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Christmas Calendar 16/12: Bolina

Are you like me, and still haven't got all of your Christmas decorations up? Then this is the giveaway for you! It's big package of Christmas decorations from Norwegian webshop Bolina, consisting of this: Moon Light chain from House Doctor, large felt bag (to store your decorations after the holidays), pine cone garland, felted heart, pack of 3 paper star ornaments, pack of 10 black twig stars, tea light holder from Tine K. Total worth: € 145.

To have a chance to win, just answer this question:
What is your favorite product from Bolina and why?

This giveaway will be open for 24 hours until 12.00 December 17. The winner will be announced here and contacted via email.

Update! This giveaway is closed. Congrats Frida R!


  • Ania says:

    I like "DYREPUTE LITEN "BAMBI" LILLAROSA" pillow. It's bright, funny, unique. I am sure my daughter would be happy to have it on her bed also ;)

    2011-12-16 | 12:14:10
  • Cherie says:

    I love the zebra cushion. It would look so cute in my son's nursery!

    2011-12-16 | 12:16:19
  • Anna DB says:

    My favourite items are the knitware porcelain by annette bugansky and the linnen kitchen towels. They would fit perfecty in my home! What a nice shop!

    2011-12-16 | 12:16:59
  • Ania says:

    My favourite is pink "BAMBI" pillow. It's bright, fresh, funny and unique. I am sure my daughter would love to have it on her bed :)

    2011-12-16 | 12:22:27
  • Lasse says:

    i especially like the LYSPÆRE LAMPE!! Love the design.

    Would be nice as a floor lamp.

    2011-12-16 | 12:26:15
  • nea says:

    I love the little house shelfs. I need little storage to my kitchen and this would be perfect.


    2011-12-16 | 12:33:37
  • Malin says:


    Min favorit är den här fina kudden. Gillar att färgstänket är gjort på ett diskret sätt så det roliga inte tar över för mycket.

    2011-12-16 | 12:33:55
  • Jose says:

    Kaninlampe! In white, of course. I couldn't be sad if I had a rabbit lamp on my desk. :)

    2011-12-16 | 12:38:16
  • Maija says:

    My favorite is "pengebank skull" and I also love those skull pillows, they are so cool.

    2011-12-16 | 12:40:27
  • Thomas says:

    I'd buy one of the scarves for my girlfriend:


    2011-12-16 | 12:45:00
    URL: http://studio8940.blogspot.com
  • Honi says:

    bord antik marrokansk, it has such a cool laid-back vibe and would be perfect next to any sofa for some relaxing-time with some tea :)

    2011-12-16 | 12:47:23
    URL: http://honi.blogg.se/
  • Thomais says:

    i like LYSLENKE MARIA STAR because it can create a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

    2011-12-16 | 12:49:31
  • DeliaSJ says:


    The Lyspaere lamp looks amazing - a bulb in a plywood puzzle bulb!!! So simple and perfect, suitable for a lot of spaces and purposes!

    2011-12-16 | 12:50:10
  • Maja Zuchowska says:

    I'm really into pillow cases, some elegant and classic, some with great prints - love the one with books or with flamingo!

    2011-12-16 | 12:51:36
  • Hanna from the corner table says:

    What a fantastic harmony and colors they have in Bolina! I like it. Talking about products, I could easily choose several. But one of my favorite, favorite lamps has been Jielde's 2-arm table lamp..it's just a classic!

  • tobi says:

    I love the cushion "sad joe", because it makes me smile.

    2011-12-16 | 12:57:27
  • Jamie says dream says:

    Så bra att få koll på Bolina webbshop, otroligt mycket fint! Och vilket fantastiskt vinstpaket!

    Min favorit i shopen, om jag ska välja utanför vinstpaketet, är en kudde i form av ett hus: putefigur "favorite place pillow" smoke".

    2011-12-16 | 13:02:17
    URL: http://jamiesaysdream.blogspot.com
  • christina says:

    My favourite is the "lampe tre hus". It's so cute! Perfect for my little daughter Carlotta.

