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Christmas Calendar 20/12: Nordic Arthouse

Today's prize is something that I would love to put on my own walls, and I hope you like it as much as I do! It's a big print (50x70 cm) by Naja Conrad-Hansen, worth € 117, from Nordic Arthouse.

To have a chance to win, just answer the questions below:

1. What is the name of the print?
2. Tell me about the place in your home where you would put the print!

This giveaway is open for 24 hours, until 12.00 CET December 21. A winner will be announced here and contacted via email.

Update! This giveaway is closed. Congrats Maria A!


  • Anonym says:

    Out of control! I would put it to the hallway, to see if I come home :)

    2011-12-20 | 12:04:01
  • Eva says:

    Åh så himla snygg. Den vill jag ha.. på flera ställen i mitt hem :) Men tror det skulle få bli ovanför vår vita långa tv-bänk. Skulle passa perfekt med färgerna, vitt, svart och guld.

    Printen heter Out of Control.

    2011-12-20 | 12:08:32
    URL: http://evali.blogg.se/
  • Esther says:

    1.- Out of Control

    2.- I would hang it in my living-room.

    2011-12-20 | 12:18:43
  • Pernille says:

    Printet hedder 'Out of control'.

    Jeg ville hænge det i min gang, som er helt lys og i hvide farver, der ville det passe perfekt ind lige over min kommode!

    2011-12-20 | 12:20:02
  • Lina says:

    "Out Of Control" and I would put it next to my bed

    2011-12-20 | 12:31:36
  • JohannaK says:

    "Out Of Control" and I would have it in our livingroom :)

    2011-12-20 | 12:36:32
    URL: http://www.ekojohanna.blogspot.com
  • Anastasia says:

    1.- Out of Control

    2.- I want to put on the wall behind my sofa

    2011-12-20 | 12:37:10
  • Stämningsfullt says:

    Out Of Control

    I vardagsrummet!

    / Vanja.

    2011-12-20 | 12:38:43
    URL: http://www.stamningsfullt.blogspot.com
  • Marika Lunden says:

    Out of control// We just have removed to new appartment and I every week look over all news in Nordic ArtHouse to find the right piece to our coridor - I would like to put it near to my old (actually my grandmothers)mirror like she is looking to the mirror

    2011-12-20 | 12:44:01
  • jenny ~ house of jenny says:

    Out of control!

    Skulle nog ha den i vårt sovrum. Så hade det varit det första jag sett på morgonkvisten!

    2011-12-20 | 12:55:26
    URL: http://www.houseofjenny.se
  • Marianne Eidal says:

    1: out of control

    2: I vår leilighet er det foreløpig veldig mye hvite vegger, siden vi ikke har bodd der så lenge. Jeg ønsker meg denne i vår trappeoppgang opp til loftet/tv-stuen.

    Elsker det printet!!

    Ha en nydelig jul!

    2011-12-20 | 12:55:53
    URL: http://rim-design.blogspot.com/
  • Mia says:

    Out of control - most beautiful print ever!

    This piece would be perfect in our new appartment! I would put it in the living room by the dining table, it matches the white and brownish colours of our furniture. Merry Xmas!

    2011-12-20 | 12:56:33
  • Sari says:

    The print is called: Out of Control!

    Really love this print and would definitely hang in above my boyfriends desk. We are searching for the perfect print for a while now but haven't found one yet. I'm sure he would love this one!

    I wish you a wonderful christmas :-)

    XO Sari

    2011-12-20 | 13:00:59
  • Veronica says:

    1. Out of Control

    2. Jag skulle hänga denna på ett ställe där jag kan se den hela tiden. otroligt fin tavla. Förhoppningsvis så får vi en nu lägenhet snart ch den skulle passa utmärkt där =)

    2011-12-20 | 13:20:45
    URL: http://mitttlivochlitetill.blogspot.com
  • Florian says:

    hej emma; i'd love to win this beautiful 'out of control'-poster for my bedroom (perfect color match, by the way) and most important, it would be really awesome to wake up and fall asleep next to this attractive woman every day ;-) ... all the best and a merry xmas from snowy austria!

    2011-12-20 | 13:21:12
  • saarah says:

    - Out of Control

    - i would hang it above my kitchen table, it would fit perfectly :) !

    2011-12-20 | 13:23:44
    URL: http://kuvapaivakirja.blogspot.com
  • Joanne says:

    Hi Emma; My boyfriend's a big U2 fan since childhood, and 'Out of Control' would satisfy his fanboy and my design love...definitely in our bedroom which has a bronze and gold wallpaper...love love love it!

    2011-12-20 | 13:24:28
  • Nicole says:

    The name of the print is "Out Of Control". I would hang it in my bedroom.

