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Bright Malmö apartment for sale by Bolaget

Johanna over at the excellent blog Tant Johanna found this wonderful apartment for sale through Bolaget. I just had to repost it here! A white base with lots of brightly colored accessories makes this a very inviting and family friendly home.



  • shu says:

    lovely :)


    2011-08-09 | 08:23:48
    URL: http://shu84.blogspot.com/
  • soldoutforever says:

    i would love to have that appartement :) the lamp, and those chairs... just perfect!!!


    2011-08-09 | 08:42:57
    URL: http://soldoutforever.wordpress.com
  • Matilda says:

    I want to move in ASAP! :)

    2011-08-09 | 10:48:40
    URL: http://matildasvensson.blogspot.com/
  • Formelle Design says:

    Very nice!!


    Formelle Design

    2011-08-09 | 11:07:09
    URL: http://formelledesign.blogspot.com
  • mydeco says:

    Like the bright, open, fresh and clean feel of this space lots of light and I like the addition of brightly coloured accessories too! Like that very interesting light fixture too! Thanks for posting this and giving me some inspiration to make a similar room using mydeco.com's 3D room planner!

    2011-08-09 | 12:57:55
    URL: http://mydeco.com
  • Shannon(8foot6) says:

    This apartment is stunning! I had a total out-of-body experience and pictured myself having a cup of tea there...but when I blinked I was still in Toronto

    2011-08-09 | 13:38:46
    URL: http://8foot6.blogspot.com/
  • Tant Johanna says:

    It is wonderful!

    Thank you so much for mentioning and linking to me Emma.

    xxx Johanna

    2011-08-09 | 14:32:55
    URL: http://tantjohanna.elleinterior.se
  • M says:


    2011-08-09 | 18:14:27
    URL: http://www.smaljuvating.se
  • grace says:

    cute cute - love the bookshelf



    2011-08-09 | 19:37:46
    URL: http://herumbrella.com
  • michael says:

    Lovely! Does anyone know where to buy that poster with the 2 eyes? I love it

    2011-08-09 | 20:44:09
  • Anonym says:

    just lovely!

    2011-08-10 | 16:03:02
    URL: http://interiorswow.blogspot.com
  • Emma says:

    underbar blogg

    2011-08-10 | 17:40:55
    URL: http://eburstrom.blogg.se/
  • Jeanette Saari Norlock says:

    my husband and I always talk about moving back home (for me) to Sweden, and consider Malmoe to be at the very top of our list....I could move right in

    2011-08-11 | 04:31:47
  • Marcel says:

    I like the red chair it looks like the diamond chair from knoll.

  • miney says:

    i love the design so much...

    <a href="http://junkies010.wordpress.com/">3lin</a>

    2011-08-12 | 14:37:22
    URL: http://https://junkies010.wordpress.com
  • The Bohmerian says:

    I really like the added texture of the black lights hung around the french doors.

    2011-08-16 | 00:25:16
    URL: http://www.theBohmerian.com
  • Maïla says:

    Love the little alcove/entryway and the fireplace. Although some of these pictures do feel a bit too much like an Ikea catalogue to me...

    2011-08-16 | 17:29:46
    URL: http://inspirationats.blogspot.com/
  • rachael says:

    I LOVE this apt!! Where did you get the Andy Warhol poster? I looked online but no luck.

    2011-08-21 | 18:14:36
  • Anonym says:


    2011-08-23 | 08:44:20
  • Sophie says:

    REally nice!

    2011-08-24 | 16:08:12
    URL: http://www.reignofart.com
  • Happy Hedgehog says:

    Some really nice extras to these rooms that make them a little bit quirky. Like that

    2012-06-10 | 22:10:49
    URL: http://www.happyhedgehog.se

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