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Housing fairs in Kokkola

Behind the interior design of this house at the Housing fairs in Kokkola stands talented Finnish stylist Susanna Vento, who I've written about earlier here and here. These photos were shot by Kristiina Kurronen. I love this modern Scandi style with lots of white and light wood, design classics mixed with vintage finds.


  • Alexandra K says:

    Love it too!!! Scandi style is just great

    2011-08-23 | 13:18:05
    URL: http://www.little-anchor.blogspot.com
  • Johanna says:

    Gillar verkligen hur hon lyckas få det enkla och avskalade att kännas varmt och välkomnande.

    2011-08-23 | 13:31:35
    URL: http://madebyje.blogg.se/
  • nordicthink says:

    I love that fuchsia cord and the rocket stool, great!

    2011-08-23 | 13:36:42
    URL: http://nordicthink.com
  • Annie says:

    Å vilka fantastiska bilder, och sån detaljrikedom, jag gillar :) ha en fin tisdag! annie

    2011-08-23 | 13:46:32
    URL: http://rumfortva.blogspot.com/
  • The Bohmerian says:

    I love the organic shapes in it all. Very nice!

    2011-08-23 | 13:46:57
    URL: http://www.theBohmerian.com
  • Esther says:

    that wicker-basket shelving idea is simply wicked!

    2011-08-23 | 14:46:31
    URL: http://cloudships.blogspot.com
  • Louise says:

    Great place. Love the round rug in the picture with the beanbag! Any idea where it is from?

    2011-08-23 | 15:49:10
  • Majken says:

    Nice pics!

    I was wondering where the black and white poster with the eyes are from? Does anybody know?

    2011-08-23 | 15:49:14
  • grace says:

    wondering the same thing here - the poster w/ the eyes is awesome!



    2011-08-23 | 17:25:10
    URL: http://herumbrella.com
  • Beth says:

    Anyone know the source of the multi-colored geometric painting in the first image? Thanks!

    2011-08-23 | 17:45:23
  • michelle says:

    snyggt älskar stilen!


    2011-08-23 | 18:01:11
    URL: http://moofies.blogg.se/
  • Anne says:

    In picture number three from the top, where can you buy the pieces used as a board? It looks so cool, I have to make something alike in my study.

    2011-08-23 | 22:13:38
  • Named. says:

    designklassiker är alltid rätt :)

    2011-08-24 | 14:00:07
    URL: http://passande.blogspot.com
  • Wouter says:

    Does anyone know where the poster with the cats comes from? It's not on the pictures above, but on another picture of the same house, right here: http://susannavento.fi/sivu77.html

    2011-08-26 | 09:49:51
    URL: http://weaponofbeauty.wordpress.com/
  • Emily Forgot says:

    I got the eye poster by Olle Eksell from http://www.formdesigncenter.com/html/engelska/shop.html

    in Malmo.

    It used to be on their website but I'm sure they'd respond to an email enquiry!

    : )

    2011-08-26 | 11:22:17
    URL: http://www.emilyforgot.blogpost.com
  • annalisa says:

    the dining room is genius. the cross bracing of the chairs juxtaposed with the angles on the bookshelves! It makes me so happy. Please tell me where i can buy those bookshelves. please please

    2011-08-26 | 14:02:05
  • scott says:

    Any idea where the triad white desk is from? I've been looking for one

    2011-08-31 | 01:10:37
  • Tikapuinen says:

    Bookshelves can be found at niemisen.fi

    Check out also johannesnieminen.fi

    2011-09-06 | 11:38:32
    URL: http://niemisen.fi
  • EILIER says:

    The Shelving unit in the 2nd picture is unique!!

    2011-09-25 | 10:26:53
    URL: http://www.eilier.com
  • Jes says:


    Where can I find that lovely crochet green, pink, grey, white and green blanket? It is stunning!

    Svar: Try contacting Susanna Vento, she is the one who styled this and I'm sure she knows where to find the blanket. Good luck!
    Emma Fexeus ::emmas designblogg::

    2012-06-12 | 16:13:57

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