    2011-12-20 | 13:38:34
    URL: http://www.unique-stylez.net
  • Aniika says:

    The name is "Out of control". This year I´m not dreaming of a white christmas, but dreaming of a "Walk-in-closet". If Santa (my husband) listens to my wish, I will put the print in my future "Walk-in-closet"...

  • Manon says:

    1. 'Out Of Control'.

    2. The livingroom we desperately need beautiful art work there :D

    2011-12-20 | 14:03:24
  • Malene Munch Vestergård says:

    1. Out of Control

    2. We need lovely art in our dining room. Merry XMAS

    2011-12-20 | 14:12:28
  • Kajsa says:

    1. Out of control

    2. I would take it to work and but it in our office, as a reminder to sometimes go out of control.

    2011-12-20 | 14:44:03
  • Iris says:

    1. The name of the print is "Out of Control"

    2. I would hang it in the stairwell because now it is a empty white wall.

    2011-12-20 | 14:52:37
  • Lucia says:

    It is called Out of Control and I would like to hang it on my dining room where I´m having a little display of things on tones brown, black and white. That paint will fit perfectly and it will give a twist to my home.

    2011-12-20 | 15:08:16
  • Gamze Aygünal says:

    1 The name: 'Out of Control'

    2 I'd hang it on the wall of my entrance, where it can be seen at first step -it's a portrait empty wall, mink coloured-

    2011-12-20 | 15:09:09
  • Anna Isaksson says:

    Print is called "OUT OF CONTROL"

    I have so many places in my home that this wonderful painting would fit perfect, the colours are just amazing

    2011-12-20 | 15:11:18
  • Anonym says:

    The print is called "Out Of Control" and it would be perfect on my emty wall in my bedroom, it would be perfect to wake up to every morning and get inspired by when getting dressed and starting a new day :)

    2011-12-20 | 15:13:22
  • Alison Flower says:


    I'd hang it in my studio because my best work comes from being out of control!

    2011-12-20 | 15:21:21
    URL: http://alisonmalcolm.com
  • Laura says:


    2. I would hang it in our brand new holiday home, which we just bought in Brandenburg (Germany)

    2011-12-20 | 15:30:09
  • Marije says:

    Out of control is the name of the illustration and I will hang it in our bedroom. (hope my boyfriend is ok with it:))

    2011-12-20 | 15:38:53
  • natt_ says:

    1. It is called 'Out Of Control'.

    2. I would put it on one of my bedroom walls. I think it's color palette would be nice there.


    2011-12-20 | 15:40:39
  • Manon says:

    1 - Out of control

    2 - I would hang it over my bed. Or I hope I can have it in the living room of my new appartment soon !

    2011-12-20 | 15:53:24
    URL: http://manonboutie.com
  • Samantha says:

    This print is "Out of Control" and I would hang it in my bathroom! ^_^

    Thank you so much *

    2011-12-20 | 15:54:00
    URL: http://samanthaenria.altervista.org
  • Maria says:

    1. Out of control

    2. Den skulle passa perfekt i vårt tomma vardagsrum :)

    2011-12-20 | 15:54:36
  • Anya says:

    1: "Out of control"

    2: I'd save it for my room at Uni, I'm in rented house so cant paint the tatty looking walls, but this would make it look far better!

    2011-12-20 | 16:03:00
  • Ylva says:

    1. Out of control

    2. I would hang it in our livingroom, where we now have bare white walls... I long for some good pieces of art to put there.

    2011-12-20 | 16:17:55
    URL: http://darlingthings.blogspot.com
  • Marie says:

    1. Out of control.

    2. den är galet snygg och skulle hamna i min mysiga läshörna ihop med en favoritmöbel, nämligen min laminette från 50-talet.

    2011-12-20 | 16:20:27
  • Sandy says:

    The name is "Out of control" and i wonder to hang it in front of my bed to have inspiration.

    This is a marvellous print.

    2011-12-20 | 16:21:24
  • Rikke Kopp says:

    1. The name is "Out of control".

    2. I will hang it on the wall behind my beloved armchair in my favourit corner of the living room - the colours is going to match perfectly! Also I will be able to see the illustration from where I am sitting right now (at my computer table), and this is a place where I spend a looot of time :)

    Fingers crossed!

    Merry christmas from Rikke in Denmark.

    2011-12-20 | 16:23:48
  • piia says:

    "Out of control",she would be perfect on my studio wall!love!

    2011-12-20 | 16:29:32
    URL: http://piiapodersalu.blogspot.com
  • Ramilly says:

    1. Out of Control

    2. She would be beautiful in the foyer (currently still a tall, bare wall, so much potential, have been waiting for something perfect!)