    2011-12-16 | 13:02:24
  • Flavia says:

    Impossible to choose one single product, there is so much to love.

    Today I especially like the eos lip balm. It won't get lost so easily in my bag as it normally happens..

    2011-12-16 | 13:03:29
  • Anastasia says:

    UGLE LAMPE because it is so Twin Peaks but in a good way :)

    2011-12-16 | 13:10:11
  • Nana says:

    Love the vintage boxes! trekasse med hjul

  • Katja says:

    Oh, what beautiful things!


    Moin from Hamburg


    2011-12-16 | 13:15:19
  • Francoise lecours says:

    Wow , I love all of there bags ,LOVE LOVE LOVE the canvas bags

    2011-12-16 | 13:23:34
  • Christina says:

    My favourite is the "lampe tre hus" by ferm living. It' very cute for my little daughters room.

    2011-12-16 | 13:28:53
  • Iris says:

    I like all the Jielde lamps, for their magnificent design and variety of colors that fit in every interior. But the above items are pretty cool as well!

    x Iris

    2011-12-16 | 13:38:17
    URL: http://irideeen.blogspot.com
  • Sari says:

    I would pick the bobo owl pillow - but really, it is my best friend's favorite - > it would make a perfect present for her!

    2011-12-16 | 13:44:32
    URL: http://blog.icelanddesign.is
  • Marie Dahlberg says:

    Jag formligen älskar julgransfoten "stjärna". Den har allt jag önskar mig av en julgransfot dvs stil, form, färg. Love it!

    2011-12-16 | 13:53:03
  • mimi la sardine says:

    Great shop, hard to choose one item!

    I'll say the BOOK REST LAMP because "home" feels like a symbol to me these days..moving around too much!

    2011-12-16 | 13:58:20
  • laura Zannoni says:

    the skull pillow,it's wonderful!

    2011-12-16 | 13:59:07
  • Tone Klausen says:

    Love, love, love the LYSPÆRE LAMPE! The light looks so cosy and warm - perfect on a dark and cold winter night

    2011-12-16 | 13:59:20
  • Elia says:

    Lots of things I love from Bolina.

    But I really really love the jielde 4-arm standard lamp white 120 cm, it would be a wonderful lamp for my living room, would be perfect next to the sofa for reading and such and it would look great against the dark grey wall colour I'm about to paint :)

    2011-12-16 | 14:16:15
  • Mia says:


    So, so elegant and timeless, would love to sit in it and dream about being at safari!

    2011-12-16 | 14:23:18
  • KATO says:

    I SUPER LIKE the putefigur "favorite place pillow" mint for my little god child and oppbevaringskurv/bag filt grå for myself :)

    2011-12-16 | 14:36:00
  • Beate M says:

    I fell in love with "BORD ANTIK MARROKANSK" probably cos my man is moroccan, but i simply love that table :)

    2011-12-16 | 15:00:00
    URL: http://hobbyroom.blogg.no
  • Lisa Becker says:

    Wow - hard to say, but the stars are fantastic!

    2011-12-16 | 15:21:58
  • jokemijn says:

    i love the penguins and the owls that are on their frontpage. And the geometric white decoration. Beautiful, totally my style.

    I felt so silly for having an empty christmas tree for two weeks now. Just couldn't find the time (and the right decoration). I will however decorate it before christmas eve :)

    2011-12-16 | 15:24:48
    URL: http://jokemijn.blogspot.com
  • Monika says:

    I love this robot this one would be a perfect part of my robots collection. Definitely:-)


    2011-12-16 | 15:53:17
  • Anonym says:

    I love this robot this one would be a perfect part of my robots collection. Definitely:-)


    2011-12-16 | 15:57:03
  • Caro says:

    I like the bambi pillow. It is soo cute ;)

    2011-12-16 | 16:04:25
  • Karen says:

    Wow, what an amazing shop! I would choose the SETTEKASSE for my daughter's room. She loves collecting shells, stones, and anything else she finds and this would fit perfectly.

