:46
  • Ale says:

    I would like to give such a present to one of my best friends. she just jump in plane to come to me an being there for me, like if I live just around the corner.

    2011-12-03 | 19:52:41
  • nea says:

    I would give the Saltscrub scented with rosemary to my sister for that is what she has been hoping to get.

    2011-12-03 | 20:27:53
  • Kedonkukka says:

    I would give "CHILI OCH CHAI" soap for my mother. I've never seen herself using anything else than soaps on ropes. And especially this soap would be perfect for my mother, because she's a spicy lady. Spicy what it comes to personality and cooking :).

    2011-12-03 | 20:49:54
  • LL says:

    Jag hade gett bort Saltbad Tång till min svärmor. Hon är en av de få som verkligen engagerar sig och tar sig tid till barn på allvar. På somrarna vilar hon upp sig i sommarstugan på landet och jag vet att hon hade uppskattat ett varmt bad mitt i vintern som påminner om den skånska sommaren vid stugan. Lite som av en energikick skulle jag tro!

    2011-12-03 | 20:50:56
    URL: http://konstruerar.blogspot.com
  • Ylva says:

    Underbart för en förpackningsnörd som jag, så fina alla deras produkter är!

    Jag skulle ge något till den i släkten som uppskattar det mest... mig själv. Älskar fina dofter och skulle mer än gärna skämma bort mig själv med doftljudet med citrongräsdoft.

    2011-12-03 | 21:08:57
    URL: http://darlingthings.blogspot.com
  • Emma Fahlstedt says:

    Jag skulle ge min man en lyxig tvål med citrongräs. Han, liksom jag, älskar de härliga produkterna och inte minst designen. Lovely!

    2011-12-03 | 21:58:35
  • Pascaline says:

    Hello Emma,

    I would like to offer to my beloved boyfriend the RINGBLOMSOLJA so that he could relax in his bath slowly when night falls. Thanks and have a nice week-end.

    2011-12-03 | 22:03:58
    URL: http://blog.bandbeautiful.fr
  • Gunilla W says:

    I would pamper ME! I know, it´s the obvious anserw but no it isn´t for me. I have been really good at neglecting myself the last year. The reasons for that is obvious though, a fantastic babyboy and a faboulus house from the 70´s. Booth demanding and timeconsuming but absolotley amazing to have been blessed with. Now, that the baathroom is renovated I would looooove to sneek in there and just pamper myself with a long bath with Saltbad Tång and than when I´m all relaxed just keep pampering my skin whith the Sheasmör. Can you see it? I really can! Thank you! Love G

    2011-12-03 | 22:04:51
  • Angelica says:

    Jag skulle faktiskt vilja vinna detta till mig själv eftersom jag bokstavlingen inte varit utanför min dörr på tre veckor pga att jag är sjuk!

    Därför skulle det vara lite mysigt att få rå om sig själv nu när jag börjar må bättre igen! :)

    2011-12-03 | 22:08:25
  • Nathalie says:

    Hi Emma

    I would like to give the saltbad tång to my brother, he relly needs to calm down and take care of him self. What could be bettet then a warm bath with LA Brukets amazing products!! I tried the lavendel soap at a friends house a couple of months ago and cant live with out it!

    2011-12-03 | 22:16:00
  • Monica, blogg Betongkrukan says:


    jag plågas just nu av en seg förkylning, så jag skulle vilja ge mig själv ett uppiggande kurbad med mynta.

    Hälsningar Monica

    2011-12-03 | 22:30:49
    URL: http://betongkrukan.blogspot.com/
  • mimi la sardine says:

    New discovery, great products and packaging!

    To be honest, I'd love to try the LINNEVATTEN LAVENDEL as it would be a treat I wouldn't usually alllow myself with..is that too greedy :?)

    2011-12-03 | 22:33:04
  • laummm says:

    I miss my boyfriend so bad, since he went to study in Copenhagen for 6 months. Now he's coming back for christmas and I would be nowhere else more likely than in a warm relaxing bathwater with him. So, i would give a bath for us with "SALTBAD: RINGBLOM". We deserve it!

    2011-12-03 | 22:45:16
  • Arora Eir Traustadottir says:

    I would give my grandmother the wild rose liquid soap because wild roses remind me of her.

    2011-12-03 | 22:59:36
  • Lisbeth says:

    Jag skulle gärna vilja skicka ett tångbad till Kungen, som verkar behöva ta det lugnt och glömma såväl kaffeflickor som journalister. Kanske ett tångbad skulle hjälpa? Räcker det för två, får gärna Silvia krypa ner i badet också. Så generös är jag ;-)

  • TOASTED says:

    Jag skulle vilja ge doftljus till min älskade syster som är helt galen i just doftljus. Antingen med grapefrukt eller citrongräs-doft eftersom hon gillar citruslukter. Doftljus är verkligen någonting man kan unna sig för att höja kvaliteten på vardagen, och det förtjänar hon för hon är världens bästa syster!

    2011-12-03 | 23:25:37
    URL: http://toasted.webblogg.se/
  • Frida says:

    Jag skulle ge min kära mor sheasmör (bodybutter). Eftersom jag vet hur torr hon blir under vinterhalvåret och hade behövt denna lilla fuktbomb att återfukta trött och torr hud med. Hon är dessutom lite petig gällande vilka produkter hon använder, ska gärna inte finnas för mycket tillsatser i produkterna och hon har alltid miljön i åtanke. Därför är deras koncept perfekt! Dessutom närproducerat :). Plus att hon är värd det för hon är världens bästaste mamma :)

    2011-12-03 | 23:59:40
  • Sofia Tranemyr says:

    Jag skulle vilja ge ett doftljus som får rummet att bada i vaniljarom till min underbara mamma. Hon är värd att få njuta av en stunds lyx när hon tar ett avslappnande bad!