    2011-12-20 | 17:01:01
  • Nissan says:

    1. Out of Control

    2. It would be perfect as part of my new "wall of pictures", planned for above my two white IKEA PS cabinets in my living room.

    2011-12-20 | 17:01:55
  • Tiene Wygers says:

    1) Out of control

    2) I would hang her above our fireplace!

    2011-12-20 | 17:14:49
  • Pernille F says:

    So perfect!!!

    The name is Out of Control.

    I would hang it over my sofa in the center of my apartment.

    2011-12-20 | 17:15:44
  • JOE T says:

    1. Out of Control

    2. This print would be lovely in our soon to be newly decorated bedroom. We're going for a bright light Nordic feel to banish the winter darkness, so of course a print from Nordic Arthouse would be a perfect feature!

    2011-12-20 | 17:30:07
  • Helene @ Homebound says:

    1. out of control

    2. i would hang this beauty right in my entrance hall, so i will see it when i enter my apartment, when i leave it and inbetween when i walk from room to room. it's a lovely/impressive print to welcome guests & it fits my colour scheme perfectly.

  • heli says:

    1. Out of control

    2. I would like to put it to my room at work. My working room is so casual and pooring. The print would make it more stylish and fancy.

    2011-12-20 | 18:07:38
  • Piia P says:

    1. Out of control

    2. That´s perfect to my living room, next to black&white Joy Division movie poster "Control" :)

    2011-12-20 | 18:42:51
  • Marta says:

    1. 'Out Of Control'

    2. I would put it in my living room, the print would be a ood combination with a dark red accent wall

    2011-12-20 | 18:47:23
  • Sam Page says:

    Out of Control.

    What an awesome piece of artwork, I would love this, I have just moved and am creating an art wall for the first time, this would be perfect to start me off!

    Thanks for all your inspiration this year, I always know what I see here I won't have seen elsewhere. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Sam x

    2011-12-20 | 19:06:51
  • DeliaSJ says:

    The name of the print is "Out of control". I would hang it in my office, the room is a bit unpersonal and "cold", it would turn it into a friendly place.

    2011-12-20 | 19:10:59
  • Dimitra Karageorgiou says:

    1. Out Of Control

    2. what a nice artwork! I think i would be perfect in my bedroom... Thanks for the chance

    2011-12-20 | 19:23:46
  • Panos Andrikos says:

    1. Out Of Control

    2. Oh, it matches up so well with my living room!

    2011-12-20 | 19:27:06
  • savvas mich. says:

    1. out of control

    2. i would put it over my sofa...

    2011-12-20 | 19:28:27
  • Karoline says:

    1. Out of control

    2. I would love to have it in my living room, by the stairs.

    I am holding my fingers crossed.

    2011-12-20 | 19:32:47
  • ivana says:

    1.- Out of Control

    2.- I would hang it over my bed, or everywhere: I still have bare walls. Kitchen would be cool place to hang it too!

    2011-12-20 | 19:57:39
  • masia says:

    1.- Out of Control

    2.- I would hang it in my toilet

    2011-12-20 | 20:03:38
  • Mika says:

    1. Out of Control

    2. I would hang it on the wall next to my fireplace in the livingroom.

    2011-12-20 | 20:23:05
  • Judith says:

    Out of Control! I would hang it in our bedroom as it's all black and white with golden accents...perfect fit!

    2011-12-20 | 20:23:29
  • Åse - Interiörguiden says:

    Printen heter Out of Control.

    Jag skulle hänga den i hallen, den skulle passa perfekt tillsammans med stora spegeln med guldram, Woods-tapeten och kristallkronan. Jag riktigt ser hur snyggt det skulle bli!

    2011-12-20 | 21:02:54
    URL: http://www.interiorguiden.se
  • nina says:

    1. Out of control

    2. I would hang it in our "Gillestuga"

    2011-12-20 | 21:21:55
  • nina says:

    1. Out of control

    2. I would hang it in our "Gillestuga"

    2011-12-20 | 21:22:01
  • Simon Persson says:

    1. Out of control

    2 Jag skulle ta upp kampen med min inredningsnörd till mamma och hänga det på mitt tonårsrum och visa allt och alla vilken häftig stil jag har!

    2011-12-20 | 21:27:40
  • Anne says:

    1. Out of control

    2. I have this huge white wall in my kitchen, which is begging to be decorated with a picture like this.

    2011-12-20 | 21:32:05
  • Magdalena says:

    1. Out of control

    2. I would hang it in my living room - it would be perfect there!

    2011-12-20 | 21:51:49
  • Kellie Edland says:

    The name of the painting is "Out of Control".

