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Christmas Calendar 10/12: Miki

Today's prize comes from Miki Organic, a British online store selling stylish ethical and eco friendly interior design, accessories and gifts. They are offering one lucky winner a gift pack consisting of two white Tine K bamboo salad bowls (medium and large size), and mango wood salad servers and serving board from Nkuku (worth € 88)!

To enter the giveaway, tell me about the meal you would use the products for. What would you serve, where and to whom?

This giveaway is open for 24 hours until 12.00 CET December 11. A winner will be announced here and contacted via email.

Update! This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations Maja!


  • Elli says:

    I would love to serve a Kritharaki Salad with goats cheese, rocket, tomatoes, beets and honey-oil dressing! It is my favourite salad and I would serve it to my whole family on christmas day!

    2011-12-10 | 12:06:50
  • Hanna from the corner table says:

    Ooh lala :)

    I would create my own tradition for the days after Xmas when everyone's over eaten. I would serve warm winter salads, fresh and tasty. And everyone would be welcome to my table! :) and of course with a little bubbly to celebrate the holidays...

  • Iris says:

    Jag är ostälskare, så min meny fick genast ett osttema :) Jag tänker mig en midsommarmiddag med många nära och kära vänner. Varje midsommar gör jag en potatissallad med ädelost, rädisor, basilika och valnötter som är det bästa på hela smörgåsbordet! Den vill jag se i båda salladsskålarna med de fina träbesticken. Serveringsbrickorna blir genast till ostbrickor, med mammas hemmagjorda sylt med plommon, äpple och kanel :) Nu är jag hungrig!

    Kram /iris

    2011-12-10 | 12:12:37
    URL: http://inredningskaos.blogspot.com
  • Louise F says:

    I would serve a winter salad with finely chopped red cabbage, dried abricots and figs, orange fruits, peels and juice, honey and apple vinegar alongside nicely roasted duck and buttered freshly baked bread with walnuts. Everything organic. The ideal setting for the meal would be on December 25th where the family is gathered but still tired from the big day before and the stomachs can't take in a lot of fat Christmas food. The salad provides fibres and gives a good base for when the entire family puts on warm clothes and go for a long energizing walk in the woods. Hopefully the woods are covered in snow.

    2011-12-10 | 12:19:12
  • Line Reedtz says:

    I would serve a salad with oranges, pomegranate, rocket and roasted almonds with a honey-lemon-oil dressing. It goes perfectly with goose for christmas eve, and I would serve et for my whole family.

    2011-12-10 | 12:23:15
  • Saskia says:

    Maybe a couscous salad with chicken, tomatoes and fresh parsley would fit very well in the salad bowl. And I'm sure my family would love to eat it right here and now!

    2011-12-10 | 12:25:41
    URL: http://www.finefinebooks.com
  • Silke says:

    I would serve tapas for my flat mate. She invited me for brunch last week, so i really owe her.

    The tapas would be bread with different kinds of toppings, in the own for 15 minutes.. umm.



    2011-12-10 | 12:32:12
    URL: http://silkebonde.blogspot.com/
  • Janet says:

    I LOVE how rustique these products look like! I would use it to make my speciality, a spicy salad with steak. The steak would look soo good being juicy on the serving board! The boyfriend LOVES this salad and even though it's winter, I think it's oke to have a light meal once in a while too!

    2011-12-10 | 12:37:38
  • Salbe says:

    I would probably make salad with rocket, olives, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, goat's cheese, sunflower seeds and oliveoil. All organic of course!

    2011-12-10 | 12:43:42
    URL: http://pinterest.com/salbe
  • nea says:

    I would make a couscous salad with tofu, tomato and fesh herbs and serve it to my family.

    2011-12-10 | 12:44:16
  • Sari says:

    I would serve a salad of oranges, blood oranges and grapes with croissants and cafe au lait for a weekend breakfast to all my friends.

    2011-12-10 | 12:46:20
    URL: http://blog.icelanddesign.is
  • emmakisstina says:

    Oh be still my heart, my inner foodie is just too excited! I would love to serve wonderfully warm winter salad with roasted pumpkin, parsnips, carrots, and beets in the gorgeous white bowls. Served with home baked crusty bread, sliced and served with mixed cheeses on that gorgeous wooden platter... out in the country island forest house with my boyfriend and future in-laws. xoxo

    2011-12-10 | 12:48:14
    URL: http://www.emmakisstina.com
  • Anastasia says:

    I would serve a Waldorf salad. It is a salad traditionally made of fresh apples, celery and walnuts. It goes perfectly with tofu and I would serve for a weekend evening to my friends.