    2011-12-16 | 16:05:10
  • Karen says:

    I would choose JULEPYNT FILTENGEL as it would be a lovely keepsake to bring out every Christmas.

    2011-12-16 | 16:08:39
  • kirsten says:

    i love the house shelves and the zebra pillows! very tough to choose...

    2011-12-16 | 16:09:33
  • Aniika says:

    My favourite is this http://www.bolina.no/interior/interior-relatert-til-1/barnerom/hanno-the-gorilla.html! My little boy is obsessed with gorillas right now, and I would love to buy this to him!

  • Kasia says:

    I love knitware porcelain. I'm a knitter and I'm exited about this idea.

    2011-12-16 | 16:26:40
  • Annaliese says:

    I like the animal box whale.

    2011-12-16 | 16:28:44
  • Judith says:

    The army puff! I love it's distressed and faded look and it looks so comfy...

    2011-12-16 | 16:30:33
  • karen says:

    I really like the big felt bag.

    So cosy in these grey, rainy days.

    I would be very proud to go to the market with this bag!

    2011-12-16 | 16:36:04
  • yulia says:

    Wow, I love so many things it's impossible to pick just one! I really like "dørmatte natur flettet

    tips en venn," I think it would look lovely at the door of my future apartment. And I love the baskets, they're really cute.

    2011-12-16 | 17:02:22
    URL: http://peonie.tumblr.com
  • Kimberly M says:

    I love the texture & beauty of the ANETTE BUGANSKY STRIKKET VASES! Thanks for the contest!

    2011-12-16 | 17:05:13
    URL: http://creatureonfire.tumblr.com
  • Alison Flower says:

    I love Pledd Grovheklet in Smoke - it's exactly what I'd like to snuggle up in on the sofa to watch television.

    2011-12-16 | 17:05:53
    URL: http://alisonmalcolm.com
  • Linn says:

    Tine K porslinet, för det var sjukt snyggt! Speciellt det med svart mönster.

    2011-12-16 | 17:09:01
  • Sylvie says:

    I love the little birdhouse because it makes me dream.


    2011-12-16 | 17:21:00
  • Karianne says:

    Bolina has so many beautiful things! Earlier today I was looking at the animal pillows, really like them! Besides, Anette Bugowskis porcelain is a favourite, and the "saueskinn fra norsk spelsau" is gourgeos as well. It's really like a candy shop!

    2011-12-16 | 17:23:10
  • Kinokyo says:

    Anette Bugansky's "knitted" bowl. A perfectly obvious design choice -- once someone has actually produced it.


    2011-12-16 | 17:25:04
  • Åse says:

    Min favoritt er kurvene i naturfarget bast, rett og slett fordi man kan oppbevare alt mulig i dem!

    2011-12-16 | 17:27:12
  • Amanda R says:

    My favorites are the wooden lanterns with stars and trees, because I love combining natural and modern/minimalist decor! http://www.bolina.no/trelykt-m-grantre-stor.html

    2011-12-16 | 17:28:44
  • natt_ says:

    OMG, it's so hard to choose my favorite, but... as I am totally obsessed with all kinds of lamps and, in fact, I'm in desparate need for kitchen pendant lamp, my dream pendant would be this BTC LAMPE TAK TITAN 1 SORT. It's just so perfect. The shape, the color, the style..



    2011-12-16 | 17:30:02
  • Wendy says:

    I am big knitter who is always looking for something interesting, stylish and functional for carrying works in progress. I think the felted bag is just perfect!

    2011-12-16 | 17:51:15
  • Lisbeth says:

    OK, nu har jag tid att leka lite igen. Favoriten är pop phone talking blå. Håller tummarna....

    2011-12-16 | 17:53:37
    URL: http://inredningsdesigner.blogspot.com
  • Lise says:

    I love the skull pillow a lot:):)

    2011-12-16 | 17:59:31
    URL: http://fjellby.no
  • Marte says:

    My favorite is"dyrepute mediumstor elefant turkis" because my daughter loves elephants!

