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Emmas Designblogg now on Facebook

I finally created a Facebook page for my blog, something I've been thinking about for quite a while. I didn't want it to be yet another static fan page, I wanted there to be an actual reason for people to join, so I thought long and hard, and then I got an idea... I'm going to post links and pictures there of all the products that I like!
You know I very rarely post about products here, and that is a conscious decision, partly because I think shopping blogs are quite boring. But for a format like Facebook, product tips are quite perfect. Just a quick link and picture in the flow of status updates, as a little flash of inspiration for my fans. You are all welcome to join me over there!

This is the latest post from my Facebook feed, a sneak peek from Ikea, to be published on their Swedish blog Livet Hemma tomorrow.

Carte Blanche by Petra Bindel

When I read Lotta Agaton's blog the other day I was reminded of the talented Swedish photographer Petra Bindel. On her blog I found these shots from a series called Carte Blanche, styled by Emma Persson Lagerberg and published in Elle Decoration UK a year ago. I have posted the second picture here earlier, but I'd never seen the rest of the photos before.

Wood White Yellow by Trine Thorsen

Photographer Trine Thorsen shot this series of photos called White Wood Yellow. I love the colour combo, in fact yellow is one of very few colours I like in my house, otherwise it's mostly white, wood, black and grey.

Photographer Pernille Kaalund

Danish photographer Pernille Kaalund's work is often seen in the magazines I read, like Boligmagasinet, BoligLiv and Elle Interiør. Pernille has been working together with stylist/journalist Louise Kamman Riising in their company heyhome since 1995, and together they have built a quite impressive portfolio of which a lot is available to see on their site. I chose some pics that I liked to show you here. Enjoy!


Happy Weekend!

Good morning and happy weekend to you all! I was roaming the pages of the site of Dutch deco magazine VT Wonen yesterday and found so many good pictures I just had to share them here with you today. Here you go, some of my favorites!

Höganäs by Front

I don't know how many of you outside of Sweden have heard of Höganäs? It's an old Swedish porcelain company, making durable everyday stoneware like cups, plates and bowls. But they are most known for their jugs, a design that's been around since 1835. You can find at least one in every Swedish home.

A short time ago Höganäs launched a whole new collection designed by Front, who I'm pretty sure you've heard about since they are one of the most hyped Swedish design groups right now. Front is more known for crazy designs, like the horse lamp for Moooi, so I was very curious to see what would come out of this unexpected collaboration. When I saw the results, I was convinced they had created a new classic. They have based all of the products on the shape of the old jug, just cutting it off at different heights and scaling it up or down. All of the items come in all of the different glazes so you can mix and match to your heart's content.

I'm guestblogging over at the Höganäs Keramik blogg today (in Swedish), so click on over there to see what else I have to say about the products, and which ones that are my favorites!

Kitchen Inspiration from IKEA

I just got a press release from IKEA with info on their latest project, a cook book! It features 30 different baking recipes, and the pictures are very different from any other cook book I have seen. Look at this ingredients list for one of the recipes:

You can get the book for free at the kitchen department in the store, but the edition is limited so hurry up!

IKEA also sent some kitchen photos, and I believe they were styled by Lotta. Ooops, I was wrong! This kitchen was styled by Nathalie Kamkum and Annette Ydholm at IKEA's internal communications ICOM.

This is almost exactly what I have in mind for my next kitchen. A black and white theme softened by some wood details. Floor to ceiling white tiles, a blackboard wall, a simple bench to sit on, stainless steel cabinets and open storage with lots of inspiration taken from restaurant kitchens.

Saturday Sweets

Anyone fancy a big bag of beautiful kitchens? Here you go!

Blog Tips!

Sorry for being so quiet this week! I've had my head full of other work, so the little screen time I had was spent on working on my other projects. I'd like to wish you a happy weekend by giving you the links to two blogs I found this week, both connected to Finland in different ways.

The first blog is called Annaleenas hem, written by a Finnish (at least that is what I conclude since her name is Finnish) fashion and interior stylist living in the Swedish countryside. The blog is full of wonderful photos of her and her friend's homes in a variety of styles. So no matter if you favor shabby chic, modern, retro or the colorful style, you can find something you like here. I fell head over heels for her kitchen (pictured below), I've never seen anything like it!

