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Blog Tips!

I found a new blog! Well, new to me that is, since it has been up and running since 2008.
It's called Mariaemb and is written by Maria who just moved into her new apartment a couple of months ago, and it's already looking great! Here are some of my favorite pics from her new home:


Another new blog, and this one is actually new, is honeypielivingetc! This isn't exactly a blog on interiors, or at least it's not only about interiors, but it's a blog full of mixed pictures from the editor's life. But oh my god, the photos! She is such a talented photographer, and on top of that it seems that everyone in her family look like super models. And she lives in a huge whitepainted old house. Do you need anything more to go check it out?


A visit with Ann-Louise Landelius

Swedish fashion magazine Elle went to visit the studio/showroom/office of designer Ann-Louise Landelius in Gothenburg. Such a beautiful environment to work in! I love the brown paper boxes and the white base with dark wood accents and little touches of gold.
Photo by Linus Hallsénius

Pictures from Jämtland

Swedish furniture company Norrgavel, known for their sustainable and classic furniture, spent a week in the Swedish countryside to shoot their new catalogue. Here are some photos from their new site:


Saturday Sweets

Stylist Gitte Kjaer

Danish interior stylist Gitte Kjær is one of my absolute favorites! She works with every issue of the magazine RUM, and her features are always the best parts of the mag! It's very graphic and often quite raw, shot in rough settings and with a superb balance between dirty, shabby stuff and shiny and polished things.

Housing fairs in Kokkola

Behind the interior design of this house at the Housing fairs in Kokkola stands talented Finnish stylist Susanna Vento, who I've written about earlier here and here. These photos were shot by Kristiina Kurronen. I love this modern Scandi style with lots of white and light wood, design classics mixed with vintage finds.

And the winner is...

The winner of a Kay Bojesen animal from Rosendahl is Lisa! Congratulations Lisa! She wrote her comment in Swedish, but I'd like to post it here for my Swedish readers to see, because it is really good:

"Jag älskar apan och den är lite speciell för flera i min familj.
På 50-talet åkte min morfar till Stockholm på affärsresa. Men sig tillbaka till Norrbotten hade han 3 apor som han köpt på NK. En apa till varje barn.
Väl hemma sattes dom upp i lampan över matbordet och mamma säger att hon alltid tänkt på att aporna symboliserar syskonen. Dom klättrar, håller varandra i händerna, lyfter varandra upp och fram! Jag minns också aporna i lampan hemma hos min mormor och morfar. Idag finns aporna hemma hos mamma och jag tvivlar inte på att dom betyder mycket för mamma som också hon fick tre bran. Dom är gamla och har fått gå igenom mycket. Nu väntar jag barn och vad skulle passa bättre än att pryda lampan i barnrummet med en apa?!"

And here is the jury's motivation:

"Kay Bojesen wanted his  wooden figures to promote children's play and challenge their imagination and in the same time promote the development and quality of danish design. The monkey and his friends are loved by generations such in Lisa's case. We hope that the arriving family member will have equally fond memories as Lisa and her mother have."

And in Swedish:
"Kay Bojesen ville med sina trädjur främja barnens lek och utmana deras fantasi samtidigt som han ville slå ett slag för den danska designens utveckling och kvalité. Att apan och hans vänner älskas  generation efter generation är ”Lisa” ett av många exempel på och vi hoppas att den kommande familjemedlemmen får lika fina minnen som sin mamma och mormor"


Photo by Frida Ramstedt, borrowed from Trendenser.

Saturday Sweets

Blog Tips!

I just have to share these two awesome Swedish blogs with you!

The first one, Riazzoli., is one I have stumbled over many times but always forgot to add to my RSS list for some strange reason. This time I found it through Tant Johanna, and I'm not going to lose it this time! Riazzoli. is a mix of the editor's own photos and ones she collects online. I love them all! Below is a selection of Riazzoli.'s own photos:


The second blog I want to share with you today is STIL inspiration, owned by Pella who often comments here, so I wasn't surprised when I clicked over to her and found that she shares a lot of my taste! Right now she is making moodboards of her autumn inspirations, so do click over quick because she updates A LOT! Below are a few of my favorites found on her blog:



Black and white orangery

This orangery featured in Hus & Hem is just my style! I would love to have this as a small summer house. Or maybe as an office/studio in my garden? The owner draw the house herself and I've never seen anything similar in the prefab market, but you could always get some help from an architect.