    2011-12-10 | 12:57:54
  • Chi says:

    Spaghetti bolognese to my boyfriend :)

    2011-12-10 | 13:00:15
    URL: http://if-i-were-audrey.blogspot.com
  • Mae says:

    I would love to cook my favourite risotto with parsnips and beetroot for my friends. Together with a corn salad I would serve it on these beautiful products!

    2011-12-10 | 13:01:21
  • olivia b says:

    i would serve a medium warm quinoa salad with brussels sprouts, parsley, and a sweet mostard dressing.

    2011-12-10 | 13:04:55
  • aleks says:

    serving an avocado salad with mango sauce, mint and basil leaves to my significant other at my new temporary home in oslo come january would be a great way to start the year!

    2011-12-10 | 13:15:10
    URL: http://hoopoeinanoak.wordpress.com/
  • kitty says:

    How great they are! I just bought a cute little house in the city of Ghent (Belgium) and was planning for the decoration and tableware to look natural, and a little rough. I found this table were they would be perfect on!

    I'd serve a black been, green been, tomato salad.yellow onions watercress and a cider vinegar-olive oil-garlic dressing.

    2011-12-10 | 13:16:56
  • Mia Rose says:

    Probably just a simple greek salad. And at a outdoor dinner party with the family!

    2011-12-10 | 13:32:45
  • Itu says:

    I would serve green salad with grapes and cashew nuts for my family at Christmas dinner. Something a bit lighter opposite to all the treats I'm going to enjoy during holidays. :)

    2011-12-10 | 13:55:14
  • Tom Ström [En killblogg] says:

    Fin blogg du har :)


    2011-12-10 | 13:55:30
    URL: http://toms.blogg.se/
  • Robin says:

    I would bake my favorite huge chocolate cake with pears and cream cheese and serve it on this wonderful serving board. Then, together with my boyfriend and homemates, in a split second I would eat the cake with the salad servers (because you need to have big spooney things to do the eating justice!). After that I would wash them off and make a delicious salad with salmon, cheese and rucola. We would light candles, decorate the table and have a wonderful time.

    2011-12-10 | 13:57:47
    URL: http://leafland.tumblr.com
  • Mette Silke Klaaborg says:

    I would step in to my time travel machine and travel to the month of july, sit on a picnic blanket in the sun, drink rose wine with friends and serve them a delicious fresh goats cheese salad in the bowls and delicate bruchetta on the beautiful wooden board.

    2011-12-10 | 14:08:27
  • alessia says:

    Oh my they look so good I have to try this time! So I would serve a selection of italian cheese together with my homemade onion chutney, rocket pesto and horseradish sauce on those serving boards. Then as main I would go for smoked codfish served on a bed of flaming hot polenta (a speciality in the winter around here where I live). Warm potato salad with green beans, anchovies and extra virgin olive oil in those lovely bowls.

    The lucky guests would be my in-laws visiting from England. Location: our cozy rustic cottage on the hills of North Italy. How does it sound to you? You are welcome to join in anytime ;)

    2011-12-10 | 14:23:52
  • Steffen says:

    I would serve a traditional corn salad, which is also called Rapunzel salad, with some slices of apple, goat cheese and pine nuts. I would definitely serve it to my wonderful girlfriend who loves this salad (and me).

    2011-12-10 | 14:24:02
  • Sophia T says:

    I would serve pasta with a sauce made of cream, garlic, tomatoes and saffron. On the serving boards I would serve really good bread. All of this for my two best friends that I have not seen for a long time since I 've moved because of my new job.

    2011-12-10 | 14:24:16
  • Interior Junkie says:

    I would serve our traditional Dalmatian meals (Croatia) such as Octopus salad in bigger white bowl, in small I would serve some tuna pate. In this mango serving board I would put dried figs (I don't know is this good translation but this is tradiotional Dalmation dessert).

    I would invite our best man and his girlfriend and serve it with some good vine.

    2011-12-10 | 14:38:22
    URL: http://interior-junkie.blogspot.com/
  • Katariina says:

    I'd serve a salad with rocket, figs, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes and a balsamic syrup dressing to my friends!

    2011-12-10 | 14:38:47
    URL: http://adreamforsale.blogspot.com
  • laummm says:

    I would make definitely some delicious christmas food for my family. Different casseroles, green salad with grapes, cherry tomatoes and goat cheese, ham with mustard topping and smoked salmon.