    2011-12-16 | 18:27:57
  • Tata Taganskaya says:

    I love "bilderamme tre sort str 2 m/ fotokopi skull foran/bak" and "bilderamme tre sort str 2 m/ fotokopi skull fra siden" - I would buy both and put in my office space. I like skulls - they remember about death and encourage me to move faster ;)

    2011-12-16 | 18:30:59
    URL: http://taganskaya.blogspot.com
  • veronica grandjean says:

    my favourite product ist FRANSK DUK M/FOTOPRINT SELSKAP what can be nicer than the traces of a diner shared with friends on a long , long table...

    2011-12-16 | 18:42:09
  • Trond Rune says:

    Lyspære lampe!


    2011-12-16 | 18:47:27
  • Miri says:

    greaaaat stuff!! i love the shape of the "LYSLENKE MOON PAPIR ELEKTRISK" paper lights...

    2011-12-16 | 18:56:23
  • Frida R says:

    Jag fullkomligt älskar renhornet! Jag har varit på jakt (inte bokstavligt) efter ett horn hur länge som helst. Detta var helt perfekt!


    2011-12-16 | 19:21:32
  • Chloe says:

    Oh my...SO much to choose from!!! umm...I love the circle orange pillow, the old wooden stools, the fire pit, etc. etc. etc.!

    2011-12-16 | 19:53:01
  • Anna says:

    From all my favourites I will choose the Lampe lille baby lapin - which I will be ordering as well!

    Thanks for introducing the site! :)

    2011-12-16 | 20:04:51
  • Riikka says:

    Mina favoritter är alla ugglor, pillows and xmas decorations. Jag älskar ugglor:)

    2011-12-16 | 20:50:00
  • sprintze says:

    Agh, what a question! There is so much to love. One of my favorites is the antique Maroccan tablet (lysfat antik marrokans), because it is such a useful mobile piece of timeless beauty, and because I could not make something similar myself.

    2011-12-16 | 21:07:16
  • Lindsey says:

    Dette blir vanskelig! De har så mye fint... Litt ekstra speielt er kanskje bålfatet (det hadde vært kjempefint i hagen vår!) og alle de fine skull tingene. Jeg er vel litt glad i sånt.

    2011-12-16 | 21:11:49
  • CATHRINE says:

    Bolina=Pure Happiness:)

    En favoritt er den sorte tavlen 'FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS'.

    2011-12-16 | 22:02:57
  • estelle says:

    As a photographer myself, I love "bobo choses rangle pute kamera blå" :)

    2011-12-16 | 22:10:38
  • Silke says:


    Because we love those tiny, strange and lovely dogs. Of course we would never step on them in real life but in case of a doormat...;)

    2011-12-16 | 22:25:44
  • emma says:

    Gillar i princip allt i deras butik, framförallt vinstobjekten ;) Väldigt skön stil!

    2011-12-16 | 22:32:56
  • Jenny Rehov says:

    Så mycket fina saker.

    Har trånat efter ljusslingan från House doctor men när jag kikade runt på Bolina blev jag helt förälskad i lampan de kallar "VOKSET PAPIRLAMPE tak/ bord"

    Här är länken:



    2011-12-16 | 22:41:53
  • Kellie Edland says:

    My favourite is absolutely the pencil sharpener http://www.bolina.no/interior/blyantspisser-robot.html

    I got one from my boyfriend last year and I've loved it since... <3

    2011-12-16 | 22:49:43
    URL: http://genieinamug.blogg.se/
  • Pascaline says:

    wow what a boutique ! Thanks for the address.

    It was difficult to make a choice.

    My favorite product is "BÅLFAT" because my boyfriend is fond of making beautiful and romantic fires for me. :-)

    Have a nice week-end Emma !

    2011-12-16 | 22:53:59
    URL: http://blog.bandbeautiful.fr
  • Silje T says:

    Favoritten er settekassen fra Bolina. Fantastisk giveaway! krysser fingrene nok en gang:)


    2011-12-16 | 22:55:05
  • Kerli says:

    antikk finish servise bolle m/blomstrete mønster, it would be perfect to my small country house!