    I would hang it in my parents newly renovated bedroom, it's light and cosy and it would fit right in! And they would be happy!

    2011-12-20 | 22:09:19
    URL: http://genieinamug.blogg.se/
  • Erykah says:

    1. Out of control

    2. Over the kitchen table -perfekt place!

    2011-12-20 | 22:40:25
  • Jenni P. says:

    Hi Emma!

    This is a must have!

    Print's name is Out of control from Naja Conrad-Hansen. I'd put it in our living room next to our white tilestove. They'd make a perfect pair! Fingers crossed!

    2011-12-20 | 23:01:09
  • Katarina Wanselius says:

    1.Out of controll

    2. I'm sure it would go just perfect on the big white empty wall in our stairway with the N.Y. print I'm hoping to get for christmas and my "put om those dancin' shoes" painting. I always feel a bit out of controll and like dancing as I come to N.Y.

    2011-12-20 | 23:06:32
    URL: http://katani.blogg.se/
  • demi says:

    1. out of control

    2. even though i live in a mediterranean country, nordic style is the style of my house. So, i think this piece of art suits perfectly in any room of my house.I just hope to be lucky enough....

    2011-12-20 | 23:18:40
  • Maria A says:

    Out of control! Åh vad fin, denna måste jag ha - oavsett om jag vinner eller ej! Den skulle passa perfekt i vårt sovrum, vi har en antik järnsäng och en jugend-tapet i gyllene ton. Denna tavla är precis lagom "modern" för att lätta upp den antika känslan i rummet, precis vad jag söker! God jul.

    2011-12-20 | 23:34:56
  • Ida Margrethe Sørensen says:

    The name is out-of-control

    And I would put it up on my Bathroom Wall so that every time I whent to the toilet I would have some thing nice to Dream in to, I need that some times with two children ; ) Love It

    2011-12-20 | 23:36:08
  • Chi says:

    Out of control :)

    I would put it in my bedroom :)

    2011-12-21 | 00:09:43
    URL: http://if-i-were-audrey.blogspot.com
  • linn says:

    1. Out of control

    2. Väggarna i köket på min hyresrätt är leverpastej färgade. Inte mycket passar i färg men den där skulle nog funka!

    2011-12-21 | 00:17:43
  • Louise says:

    Oh I love it! It's called "Out of Control". I would hang it in my living room, where I could see it all the time.

    2011-12-21 | 04:21:38
  • nuokku says:

    1. out of control

    2. because of the golden detail i would put this print in our bedroom.

    2011-12-21 | 05:54:15
    URL: http://villavilja.blogspot.com
  • Lena says:

    1. "Out of controll"

    2. I would put this amazing print on the wall over my workspace so I can look at it every time I need inspiration or just want to feel happy :)

    2011-12-21 | 08:09:27
  • Judith says:

    "Out of Control" and I would hang it in my bedroom that's black and white with some gold accents- perfect fit!

    2011-12-21 | 08:19:52
  • Ida says:

    1. "out of control"

    2. Jag hade satt den ovanför sängen. Vi har precis gjort klart vår sänggavel, stoppad i plysch i en guldig ton. Så tavlan hade varit ett välkommet inslag bland fotona över sängen och bidragit till den lite lyxiga hotellkänslan som vi är ute efter.

    2011-12-21 | 09:06:28
  • Ida says:

    1. out of control

    2. ovanför sängen. Den hade passat perfekt ihop med vår egentillverkade sänggavel som går i en guldig ton!

    2011-12-21 | 09:12:33
  • Maja says:

    This is "out of control", and it would be perfect on my deep red wall in the corridor. I think by doing that it would strengthen the impact of print.

    2011-12-21 | 09:16:57
  • Ghita says:

    The name is "Out of control" and I will put it in front of my dining place. Maybe not the best place with that title :-), but I'll be able to look at it several times a day.

    2011-12-21 | 09:29:54
  • Hannah says:

    1 - Out of Control

    2 - I would hang this in the hallway, so it's the first thing anyone sees when they walk in, WHAT AN IMPACT!

    2011-12-21 | 09:30:13
  • ANITA says:


    Den ska få hänga på väggen i köket, som går i svart, på väg ut mot den lilla hallen, med massa guldkrokar. Behöver stärka dessa utrymmen med lite modern skön konst :)

    2011-12-21 | 09:32:38
  • Lien says:

    I love this gorgeous pic!!!! It's called "Out of control" and I think it is!! :) I knitted some really beatiful pillowcases in the ocher yellow that comes back in the poster. It would look really gorgeous above my sofa and match really well with the whole black and white theme which fills my livingroom. fingers crossed... :)

    2011-12-21 | 11:28:16

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