    2011-12-10 | 15:16:40
  • Anna DB says:

    I would use them to serve my special spinach salad with olive oil dressing. I would serve it at the new year's eve party at my inlaws. Thanks for this great giveaway!

    2011-12-10 | 15:26:15
  • DeliaSJ says:

    A tomato and peperoni salad with basil and garlic dressing will fill perfectly those bawls, and on the serving boards - freshly baked bread and blue cheese! Yummy!!

    2011-12-10 | 15:28:15
  • Amanda R says:

    I would make a delicious pasta salad with lots of cheese and vegetables for my family. :)

    2011-12-10 | 15:33:00
  • Maura says:

    Chopped Kale salad with apples, blue cheese crumbles, dried cranberries, and a lemon juice and olive oil dressing, with some lamb shepherd's pie and some lovely cheeses like raclette fermier and humboldt fog on the boards with sliced figs and pomegranate.

    2011-12-10 | 15:35:51
  • edyta says:

    cheese cheese cheese on a board with some juisy grapes, strawberrys in a bowl and biscuitc in the other one, at christmass to my family

    2011-12-10 | 15:39:01
  • Camilla palm says:

    I would serve cesarsallad on a sunday for my best friends :)

    2011-12-10 | 15:41:38
    URL: http://livewhatyoulove.blogg.se/
  • Ida says:

    Serveras vid julbordet med en fräsch färgglad sallad i när min familj är samlad.

    2011-12-10 | 15:58:53
  • Jeanette says:

    Så nydelige! Uansett hva jeg serverer vil maten se enda mer innbydende ut.

    På nyåret blir innflyttingsfest hos meg. Jeg ville ha servert vietnamesisk salat (bestående av finkuttede kålhode og gulrøtter, chili, stangselleri, koriander, biff eller blekksprut, sitronsaft). Fjølen ville jeg brukt som forrettallerken til å servere vårruller. Nam!

    2011-12-10 | 16:08:07
  • masia says:

    If I won :-) I would serve pierożki* for my lovely husband in our small, cozy flat.

    *my favorite polish dish

    2011-12-10 | 16:19:07
  • Tea Eskeland says:

    I would serve ovensbaked camembert as a dip with vegetables and red wine for my sister who is moving to Laos next month, a cold evening in Oslo, in front of the fireplace :)

    2011-12-10 | 16:23:21
    URL: http://www.nanodesign.no
  • Chloe says:

    Mmmm...I'd do a nice pasta salad: Quinoa pasta, sun dried tomatoes, Feta...the small bowl would hold sprouts because right now I'm obsessed with putting sprouts on almost everything I eat!

    My husband and I are blessed with a tight bond of friends. We all get together, smoke pipes or cigars and discuss philosophy, and how we can positively impact those around us, and I'll admit sometimes our conversations turns silly.

    ...anyway, that's who I'd be serving this meal to. I'd carry the wooden tray out to our back deck where we'd have a fire lit, and we'd all eat relaxed and happy.

    2011-12-10 | 16:35:34
  • JohannaK says:

    Sallad med fetaost skulle det bli och skulle servera det till mina föräldrar och min egen familj :)

    2011-12-10 | 17:01:12
    URL: http://www.ekojohanna.blogspot.com
  • alessia says:

    Oh my they look so good I have to try this time! So I would serve a selection of italian cheese together with my home made onion chutney, rocket pesto and horseradish sauce on those serving boards. Then as main I would go for smoked codfish served on a bed of flaming hot polenta (a speciality in the winter around here where I live). Warm potato salad with green beans, anchovies and extra virgin olive oil in those lovely bowls.

    The lucky guests would be my in-laws visiting from England. Location: our cozy rustic cottage on the hills of North Italy. How does it sound to you? You are welcome to join in anytime ;)

    2011-12-10 | 17:13:40
  • Jenn says:

    Oh my. How lovely! So inspiring that I would pull summer strawberries out from the deep freezer... for a spinach salad enjoyed at home with my husband.

    2011-12-10 | 17:30:05
  • Mikaela says:

    a big salad with olives and fetacheese.. and i would make some garlic bread and for dessert some fruit salad with vanilla ice cream! :D

    2011-12-10 | 17:30:44
  • paloma says:

    the wood makes me remind of a picnic in spring sunny day, so thas what i would serve on it, a very nice meal for all my friends

    2011-12-10 | 17:32:46
  • yulia says:

    My boyfriend and I eat salad practically every day. So, we would definitely make our favorite salads and serve them to ourselves.

