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Interior Stylist Anna Lilja

I have written about Swedish interior stylist Anna Lilja several times before, I showed some homes she designed here and here, and posted a short review of her book Home Made here. But today I'd like to put the spotlight on her styling work instead. Enjoy!


  • Dee says:


    Although I'm not showing my husband the first two or our new bathroom will just be full of beautiful shaving paraphenalia and I won't be allowed anything on show!

    Have a lovely Easter. Hope you've got some sun up there?

    2011-04-21 | 14:07:50
    URL: http://shirleyjoy.blogspot.com
  • Christina says:

    She is clearly very talented. I especially love the second to last photo.

    2011-04-21 | 16:08:22
    URL: http://design-vox.com
  • cez says:

    OMG!!!! so nice....the first is my fav!!! xoxo

    2011-04-21 | 19:18:53
    URL: http://mechantdesign.blogspot.com
  • vosgesparis says:

    I love those of the desktops.. and can't help to see lines everywhere in the styling LOL

    Have a happy easter Emma!

    hugss from a sunny Amsterdam

    2011-04-22 | 00:04:03
    URL: http://vosgesparis.blogspot.com
  • miranda says:

    ooooh i love the play with proportions on the bookcase.

    reading glasses always look so effortlessly cool lounging about a room.

    "oh, just finished brushing up on my edgar allen poe....."

    2011-04-22 | 08:51:06
    URL: http://littlerabbitears.blogspot.com
  • Gabriel says:

    Hej.. Vill skriva att jag tykcer att du har en fin blogg och inspirerande på många sätt.. Schysst design oxå.. Har själv precis börjat blogga som pappabloggare.. Hur kul som helst.. Kram Gabriel..

    2011-04-22 | 17:35:48
    URL: http://gabrielgavric.blogg.se/
  • Johanna says:

    Like it! Superfint!

    2011-04-22 | 21:34:48
    URL: http://madebyjohannalarsson.blogspot.com
  • Katie says:

    You Swedish are so stylish it always amazes me! Love the stacked teapots and cups.


    2011-04-29 | 06:04:50
    URL: http://thebrokenheeldiaries.com

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