The second blog I discovered is Highway Design Blog, where the writer is based in Jakobstad, Finland, but the blog is written in Swedish (Finland's second official language). I showed pictures from the home of this blogger here back in June, but I found those in a newsletter from a webshop and they didn't link to the blog, so I was surprised to see them here! Johanna, the editor of this blog, is a designer with her own company called Highway Design where she designs stylish high quality textile products.
Here are some photos that I didn't publish in my last blog post about Johanna's home. Lots of ideas to "borrow" there!


Berns Hotel, Stockholm

This is a busy week for me as I'm working with Lotta Agaton on a photoshoot during the days, and decorating an apartment for a client in the evenings. Since I live in the countryside 65 km north of Stockholm with buses leaving every two hours, it can be quite a project to get to the city center in the morning (and even worse in the evening when there are no buses at all!) so I was very happy to get the opportunity to stay at Berns Hotel for the night!

I got a big room with a great view through the floor to ceiling windows and an enormous private roof terrace. It was decorated with lots of stylish furniture and great lighting, and on the sofa table was a pile of interesting magazines. But the best part was probably the bath tub, since I don't have a tub at home, so taking a bath is really the height of luxury to me!
Another lovely thing was the breakfast, with the best buffet I've had in years. It really had it all, from fresh sourdough bread and any topping you can imagine, a big tray of fresh fruit and different kinds of juice,  to chocolates and cinnamon rolls. And everything in between.

I can truly recommend Berns Hotel if you ever need a place to stay in Stockholm. It's right in the city center within walking distance of everything, and the rooms and building are beautiful. The lobby also works as an art gallery (during my stay the walls were covered with black and white photos of glamourous naked smoking women.) And last but not least, the reception staff were so cute, they looked like 16 year old fashion models, but were really nice and competent.

Happy Weekend!

Autumn is here now and it looks like it's going to be a very fun and busy time for me! At the moment I'm in the middle of a decorating project, a family is moving to a bigger place and wanted my help, so my head is full of wallpapers, furniture and moodboards for them. And next week I'm going to work with Lotta Agaton on a job she is doing. Not sure how much I can tell you about that yet, but I know I can say it's going to be fun! Also, I finally decided to get a drivers license, so I'm studying for that in the evenings. I haven't started the actual driving yet, but soon... Hopefully some more decorating jobs will drop in during the coming months. It feels so good to be back in the more "hands on" side of the business again!

I'm going to leave you with some scenes from Norrgavel, a Swedish furniture company that works with only the highest quality of natural materials, and with sustainability in mind for both design and materials their pieces are classics that will last a lifetime. I'm using some of these photos as inspiration for the decorating project I'm working on, but I thought you might like to see them too.

Enjoy your weekend!

Lotta Agaton moves to Elle Interiör

Swedish top interior stylist Lotta Agaton was one of the persons who started deco magazine Residence ten years ago, and when she quit her job as an editor there she continued to do freelance styling jobs for the mag. But now she switched over to Elle Interiör, and this is her first feature for them, shot by Pia Ulin. I love Lotta's style, and I'm happy she started working for Elle instead, as that is one of the magazines I subscribe to, so now I'm not going to miss any of her great work!

And guess what? I'm going to be assisting Lotta on a job she is doing next week! I'm so happy to have been given the opportunity to see how she works, and hopefully I can pick up a few stylish tips and tricks from her.

News from Jotun

Paint manufacturer Jotun is releasing a new collection called Lady Pure Color, and as usual their styling is wonderful! They sent me some exclusive photos to share with you before the press release is sent to the rest of the media tomorrow. Just as last time they have collaborated with interior stylists Jannicke and Alessandro of the famous duo Kråkvik & D'Orazio.

Lady Pure Color paint is completely matte, and matte walls are a big trend at the moment and creates an elegant, calm and soft feeling to the room. There is some technical data that you can't see in these pictures. Lady Pure paint is very hardwearing, scratch resistant and washable. Great for all of us aestethes who happen to live with kids or pets.

The Pure Color collection is separated into three themes, Pure Harmony, Pure Nature and Pure City, and the paint names are very beautiful and inspiring; there is Silk, Soul, Mohair, Lotus and many more. There were plenty more great photos in the brochure, so I'm sure you will see the rest on other blogs tomorrow!

Saturday Sweets

Yes, it's still Friday, but I'll be a little busy this weekend so I thought I'd post your Saturday Sweets today. So here, a bag of bedrooms coming your way! Enjoy the weekend!


I really need a bowl!

As soon as I saw this photo on Ditte Isager's blog I suddenly realised that I really need a low, wide bowl like this. You can just throw some nice random things in there and voila, a beautiful vignette! Isn't that one of the easiest styling tips you've ever heard?