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Sorry for being so quiet this week! I've had my head full of other work, so the little screen time I had was spent on working on my other projects. I'd like to wish you a happy weekend by giving you the links to two blogs I found this week, both connected to Finland in different ways.

The first blog is called Annaleenas hem, written by a Finnish (at least that is what I conclude since her name is Finnish) fashion and interior stylist living in the Swedish countryside. The blog is full of wonderful photos of her and her friend's homes in a variety of styles. So no matter if you favor shabby chic, modern, retro or the colorful style, you can find something you like here. I fell head over heels for her kitchen (pictured below), I've never seen anything like it!

The second blog I discovered is Highway Design Blog, where the writer is based in Jakobstad, Finland, but the blog is written in Swedish (Finland's second official language). I showed pictures from the home of this blogger here back in June, but I found those in a newsletter from a webshop and they didn't link to the blog, so I was surprised to see them here! Johanna, the editor of this blog, is a designer with her own company called Highway Design where she designs stylish high quality textile products.
Here are some photos that I didn't publish in my last blog post about Johanna's home. Lots of ideas to "borrow" there!



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