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Christmas at Tenka's house


  • Annemiek says:

    I love the first photo! The tree, presents and the chairs are amazing!

    2011-12-22 | 15:55:25
  • Nissan says:

    Completely according to her normal colouring scheme I guess, but for me personally it doesn't provide any Christmas spirit at all. I want Christmas to be something special, just a couple of weeks a year, that brings colours and decorations that I wouldn't display otherwise!

    I really like the black/white globe though. Want one :)

    2011-12-22 | 16:41:29
  • Silke says:

    Looking good !

    Win illustrations at my place;


    2011-12-22 | 17:22:03
    URL: http://silkebonde.blogspot.com/
  • Lisbeth says:

    Emma, I know you like a good debate - so here goes:

    The combination of all white, some black and silver metal, doesn't do it for me either. Too sterile... I guess Tenka wants a rest from colors at home??? Or, maybe she is moving, and it's staged? Doesn't look lived in, so to speak.

    Agree - the globe is great.

    2011-12-22 | 17:33:39
    URL: http://wabisabi-style.blogspot.com
  • Emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Lisbeth, no , she lives like that. And all her art is b/w too. But I picked the photos without bright colours. :) She has a kids room as well, that is full of colours. And I think there was some colour in the kitchen as well.

    I like the colour scheme, both for xmas and the rest of the year. My tastes don't change just because it's December. I personally would have used more wood and brown paper though, instead of the silver accents. And I would like to add some sheep or reindeer skins. And I would have used green mini trees. But I totally LOVE her big xmas tree! I think it's wonderful!

    2011-12-22 | 17:50:45
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Susie says:

    this interior is so chic!

    something about black and white interior....ah i love!

    2011-12-22 | 19:59:19
    URL: http://ladecalcomanie.blogspot.com
  • Anonym says:

    looooove it!

    2011-12-22 | 22:02:26
  • Sofia - Sofias Inredning says:

    Inspirerande bilder. Lagom juligt - det gillar jag! :)

    2011-12-23 | 00:02:21
    URL: http://sofiasinredning.blogg.se/
  • Lisbeth says:

    Aha, thanks for explaining, Emma.

    2011-12-23 | 01:31:15
    URL: http://wabisabi-style.blogspot.com
  • allesistgut says:

    I love the floor in the last picture. :)

    I wish you a peaceful christmas to you, your friends and family!

    2011-12-23 | 08:54:10
    URL: http://allesistgut.wordpress.com
  • Regards et Maisons says:

    Magnifique intérieur noir et blanc. Joyeux Noël!

    2011-12-23 | 21:23:10
    URL: http://regardsetmaisons.canalblog.com/
  • EMMiE says:

    Inspirerande bilder! God Jul Emma!

    2011-12-23 | 22:13:02
    URL: http://www.youtube.com/user/EMMiE1337
  • i :) says:

    Wooow I love your blog!!

    So inspiring!!

    Merry Christmas!

    2011-12-24 | 08:53:00
    URL: http://untouchable.blogg.se/
  • Vanessa says:

    fina bilder!

    2011-12-24 | 09:33:18
    URL: http://clausenvanessa.webblogg.se/
  • Ida Gredemyr says:

    Underbara bilder! God jul! Kram

    2011-12-24 | 10:59:24
    URL: http://finest.se/idagredemyr
  • Marie B says:

    älskar panda-julgranskulor

    2011-12-26 | 18:55:16
    URL: http://hvidblok.blogspot.com
  • Molin y Molinette says:

    No soy muy aficionada a la decoración Navideña, pero reconozco que en estos colores sí que me gusta?...y yo me pregunto, por qué las Navidades no son siempre blancas, por qué lo corriente en España es que sea roja y verde?

    Feliz Año nuevo a todos!

    2011-12-28 | 22:00:32
    URL: http://molinymolinette.blogspot.com/
  • Anna says:

    Tenka's house is beautiful, Every aspect of decor is appealing.

    2011-12-30 | 08:38:16
    URL: http://www.homebuzzle.com
  • Wallin says:


    Vad är det för fint träd på andra bilden?

    Allt gott och ett kul nytt år!

    2011-12-31 | 02:04:52
  • Amanda says:

    Vad fina bilder!

    2012-01-09 | 15:02:49
    URL: http://mandiem.blogg.se/

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