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News from Jotun

Paint manufacturer Jotun is releasing a new collection called Lady Pure Color, and as usual their styling is wonderful! They sent me some exclusive photos to share with you before the press release is sent to the rest of the media tomorrow. Just as last time they have collaborated with interior stylists Jannicke and Alessandro of the famous duo Kråkvik & D'Orazio.

Lady Pure Color paint is completely matte, and matte walls are a big trend at the moment and creates an elegant, calm and soft feeling to the room. There is some technical data that you can't see in these pictures. Lady Pure paint is very hardwearing, scratch resistant and washable. Great for all of us aestethes who happen to live with kids or pets.

The Pure Color collection is separated into three themes, Pure Harmony, Pure Nature and Pure City, and the paint names are very beautiful and inspiring; there is Silk, Soul, Mohair, Lotus and many more. There were plenty more great photos in the brochure, so I'm sure you will see the rest on other blogs tomorrow!


  • Olik says:

    Dear Emma!

    These are indeed just great! The only thing I would be wondeirng dosnt it make the room sober and lets say kinda boring?

    But I will anyway take a look at it. I am wondering if they sell it in the Netherlands as well...

    thanks you for the update!

    x Olik

    2010-09-08 | 09:06:45
    URL: http://okodesign.blogspot.com
  • Purple Area says:

    Love the little wooden stool in the first image!

    2010-09-08 | 14:15:52
    URL: http://purplearea.blogspot.com
  • Eli Terese says:

    Den siste fargen der gjør meg rett igjenom lykkelig!

    Liker bloggen din sikkelig godt, blir kjempe inspirert av alle bildene..

    2010-09-08 | 22:36:00
  • AT says:

    i'm just loving the dark grey walls, with the yellow chair and mirror. love.

    2010-09-09 | 05:21:06
    URL: http://lifeorsomethingblog.blogspot.com/
  • Vicki says:

    Beautiful, saturated paints. But that sweater! Is that a hand knit? If so,where do I get the pattern?

    2010-09-29 | 19:58:18
  • Caroline Sleijffers says:

    I have to go with VICKI. I love the cardigan and would love to just get lost in it all winter.

    2011-09-18 | 11:11:59
    URL: http://lillelykke.blogspot.com

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