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Christmas Calendar 11/12: Aschebergsgatan 24

I fell in love with these wooden jumping jack dolls earlier this fall when I saw them in Aschebergsgatan 24's webshop. They are called Dancing Man and Ballerina, and they are hand made out of old fruit crates. Designed by Victoria Ladefoged, they are 50 cm tall and worth € 125.

To get a chance to win, just answer the questions below:
1. What is your favorite product from Aschebergsgatan 24?
2. Tell me a short story about this sweet couple.

This giveaway is open for 24 hours, until 12.00 CET December 12. A winner will then be picked and contacted via email.

Update! This giveaway is now closed. Congrats Malene!


  • Elisabeth says:

    Oh these beauties!!

    I think my favourite product from Aschebergsgaten 24 is Apa Kay Bojesen because he is hanging from the book shelf of my friend's incredible apartment in London!!

    And when I look at the sweet couple, I immediately know that they are dancing down the streets in the early sunlight, after a great night out, heading home to have orange juice and warm crossaints :) then they will fall into bed, sleep until the afternoon and get up to have little walk in London's Dulwich Park and Gallery...

    2011-12-11 | 12:50:27
  • Nico says:

    1. My favorite product are actually these dolls

    2. They danced and danced the night away and lived happily ever after.

    2011-12-11 | 12:55:39
  • Line Reedtz says:

    1. My favorite products are these dolls.

    2. They met at one of her ballet performances and fell madly in love.

    2011-12-11 | 13:08:29
  • Anonym says:

    Favourite: Pall 60 björk

    Him and Her went out to dance

    Him and Her fell over

    On and up to Heaven went

    To frolick in heavenly clover

    2011-12-11 | 14:21:07
  • Kinokyo says:

    Ehh, sorry, missed filling out the address on the previous comment, so here goes again:

    Favourite: Pall 60 björk

    Him and Her went out to dance

    Him and her fell over

    On and up to Heaven went

    To frolick in heavenly clover


    2011-12-11 | 14:24:08
  • Ica says:

    Gillar oxå dem... men dom finns ju redan här hemma...


    2011-12-11 | 15:12:14
    URL: http://icacarlsson.se
  • Louise says:

    Under textiles, they have very cute pattern Filt Cross blankets.

    The sweet couple met at a street performance festival, performers themselves, decided to become a duo act and the rest is history... ;)

    2011-12-11 | 16:02:01
  • iwishihadtaste says:

    1. The Favourite Things lamp, of course!

    2. They are actually two brothers: Brother 1 secretly dreamt of dressing up as a gothic ballerina, but felt awkward. When Brother 2 found out, he bought Brother 1 the outfit as a present, and dressed up as a Dancing Man to support him. They happily walked down the streets of their city's Old Town on a Sunday afternoon.

    2011-12-11 | 16:26:50
    URL: http://www.iwishihadtaste.com
  • Tiene Wygers says:

    1. My favorite product are actually these dolls!

    2. They met when dancing in the theatre, and of course, fell deeply&madly in love. Unfortunately, it was a Romeo and Juliette love, they couldn't be together, because it was not meant to be. They were both promised to someone else.

    But Love always finds a way, so they decided to escape and not be afraid!

    They lived happily ever after and had NO REGRETS ♥

    2011-12-11 | 16:29:50
  • nea says:

    1. I love Rullskridskoåkaren card.

    2. The man was hopelessly in love with the ballerina. She was a big star in ballet. The man couldn't stop thinking about her. He went and saw every show she did and at night he danced away dreaming of her.

    2011-12-11 | 17:43:03
  • kristin says:


    Förutom detta bedårande par, (som skulle passa perfekt i mitt badrum) gillar jag Woodlamp väldigt mycket!


    Med hatt i hand och läppar röda

    Herr och fru till dansen gå

    Må kjolen virvla, skorna glöda

    Lycka är att vara två

    2011-12-11 | 17:59:50
  • Caro says:

    1. I especially like the teapot.

    2. The gentleman gets inspired by the lady to learn how to dance. During dancing lessons they get to know, respect and love each other.

    2011-12-11 | 18:12:09
  • david says:

    1. Kalender Formosa


    En stilig karl från Paris

    Träffa en vacker aktris

    Glad att bli sedd

    men ändå blev hon rädd

    ville inte bli fast vid en spis.

    2011-12-11 | 19:12:20
  • Lisa says:

    1. These dolls!

    2. The twin sister and brother escaped from an orphanage in Russia and jumped on the train to Moscow where they became very famous at the ballet. They travel now around the world to perform for crowded audiences!