    2011-12-16 | 22:58:23
  • Liz says:

    I LOVE the House Doctor Moon Light Chain - pleated paper perfection! Which I can't find anywhere in the U.K. boo hoo.

    2011-12-16 | 23:04:06
  • Catherine Littell says:

    This is my favorite: dyrepute mediumstor "gorilla" brun

    Love the givaway!

    2011-12-16 | 23:12:34
  • Ana says:

    I love many things but BTC LAMPE TAK TITAN 1 ALUMINIUM is one of my favorites. Why? I just bought my first apartment which i renovated now and I can see this lamp in my dining room.

    2011-12-16 | 23:24:40
  • Frida says:

    Måste erkänna att jag fram till nu missat bolina helt. Hjälp va knt fint. Ljusslingan i kollaget föll jag pladadk för!

    2011-12-16 | 23:35:07
  • Annika says:

    Min favorit är charmiga gorillan "Hanno"! Design David Weeks. Gorillan skulle jag vilja ge till min son. Den kan han ha med sig hela livet. Passar lika bra i en 10-årings rum, som hos en vuxen. Sånt man gillar!

    2011-12-17 | 00:11:08
    URL: http://www.flexinredning.blogspot.com
  • NIB says:

    :) I'm in! Loooove Bolina!

    2011-12-17 | 00:13:24
    URL: http://norskeinteriorblogger.blogspot.com/
  • Nanna says:


    2011-12-17 | 00:14:52
  • Malin says:

    I love skulls and the pillow SKULLPUTE BOLINA EXCLUSIVE HVIT is a biiiig favourite!

    2011-12-17 | 00:23:56
  • Johanna Svensson says:

    Jag gillar dem "stickade" vaserna. Jag får en varm och mysig känsla när jag ser dem.


    2011-12-17 | 02:00:30
  • nuokku says:

    I just loved the black big leather bag with stars. :)

    2011-12-17 | 03:21:27
    URL: http://villavilja.blogspot.com
  • Annelie Hansen says:

    Jag alskar ALLT! Men mest av tycker jag om HÅNDLAGET TELYSHOLDERE JUL som jag skulle vilja ha har i Australien, da skulle det kannas mer som skandinavisk jul:) God Jul!

    2011-12-17 | 04:19:01
  • Interior Junkie says:

    This felted hart that is on giveaway is my favourite product.

    Sometimes best things are simple ones :)

    2011-12-17 | 04:34:42
    URL: http://interior-junkie.blogspot.com/
  • Melody H. says:

    I LOVE the bobo choses pledd/babyteppe m/kirsebær baby blanket because it's soo adorable and it looks so soft. I love the cherries on it for my daughter. I would love to wrap her up in it because it's so pretty and use it for my next baby. My 2nd choice would be the animal box "whale". I would love to put this in my daughter's room as well because i've never seen anything like it. I love wooden things and the design is simple which I love. I could see her putting her hair bows or her small dolls. I love Swedish design even here in Dallas, TX!

    2011-12-17 | 04:48:51
  • Linda says:

    Just lOve the bag!!!!!

    2011-12-17 | 09:30:21
    URL: http://missclefberg.blogg.se/
  • karin rodriguez-villa says:

    i love the canvas bags so much!!!!!!!! they are so simple and so special. i would be really happy

    2011-12-17 | 09:40:41
    URL: http://karin
  • Lina says:

    Jag hade gärna tänt en välkomnande vinterbrasa ute på gården i det här fina bålfatet:



    2011-12-17 | 10:42:59
  • Jane C says:

    Nearly impossible to choose but as a diehard border collie fan, that pillow is like nothing ive seen before and something for the whole family to enjoy !! thanks for introducing me to this shop and improving my Norweigan:)


    2011-12-17 | 10:55:52
  • Gosia says:

    moon papir batteri - or however you call it in your language. also similar paper christmas tree ornaments. They make me think of origami and nelson lamps too! Merry Christmas, by the way!!

    2011-12-17 | 16:52:55

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