    2011-12-10 | 17:37:12
    URL: http://peonie.tumblr.com
  • su koh says:

    I'm already looking forward to spring and to have a small intimate lunch in the garden with dearest friends:

    warmed chicory salad with stilton, glazed pears and walnuts (using the white Tine K bamboo salad bowls and mango wood salad servers)

    and homemade pizzas of ricotta (homemade of course!), grated parmesan, torn courgette flowers and ribbons of courgettes on a thin tomato base (using Nkuku serving boards).

    A fresh but heart warming meal for spring.

    2011-12-10 | 17:40:52
  • Bo says:

    I would have an intimate dinner with a small group of friends. On the menu would be a salad with watercress, persimmons, pepita seeds, sliced red onions and fresh dill. I would serve homemade mushroom pizza on the cutting boards, and have a bottle of wine.

    2011-12-10 | 17:49:42
  • Ania says:

    I would serve broccoli/pasta/sunflower seeds thai salad to my boyfriend who just loves it.

    2011-12-10 | 18:30:11
  • Tom says:

    That's nice! I would do my favorite meal, self-made pasta with home-grown tomatos and herbs!

    2011-12-10 | 18:33:04
  • Anonym says:

    I would make a meal for my friend, who I've been writing my Bachelor-project with for the last 4 months. We're handing it in next Monday and I would make a her a great meal after that. I would probably serve a variety of my own Italian antipastis and homemade bread on the beautiful boards and bowls.

    2011-12-10 | 18:53:27
  • Cookie and Kate says:

    Such beautiful serving pieces! I would make a giant kale salad in the big white bowl. The cutting boards look perfect for a homemade thin crust pizza or a loaf of crusty bread.

    2011-12-10 | 18:59:22
    URL: http://cookieandkate.com
  • Caro says:

    Ohh, the serving board is great!!! I would serve simple green lettuce with a dressing made of rasberry vinegar and hazelnut oil. I just love that combination. =)

    2011-12-10 | 19:15:36
  • Carissa says:

    Lovely pieces! I would serve our four farm-mates a warm wheat berry salad with goat cheese and fava beans, along with an assortment of charcuterie and homemade pickles (all from around here!).

    Best, Carissa

    2011-12-10 | 19:41:05
  • Monika says:

    I would serve a fruit salad with ice-cream for my lovely kids and husband. I`m sure they would love it.

    2011-12-10 | 19:53:00
    URL: http://www.orangenblatt.de
  • MEG says:

    For my family and friends I would serve a typical catalonian salad called "xató" with endive,tunish,anchovies,cod,olives and a "romesco" sauce.

    2011-12-10 | 19:53:35
    URL: http://micasatucasasucasa.blogspot.com
  • natt_ says:

    Oh, they are so beautiful! I would serve simple Caesar salad to my exhausted boyfriend and myself! And a bottle of French red wine would be also great.. And some vanilla ice cream with cranberry sauce for the dessert would be delightful :)


    2011-12-10 | 19:56:00
  • maja says:

    Sukk... jeg ville skrudd tiden fram til slutten av juli, tatt serviset med meg til vår Blå Brygge, rodd over fjorden til min bestefars åker og plukket gulrøtter, poteter, salat, jordbær og sukkererter. På vei over fjorden fisker vi. Ingenting annet, bare det. Serveres i midnattsol. Kommer du?

    2011-12-10 | 20:36:59
  • Mia says:

    Salad is now a staple in our house as husband and I try really hard to eat more salad and vegetables, which keeps us healthy and in shape.

    Any organic and locally grown vegetables that are in season would taste great and some current favourites are beet root and figs. But the all time favourite side salad we serve is the "Turkish salad" with red onions, tomatoes, lettuce, carrot and lemon juice. I'd love to serve it in this stylish set.

    2011-12-10 | 20:40:57
  • Chantel I. says:

    I would use the serving bowls and utensils to serve up some yummy lemon chicken Caesar salad, with a side of Brie on the serving board. I would eat this out on our lovely patio overlooking to ocean.

    2011-12-10 | 20:47:28
  • Henriette says:

    I would serve a lot of lovely spanish inspired tapas dishes, and present them to a bunch of my friends in my new appartment - in a cold winters evening with candle lights and amazing music in the background!

    2011-12-10 | 21:12:46
  • Daniel says:

    Jag skulle bjuda hem min storasyster och servera min specialsallad med matvete, päron och halloumi i de fantastiskt fina skålarna.