    2011-12-11 | 19:33:21
    URL: http://www.mesdames.se
  • Helena E says:

    Min drömlampa, alla kategorier, AJ bordlampa svart.

    En stilig man med mustasch och hatt,

    mötte söt ballerina en sen natt.

    Kjol av tyll och läppar som körsbär,

    de slog följe och han blev kär.

    2011-12-11 | 20:16:47
  • Christina says:

    1. My favorite product are actually these dolls

    2.They sing, They dance

    lose themself in wild romance.

    They'are going to a party, karama, fiesta, forever

    come on and sing along!

    2011-12-11 | 20:40:33
  • Esther says:

    1.- these dolls.

    2.- Both of them loved to dance all night and when they saw each other, knew that they were the perfect couple.

    2011-12-11 | 21:00:32
  • mimi la sardine says:

    Right at this moment the Miller Goodman blocks even though it doesn't make justice to this great shop!

    -Bella ballerina!

    -Yes dancing boy?

    -Let's shake it up, we're not just black and white tonight!

    2011-12-11 | 21:26:08
  • natt_ says:

    1. I really like this cute ''Favourite things'' pendant lamp with the little Bambi family :)

    2. They met at casting for TV-series Boardwalk Empire. None of them got roles they hoped for, but they continued to dance with each other at nights anyway.


    2011-12-11 | 21:32:49
  • Malene says:

    1. I just love the birds from Architectmade. Awesome.

    2. A love story between those two people. A fairytale. It's Christmastime in Copenhagen and they're playing a role at the Theatre of Copenhagen. Can you imagine the end of the story? I can. Merry Xmas.

    2011-12-11 | 22:11:15
  • Malene says:

    1. birds form Architectmade

    2. A boy and a girl. In love. Its christmas in Copenhagen. Like a fairytale. They cry, laught and smile. Mery Xmas.

    2011-12-11 | 22:15:57
  • DeliaSJ says:

    My favorite is the monkey - Apa Kay Bojesen


    The dolls? I imagine she is just a balerina in a cabaret and he is a handsome and rich guest, madly inlove with her. But their love has no chance of acceptance, they both know it. The only thing they can do is dance together.

    2011-12-11 | 22:16:10
  • Malene says:

    1. Birds from Architectmade

    2. A Fairytale in Copenhagen. Love it. And they love eachother. What a fantastic way to celebrate christmas. Merry Xmas.

    2011-12-11 | 22:19:54
  • corinne d. says:

    i like their blankets... but i like too their lamps and many other things :)

    this little couple, lucky them, they seem to have a great time dancing together, getting good looking to go outside together :) who knows, they might travel quite fare very soon :)

    2011-12-11 | 22:51:48
  • Mia says:

    Min favorit är dessa dansande dockor och även brickorna som Anna Bauer har gjort.

    Tillsammans är de fina,

    the dancing man and ballerina,

    tillverkade av finaste banankartong

    dansar de tango hela natten lång

    Välkomna hem till mig på fest

    här kommer ni för alltid att vara hedersgäst

    vackert placerade vid den öppna spisen

    där ni kan skaka knorr med julegrisen

    2011-12-11 | 23:10:45
  • Tobi says:

    1. I like the elephants in the picture on the first page. Actually I like

    all animals Kay Bojesen made for Rosendahl. (...especially my little

    daughter likes them too)

    2. Both seperately went the night out and meet at the club where the man

    sees the ballerina and is flashed by her beauty. He lifts his hat

    politely, but she ignores him with a haughty look and heads directly to

    the dancefloor to show off. Disappointed he plods out the club and outside

    bumps into an even more beautiful and really nice girl. They like each

    other right from the start. And live happily together ever after (...with

    their children and grandchildren, and ...)

    2011-12-11 | 23:20:34
  • Emma says:

    I like the Duralex drinking glasses, they make me think of my childhood:)


    She's giving him butterflies

    He: "I don't know why I love her but I guess it's cause she looks like a butterfly. And when I see her, a part of her is in my stomach."

    2011-12-11 | 23:21:01
  • Veronica says:

    1) I really like the Elephant by Kay Bojesen. Aschebergsgatan 24 has a little more different details that really helps make the interior personal and the elephant is just one of many examples that really appeals to me!

    2) This one i really want to tell in Swedish to do the sweet couple justice:

    Hon är en vacker ballerina,

    han en fantastisk charmör.