Via Riazzoli.

Bright and welcoming hallway

This is the entrance to the house of photographer Tia Borgsmidt, featured in Danish mag Boligliv. I'm stealing some of the ideas shown here to use in my own hallway!

Guise Architects

Leva Kungslador

Another Leva project, connected to the Leva Husfabrik I wrote about earlier today, is Leva Kungslador. This is a free spirited place where you can find a bakery with great sourdough bread, an eco friendly restaurant, outdoor concerts, a nice space for the kids to play, a little farm shop where you can buy plants, food, flowers etc, a ceramic studio/shop and much more. Leva Kungslador is constantly evolving and as it's only been open for a year, who knows what you can find there next year?

Leva Husfabrik

Leva Husfabrik is a small Swedish house manufacturer based on the small and amazingly beautiful island of Gotland. These are pics from their showhouses. On top of offering a range of environmentally sustainable, flexible and modern houses, they can also help you decorate your house with their own range of handbuilt furniture. All the furniture you see below except for the chairs is from their own collection.



Giveaway: Kay Bojesen wooden animal!

To start off this new season here on the blog in a great way, I'm hosting a giveaway sponsored by Rosendahl. The prize is a wooden animal by Kay Bojesen! I'm sure you have all seen the monkey as it's a great design classic, but have you seen the new members of the family; a hippo, rabbit and dachshund in oak and walnut? They were all created by Bojesen between 1935 and 1957 but they have just been re-released this year.

To win one of the animals you just have to leave a comment here telling me which Bojesen animal is your favourite and how or where would you decorate with it? A winner will be chosen by a representative for Rosendahl Friday 19/8.

Bright Malmö apartment for sale by Bolaget

Johanna over at the excellent blog Tant Johanna found this wonderful apartment for sale through Bolaget. I just had to repost it here! A white base with lots of brightly colored accessories makes this a very inviting and family friendly home.


Summer tribute

The summer is coming to an end and today is the first day of the last week of summer holidays for my boys. As for myself, I started working last week, so how this is going to add up I just don't know...
I'm hoping that the rest of August will be as sunny and warm as the start of it was, I just love this weather! As a tribute to the wonderful Swedish summer, I have collected some images by photographer Petra Bindel that I think are very representative of what Swedish summer is all about. Enjoy!

Try this at home! by Annaleena, Project: Home-Necklace

Now I'm back here again after the holidays and thought I would introduce you to a new DIY project! I mentioned last time that I would show you what you could do with crocheted table clothes, and you can view the result on my blog today. However when I am guest blogging at  Emma's  today I will  show this DIY wooden ball-necklace instead.
It actually has a purely decorative function in the home, just like a piece of jewelry has. That is why I call it a home-necklace. The idea behind it is just to bring the cozy woodiness that so many of us like, into the interior! It can be placed anywhere, from the door handles to the curtain rod or just let it lie on a table.

The recipe is easy, use as many and as large wooden balls as you want depending on how long you want your necklace to be, and a strong piece of string. Wooden balls can be bought from craft shops. Start by tying a knot in one end, leaving a 5 cm piece of string in the end so you can tie the necklace together when it is finished. Or you can do like me, I  didn't tie up the necklace, but put the string between the balls and it still holds together. If you don't like the necklace shape you can let it fall freely. It is only your imagination that puts limits to this project.

Tip: you can also make a trivet of the wooden balls.
Thanks for taking the time to read today's try this at home project and good luck with you DIY's!
/Annaleena from the blog Annaleenas hem


I don't know if the average Swedish home is getting nicer, or if it's the real estate agents who are getting better, but I do know that it's becoming more and more fun to browse Hemnet for homes for sale. The pictures below are all from real estate agency BOsthlm.