    2011-12-10 | 21:20:56
  • Christina says:

    I would serve a white chocolate cream with raspberries for my husband and enoy an unforgetable evening.

    2011-12-10 | 21:57:22
  • Estelle says:

    I would invite my friends in my new flat, bring a French "saucisson" on the serving board for the appetizer and then, serve my famous potato/beetroot salad. Yummy !

    2011-12-10 | 22:00:04
  • Annaliese says:

    I would serve a simple meal of borsht and bread with just my husband.

    2011-12-10 | 22:04:25
  • Åse - Interiörguiden says:

    Jag skulle bjuda min make på en riktig super dupermiddag nu när vi firar femton år tillsammans i december!

    2011-12-10 | 22:07:26
    URL: http://www.interiorguiden.se
  • Kellie Edland says:

    I would serve ris a la malta to my family at santa's house! Best christmas ever!

    2011-12-10 | 22:16:47
    URL: http://genieinamug.blogg.se/
  • Meals says:

    If I had these gorgeous platters and bowls I'd make them part of a mediterranean feast that my friends and I would share on my balcony. I see grape leaf rolls, spanakopita triangles and thinly sliced prosciutto wrapped around grissini sticks as well as salads of tabbouli and fattoush-yummy Lebanese salad with fried bread.

    2011-12-10 | 22:21:05
  • Louise says:

    I would make a salad to accompany a lasagna. In the salad bowl, I would put mezclun greens and would put all the trimmings, tomatoes, red onions, black olives, red peppers, avocado, etc. in neat rows on the mango wood serving board so that my guests can mix their own salad. With my own salad dressing special recipe. I would serve this to my brother and his family when they come for dinner the week before Christmas, after I take the girls to a movie. But if I get it later, I would wait to use for the first dinner guests I have in my new house, coming end of February 2012. I don't know which guests will be first ;)

    2011-12-10 | 22:27:42
  • Alison Flower says:

    Love this set from Miki Organic! I'd have a big bowl of roasted root vegetables, oil tossed spaghetti with pine nuts and rustic bread and I'd eat it with in front of the log fire in my kitchen with my daughters. (or with George Clooney on a Greek Island LOL !! x)

    2011-12-10 | 22:48:43
    URL: http://alisonmalcolm.com
  • Magdalena says:

    I would love to serve a red rice and quinoa salad with orange and pistachios! Or maybe my delicious pasta salad - served with freshly baked bread and a selection of cheese! Yummy!

    2011-12-10 | 22:49:36
  • corinne d. says:

    i would prepare a lovely green salad with lots of delicious "graines" and on the plate different kind of cheese and some figues jam :)

    2011-12-10 | 23:27:40
  • Kerli says:

    I would make a classical Greece salad with a lot of olives, onions, feta and good tomatoes! Eat it with good home made bread and olive oli, with my closest friends (all 2 of them) in my small backyard in the center of Tallinn :)

    2011-12-10 | 23:33:22
  • Gosia says:

    In large bowl I would serve pepparkakor and in a small one mix of nuts. Serving board would be used for my favourite oats muffins. It would be just perfect for Christmas with familie :)

    2011-12-10 | 23:52:45
  • Flavia says:

    I would serve a special dinner for my little family.

    A nice winter slaw with nuts and mango in the big bowl, homemade bread slices in the medium bowl, and potato and aubergine croquettes on the board. Yum

    2011-12-10 | 23:57:08
  • Gunnhild says:

    I would use these beautiful things to serve a delicious salad, some really good Parma ham, cheese, honey, and homemade bread. It would be an informal dinner with good friends, lasting in to the night. :)

    2011-12-10 | 23:59:28
  • Tessa says:

    I've been getting into cooking since begin year, and I really love the Italian cuisine. So I lwould make a beautiful, fresh, italian style salad, with lots of greens, herbs and veggies. I would put some sund dried tomatoes in it and some fresh tomatoes, some cucumber, which I first soaked with a mix of basalmico vinegar and garlic. I would at some olives and roasted seeds in it and I would top it with some fried capers and parmezan. And to finish it, serve it with Jamie Oliver's Green goddess salad dressing!