    Man kan tro att är problemfri kärlek,

    men någon har humör!

    Han överöser med komplimanger,

    hur hon är vacker, stilig, elegant.

    Hon nekar med långa haranger,

    att hon är klumpig, stor, en ELEFANT!

    Då viskar han i hennes öra,

    Det alla osäkra kartongflickor vill höra.

    Klumpig är du inte, du dansar som en skatt.

    Och absolut inte stor – du är alldeles PLATT!

    Du är så vacker som du är min sköna -

    handgjord, återvunnen och unik

    Dansa med mig min ballerinaböna,

    Rakt in i Aschebergsgatans 24´s butik!

    2011-12-12 | 00:26:27
  • Melis says:

    1. My favourite product is : http://www.aschebergsgatan24.se/kategorier/bockerkort/macaron.html I really love macarons :D

    2. Both work in a cabaret. Then they were discovered by a producer and became famous dancers.

    2011-12-12 | 01:14:04
  • Cherie says:

    I like the 'Pussel ShapeMaker' puzzle. So many possibilities...

    Molly loved to dance but was convinced that she would never find the perfect partner.

    Brett had learned all the steps, but he wanted to dance "with blood and guts". Having come from a stiff wooden fruit crate, he felt that he didn't have what it takes. After meeting Molly at an audition and seeing her dance, he realized that beauty is not what you are made with, but what you do with it. Together they'd be stiff competition!

    2011-12-12 | 02:36:53
  • Mia says:

    I love this one: http://www.aschebergsgatan24.se/vara-varumarken/rosendahl/apa-kay-bojesen.html

    They lived in 1845 in a small city called Paris. There they danced their way thorugh live as a dance on roses. They never got any children, but they were just as happy. They loved eachother very much, and the dance of course. They died tragically when dancing one evening.. but they are stil dancing in heaven as we speak.

    2011-12-12 | 05:24:54
  • marissa (stylebook) says:

    these ornaments are my very favorite!

    i imagine them twirling around together in a gazebo lit by millions of white lights.

    2011-12-12 | 06:48:03
    URL: http://stylebookvintage.blogspot.com
  • Lemon cake says:

    1. My heart beats for these dolls


    Here we dance

    In a trance,

    We met right here,

    On the floor,

    there is no other memory

    from the start it was legendary!

    2011-12-12 | 09:53:10
  • Erika says:

    1. My favorite product is the Spratteldocka Ballerina.

    2. Once upon a time in Paris there lived a boy and a girl. The girl was sweet-tempered and beautiful, the boy handsome and proud. They met at the scandalous mountain of Moulin Rouge and fell in love. There was nothing that they wanted more than to be together - but it was impossible. The girl, who was a ballerina, was the mistress of an old, greedy and cold-hearted man. Every night after her performance in the choir at the Paris Opera she had to dance for him. She had to dance and dance and dance until she couldn't dance no more. Afterwards she would lie in his bed, the weight of his stinking body binding her down. At this moment, she would think about her her handsome dancer, her little boy blue. A year went by and the ballerina fell pregnant. Among her kind of people this was not unusual and no one spoke of it as a scandal - except her dancing man, her little boy blue - for he was, as we have already stated, a proud man. He was heartbroken by her condition and one night he could not stand it no more. He hanged her portrait around his neck, went outside and drowned himself in the river Seine. Left alone, without anyone, the ballerina gav birth to a daugther. It was a difficult birth and the ballerina, who was very petite, did not survive. The child was taken care of by the ballerinas kind-hearted neighbour, Madame Tournair, and raised with the knowledge that in God's heaven her mother was dancing with the love of her life - a man called little boy blue.

    2011-12-12 | 09:54:23
    URL: http://priggles.blogg.se/
  • Ica Carlsson says:



    2011-12-12 | 10:13:38
    URL: http://icacarlsson.se
  • joanna of sbp says:

    1. men vad då... en favorit sak ur en butik som man vill ha massor?! så det blir några favoriter crux filten både till barn och vuxna i svart (en klassiker man aldrig tröttnar på). Jesper Walderstens book, tekannan bulky gul. ja det var några.

    2. They were packed in a box and sent to our home and arrived the day before new years eve. Once delicately unpacked they were happy in their new home. Here they inspired my son (now 10 months) and I to dance together every day. Filling this home with lots of smiles and laughter.

    2011-12-12 | 11:18:21
    URL: http://simpleblueprint.typepad.com/
  • Sunnie says:

    Congratulations to Malene! And these jumping jack dolls are adorable!

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