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I found a new blog! Well, new to me that is, since it has been up and running since 2008.
It's called Mariaemb and is written by Maria who just moved into her new apartment a couple of months ago, and it's already looking great! Here are some of my favorite pics from her new home:


Another new blog, and this one is actually new, is honeypielivingetc! This isn't exactly a blog on interiors, or at least it's not only about interiors, but it's a blog full of mixed pictures from the editor's life. But oh my god, the photos! She is such a talented photographer, and on top of that it seems that everyone in her family look like super models. And she lives in a huge whitepainted old house. Do you need anything more to go check it out?



  • desiree - vosgesparis says:

    Both incredible beautiful... thank you so much for sharing.

    Especially the first one is a great help as I was planning to buy some malm (I think its called) chest drawers as in the bedroom of the first blog.. And it is great to see they look pretty nice in an home that uses the same colors as mine ;)

    2011-08-29 | 16:40:10
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • Rinske says:

    thanks you for sharing. especially the blog of Mariaemb is realy nice

    2011-08-29 | 17:42:09
    URL: http://rinskesblog.blogspot.com/
  • jacquelyn | lark + linen says:

    thanks for the recommendation! Her space is so lovely

    2011-08-29 | 17:42:41
    URL: http://www.jacquelynclark.com
  • Interior Junkie says:

    Great blogs!

    I love first one :)

    2011-08-29 | 17:47:53
    URL: http://interior-junkie.blogspot.com/
  • Anonym says:

    Both blogs are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

    2011-08-29 | 17:57:37
    URL: http://Www.little-anchor.blogspot.com
  • Michelle says:

    I agree, both blogs are wonderful!

    2011-08-29 | 18:06:16
    URL: http://senseofcents.blogspot.com/
  • Felipe says:

    Hi Emma! Great pics, always... I loved the first one.

    Thanks for sharing! I would like to invite you to visit my blog, even I write in portuguese... I talk about interiors, design, graphic design, photography and my life in Milan, as a interior designer. Thanks!!

    2011-08-29 | 19:02:51
    URL: http://disegnoamilanesa.blogspot.com
  • annie says:

    Den första bloggen mariaemb är en av mina favoriter, den andra måste jag kolla in, tack för att du delar med dig :) kram

    2011-08-29 | 19:03:36
    URL: http://rumfortva.blogspot.com/
  • Anonym says:

    Thanks for all the pictures and different atmospheres I find here, it is so inspiring! I love interior design and am always looking for new ideas to decorate my place and your blog definitely inspires me a lot, so thank you!!!

    2011-08-29 | 22:44:17
  • Anette Willemine says:

    Wow, jeg er så glad jeg fant din vakre blogg! Nå har jeg sittet og sett på mange skjønne bilder, og funnet nye blogger jeg ikke har sett før.

    Tusen takk for at du deler!

    Jeg kommer gjerne tilbake!

    Anette Willemine

    2011-08-30 | 12:22:47
    URL: http://anettewillemine.blogspot.com
  • E. says:

    I didn't know that first blog, so I'm really happy you feature it on yours. Thank you for sharing such beauty!

    x E.

    2011-08-30 | 12:40:12
    URL: http://iladyoracle.blogspot.com
  • Gaby says:

    That last photo of the wall is magnificient. It reminds me of an abstract painting!

    2011-08-30 | 21:30:22
    URL: http://themodejournal.blogspot.com
  • Valentina - Paint It Black says:

    hi emma, thanks for sharing, both blogs are very cool!

    I have a question for you: do you know where I can buy online something similar to that black horn hanger on the wall? I see those horns (with or without skulls, fake or real) in so many scandinavian houses but I can't find them anywhere? can anyone help?

    2011-08-31 | 10:40:01
    URL: http://www.paintitblack.it
  • Nimue says:

    Both blogs look very promising! and I love the floors in Maria's house!

    2011-08-31 | 10:51:06
    URL: http://lavienmode.blogspot.com
  • studio karin says:

    Hej Emma, har inte hunnit "springa runt" på andra bloggar på länge... Men här inne var det stilfullt som vanligt ser jag :) Första bilden var jättesnygg, önskar jag kunde ha lite såna "mogna" stilleben hemma, men här promeneras alla skor omkring av treåringen och måste därför stå på sin plats i skåpet :))) kram Karin

    2011-08-31 | 12:28:14
    URL: http://studiokarin.blogspot.com
  • Sasha says:

    i am coveting that antler rack and am starting to imagine it in my own apartment. a simple, but stunning space.

    2011-08-31 | 21:18:28
    URL: http://paperdollparade.blogspot.com
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Valentina, sorry but I don't know any store online that sells antlers. But I'm sure you could find one by googling. :) I think most Swedes buy their antlers at fleamarkets, or get them from hunters. Or simply find them in the woods.

    2011-09-01 | 11:02:54
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Sofia says:

    Marias blogg är en av mina favoriter!

    Jag vet att bilderna är överexponerade, men det är lite så jag gillar dem! På min skärm ser jag möblerna, men jag antar att det ser lite olika ut på olika skärmar..

    Ha en fin kväll!

    2011-09-01 | 20:00:58
    URL: http://landinskan.blogg.se/
  • Maija says:

    This comment has nothing to do with this post actually, but I just found your blog and really fell in love with it! So beautiful pictures and you also write well - and of course about one of my favourite subjects! How much time does it take from you just to surf around the internet and to read magazines etc. to find all those inspirational things to publish in your blog?

    Keep on doing a good job, I'll follow ;)

    2011-09-02 | 01:26:32
    URL: http://maailmanvarit.blogspot.com/
  • Anne says:

    Lovely pics..


    2011-09-02 | 20:41:26
    URL: http://www.noeleven.wordpress.com
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Hi Maija, and welcome to the blog, I'm happy you like it! I spend several hours every day surfing and flicking through magazines to find content for my blog. But since I am very picky, it's not all days that I find something. And I have also made the task a little harder for myself by not posting about any products here. But I'd rather have no posts than showing mediocre stuff. :)

    2011-09-04 | 00:21:20
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • Randi Larsen says:

    Just lovely, thanks!

    2011-09-05 | 13:43:31
    URL: http://www.benzindesign.no/
  • Inger says:

    Aww, hvorfor henger alltid interiørstylister elg-gevir opp ned? Har de aldri sett en elg?(eller hvem det nå er som henger de opp)

    2011-09-06 | 20:43:57
  • emma ::emmas designblogg:: says:

    Inger: Haha, det har du ju rätt i! Kanske är det för att det är lättare att hänga saker på hornen åt det hållet?

    2011-09-07 | 02:54:06
    URL: http://emmas.blogg.se/
  • hannah says:

    oj, snubblade på det här genom min statistik

    [ så ny på allt detta ] ~ hade helt missat att

    Du skrivit om mig .. stort stort tack !

    tappade lite orden här, blev helt rörd.

    Du har så fin blogg, ~ & ja..

    jag ska vara tyst nu.

    tack ! :)

    allt gott till Dig,


    2011-09-07 | 19:55:29
    URL: http://honeypielivingetc.blogspot.com/

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