    2011-12-04 | 00:19:33
  • Stefano says:

    I would give the rosemary salts ... well ... to me. I ve been working 7/7 since mid november, and I will work this pace till christmas eve. It would be nice to get back home from work that night, open a bottle of good red wine, lipsinking Frank Sinatra singing in the background; and then step into a hot water tub enjoying the perfume of rosemary. sometimes each one of us needs to be cuddle even by ourselves,because we worth it. merry xmas

    2011-12-04 | 00:21:34
  • Joel says:

    My stepdaughter really deserves some serious pampering after her accident. I would offer her the 82 KURBADSOLJA which sounds perfect for a hot shower cure. The L:A Bruket products would look so good in her bathroom too!

    2011-12-04 | 00:43:00
  • Andreas Eklöf says:

    Jag vill överraska min prinsessa för hon är verkligen värd en dos av lyxig L:a Bruket-flärd. Hon är trött och stressad, ständigt på G och sms:ad.

    Kurbadsoljan i ett hett bad skulle göra susen - så slipper hon vara utsjasad och frusen ♥

    Mvh Andreas

    2011-12-04 | 00:46:15
  • Carolyn T. says:

    I would give my mom SHEASMÖR as a pampering gift because she pampers people all day at her job as a nail technician and deserves some herself!

    2011-12-04 | 00:53:42
  • Kim says:

    I'm eyeing those candles for myself, to be honest....but as a gift, I'd love to give my lovely friend Lucy the vanilla candle and the ringblomsolja body oil. Together they'd make such a nice routine!

    2011-12-04 | 00:56:44
  • Silje T says:

    I love your blog:)

    I would like to give the dark vanilla scented candle to my best friend because she is always there for me! She loves candles so that would be a great surprice!

    2011-12-04 | 02:04:35
  • Dee says:

    my friend who has just had a child. she definitely needs some pampering

    2011-12-04 | 02:10:42
    URL: http://shehadusathello.blogspot.com/
  • Anonym says:

    I would give the body soap 'cedarwood, rosemary and orange' (a sexy, masculine scent) to my hubby :)

    2011-12-04 | 02:54:19
  • Tata Taganskaya says:

    It sounds like a music: "Hand made soap with dried Calendula and a scent of a summer meadow." I would pamper myself - I do it so rare! ;)

    2011-12-04 | 03:16:13
    URL: http://taganskaya.blogspot.com
  • AmyC says:

    My boyfriend's mama! She's just gotten into taking baths (even thinking of redoing her bathroom Moroccan style!!!!) the last few years and I would love to pamper her with a medley of marigold products:

    Ringblom Saltbad


    Saltskrubb Ringblom

    and a luxurious Vildros hand & bodywash

    2011-12-04 | 04:25:47
    URL: http://bisteccaflorialiving.tumblr.com
  • Janine says:

    I would love to gift the Jojobaolja to my daughter who is just learning about the world of skin care and how quality means everything!!

    2011-12-04 | 04:47:11
  • Egle says:

    Cinnamon, Cardamom, Tangerine: Liquid soap for hand and bodywash. To be honest, I would pamper myself. How could I give away such a treat?

    2011-12-04 | 09:49:30
    URL: http://www.zaidimuaikstele.lt/
  • Orsi says:

    I'd give it to myself as I my second child is due next week and I'm sure I will need some pampering at home. I love the seeweed bath and the face oils.

    2011-12-04 | 10:37:53
  • Jda says:

    2011-12-04 | 10:43:39
  • Ida says:

    I would give the cerat: granatäpple och kokos to my friend Lotta. She has been struggling with (really) chapped lips all fall because they got infected this summer and because of that she couldn't even laugh for several weeks and she looked like Quasimodo (according to herself) :). She could really need some good products for her lips that doesn't create the addiction that many chapsticks do!

    2011-12-04 | 10:48:42
  • Bozena says:

    Well, should i say my mum, my sister, my daughter, my friend? No, i'd rather say to myself ! Because i always care about others but this nice gift should be for me this time. I also deserve the best! :)

    2011-12-04 | 11:09:06
  • Cecile says:

    Hi Emma

    I would use the products to create a pampering spa day at home for my best friend and me. But the VANILLA SCENTED CANDLE i would give to my husband who is from Madagascar, and adores vanilla...

    2011-12-04 | 11:30:55
  • Agnes T says:

    My mum's birthday is comming up on the 19th of december and I have not been abel to find the perfect gift for her since I am almost 9 months pregnent and it is hard to get around. This "basket" would be perfect for her because se loves unic organic products and to pamper herselve.

    2011-12-04 | 11:38:52
  • Sari says:

    I would give the chili och chai tvål to my little sister who recently returned from Memphis where she ate lots of hot and spicy food, and who is now back in Helsinki, getting cozy before Christmas. x

    2011-12-04 | 13:40:10
    URL: http://blog.icelanddesign.is
  • Julia M.-M. says:

    my best friend is in the middle of a divorce. i'm sure if I could give it to her it would help her to relax a bit in between.

    2011-12-04 | 15:56:15
  • Linda says:


    I would like to give it to myself. Could really use a pampering. 6 months pregnant with a 1,5-year old daughter, we just finished renovating our house-or atleast made it liveable. I already got the x-mas presents for everyone else... Could use a little me-time! Happy Holidays!

    2011-12-04 | 18:43:53
  • marina says:

    i'd give my mum any of the candles as she loves her home to smell wonderful at all times.

    2011-12-04 | 21:28:44

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