    2011-12-11 | 00:14:56
  • Bozena says:

    Hi, i think that this set would perfectly fit into my kitchen. I would make a salad from rocket salad, pieces of smoked salmon, boiled egg and roasted sunflower seeds (slightly roasted on the pan) i often add sweet chili souce. It is perfect! Then, i would make italian bruschettas:) pieces of bread from the oven, with mozarrela and plum tomatoes with basil. I also 'rub' garlic into the slice of bread. I would put bruschettas on the serving plates. I'm sure you would love my salad with bruschetta:)

    2011-12-11 | 00:18:08
  • Cecilia says:

    I den större skålen skulle jag servera gazpacho, i den mindre tärnade grönsakstillbehör mixade med bladpersilja. På serveringsbrickan skulle jag, istället för brödkrutonger, duka fram skivat lantbröd stekt i olivolja och vitlök. Det här måltiden skulle jag servera som brunch en varm sommardag, på en terass med utsikt över vattnet, och dela den med en nära vän - eller två!

    2011-12-11 | 00:28:00
  • ruzana says:

    since its so hot here ,we'd have a mediterranean fare, fattoush salad in bowl and stuffed tomatos on the fab serving boards

    2011-12-11 | 02:12:35
  • elissa c says:

    I would serve, to my lovely sis and her husband at my home, feta and beetroot salad plus local cheeses, bread and olive oil on the boards.

    2011-12-11 | 03:53:18
    URL: http://www.cerebralexcrement.com.au
  • Tata Taganskaya says:

    I would serve a salad from arugula, shrimps, parmesan and avocado to my friend who is going to visit me on Christmas. ;)

    2011-12-11 | 07:34:00
    URL: http://taganskaya.blogspot.com
  • Claudine Thornton says:

    I would have a large communal table with individual bowls of all kinds of gourmet and simple ingredients for an outdoor pizza oven nite. The guest can then make their own custom pizza using whichever ingredients take their fancy and cook within a large clay pizza oven in the backyard for 5mins, simple leafy green salads to accompany. I think simple communal cooking and custom creation make for happy guests and hosts!

    2011-12-11 | 08:22:27
  • Anna says:

    I do love to cook dinner, but for myself an regular week-day it is quite boring so I use to bring someone over just to enjoy the cooking. This time it is my closest lovely friends that would be invited to my new apartment to enjoy a steak with homemade fries ans stoemp (mashed vegetables), a meal I enjoyed when I was living in Belgium a while ago. There would be chocolate mousse to desert and a happy dinner to talk about allfun things we dine in the past and more important everything fun we will do in the future.

    2011-12-11 | 08:56:15
  • Lina Johansson says:

    Ungsbakad fläskfilé men en riktigt fräsch sallad.

    Givetvis skulle jag äta det tillsammans med min sambo :)

    2011-12-11 | 09:15:41
    URL: http://liiinaj.blogspot.com
  • Ericka Hedlund says:

    Since I'm a vegetarian we eat alot of bulgur salads or other food-y salads. I would make one salad of roasted beets, blood orange, chevre, and ruccola. The other would be bulgur, roasted carrots, roasted fennel, feta, with a mustard dressing. We would serve them at Christmas with my Swedish family, who eats a lot of meat this time of year!

    2011-12-11 | 09:38:24
  • Oddny Bratholt says:

    I would invite my two dougthers who don't live in their childhood home anymore, and their symphatetic boyfriens to a seafood salad with pasta, it would take place after christmas. By tat time we all are more than filled up with heavy meatdishes and fatty food.

    2011-12-11 | 09:51:07
  • Anna says:

    I have a friend's babyshower next saturday and have promised to bring a nice pasta salad to the party. It included pasta (obviously!), rucola, cherry tomatoes, avocado, caprice, olives, tuna and feta cheese. Yummy! :)

    2011-12-11 | 11:27:08
  • Verena says:

    I would serve my favorite winter salad to my gils: lamb's lettuce with mushrooms, red onions, pears and balsamic vinaigrette. It would taste extra delicious out of this bowl :-)

    2011-12-11 | 11:50:48
  • Ninna says:

    Ungersk kålgryta direktimport till Malmö från mormors kök i Helsingborg. Starka korvar, paprika, enorma köttbullar med ris och mycket mycket kål som sig bör runt jul. Till serveras med fördel vitt lantbröd även detta från mormors kök, crème fraîche och lite strö med socker. Finfint i grytan och finfint kistan!

    2011-12-11 | 12:56:32
  • maja says:

    Tusen tusen takk! Nå ble jeg veldig glad (og overrasket)!

    Fortsatt god advent til deg og dine lesere, og takk for en utrolig fin og inspirerende blogg!

    2011-12-14 | 14:56:03

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